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to me, god is a disease

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here is an old poem about rejecting god
Retweeted by apotheosissyi often hear SRS referred to as "life-saving surgery", which it is, but what about those of us who have to live kno…
Retweeted by apotheosissy @gopuff you clearly based this on my last tweet. stop copying me @celine_dionysus @yurirando this is how i feel too. i see you, i hear youi am tired and full of yearning. additionally i have lana del rey’s cover of “chelsea hotel no. 2” stuck in my head… @CVITGREENLIN i’m way past my bernie limit @communoah ugh mine is taurus men. gremlins. my favorite @communoah this is a nice haircut
@doctopmary i was the first trans fem sooo many of my mississippi peers had ever met, and their aggressions were rarely micro @rural_dionysia 😍 it’s such a good linei won’t lie, this is what 60% of my DMs look like and i celebrate that @girlchildonline 🥰 @lildicklegend i LOVE this @bloodberry_tart feelings in the chat 🥺my friends celebrating my accomplishments @celine_dionysus i would say it’s definitely related, i would consider you responsible for those awoogaswho did her lower face lift. masterful yank and fill work @celine_dionysus do you find that every time you play the drums everyone starts gawking and wagging their tails at you with carnal interestanthony fauci is one of the dollsif you're anti-bds, what nonviolent tactic should palestinians call for? they don't have voting rights, freedom of…
Retweeted by apotheosissy @daysofwhatthe 🥺😭🥲❤️🩸 thank you so much, pretty @peachypipes you are one of the only freaks here who has known i was a poet in disguise all along 👀 🥸 @_thought_dump @FKAReynolds that’s okay, i love when people i don’t know are nice to me about my work!! thank you kind person!poetry likes are worth 5x as much as selfie likes, so i’m deeply flattered this morning @SLIMELEVEL maybe it does and that’s why it’s so hard to get some people to take a goddamn ibuprofen @emializh omg emily thank you so much 🥲here is an old poem about rejecting god @doctopmary when the “shoes” video was new a guy i knew got confused and asked me if i was kelly. i literally never… @doctopmary “smh history will remember you as straight and this is all gonna oxidize to the same shade of brown 🙄🤣”
who me? *begins sobbing* @JellybeansRaw i thought they looked really good on the stream i watched, but i’m not super picky about graphics as… resident evil 8 demo is so fucking cool. my thoughts are: it’s surprising how long capcom took to recognize tha… @boarlord_ this robe/gown 😧 @daysofwhatthe apparently there is a NEW season!!!agatha hannigan bullying annie is the point of continuing production on the walking dead given our current global circumstances @JulianKJarboe clementines are my favorite fruit!!!!! this makes my mouth water! you can have some of the pineapple… @HarronWawker harron this looks like a gay serial killer. harron if Cruising (1980) were a video game this would be the final boss @bloodberry_tart the joe biden presidency is such a win for women in expensive gowns @vontheodore this is the only good one. u have nothing to apologize for @doctopmary ha ha be right there guys save me a slice @merrittk if you cry during merritt souls i’ll distract everyone by doing a gay little dance @JulianKJarboe give me that julian. give me that @FKAReynolds right? like i lived in the midwest for awhile so i know what they mean, but she’s handling him with th… i sure wish the bitch had said so in english and not sleight-of-hand burns i’ll have to take your word on @definatalie i love her @SLIMELEVEL i laughed @annamerlan dunking on amanda palmer is one of my favorite comedic forms @SSSpittingCobra i have had to unfollow so many people who’ve revealed themselves to be easily mollified liberals. i need this win @ZeroSuitCamus look do you want it or not, there’s only one left in stockeven though her phone number is on her account, they won’t return access because she doesn’t remember the email she… i found my good bobby pins and a BUNCH of fragrance minis i forgot i had: elizabeth and james nirvana bourbon… in my basement is an old wacom tablet i misplaced for the years i didn’t have a computer. i want to find… @doctopmary i never believed this fate would claim me as it claimed the rest of you. i thought i was invincible @ZeroSuitCamus not again. we weren’t good for one another 😔i finally know what it’s like to be persecuted for not being queer enough* (*i’m not attracted to the big vampire… love taking makeup off exactly as much as i love putting makeup onStans are so viscerally horrifying as it is... but what level of psychopathy do you require to stan Shawn Mendes —…
Retweeted by apotheosissy @sprouts_mom the energy of her sincere response to your automatic returned question, with typos and no question mark. i’m deeply upset
@corinne_creates me too! i can’t believe i caved. if you’re wondering it’s just candy crush, and there’s not enough makeover!i downloaded a game called project makeover and it sucks @onyxondyx it’s a boot from mey’all are like “let people enjoy things” & the things in question are war criminals in designer suits
Retweeted by apotheosissy @aquariaofficial this inspired me to turn my heat on so i can wear a crop top this afternoon
Retweeted by apotheosissy @JellybeansRaw you know me, notoriously gulliblejust following up on the kids in cages. you know the profound evil that everyone was yelling at imaginary nonvoters…
Retweeted by apotheosissyI kinda love the way men are obsessed with the belief that women believe astrology
Retweeted by apotheosissypennsylvania has decided this will not be the week i get my unemployment funds. tune in next week to see if i’ve died yet
Retweeted by apotheosissy @BartokianN hole to hole, hole to hole @lildicklegend i gaspednot that i’m at risk of being sworn into the presidency. lil thought experiment for ya @CamboSte 🩸 ⚔️joe biden’s bloody head remember reading a lot of big talk about day one executive orders, mr. president. some of this shit could’ve been… @bonushellboy also Heavenly Creatures, a darkly magical true crime romance between two murderous teenage girls? he’s a strange man @TwitterSupport what’s going on with this?
Retweeted by apotheosissyFREE ROXY
Retweeted by apotheosissy @FLOORPUNCHED @justanoldgod and why does donald trump look like a beauty vlogger version of himself? it’s unsettling
@thepplsbottom i used to own this on vhs which is probably embarrassing. it’s been a long time since i saw it but i… how many more dementia patients can we force hillary clinton to watch be sworn in as president of the united st…
Retweeted by apotheosissyi won’t lie. i needed all those likes today @loneamorphous i had no idea so many people thought being a dj was illegal @okerproker this is a good text @leslieleeiii boot @please_b_nice @FKAReynolds @dawn2021 @leslieleeiii ugh you know it’s gonna be more of the same @laurrrelyse could she be straining harder to hit that note. THAT note. @Tasnyx yes, agree. not moved by this whatsoever @punkademic same!! it’s agreeable, at the very least. i get to siphon all of my automatic excitement about this cha… @unknownably @PJVogt @SSSpittingCobra @TeddyRedder @donmartinfeet it would be too risky for biden to place this issue in his first 100 d… @punkademic my mom sent me several very embarrassing memes @TeddyRedder @donmartinfeet joe biden has been president for hours now and yet roxy’s still banned and i still don’… ROXY
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