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@nialljoemaher @jh3yy @arun_jace It's possible with this mouse though. @arun_jace @fr3dbrowne Here. @CryptoKubica That doesn't work. @jim_savage @florinpop1705 @roeliman God. @domoonimani @mtprojects_ @Benjaminspak Probably too many. @flaviocopes You gonna love it. @MurJoshua @c0dehard @allenochi @Ahmed18088870 And when you get the notification you be all like: "Uhh, an email. I wonder who it is." @adnanmayo @MarinaMosti Or telling people to type /quit on mIRC 🤭 @Kilda_ That doesn't work. @Kilda_ You can. @benacq44 I believe they’re changing it already. @omogebabawura @MalwareSheriff @try_throw_catch Of course. @nishant_ch Here. year is 2050: I'm still learning JavaScript. @techgirl1908 @LiamGunton Thanks Liam 👏 @jaffathecake @MrPaulDriver It might feel I'm somehow affiliated with Logitech, but I'm not 😄 @siawfish Although, it's possible with this mouse. @siawfish @RalucaCostil You're welcome 😀 @israeledwin1 Don’t think it works with laptops. @denvercoder @Logitech @denvercoder @craigcooperxyz Ahah, well, looks like it works with this mouse 😅I feel like this is great marketing for @Logitech, I keep sharing their MX Master 3. @MrPaulDriver @jaffathecake @craigcooperxyz @denvercoder @accolades_dev @el_shubi Nice trick. You can also download RAM if you like. @marcgear @PrasoonPratham @profulsadangi Don’t do it 😅 @techgirl1908 Congrats Angie, so happy for you 🎉 @D1g1talAv3ng3r By accident, pressed enter without typing the choice 🤷‍♂️
@Saadeghi #word @RafaelDavisH Thanks Rafael 👏 @RafaelDavisH 33, I started learning how to code when I was 18, I “count” the coding years since I quit my job and… @snapthatnow Glad you liked it 👏Always learning. @marcomonsanto2 Thanks Marco 👏 @RaresPortan The one and only 😂 @MooAsker Glad you liked it Mohammed 👏 @nishanth_vishnu Alrighty. @nishanth_vishnu How is that better than just pressing enter? @BauldreeCe Thanks 👏 Yeah, go ahead. @utsav_20 I’ve always loved design, that’s what made me go into arts.📖 My Coding Journey Some folks asked for this, hope it can help you in some way. @dabit3 God damn 😍In May, I gave a talk at the @luxembourgjs 🇱🇺 meetup about #Vue 2 reactivity 🎉 The video is finally online 🎉 Go c…
Retweeted by Telmo @seinterns I need to write a blog post about it.🔥 Picture sources in HTML You can set different pictures sources depending on media queries. @Abuabdu46060974 No you’re not. @SharpeMartha @FrancescoCiull4 Thanks Martha 👏 @FrancescoCiull4 Yeah, I only it send after the nod. @FrancescoCiull4 @chris_the_nagy me only found out a few years ago that the capital letter means it's the default answer, you don't need to typ… @nscmnto Not really. When I was looking for my first tech job all required a CS degree and I didn't apply to hundre… @Maihoza To clarify what I mean here is that it's better to start coding even it's bad code than not coding at all.… @vaibhavThevedi We started by building small websites and quickly started building fintech application, CRMs, you name it. @Kemboidickson Well, !important doesn't mean NOT important 😅I've been asked this many times and I thought about sharing it. ▲ I only have the 9th grade ▲ Used to work in a wa… @vitiok78 It was long before I started coding 😅 @Shadows_InDark Can't recall 100%, but I guess I had 2 slots of 512MB each. @Shadows_InDark Not really. Was just showing a black screen, I later found out if you open task manager and type so… I formatted my hard drive because I didn't know about CTRL + ALT + DEL. That'll be all. @sudo_overflow Enjoy 🏖 @rbwebdev @FrancescoCiull4 @chrisdixon161 I felt it was time to embrace my egghead 🥚 @Shadows_InDark @Shadows_InDark Not yet no. I'm trying to find more apps that do this as well. I might need to drop everything and buy a Nokia 3310 😅 @Obsvwld Yeah, looks like it. At first I thought it was just messing around. @trevorpage1287 @dnmanor It’s not a bug. The new iOS warns you when an app is pasting your clipboard content into another app. @henrottesimon Glad you liked it Simon 👏 @StasKlymenko @FrancescoCiull4 Thank you Stas 😊 @FrancescoCiull4 Was not expecting this tbh. Thanks Francesco love ❤️ @salliegoetsch @enqueue_russ That’s it Sallie 😊
My last couple of talks have dived into how you can use the Amplify GraphQL transform library to orchestrate & depl…
Retweeted by Telmo @sudo_overflow @jamonholmgren I joke but I love PHP. @jamonholmgren I want programming languages to pick me instead of the other way around. @techgirl1908 I’m just 🤤 @vfwood1 It’s more aimed to those that don’t start coding because they’re afraid of writing “bad code”. I like to… have a friend who's looking for some freelance/part time work. Their specialties: - SQL - NodeJS - React - Vanil…
Retweeted by Telmo @taimur_ajmal @sudo_overflow friend just sent me this and I can’t stop laughing. @DThompsonDev @FrancescoCiull4’s just me that feel like Twitter is doing something with their users privacy and facebook is literally shitting all over their users? @DThompsonDev 3 more wishes. @DThompsonDev @Uchechukwuka15 @techgirl1908 @catalinmpit @EddyVinckk @ellie_html @FrancescoCiull4 @EriPDev @Armandotrue Agree 💯