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Inker of 2xEisner- and GLAAD-nominated CROWDED, from Image. Worked on UNSTOPPABLE WASP, MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL & more. Partner of @RoStein404 Asexual. He/him

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@HassanOE The one time we ever did a cutaway page it was definitely designed for lingering! @weredawgz 1000% deserved, you rock starSo it’s #VisibleNonbinary day (I am discovering at nearly 10 in the evening). I’m Ro and I make comics. Currently w…
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” Brandt @illusClaire I prefer him as a Tony. But this is good advice, thank you @stevewmorris Whoa whoa whoa I’m gonna need form 52c-pq filled in triplicate to reallocate that amount of anxiety energy @stevewmorris I’ll put it on the list but really I have a lot to fit into that 5% already @stevewmorris Steve you just described 95% of my existence @illusClaire That has…never been a strong suit. Far as I can tell my emotions are rather…muted? Like they’re there… @stevewmorris @illusClaire That’s still pretty solid! I’ve been working on the actual communicative part…now I guess I just have… @stevewmorris Was it liking Darkstar *ducks* @illusClaire The external stuff I can manage! It’s more the internal thing. What do normal people have in their bra… @CineastBenRowe A very weird one. @illusClaire I mean the support is wonderful but if you have any meaningful advice relating to the question I’d be very gratefulThis was meant to come out more light-hearted than it may sound. It was only a semi-joking question but I’m not wal… some ways, the lack of immediate panic, denial and overwhelming self-loathing on being given a compliment is kin… That was definitely a second compliment today where I didn’t feel like crawling out of my own skin and slitheri… @80Grey @RoStein404 Ah, thank you! It was…very satisfying to make, on all fronts @adampknave @jp_jordan @weredawgz I mean, I do, but also I have joined several discord servers and then immediately… @weredawgz You remain, as ever, the best.Reposting this without the modesty and hesitation because fuck it, I earned feeling good about this. Pencils by… @weredawgz That does suck. Know that if you ever see me unknowingly talking to a jerk you can ABSOLUTELY tell meJust thought about it, this is the first thing I’ve coloured since university 8 years ago, where the lecturers very…, I wish I felt ethically ok with doing prints of other people’s IP because I really like that Yuris piece @PortraitOfMmeX Congratulations Tia!!This is…about as good as I can make it? Pencils by @RoStein404, inks and now colours by me.
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” BrandtMy Glitter Vipers comps are here and they're GORG! And those stickers… & dat patch mm hm hm!!! 🥰🏳️‍🌈 Thanks…
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” Brandt @gronbekk Wait, what was I supposed to be calling you before? Because I’m 90% certain those words just hover over your headThat’s the first time I’ve actually coloured a piece in…many years, so please be gentle @DialHForHagai @RoStein404 Thanks Hagai!This is…about as good as I can make it? Pencils by @RoStein404, inks and now colours by me. @lianakangas Oooh, them’s lovely colours @hmvUKHelp Hi team, I just received a blu ray that I ordered from you, but the case is a little, um, ruined. Any wa… @BrinaStarler @alexdecampi She is!Check it out, y'all. 😍 (My girl, @alexdecampi, is crazy talented.)
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” Brandt @elevenafter ❤️ That gif is especially appropriate for that logo next to the HBO one, huh 😂 @olliegerlach Thanks! Now I’m just left sitting here wondering what the fuck broke in my brain that *now* it decide… @olliegerlach I don’t know and it is all very confusing!I…just accepted…a compliment…and my first instinct wasn’t to convince myself the person was lying. It was like the… @lgions Aaaaaaaaaa Bex that means a lot coming from you THANK YOUOk, gonna stop messing with Plisetsky now, I think he’s finished to about the level I’m capable of. @ComicPrintingUK Correct bleeds?If you want to see the whole thing, and many more, may I suggest going to @rulestein34
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” BrandtI couldn’t let Ro have all the fun, so I started trying to put some colours on the Yuris piece. It has been…a while… @my2k God, that’s stunning.Morning, chums!
@olliegerlach A valid point, though this feels like a very Quixotic quest @olliegerlach If you were brave you’d block me @olliegerlach Only for…everyone who follows me @olliegerlach NEVERIf you want to see the whole thing, and many more, may I suggest going to @rulestein34 one dedicated to @olliegerlach who has repeatedly told me he loves my jokesI read this great newspaper comic about a cowboy, but weirdly although it didn’t even fill the page it went on for…
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” Brandt(I very much appreciate all of you, never stop)It’s bad enough I post terrible jokes on here without you all doing better in the replies, you clever buggers @jp_jordan Needs of the many, JP @jp_jordan Just think of all the future crimes it could prevent though @stevewmorris Frequently, although largely bemoaning a lack of streaming access to it @jp_jordan Go to jAIL @ten_bandits his name is Niles
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” Brandt @meakoopa Well played, AnthonyIf there’s a Frasier is there a Frasiest? @MLeeLunsford Everything is a breakfast drink if you only eat one meal a day! @thingsbydan Welcome aboard, Captain! @xtop Wait what oh that’s not rightOUCH @bnacker This is a terrible disrespect to the original Christmas movie, Die Hard With A VengeanceOn my second spoon I’m trying to be a bit more sensible pacing myself, to make sure it doesn’t exacerbate my arm in… @olliemasters Because this year has lasted roughly a millennium?I read this great newspaper comic about a cowboy, but weirdly although it didn’t even fill the page it went on for… Robotson #SciFiAndGarfunkel @davidmbarnett Oh, very good! @EmmettHelenArt No, now you mention it I likely misunderstood. Apologies for the time waste! @olliegerlach @readbystephanie @PSLiterary WOOOOOOOOOOO @GoFrankGo Embarrassingly accurateAh, the 3pm “why haven’t you fed me???” tum gurgles. Right on cue.I volunteer with Red Hook Dog Rescue; adopted my dogs Bono & deafblind senior Tango from them. Harriet rescues some…
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” Brandt @jp_jordan Ugh, I’m so sorry, man. That’s just a truly shitty attitude.Lush admits donating thousands to anti-trans pressure group Woman's Place UK
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” Brandt @DialHForHagai Only temporarily, if that helps @DialHForHagai Accept his warm, carby love into your heart, Hagai @DialHForHagai Hagai it can’t be April, this is the birth month of our lord and saviour Cheesy Crust @EmmettHelenArt Settling into safety while maintaining momentum is definitely a challenge. I’m still struggling with it a bit, I must admit @EmmettHelenArt Ah, I gotcha! This time I got the best I could possibly afford, and I quite literally love them. I’… @EmmettHelenArt Once you settle into it it’s actually pretty fun, if that helps. I got a genuine thrill buying a pa… @GailSimone Botransgoformer @MahmudAsrar Goddamn, Mahmud. Exceptional. @adityab God yes. I’d be mortified if some of the things I said were public! @adityab Oof yes, that’s saved me embarrassment more than a few timesReminder that I'm thinking of making a course on environment art, perspective, light & shade! If you want a $25 dis…
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” BrandtI just came out here to have a…time and honestly I’m feeling so attacked rn Matrix, 5 times. Never felt the inclination to go more than twice since then, honestly @AreYouOnEma1l I enjoyed the plot, but it was a bit open-ended for me, so I’m doing the Custom Workouts section - y… late in the pandemic is a weird time for a large upsurge in dysmorphia, but there we goPushed myself a little too hard on Ring Fit this morning. Means I’ve found the perfect level; with that and moving… only other one that even comes close for me is Ivan Reis. @DariusCanning Superman: Secret Identity. Out of canon but despite/because of that the most pure and powerful Superman story I’ve read @DialHForHagai If you only had to have one it’s hard to imagine a better one @_simsima1980 Superman: Secret Identity, by Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen. Best Superman story ever, for my money