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Owner @KingsBarbell | Powerlifter | Bro | 150+ clients served | Teaching busy people to maximize gym progress.. with just 3-4 weekly hours invested in the gym!

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@zacharywillhite @misterj880 Gotta love it to make it last! @allan8147 Nah but I ain’t got time for low energy losers! Refund and block! Thot be gone!!I feel like I learn something new about myself or the movements I do EVERY training session. If you’re getting bet…
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@LogFitz6 @jackdcoulson @FitzgeraldSTA I’ve also noticed the people who know it all have the worst gainz 🐸☕️Literally. Our body is a rabbit hole
Retweeted by TellI feel this.
Retweeted by Tell @misterj880 Shit wild. You think you know it all and then you realize there’s whole new worlds to explore in biome… years and saaaaame
Retweeted by TellThere’s so many levels to the game. New things to learn. I don’t think you can reach a point where you know it all.I’ve been working out consistently for 6 years now. Every year I go.. “Man I feel I’m just now starting to train correctly.”I Gained 25lbs in my first year of lifting! I was: ✅Training Barbell Movements ✅Lifting 4 days a week ✅In and out…
Retweeted by Tell @SplFit Bro 😂😂😂 @Black_Edelweiss I just refunded and blocked! Don’t need no Karen’s in my system @EDayWorkoutMan Real Kings know what’s up @IntentionalWel2 She sounds crazy! @SplFit Karen’s be doin’ Karen shit @jeremymcgrew_ I’m just glad he got the ebook before I sent the refund! He needs to it 💪🏽 @FitzgeraldSTA @Alli_B_19 I do like grabbing a fist full of booty and slapping it while she cooks! Thanks for askingMen! Do you like grabbing a fist full of booty? Slapping her ass while she’s cooking you dinner? Get the gift t…
Retweeted by Tell @HruzTimothy Yes sir! Let’s go! @grantshumaker Hell yea!Consistency is the key 🔑 @Alli_B_19 No plan! They think they can just half ass and reach their goals! Nope. It takes a roadmap and planning to make things happen.What’s the biggest reasons why people don’t reach their goals?
Retweeted by Tell @HruzTimothy Thanks homie! People always go on and on about genetics. I’m like bro! I was 120lb when I started! F… same principles can be used to lose weight as well! Like my homie Nick who lost 50lbs while running my progr… Gained 25lbs in my first year of lifting! I was: ✅Training Barbell Movements ✅Lifting 4 days a week ✅In and out… @AJA_Cortes @claystaggs How are all the people with munchies gonna get by? @hnrymdz I’m not buying it @alexfeinberg1 Accidents happen bro! It’s not her fault! @clh_strength Imo if you value your job this is a multi hundreds to thousands dollar problem. Programming for the… @mahtani_suraj @BodyRecompExprt Lmao it’s super common though. Hella guys are on and still look like shit 😭 @BodyRecompExprt It’s all flattery! Unless you actually are on steroids @bigjsr That’s what I did! Homie needs to get his life unfucked @PlainManhood @surrenderedwif2 @limitlessleila **interaction @PlainManhood @surrenderedwif2 @limitlessleila Yea the whole thing is wild. I read through her entire enteraction… @PlainManhood @surrenderedwif2 @limitlessleila Lmao that would shatter his worldview 😂 @Markos81a You get it! “Yea babe I purchased a program on preorder for just $15. I’m bettering myself and getting… @kryptokenzie Accident my ass! Now he’s got my program and a refund! Not that I care, I always guarantee a refund… @surrenderedwif2 @limitlessleila Lmao “hey I’ll just refund you and revolve this! By the way you really should talk… @Markos81a I just hope he unfucks himself! Multiple back and forth emails with gumroad and then reaching out to me… @SethMoldenhauer That’s what Alli said 😂🤣 “You know she was looking at her credit history and was like WHAT IS THI…’s not even 10am and I got some Karen in my email saying her husband ACCIDENTALLY pulled out his credit card and…
I get my fade cleaned up every 2 weeks. I’ve forgotten my appointment and missed multiple times So I pay and tip… @FitzgeraldSTA All the friends that come with it! @wizofecom @heydannymiranda @garyvee Can you imagine Gary vee in here? He would go ape shit 😂 @ChrisTauber11 It’s true!This dude just revealed his supplement stack, but forgot the steroids 😂😂 Classic @CJ_Johnson17th I fuck with this. That’s why I’ve always liked Taylor Gang, Nipsey and Rick Ross. They’re some of… @LOS05 Y'all really be wildin' out over there right now. Communism is in full effect 🙃 @LOS05 Lmao no need to rub it in my face The weather just went bi-polar here in Ohio! @SethMoldenhauer Got it in a few weeks no prob @SethMoldenhauer Let's go! @JordanDalton0 Yo send me a DM! I'll get it over to you! @miniminivj Yo send me a DM! I'll get it over to you! @Midwestern_Matt I honestly don’t know it close enough to give that kind of recommendation. I just talk business w… they know bad weather is coming, they’ll even go out and cover their crops with tarps and shit. It’s a different kind of farmingYou’ll pay like $40k/acre for something like thisMy relatives farm orchards in Cali A single good year of cherries every 7 years will make you break even. Big mon… day! DM are absolutely flooded. I’ll get back with you tomorrow! In the meantime.. who wants access to the c… @dekconductor Yes sir! @mythoughtfood @ZachHomol I would say, I’ve worked on rooting my feet the last 12 months and the activation in my b… @EDayWorkoutMan @mythoughtfood @ZachHomol Shit I’ll have to look into this!Stop living a life you don’t fucking love.What do you think the #1 thing is that keeps people from working out and eating healthy?
Retweeted by Tell @mythoughtfood @ZachHomol talks about drawing energy from the earth when we lift 👀 I always thought he sounded crazy 😂An exchange of energy between our soles and the earth happens every step we take. Fine sensors in your skin conver…
Retweeted by Tell @nnalinas Thanks! I’ll drop more content like this.
@JimBrow92677761 Great thing to remember coach! I need to brush up on my Olympic liftsTuck em away coach! cut up whole potatoes. Made into fresh fries. Burgers. Egg. Peppers.’s important to understand the deadlift is a hinging movement! And easy way to think about it is: your SHOULDERS…
Retweeted by TellDont mistake pull your shoulders back for arching your back. Maybe a better cue would be: maintain upper back tigh… @iAmKyleCee Hell yea!Don’t squat the deadlift ✌️
Retweeted by TellWhy America if FAT Yah filthy gluttons. Smh @fancypirate8 I don’t know what you’re talking about but this is what I imagine’s important to understand the deadlift is a hinging movement! And easy way to think about it is: your SHOULDERS… @oilthrilla39 Man gotta do what a man gotta do @fancypirate8 Lmao I use to take a broom handle and put all the bags on it and then carry it on my back like a squatNew profile pic featuring @Alli_B_19 foreheadThis could be you, but you don’t Deadlift @shethprerak Priorities. When you procrastinate on your health.. you’re telling yourself: “I don’t value you. You… @CurtisBridges77 Man it’s wild how much bad habits will fuck your life up. Judgement is a big one too. Don’t know… @KetoAccountabi1 Yes. Defeated the excuses is step one! Whatever it takes. You’re worth the investment! I’ve nev… @erandaw1 Yea man. Mental healthy and mindset are the game. Everything going on up here determines your entire li… @omarbinash Yea I agree! You’re best off to hire a coach you trust out of the gate if you’re struggling with this!… @ToseyPoe Hit the outdoors! I got my guys doing workouts 4-6 days a week still 💪🏽 @TimothyJBrunson Hit the outdoors! I see that bike 👀 @Dominik1090 Everybody wants a bio hack, fad diet or 5 minute abs. Nope!! Not gonna happen Sleepy Joe! @Quadzilla_AG It’s true! Gotta do the damn thing to see results! @_hvyw8t Time and preparation is huge. It’s what turns most people away in my opinion. No idea what to do or where to start @owenashby Yup. Post workout feeling can’t be beaten! @funfairprincess The best place to start is getting a workout routine that is super easy to follow. Ideally get a… @TheGreat_Life “Ain’t got no time brother!” Classic spewing of bullshit @hnrymdz Yea I get that. I use to workout at 4am just because no one was in the gym at that time. Also yes, modern food is a cuck @brett_rupe VISION is a word I live by. @itsleatherland Yea marketing in this industry is a crock of crap. It’s sad to see because it’s getting to a point…