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Inker of 2xEisner- and GLAAD-nominated CROWDED. Worked on UNSTOPPABLE WASP, MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL & more. Partner of @RoStein404. Autistic. Bi-asexual. He/him

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Also after many years of absolute Ted hell may I just say how delightful it is to have people talking about an actually good tv Ted.God damn, TED LASSO is one heck of a show.Obligatory brag shot @bogboogie This is a very good idea!Today’s pizza is eating up stuff in the fridge, so it’s topped with pineapple, frankfurters, pancetta and chicken.Hooray, rejoice! Pizza time is upon us.I would 100% be a proteinbenderI don’t care what element you’d bend in the Avatarverse, what element would you bend in the Bourdainverse? Protein, Carbs, Fat or Sugar?Ok. Gone through all our script notes. Just got to make some pizza dough then comes the terrifying bit: the second draft.I already only have one pair of trousers in a style that works for me, the fact they’re way too big is just…blurghAfter several months of no trousers that actually fit and my size being out of stock I finally found some on eBay! Am happy now @olliegerlach I could have told you that. It needs to be “[character] finds AN IMPORTANT thing” @RachaelAtWork Honestly it’s been so refreshing, I was feeling really burned out on the MCU, but the whole show’s been a delightPeople being like “How can you change your body??? God made you that way for a reason!!!” then TAKE OFF YOUR GLASSE…
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” Brandt @ArtofNickRobles Bloody hell, Nick. How you so goodReally pains me to see people giving bad Covid symptoms advice out there. If you’re worried you might have it, don’…
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” BrandtGod, it feels weird having forced myself to sleep in until 6. Not bad, just weird. Hoping to even put at waking up… @chaoticute That sounds like an perfect evening, tbfGood morning, chums!
@jyrenb You could put other actors in there, though. It doesn’t need a Willis @AveryHillPubl It’s a cold, cruel universe @adampknave I can’t justify the belief, but I am also 100% convinced it’s trueOnce again I propose the theory that we’d be better off as a planet if Die Hard had been the one dalliance into act… BECOMES HER. I would go so far as to say I like it considerably more than Die Hard @zoethorogood God this is making me miss my 20s @EmmettComix You deserve nice things.How long could I string them along with old technical diagrams of the Fantasticar, do you think? A few million? A few billion? @jyrenb See, this is why I’ll get the bid, I’ll offer abject uselessness for a mere trillionI could fail spectacularly at making a plane for FAR LESS than $1.7trn, how do I get in on this scam? @avatarkasia Gonna buy a copy in a sec! @marlene Awesome! @marlene Yes please! brandtandstein [at] gmail @marlene We could probably fit that in if you’d be interested in us! Would need a bit more of a conversation to confirm, if that’s cool @marlene What sort of timeframe are you thinking? Like, urgent? @marlene Ooh, like RPG character sheet stuff? How detailed? @olliegerlach I would be very keen on that @olliegerlach You should!Also, I'm soliciting ko-fi donations to buy some fucking clothes because I have more pressing financial concerns ri…
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” Brandt @EmmettComix Truly my pleasure. @nolapfau @illusClaire A very understandable emotion!It’s nice reading through notes on your script and getting a bunch that just say “lol” when it comes to the ridiculous wordplay moments @alexdecampi I have no knowledge of homestuck whatsoever, honestly! As in, I know the name but know literally nothing else. @EmmettComix Donezo @illusClaire We’re having a proper go over the notes, and just feeling so grateful for them!I’ve said it before, but dang @illusClaire is a great editor. Really sharp, incisive notes that very quickly get to…👇🏻MUST BUY ALERT👇🏻 @definitelyvita @NikDraperIvey @chryslus @kharyrandolph DANGThere is nobody--NOBODY--who has a more consistently detrimental impact on journalism in and around comics than Ric…
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” Brandt @lgions ❤️❤️ @lgions Plus, the dumb, fun ideas we’re actually writing! @lgions Eeeeee me neither! April’s for doing the art for a one-off OGN pitch. Whether or not that gets picked up, b… got plans, though no clue which ones will land. But from here on out we want to go weirder. Let’s be real, weird… @zoethorogood Larger format is a great idea, for sure. Not that I regret my purchase, but being able to see more of it will be great.Real world stuff, to be blunt. Accuracy on guns, cars, buildings. Gimme that ridiculous fantasy shit where I can ma… through the final CROWDED issue and needing to crash out for a day or two. I love this book, but am excited… @zoethorogood Congrats! That’s awesome!Oof, this week’s you-know-what ended on a moment I’ve been waiting for for a couple years, so that was funI think a lot about the line “If you do not find yourself a galaxy, it is not so bad to find yourself a star.” real… @RoStein404 Me neither, but they sure are making them bright! @feysbian I have literally no idea @RoStein404 But what about your spirt, Ro? WHAT ABOUT YOUR SPIRT @RoStein404 Is your spirt not brightened???Morning! We are just 1 backer away from 600! It’s payday for most folks, so if you’ve been waiting for that to back…
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” Brandt @chrisarrant I was, maybe, 16 or so? I inherited just Preludes and Nocturnes and A Game of You, so it felt super di… @definitelyvita DAAANG Vita 😍Once CROWDED is done and we have time I’m heavily invested in the idea of making some proper Gideon/Harrow artJust over here thinking about the Reverend Daughter and her cavalier again, having a normal oneReverend daughter, Harrowhark Nonagesimus! #TheLockedTomb
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” BrandtI finally figured out why I like Yuri!!! On Ice and the Gideon/Harrow books so much, recently. Both are incredibly… @SkyePatridge @SkyePatridge SKYLAR @y2jenn It is the absolute WORST @arbitrarygenius Fair! @chaoticute Even so! That’s a mild variation on an incredibly strong theme!God all these “post a picture of yourself as” memes are exhausting. How do you all have multiple looks? I have one look: goober. @ceekayell Every detail is the worst detailMAKING SPIRTS BRIGHT avatar live action studios
Retweeted by Aw beans, it’s Ted “Nibs” Brandt @whatthe_shea Can we start a gofundme to bribe someone to make this happen? @y2jenn Both excellent choices! @y2jenn Ooh, second? What’s top? @EmmettComix Oh no! If you wanna burn yourself out talking, I’m around, but if not, then good luck getting rid of it! @y2jenn It was just so unlike anything! I couldn’t resist just going and going @y2jenn Mine was the original Matrix five times!Good morning, chums! How are you all?
Good night, chums. I’m gonna try get an actual night’s sleep tonight, so if you see me on here before 5am my time t… Damn. @stevewmorris Steve.Is there a good way to make a time lapse of inking an entire page or cover? Things like Hyperlapse time out after like 45 minutesMind you I’m primarily saying this as someone who’s both too broke to subscribe to people and not good enough at social media to monetise itI cannot imagine that Super Follows business will be much fun @olliegerlach Also I see all the bastards liking this @olliegerlach Wait what is this fresh hell @olliegerlach I’m sorry, all I can let you have is one mood. You get to pick between a gothic fun sci-fi or a roman… @olliegerlach 3 moods? In THIS economy?? @olliegerlach That’s already too many moods, scale it backChag Purim sameach, Jewish chums! @EmmettComix Do it! Anxiety is never worth it if there’s an easy fix @NotLasers Jay please use Patreon or equivalent to fund this, because it would be amazing but also you will deserve to be paid for itBoooo crappy art day. I know they happen, but they suck balls