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Pffffft I remember when going through people’s legs worked 😡
Retweeted by Mercy @MainEvent_Marks @MyDamnToys @VintageJakksBCA @MajorWFPod @KingdomFigure @FScopers Lol no idea. Just one of them #ThatsSoJakks things. @RealKellyKlein @JRoccDaddy @ringofhonor werent you fucking half the roster to get your push anyway then got dumped… | Chinese man shows off tree climbing skills
Retweeted by Mercy @trump_nhl Plus Kane has never lost to a zamboni driver
Retweeted by Mercy @duel3000 CHAMPION!!!Some itches have been recently scratched. The Screwjob set was a grail of mine #ScratchthatFigureItch Out on Bond For Attempted Murder Arrested For Attempted Murder, His 3rd Attempted Murder Charge…
Retweeted by MercyFun fact, Billy Gunn was originally planned to be part of the New Demoltion as Crush & Ass but plans fell through a…
Retweeted by MercyMeanwhile, in South Africa... Defund the police ....have no law and order...this is what you get.
Retweeted by MercyOn Friday, July 6, 1990, #DickTracy was released in the UK! Seen here is a British quad poster. #DickTracy30
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Retweeted by MercyRemember when wrestling landing TV Guide covers was a big deal? #WWERAW
Retweeted by Mercy7/6/97: The first four members of the Hart Foundation enter to a hero's welcome in Calgary
Retweeted by MercyA little #ActionFigureSurgery on The Game An homage to BCA Backlash 3
7/6/97: typically awesome video package to open WWF In Your House: Canadian Stampede
Retweeted by MercyProtesters shot and killed an eight year old girl in Atlanta.
Retweeted by Mercy @VFL2013 @Debrennie2 @TrumpRulzz @MamaReg2 @laura03416021 @uifan01 @DonnaWR8 @GaetaSusan @nancyco42287038 @LVNancy
Retweeted by Mercy @ovppodcast Viscera was a cool character but I wish he stayed as Mabel @kingofdivapicz 6
For it is on this day, July 4th, that all sheep pledge allegiance to the United States of Baymerica.
Retweeted by MercyHappy 4TH Of July to Everyone! Here are Some Favorite American Themed Red, White, and Blue Figures for Today! Thank…
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Retweeted by MercyIs this the future?
Retweeted by MercyWho remembers these Fullyposeable 😉 DX statues? #FigLife
Retweeted by MercyRepainted my Mattel Elite Shayna Baszler and gave her new hair 😊
Retweeted by MercyHere's a double dose of Jakks BCA figures for #FigureFriday. Superstars Series 7 Val Venis & Undertaker were releas…
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Imagine saying "Fck The Police!", committing a crime, then getting arrested when the police get involved. Lol Left…
Retweeted by Mercy#OnThisDayInWWE 25 years ago on #WWERaw, we saw the Raw debut of Waylon Mercy. His opponent was a 17-year-old…
Retweeted by MercyI wonder if his pecker makes fart noises. 🤔
Retweeted by MercySPOILER WARNING! Leaked footage from Adam Cole Vs Keith Lee from next week's NXT!
Retweeted by Mercy2k just released the new Teddy Long edition of WWE 2k20! Loving it so far.
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Retweeted by MercyHere she is in all her woke glory threatening to stab people, and then explaining the lessons she’ll teach them as…
Retweeted by MercyAsuka would never green mist Bayley. She’s knows exactly what would happen after that if she did.
Retweeted by Mercy @SexyWWE_Women omnomnomnom @BurdgeJeremy @TheMattCardona @RealJeffJarrett @MajorWFPod @VintageJakksBCA Proceed! It's how we should have gotten…, you did say you were going to stab anyone who said all lives matter, and now you’ll have time to do that! So,…
Retweeted by MercyY'all are crazy! You know the #Democrat #Socialist #Marxist brainwashing is real when white people protest against…
Retweeted by MercyTwitter removed 👇🏼meme from Trump’s tweet. Copy and retweeted it to make Twitter’s SJW squad cry. RT.…
Retweeted by MercyWhat can we expect from @WWENXT's version of the #GreatAmericanBash tonight?! #NXTGAB Anything like THIS? ⬇️ 🧐
Retweeted by Mercy7/1/91: Sensational Sherri runs away with Winston as The Bulldog takes on Ted DiBiase
Retweeted by MercyEdge and Christian deported to Canada after calling President a “Trumpstain”
Retweeted by MercyJeff, Debra and Owen. I also tried re-painting Val's head but the paint is chunky and looks horrible close up. Warfare: Nailz vs Nails! #scratchthatfigureitch
Retweeted by MercyMeanwhile in Canada ....
Retweeted by MercyRemember the girl who said she would “stab” anyone who said All Lives Matter yesterday? Here she is today 😆
Retweeted by MercyCanada Day Ottawa
Retweeted by Mercyan innovator
Retweeted by MercyNXT: "This week will have limited commercial breaks" *NXT has two ad breaks in 15 minutes* #NXTGAB
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@CBCTheNational @CBC What was that!🤦‍♂️
Retweeted by Mercy @johncardillo @SPOTNEWSonIG Look how these fucking racists trapped this poor, innocent, well-meaning black guy in h… he can’t leave
Retweeted by Mercy#CurbYourEnthusiasm has been renewed for an eleventh season! “Believe me, I’m as upset about this as you are. One…
Retweeted by Mercy😂😂😂 face it gals, we can't compete with that!!
Retweeted by MercyThis is why I love the internet.
Retweeted by MercyBREAKING: The character of Michael Jackson will no longer be voiced by Michael Jackson
Retweeted by MercyThe Last Ride: Office Edition
Retweeted by MercyWhat is the science behind requiring everyone to wear masks? #ConstitutionOverCoronavirus
Retweeted by MercyThe Black Scorpion WCW GALOOB style custom 🦂 I handmake everything. DM for details 👍🏻🇺🇸📮✉
Retweeted by MercyDon’t feed them.
Retweeted by MercyI think I'll stick to the Big Mac if it's all the same with you.......
Retweeted by Mercy @RealJimJohnston Who sang Shawn Michaels's theme on WWF The Music Volume 2? Thanks in advance.
Retweeted by MercyIt’s the 25th anniversary of #mmprthemovie, which means it’s also the 25th anniversary of these two iconic console…
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Retweeted by Mercyhahahahaha
Retweeted by MercyCovid-19 may make men STERILE, Russia’s Health Ministry warns
Retweeted by MercyThe dog was gone. 😂
Retweeted by MercyAfter an encounter with a river otter sent a man to a hospital, officials at @LassenNPS warn people to stay out of…
Retweeted by Mercy6/30/1997 The Patriot made his WWF debut on RAW from the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in #WWEDesMoines, Iowa.…
Retweeted by MercyMadden 21 "franchise" is nothing more than a patch. Speak with your wallets folks, save your money. The EA joke con…
Retweeted by MercyDetroit Crack Rock City! 😛
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One of these things isn’t a “life size Magikarp”.
Retweeted by Mercy @VintageJakksBCA @MajorWFPod @KingdomFigure @WrestleFigNews @FScopers @BurdgeJeremy The Billy is weird because the… @world_figure ThanksI re-painted his hair, brows, goatee and made his eyes blue off? Good, I can take off this mask then.
Retweeted by MercyWho remembers Latino Heat & Mamacita 🔥🔥🔥 #wwe #wwf #figlife #toyartistry #toyphotography #WWENetwork
Retweeted by MercyNo doubt I am the dog
Retweeted by Mercy @plasticaction_ @NECA_TOYS @TMNT This pic is amazingThe "best commentator on #SmackDown" is bringing her talents to #WWERaw. Thank you, @itsBayleyWWE.
Retweeted by MercyFuck the Young Bucks, this is the greatest tag team ever. #WWERaw
Retweeted by MercyI think about this regularly.
Retweeted by MercyNever interrupt The Great Muta
Retweeted by MercyIf you steal a car from a handicapped person and don't realize that the brake is on the steering wheel, you too may…
Retweeted by Mercy @MyDamnToys who this is, but it is definitely not Becky Lynch. Her recent BP basic, & the Elite 72 likeness was so good!…
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4 years ago today, the #Oilers traded Taylor Hall to the #NJDevils for Adam Larsson.
Retweeted by MercyFront flip onto cactus light bulbs ( EXTREME TRAMPOLINE STYLE ) #superhumman #donttrythisathome
Retweeted by MercyThe crowd always pops for a good heel turn.
Retweeted by Mercy @VintageJakksBCA @WWERoadDogg @MajorWFPod @KingdomFigure @FScopers @WrestleFigNews Yep I used the TTL head. Ouch 4… you see Haku trending and you know he ain't dead, because death ain't stupid enough to fuck with Haku.
Retweeted by Mercy @KingdomFigure @VintageJakksBCA @MajorWFPod @WrestleFigNews @FScopers @BurdgeJeremy Thanks. My painting is slowly improving.I painted the black trim on Billy Gunn's kneepads and add the trim and logos to Jarrett's @kingofdivapicz so fkn perfectAntifa terrorist tries to scale a statue to deface it. Gravity wins. You hate to see it.
Retweeted by Mercythis rules
Retweeted by MercyThis was how long the Undertaker's career was
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