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PATA Generalè @Temple_GH Pata Camp | Ghana

Rapper || House Music / Garage Specialist

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You really can’t let him be can you ? Wow.
@therealrow Some 😊
@Bebelino All die be die bro. Lol.She try waa. Honestly. @Bebelino It gets tiring bro. So sometimes you just focus your energy on yours. Most of the people we dey try fight… Alredey video dey happen. No be small NDA my man sign. Mad !Does this government investigate anything at all ? Forget, my brother. think say dem get sense. All the bonus data them dey give me be usable only between 12 midnight then 4am…
I understand chale😂😂😂😂😂😂 !!!! Sleep ? The nigga who told you niggas say “Night Time Be The Right Time ? Ene3 menso meyare Paa. 😂😂!!! get battle with 2 Chainz on Versus. You no go do song selection?, nigga. no get time for hype, just true talk. @Temple_GH is gonna release his new EP project "Bars for days" soon. We m…
Retweeted by PATA Generalè😔😥 memories with our friends😎😎 @iamBeatMenace @steloolive #lokkohouse #ThrowbackThursday
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Copywriter. @sensei_lo But it’s very interesting. I’ve watched all 5 seasons twice. @akuvi5 😂😂😂😂
@Clove_World ‘s Memorable Night #barsfordays
Retweeted by PATA Generalè @KOJO_Cue ‘s 4 President Concert @Temple_GH #barsfordays
Retweeted by PATA Generalè @Temple_GH at @ELgh_ ‘s BAR II Concert #barsfordays #LEAKS2
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Seen too many things to ever be distracted - @Temple_GH #WAWWA #PATACAMP
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèGet that bulletproof vest. These bars are coming for that behind... @Temple_GH
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Temple - Bars For Days #WAWWA #PataCamp
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèMy brother @Temple_GH got another one Bars for days #WAWWA #PataCamp
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèThey snapped on this commercial. No words. 💯💯
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Retweeted by PATA GeneralèWe just go lose this game na asa.#TheCUTS is here with songs/videos from: @Joeyturks_ @Temple_GH @amaarae @Obedworld @Mr_Swrites
Retweeted by PATA Generalè @geetrouble 😂😂😂 @TwinCityMafia Them continue. You and me they ga north. Noooor you dey tema east. Wey life that. ?You’re jinxing it my brother. Y3 din!!! @TwinCityMafia Oh wow ! Where are you please ?🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾's our weekly wrap of new music from some dope artists. This week features songs/videos from @Obedworld - bre…
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèOn this hip hop track, Temple (@Temple_GH) reminds people of his lyrical gifts.
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèA final farewell to Half Man Half Amazing 🐐 #TheArena (via @NBAonTNT)
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I seear you guys aren’t ready. I’ve been too modest. For years. Honestly !Mike Tyson Style.“Bars For Days” was a stiff jab. They better prepare for the 1 2 Combo bro ! on House. Hip-Hop in motion for the next couple. Standby. @That233GuY It’s coming. 🙏🏾Maybe I’ll stop after I have a song with @TheRealKano .. Nah. I’ll actually put the mic down after that. Like for good.Bars For Days 🔋🔋🔋“Would jump out the window for others but would others do same for me? / I know the real. I think i do at least. S… up my brother @Olymkn !!!!!Fresh from the #PataCamp, the first song off @Temple_GH's upcoming EP: "BARS FOR DAYS"
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Retweeted by PATA GeneralèTemple EP Listening at Lokko House – Lokko House via @lokkohouse
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@Temple_GH kaish! that day i chop honorable PATA camp member. thanks a lot, my don 💙🙏🏾
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèWas fun and nostalgic working/piecing this together lol. @Temple_GH - Bars For Days 🎥 : @Bread9fe |…
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèHeavy! Gee ! birthday @effthedj! One of the truest I know. Have an awesome day my gee. It’s Friday tho. Link up. 🙏🏾 @Temple_GH is not here to play. this is real heat. "bars for days"
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèI’m here now bro. 🙏🏾 #WAWWA
House is on hold. For now. Zone.Gerald Asamoah ❤️
Retweeted by PATA Generalè @effthedj Mm ne small Island. lol.Funny thing is. “Bars for Days” is the first song off the tape. The Intro.TEMPLE - BARS FOR DAYS via @YouTube
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Retweeted by PATA GeneralèMy brother dropped something nice
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèBeen a long time coming..
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèTEMPLE - BARS FOR DAYS via @YouTube PATA CAMP!
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèTemple Yeboah @Temple_GH just dropped his first single off his Upcoming Project We Are Who We Are #WAWWA . Watch an…
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèHappy 29th birthday to @Jaykae10 🙌🥳
Retweeted by PATA Generalè @therealrow She on the way. 😊😊😊PATA CAMP IS STILL THE HOUSE!!!
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèThe FT for @Temple_GH ern new EP go bust ur mind
Retweeted by PATA Generalè🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Retweeted by PATA GeneralèNew music from @Temple_GH BARS FOR DAYS #onbehalfoftheculture
Retweeted by PATA Generalèyou know what fuck it. THEY BOTH WON. snoop won. dmx won. dis verzuz was crazy, LEGENDARY!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèRIP Nate Dogg! RIP Aaliyah! 🙏🙏🙏 #Verzuz
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèGlad I got to see these 2 artists in their prime. So glad. 🙏🏾😂😂😂😂😂 X drops Damien I mite break this phone.Who we beeeee!!!!
DMX Vs. Snoop Dogg."We do it how we do it, boy we no dey rant" .. Honestly. Why should I? Those who wanna hear, will hear. Those who… want the whole pi fuck the fractions 🔥🔥 pata !!!
Retweeted by PATA Generalè#PataCamp ⁦@Temple_GH⁩
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèLike Duncan Williams.......... What be the .......... #BARSFORDAYS @Temple_GH
Retweeted by PATA Generalèpata camp is in the house 🙌🏾
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèFell in love with this song at the listening... Video dripping with nostalgia & hustle. 👊🏾💥
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèYou see it !🔥
Retweeted by PATA Generalè“Come see what it do. You can join the faction. Seen too many things to ever be distracted” - Bars For Days 📽:… got bars for days! @MowrataX @AsareJW @NanaKwasi_ @OheneKofiTho @ybasante
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