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PATA Generalè @Temple_GH Pata Camp | Ghana

Rapper || House Music Selector #HouseMusicAllLifeLong

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Il est 15h ! Takeover La Sunday : Tout de suite @effthedj ! 🎶 #verrouillé 🔒…
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèIt goes down when my G's connect.
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèWhen we fall out with people, we only shine our lights on their worst, forgetting their best.
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèOn in 5 on for @Lasundayabidjan ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Best of 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭
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In a Bit.Saturday radio is all about the #WeekendMashUp on @Y1079FM with @eddyblayjr . Guest DJ @Temple_GH
Retweeted by PATA Generalè @Ms_aDu @akosuashirly You have a point there. @Ms_aDu @akosuashirly Would be awesome. And free!🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 can’t wait till this is my life full time and Accra landlords will not see my rent money again😭 Anyways, I live…
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèHaaaaaaard!!!!!! 🌞
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèGlad to be back ! 🙂 #TempleXTD #House! Music All Weekend Long
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèWe on today ... @Y1079FM @eddyblayjr long overdue! NEW GUYEST OUT ON TUESDAY #BANGA! Produced by @_nkyene ! Pre order via
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😂😂😂. Teasing is good. It prepares you for the next banger. Allah ! He See the transition from afar ! ! Come with a whistle if you can. We doing a madness tonight. @effthedj @SAPILO_G He over jam ! Lol✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾 thanks my gee. Come through to @serallio tonight for an even deeper session. No holds barred. 8:30pm to 10pm.… motor cyclists make it easy to not feel sorry for them when they run into accidents because what the hell kin… How we go do chale. Super Tag Team Champions.
bring out the whistle. piano way 🎹🔥
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèThe Camp never lied. 🙏🏾 in there tonight. Come through! #TempleXTD ...
@Temple_GH Meowww
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèCat Mama !!!! dey go places. They no see anything yet
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèNyame de me nam menua. Ode me nam paaa. 🙏🏾🎹 way tomorrow with the brudda @Temple_GH at @lunarooftop 🔥 Pull op 🎉
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèHeavy!!!!!! am my way. I need am!’re in there. Heavy ! .@effthedj you ready my brother ?! Kong Nyame !!!!
Brutal fire ! @RinseFrance this Sunday with the @Lasundayabidjan fammmm 💙💙💙 @andreakouaho @Jeunelio @NMAGS__
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèGang Shit ...
‘Need in Me’ is is fucking spiritual. So spiritual chale. Man! go for this. Gotta ! Robben (30 career trophies) cycling home after winning 4-0 and grabbing a couple of assists with FC Gronigen.…
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèMy mum is my spine. Whatever she does, keeps me moving. Your momma is priceless too. If your pops raised you up alo…
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Peep The Venue for My 29th May Pop Up... #SurfNTurfSaturday ... Save the date and your money!!! It's Pop Up Szn…
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Hypocrisy all over. Pure. This is actually funny.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 go again tonight ! As always !! @serallio Temple XTD x @effthedj x @Endwd_DJ nonsense this ? my guy ! yes we are ! ARE FOR SERALLIO!!! Come through 🥳🥳🥳
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My chargie gets it. Unfortunately, that’s the case. me how bro. I stop talk plenty for so many reasons. You know why. Besides, the countries you dey use make yo…!!!!!!!!! message ! many niggas dey fear to be on these streets bro. Like by now we do am looooong time. put so much of my soul in recording this tape. Check out how we recorded Cambridge off For Those In The Middle…
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèPata Camp Presbyterian Church ! Loooooord ! Memories ! don’t do what I do to be loved. I do what I do because I love it.BPM.
🎥 Presenting the official trailer for @FergusonFilm... Go to for more info. Available: 📅…
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèRia. !!!! @_riaboss_ Loool. Lord ! This guy is just unstoppable.. a freight train 😂😂😂
Everything be extreme sport for this country. Everything. Transportation. Healthcare. Security. Roads. Insha Allah… @Nana_Poley @Owula_Kpakpo @blackimagegh Kpakpo will remember ? Wait for it. Lol.Remember our conversation for Dixcove ?? @Owula_Kpakpo @blackimagegh @Nana_PoleyHaaaaaaarrrrrd! @TickLpickL_Rick My chargie vex. Lol. @DjKessGh 🧡🧡🧡
Thank you Madam DJ. 🙏🏾🧡 @Blacklipgrad Thanks so much my don. This means a lot. God bless you chale.TOP 10 AMAPIANO/HOUSE DJ’S IN GHANA🇬🇭 #amapiano #dj #house
Retweeted by PATA GeneralèI guess we putting in the work ! Check out this piece by @blacvolta1 !!! menua panyin! 🙏🏾 won’t kill me with this pic 😂😂😂 Love you too bro 🙏🏾✌🏾 @gikuts I see you bro. Love 🙏🏾 @Saraswati__ Thank you my love. 🧡Big P. Thanks so much. Wo ne guy no! was whiling out ! 😂 @nanageelive Thank you my geeThanks so much my guy. And thanks for yesterday. We still going strong 🙏🏾🙏🏾 @_Naethan_ Thanks so much bro ! God blessAlways love 🧡🙏🏾! you chop your own January we go some dinner anaa? 😂😂😂 Rooooow !! Thanks my guy. so much gee Fa fie na yenom Baako. Medaase Paa. Egyir! Thanks so much bro guy. Thanks so much bro ! I salute .. ooooo Nii !!! Thanks Brodie ! you my madam ! Appreciate the love ! odor! you my champion ! Thanks for yesterday chale ! menua. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🧡 skit still dey studio. Lol. Thanks for the love gee. 🙏🏾🙏🏾 madam ! Happy birthday. @omithehomie Were too busy jamming all the time. Loool. But yeah. We for have photoshoot sef 😂😂😂😂Omkaaaaaar!!! 🧡🧡