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LoyAlTy || IG: templegramme || 1/2 of The Acropolis || House / Garage Specialist

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You people should fuck off 😂 I just wanna make money, music and play festivals. Putting it out to the universe. I wanna make music with Ga…
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèEi. Kofi Yeboah. You no sleep ? You go chop waakye? @temposkillzWhat we go do you for this event eh. Gye Nyame. Camp stylist. !!
4th January 2020. The second edition of the @whatsyourflava Day Party. @mamestastes and I had a lot of fun doing th…
Retweeted by PATA Generalè @JEANFEIER Dope tape.
Retweeted by PATA Generalè
@abena_pomaah_ I will never understand why people brag about money. Or anything for that matter. It’s all stuff. An… damn day!!!!!!’s “Maradonna” .. A vibe. Always. @Queci_Suave @Olymkn Join in nigga loool. @Queci_Suave @delmiyaa Herh ! Someone actually said that. I ... I dunno what to say .. herh! @Olymkn My guy. I’m a fool for for life. That’s how you’ll remember me. But I’ll always be a real nigga. That will… @Olymkn Was great seeing you this morning bro. We paaa this ? Lol.
@Mickeey_Sama Straight.
Synchronized Zanku between Burna Boy, Poco Lee, Zlatan Ibile & the small dancer This is lit 🔥 🔥 🔥
Retweeted by PATA Generalèyou azontos make these clowns stars then complain when they call themselves celebrities like you’re not the one con…
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèGhana. Smh. And the media will help fuel all this shit. Giving all this press. Man. Gatekeepers huh. Alright. @Ms_Afram You go pay small tho. Boys ay3 hye lol.Looool. I swear !
Bucket List : go to Ibiza. Go to these house parties with my laptop in my armpit for a chance to just spoil there. @Queci_Suave @worlasigh It is. But yo. Nothing will change. We just go do what we do. Our people see us. That’s all that matters.My brother @worlasigh had an amazing show last night at Alliance Francais. But Naa. They won’t talk about that. Ah well. On we go.
I know right ! @TruSeye Hahaha. One more coming upExactly ! @BuddenBey Yeah. Sorta. You’re close.
@SedudziTsegah Loool always. @MsBawoni You try but nope. Lol.Of late I dey come up with my own proverbs. Ei. Temple. lol. “Before dem go do asphalt, ibi rough road e go dey”… @NanaKwasi_ Ghana Police menua. Gyimiii saaaa @_semi_fantastic And the thing is 100% of them can’t even say all that they say here to your face. Just cowards hiding behind keypads. @Tall_Black_Boy S3 Enye gyimie aa na 3y3 edam. Cuz I no dey understand. Nana w’ati wei be da? @Tall_Black_Boy I dey talk through the Bluetooth system as I dey drive. I no dey hold the phone. You say you catch… @Tall_Black_Boy If insult be crime make dem come catch me. @Tall_Black_Boy Dem fool dodo.Ghana Police den Sense. Smh. @Ms_Afram @omithehomie @mamestastes @effthedj @Endwd_DJ But I don’t even get high. Loool. That’s the thing. @Arafat_jnr 😂😂😂😂😂 @Ms_Afram @omithehomie @mamestastes @effthedj @Endwd_DJ Lol. Apparently I always look high.So we go again. 4th January 2020. The last one was flames. This one go hot pass hell. #WYFDayParty by kind courtesy…
@Mawu__Ena @the_zalfa Massa. Go and sleep. Please @veraawo come take your person oo.Oh wow ! 😂😂😂😂 25th wey you start slow your roll plus Atswei: udey reply am when udey like, uno dey go see am as often, u…
Retweeted by PATA Generalè @Mickeey_Sama @annertey_ @tasiacobbinah @the_zalfa @s_a_imagery Come baaaaack!!! @Mickeey_Sama @annertey_ I shock bro 😂😂😂✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾
@iAmAClipse Yuuup. @d_Bosom If he had a normal suit on he wouldn’t have been photographed. Nor suspected. That I know. @NallsDis Asem oo. That gift unmake am. Honestly.Oh the “cool” me I dey talk no be light “cool”. Like super duper cool chale. No be small cool. Lol. He shoot nigga for street. That 1 dey. U get point. But that night for the Ali fight give am away. Secondly s…
A Chinchilla coat was the beginning of Frank Lucas’s problems chale. Stealth. Discretion. Always important. Frank slacked. Just one night. @Owula_Kpakpo Oh yeH chale. Hopefully this happens. Would be great bro.Alucubond City. Alucubond Town. @Kay__Ara #KayAraPitches
@ItsDjRisky Straight. I’m down.HEAVY!! 🎉🎉 lets make this happen
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèTwo south London girl schools had a royal rumble in elephant and castle. Locked off traffic for miles
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèI’d play for free. guys... I’m inviting you to a night filled with new experiences... This Saturday. 7-9PM Opposite PinkBerry, L…
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I’d wanna die happy. Nothing else.HEAVY IS THE HEAD - THE WORLD TOUR 2020 #HITH Tickets on sale 9am your LOCAL time Friday 6th Dec 2019. Dubai on-sal…
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Digits @kaymaafo We have been playing house music constantly for some time now and even curate events for it but you all d…
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèQuiz Night is happening tonight at Burger & Relish from 8pm. Come through alone or with your squad and join our fun…
Retweeted by PATA Generalè @TwinCityMafia Looool. Impossible.
Been asking myself the same question. The mind bussin thing is he featured all the lead acts on the songs he sample…
This is one of my best performances. I pray you align with my art. Get the full video via the link below. 🅿️ 👉…
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APRODOO [Official Video] 🌎🌎🌎 Out Now #Aprodoo
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèWORLDSTARRR‼️
Retweeted by PATA Generalè
Still Knocks. Hard !
Lol. I just remember how you say I dey look like Pastor. You mad @JonnyStone_ 😂😂😂The trip cost estimate too go be like 200 Cedis. Surge nkoaa.
10years ago I stopped rapping.... @NAkufoAddo says year of return so guess who's back?? #Energy ft…
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèNo be easy lol. Sika p3 nna fom @TailorRahim Loool. How I go talk am chale @iAmAClipse Hallelujah. 😂😂😂😂 @iAmAClipse These girls can’t be in the pata. I remember you said you moved lol.The MATE APRODOO documentary by my brother @PureAkan is OUT NOW. You know what to do!! 🅿️
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèOh yesu. Lol. @AJ_Ahenkan x @BRYANTHEMENSAH 🚀⚡️
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèLol. So we hear. That time den he sign to Glo. But den the show be MTN sponsored. Bola Ray for come answer. remember sometime burna for perform wey he no fit sake of brand loyalty and shit jason almost quench for the conf…
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèHerh !!! Lool. Ghana Meets Naija 2013. See. Then I wan die. What bash me be say den he dey backstage too oo. Herh.… @Tall_Black_Boy @joojoscode Waaa. Ibi true.You know the joke ? Ibi @joojoscode e put me on Burna. For dema hall der norrr. Lol. to show off the showroom small...
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèDem for make Burna perform that night. Den like he san win the Grammy add. Like e no be small gbese for that stage top. Allah !Heavy. a fan from “Burn Identity” till now. Your rise really dey be. From “Wickedest Luv” to “Like to Party” through…
New Stormzy album ‘Heavy is the Head’ dropping December 13
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèI always go understand looool.
On your way from church, remember to play this album. #ForMyBrothers available here:
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ANFITOO! We did it! I wont lie, I wasn’t expecting this at all. Which makes winning even more memorable. Thank you…
Retweeted by PATA Generalè😂😂😂😂😂😂 true. appreciate all the love we’re getting for this video. Thank you guys for watching! Let’s keep going! 🔥 BRYA…
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèMenua. I weak for this side. I mean. Mentumi. Eiiii!!! Dede kraa p3s3 osere 😂😂😂😂