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"Scapegoats are nothing new, of course, but it is particularly grating to see the young recast as the villains of t… documents relating to US-UK trade talks were taken from a private email account belonging to Liam Fox authorities in areas in partial lockdown sending staff out to approach people over worries national programme…🔴 Councils can demolish contaminated buildings under new powers to stop second coronavirus wave"The only people who can reasonably not care about the economy are those so rich that they struggle to spend all th… program allegedly applied a risk profile to visas described as 'speedy boarding for white people' accused by headteachers of failing to plan for an 'alternative strategy' for education if schools are una…"The routine isolation o the over 50s would be a step too far" the claims are proven, it would be the first time a current or former Cabinet minister had been successfully tar…
Proposals to extend shielding to some over-50s this winter have been abandoned after Cabinet ministers mounted a ba…'The PM has simultaneously executed a U-turn, pressed the accelerator and performed an emergency stop,' writes… Sturgeon has blamed young adults for putting Scotland’s recovery from #Covid19 at risk Hancock said the technologies will expand testing capacity further have faced a backlash over plans to extend the Government's shielding programme to some over-50s this win…"What is certain is that nothing can be taken for granted any more when it comes to the Government and anti-Covid p… people realise what Boris' Brexit deal means, they'll want an even cleaner break Biden has pledged to select a female Vice President and is expected to announce his decision around today🔴 Classified US-UK trade documents leaked ahead of December's general election were hacked by Russians from a forme… most eye-catching element of Rishi Sunak’s summer financial statement was the offer of a half-price meal up to… there a plot afoot against heavy-handed Covid schemes like shielding over-50s? reviews have become a tool for reversing decisions some judges dislike secretly lobbied US Congress on getting joint sovereignty over Gibraltar Powell said the scheme would 'do nothing for the very fragile recovery that the hospitality sector in Manchest…
"The worst thing for children is the time that cannot be given back. Leaving school should be the ultimate rite of…🔴 Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has cast doubts on reported plans to introduce more shielding for older people o… shadow safeguarding minister said it was 'shocking' that the party had not withdrawn the whip from the MP Trump’s recent suggestion that the November election be postponed was too much for even many of his most obe…"We are told that masking-up shows that we care, but treating our fellow human beings as germ-spreading units is no… shielding, tighter local measures and sealing off the capital are among proposals to be explored"I am bringing forward radical and necessary reforms to our planning system to get Britain building and drive our e…🔴 Hands. Face. Space. The Prime Minister repeated these three words several times throughout the last briefing. The… Sunak has written to the Royal Mint, urging them to put BAME people on our coins"Not only does his U-turn on sin taxes smack of superficiality of thought, it kowtows to the needs of the health se…
Can Trump be written off? The polls say probably. Should he be written off? Not yet says @DouglasKMurray"How do the Scots Nationalists get away with it? In every other country on earth the addition of the word “national…🔴 President Donald Trump said he will take action as soon as Saturday to ban TikTok, a popular Chinese-owned video… has "probably reached the limit of opening up society" was on its way back
Can Trump be written off? The polls say probably. Should he be written off? Not yet says @DouglasKMurray lockdown easings that had been due to come in on Saturday will be postponed was on its way back"In an instant all hope that life would return to any sort of normal – old or new – by Christmas were snuffed out" has been granted permission to appeal against the ruling'Advising people not to travel to Port Glasgow is probably about as productive as telling residents of Glasgow’s We…"Whether we have used that time well, to cut the proportion of people that die by enough to make the cost worthwhil…"Spain appears intent on playing political games, which are seriously disrupting the everyday lives of thousands of… Johnson has said it is the time to "squeeze that brake pedal in order to keep the virus under control". He s…'What shocks people most is when I tell them the sheer scale of this scandal and the cost to the public purse of Br…🚨 BREAKING: Boris Johnson puts the brakes on planned easing of lockdown measures. The Prime Minister says 'we can'…
Retweeted by Telegraph Politics🔴 Boris Johnson is about to give a statement following further restrictions in parts of Northern England. Watch LI… Bannatyne has vowed not to open another business in Scotland after Nicola Sturgeon's decision to keep gyms c…'What’s needed now is a Government that can be straight with the public, explain its policies and act with clarity…"The developing world cannot afford to hunker down and await the virus’s eradication. Neither can we," writes…🔴 Second wave fears: How concerned should we be? King's College London figures show symptomatic Covid-19 has been… Health Secretary said it was wrong to 'patronise older people' by suggesting they would be unable to make the s…
US president trails in polls and has less than 100 days for a comeback Davidson, who is expected to receive a peerage in the coming days, is to step into the breach at First Minister'…"There’s an obvious danger in mistaking ripples for a new tsunami. Trade will be hit, not just holidays" writes…🚨 A new episode of @chopperspodcast by @christopherhope is out! Featuring Baroness Grey-Thompson on why she's call…"It remains to be seen whether it is possible to overcome negative headlines just by employing a flashy spokesperso… said to be 'very frustrated' after watchdog refused to sign off peerages for some of his business supporters thi…🚨 A new episode of @chopperspodcast is out! Featuring @EstherMcVey1 on BBC ending the free license fee for most ov… rebel Richard Harrington had claimed there was ‘no sufficient public interest’ to counter his expectation of…"We need to step up and reject the division and distrusted peddled by the President so we can show the promise of a… expansion of testing to take place by September in effort to fend off potential second wave of virus Sturgeon has been accused of misleading the UK public"No 10 will face defeat after defeat at the hands of Tory rebels unless it overhauls its internal machinery," write… will be asked to message their patients via WhatsApp in NHS reforms which aim to modernise the service French minister for Europe has said Paris would rather bail out coastal communities than accept the UK's curren…🚨 New episode of #PlanetNormal podcast featuring former MEP @Fox_Claire, @LiamHalligan & @CatharineHoey "The probl… MEP @Fox_Claire has said she feels the BBC doesn't "talk the same language as the majority of people in the…🚨 New episode of #PlanetNormal featuring former MEP @Fox_Claire "I think there was absolute fury that ordinary pe…
"Gold was ‘wrong’ a decade ago. Prices surged to an all-time high on breathless talk that dollar debasement and pro… Transport Secretary was already in Spain when restrictions came in to force at the weekend"Capitalism has an enormous capacity for reinventing itself. After more than a decade of effective stagnation, my g… former Labour leader is the latest public figure to move away from ‘the Godfather of grime’ following a series…🔴 Donald Trump asked why "nobody likes me" and concluded that it "must be my personality" The US president made th… Johnson urged to toughen Hizbollah stance as tensions soar on Israel-Lebanon border"In life we have to take responsibility for our actions – in this case, that if you eat and drink too much and don’… Sands said Downing Street’s boycott of Radio 4’s Today programme was an attempt to exert control, and one tha…🔴 Telegraph analysis shows Belgium and Luxembourg have seen week-on-week rises in the #Covid19 rates to post-lockdo…"The chaos and confusion of current Government policy is getting us nowhere," writes @JuliaHB1"Two elected chambers would make government more difficult because they would always be confronting one another," w… Dutch Prime Minister has ruffled feathers in the EU by advocating a more frugal approach to the coronavirus pan…"The number of recorded cases is irrelevant: what matters is admissions to hospital and deaths," writes…
A job advertisement for a new spokesman to "communicate with the nation on behalf of the Prime Minister" will be po…🔴 Heathrow boss calls for passenger virus tests on arrival to save tourism season"Capitalism has an enormous capacity for reinventing itself. After more than a decade of effective stagnation, my g…"We’re constantly told, as we emerge from the lockdown, to use our good old fashioned British common sense. Yet the… least 10 schools have decided to break with Government guidance and make coverings mandatory for pupils Isaac, due to leave role as chairman of Equality and Human Rights Commission, says more reviews not the answer'How many times does Spain want to repeat the experiment in mass imprisonment of the population before we realise t… report claims Lord Stone kissed a young woman who was interested in politics 'near her mouth' First Minister said she would not travel abroad for a break now and warned she could remove any country from he…🔴 Boris Johnson has defended the Government's decision to impose quarantine restrictions on Spain, saying there are… Whitty told ministers they had to act after evidence of holidaymakers bringing back coronavirus from Spanish…'s Prime Minister has said the UK's decision to quarantine tourists arriving from his country was 'inappropria…"At the end of this, we may well conclude that countries which attempted total suppression of the virus killed thei…
🔴 Arrivals from Spain will be able to shorten their isolation if they test negative for virus Prime Minister is expected to unveil as many as 40 new peers this week including Sir Ian Botham and ex-Chancell…