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@TheSnake_28 Sad truth. @H_Bomb1105 Bro it's wild. I feel like I've discovered new powers. Few know what I now know****clownI've learned more about taxes in the past few weeks than I ever did in high school or college. Close fucking world.Y'all slept on this tweet. @tellquint You are correct. So appreciate the men who understand this 💯😍💪🏼
Retweeted by TellYear ago today I signed the gym lease. Forever shifted my trajectory. @ChrisTauber11 Love this 🔥❤️ @SolBrah What's your supp stack?
@Utahopia Wrong.I have spent lots of time around manly men in charge Let me tell you everyone of them had intuition for emotional…
Retweeted by TellMen need to: -Follow their intuition -Embrace testosterone This alone would dramatically shift the current landscape. @oldschoolsales @Pat_Stedman Subscribed and followed 🤝The best decisions are always made from intuition. The biggest regrets, always from fear.
Retweeted by TellGreat example of this is Steve Jobs. Without Wazniak apple would not exist. Jobs had the mindset, Waz had the skillLeadership isn't necessarily even about being the "best" in the room. Leaders supply Confidence. If you can keep… Create. In all aspects of life, business and relationships. When you stop moving forward, everyone following stops.Women are only strong and independent because they had weak fathers or have weak husbands.
Retweeted by TellI agree with this for sure. If she’s looking super feminine in a beautiful dress, and you react with some big comp…
Retweeted by TellSure being romantic is soy if you're coming from a place of desperation and acting like a little boy. But from a p… lot of the dating stuff men think is "soy" is actually the exact opposite. It just requires incredibly strong frame and confidence. @JVHolloh I agree. I've always been attracted to "strong" women. She's still small little girl, like every other f… 100x If she comes out looking especially good, let her know! "Girl look at you 👀👀 you're looking fine tonigh… @Matthew_MichaeI Leadership is about doing what SHOULD be done, not what other people THINK/SAY to do.You are to be: -Strong -Assertive -Masculine So that she can be: -Vulnerable -Submissive -Feminine No matter how… you’re in your 20’s, here’s the path. This is a thread for you.
Retweeted by Tell @robertgriker Yes sir! @H_Bomb1105 Hamstrings are tight tight bro. They hurt todayThanks bro! is a blessing. Lately I been enjoying every moment @ThePrimalMan @Alex_Deadlift What a piece of shit𝗪𝗮𝗿 𝗠𝗲𝗴𝗮𝘁𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱 Life is war. That's not all it is, but it is always that. Sic vis pacem, parabellum. I. Principl…
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@gthomas_ssb @ZachHomol Facts 😂😂The most POWERFUL FATBURNERS in the world 1. Not Eating 2. Being Hungry -You're welcome.
Retweeted by TellPhone usage down another 17% this week 🏆🏆 @ThePrimalMan my Dad just sent me this and I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING MORE FUNNY IN MY LIFE 🤣😭😭 MUST WATCH ‼️‼️‼️
Retweeted by TellMore drunk parallettes videos to come. I think I got this handstandLife doesn't get much better than a ride or die. The kinda girl doing makeup on your bedroom floor.
@claystaggs Fun day bro! Can't wait to swing by your place sometime. @tellquint @H_Bomb1105 Compression brother. Watch this.
Retweeted by Tell @PosturePreacher @H_Bomb1105 Yea... Core is holding back my big 3 as well @scoundrelrico @H_Bomb1105 Counter balance bro 😂😂 @SethMoldenhauer @H_Bomb1105 Super fun. I'm surprised how well I've been doing tbh. I didn't think I could even hold the L-sit @FitzgeraldSTA @H_Bomb1105 First attempt was last night. Drunk on ~10 shots, 2 beers and 3 margaritas 😂😂 @H_Bomb1105 I'm tight as fuuuuck. I've been surprised how much strength this stuff takes. I'm genuinely hurting fro… out the gym I've been going to lately is @bucksfanatic66 gym 👀👀 Small world!Yo @H_Bomb1105 what's the secret? This shit is hard affff Tried to go for the handstand 😂😂 @Vegivo My sister bro. 😂😂
@BratInnocent Ahahah right? @Zeekou_ Ahaha every barber I've ever been to had told me they've never seen hair so thick 😂😂 beard and head is wild @nazeefn_ I see no lies. @tellquint Lifting = fabulous beard
Retweeted by Tell @SethMoldenhauer Do the damn thing @ben_fothThe shitty thing is that it's human nature to take the path of least resistance. It takes a concerted effort to d…
Retweeted by TellVoluntarily or unvoluntarily.. One way or another.. Life will come after you at some point. So you might as well… times make tough people. Stop looking for the easy route, you're literally fucking yourself over. @Z_J_Sawyer Trimmed it up today 👀👀 @Lukealexxander Ahahaha 😂😂 yourself with people who wanna see you win. If the people around you are showing disrespect, talking down… @zacharywillhite No 😂😂 @PascalGrosz I'll bring you preworkout? @PascalGrosz 10/10 worth it bro 😂😂You're always welcome to come throw down with us! ☝🏽🏆 Leg Day, @KingsBarbell
Retweeted by TellLifting isn't just about the physical body. In my view that's just a way to track progress. The internal transform… @PascalGrosz Yea bro. Lifting and testosterone will do wild stuff to a guy. Rarely have I met a seriously dedicate… failed out of college, depressed af, single af, smoking weed & playing videogames, low T, angry asshole Righ… lifting vs lifting You fucking pussies sit on twitter all day talking about self-improvement, hustling, gettin…
@TheNoviceBoxer Love this. Thank you! More content like thisBOXING TIP You are using proper technique if your weight shifts from one foot to the other as you punch. The foot…
Retweeted by Tell @romanopiumtales That's what I need to be doing. I'm getting thiccer than a snickers @FitzgeraldSTA Ahahahaha bro. There's a level of truth in there. I often forget how savage I am. Usually leaves me… @NickLowary Oh it's ragin' probably not stopping until it's at my shoulders. Behind the ears at least. @Matthew_MichaeI Gonna trim it up this weekend ahaha @YellowSTEMBrad Hamstrings day sounds fun tbh. I need to bring mine up @sold Yes sir! @IngriPauline Needs trimmed up tbh 😂😂 I look like a wild man rn @ben_foth NECK GAME STRONK A FARK @SethMoldenhauer I got squats today! I'm a huge fan of evening workouts. Either that or early early like 4am @FitzgeraldSTA Just life having its way 🤙🏽 @DouglasLoft Ahahaha 😂😂"When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world you fear what he might say."Also haircut coming soon 😂😂I really can't get into these commercial gyms. Ready to get Kings up and running again 🔥🔥 What did y'all train tod… @delaina910 Say wut 👀The energy you receive from the world is the energy you give to the world
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@TheMrAdamMartin That is a fact. I thank God for the strength he has given me this week. This has been a week wher… as much as I have been attacked this week, I have held my tongue, I have been slow to anger, I have not sinned.… man is the truth whew✍️
Retweeted by TellI'm about to drop his @ jkjk 😂😂 I just checked, he doesn't follow me. Wish he did though. Fucking creepy shit bro @ThePrimalMan You get it 🤝 Super excited to see your ecom brand bro!Brah this dude I know just got busted for stalking. Wild af Always knew he was a weirdo. Just had those vibes that told me to stay away.I'm about to move the gym. A lot if changing. Our gym wear will be a huge priority moving forward. @tellquint I want more shirts. It’s my fav lifting shirt now.
Retweeted by TellLove this. We’re always the common denominator in all of our situations. Most are too prideful to admit this
Retweeted by TellPatterns of repetition are meant to be lessons. If something negative happens to you multiple times, it's not othe… has a way of rationalizing itself. "Well it wasn't that bad.." "Yea but they did this.." "But it wasn't X" Th… @LevelUpHarambe Yes. It's important to understand the reverse as well. You are projecting your feelings and though… you go about your day, the people you interact with will project their energy onto you. Anger, anxiety, judgeme…