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Co-host of @TheBodyServe tennis pod. Dad to Vince the beagle, hubby to @ElliottJMR. Tweeting sport, politics, TV & music Divas.

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Naomi Osaka says she will always prioritize her happiness over success. Says it’s “hurtful” that people think she s…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newmanmy front camera after watching me take 200 selfies just to delete them
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @CrackedGem The support aspect of it is so crucial.Anyway, I'm no expert on this. I was just struck by just how many times one woman tried to tell her credible story… are still myriad forces at play to stifle survivors on social media (doxxers, trolls, men trying to protect t… HOW many people could've been helped if social media was around back then? We often lament its pitfalls, but i…'m reading this James Brown story & I'm struck by just how all encompassing Brown's machinery was in stifling & sh… many stayed silent because WHO would believe them? There are many socio-cultural reasons for that, many of which… hear a lot of folks decry the #MeToo era as a witch hunt that leaves men vulnerable to false accusations. But, ca… for those outside the top 150 in the world is not easy. Brayden Schnur made $94,304 in 2018 but when you facto…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanDon't want to ever hear again how "Isner is such a nice guy" or "let's just talk about the tennis." Dude fully went… weeks for both Reilly Opelka and Brayden Schnur. Opelka up to #59 by making the New York Open final, and Sch… tiebreaks great again. @tjc05 I work quickly.7 tiebreak sets between Opelka and Isner in 2019. Opelka has won 5 of them and both matches.LOL. @_clarkeshannon I have his records and know his music but hadn't the slightest clue about the extent of his reach/c… Mendes goddamn!...for all way matches and it just so happened to be my friends turn to stay back and his coach scheduled him a one…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @K_Thorp Talked to Venus for like 20 minutes... she’s here for elevation training... she’s been here for two weeks…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman
The PR email for Meghan Trainor’s new album is absolutely insane
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @ElliottJMR I was drunk tweeting and in my feelings. I am not perfect. @ElliottJMR OK, fine.Which is it?!?! YORK OPEN: After down 0-3, Sam Querrey wins 5 games in a row, takes 2nd set 6-4 vs. Brayden Schnur. SG tightens…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanFor those who compare Medvedev to Simon… Monfils agrees and prepared for Medvedev by studying Simon. He then used…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @rainking101 you're in high school and the person you're interested in comes up and talks to you... Read. Salinger’s brain when she realized her laptop was stolen:
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @pluckyloser There's an English language version of it too. It was a crossover for them. Might help with the learning part. @pluckyloser "A Puro Dolor" by Son By Four is one of my favs from my boyband adolescence. They're from Puerto Rico.
@FortyDeuceTwits Three words: Jo, Wilfried, and Tsonga. Pretty sure @ElliottJMR has said that to me before 😂 @lee_tennis Let's Talk About Love @AnnaClxxmxnn And thank YOU for all your support over the years! 👊💜👌 @tennisings @TheBodyServe I just finished the album and played that song again before bed. Such a gem.Has there ever been a greater closing sequence to an album: 12: My Heart Will Go On 13: Where Is The love 15: I Ha… can't even describe the soft spot I have for Celine's duet with Pavarotti. don't mean to diminish the sentiment, because I absolutely agree. But, this goes the same for those of you in a r… mooooore, you OOOOOOPEN the dooooooor. @thaiguy84 @TheBodyServe SURELY! I was 13 and I LIVED.See, this is why you don't drink and listen to your foundation music in the middle of the night. Just bought this o… @clairenorman30 @TheBodyServe Screw Wimbledon! Do we need to have a chat about priorities?!?! @clairenorman30 @TheBodyServe Yassss!!!! @clairenorman30 @TheBodyServe I JUST learned that from this interview! Please GO! @TheBodyServe I mean, Celine in her absolute pomp, and Babz coming off "The Mirror Has Two Faces." These two kilt it. @TheBodyServe TELLLLLL HIIIIIIIMMMMMM @TheBodyServe This could just be the gin and a Valentine's Day shift talking, but I am so PUMPED about it. I even m… feel a very indulgent @TheBodyServe vanity project coming on: the divas who shaped us. The voices of our life and times. @Hurleytennis JASON! @CrackedGem I can only imagine what my face looked like when I turned around, lol. @DuckDaBlackSwan Oyyyyyyyyy. I hurt for you. @DuckDaBlackSwan What was the answer (question)? @CrackedGem Jewell, I was so MAD!!! @DuckDaBlackSwan WHAAAAAAT?!?!?! You gotta tell me more!!! Is there video?!?! Will I judge you?And then in my adult life to discover the ENTIRETY of Aretha's catalogue. #TrulyBlessedI am the gay that I am because of these three women. They have been the soundtrack of my life.I feel so damn privileged to have grown up in an era where I was able to adore all three of the holy trinity of the… Celine interviews on YouTube is a dangerous proposition. I could listen to her talk forever. She just seem… people: HoMoSeXualLitY is AlwAyS ShOvEd DowN oUr ThRoATs!!!!!! gRrrrRRr!!!!!!!!! WhAt AboUt tHe ChILdReN??…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @quinncy @SaraJBenincasa Oh look, you have a gay cousin! I'll teach you about the fabulously queer world of tennis.…, in WTFUCK is wrong with people: with my back turned, a man poked me in the side to ask for a steak knife. No…
How to finish an argument when you're wrong.
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanRoses are red Violets are blue Darko is real But not as real as youRose are red Violets are blue Did you just look at me? Did you? Look at me? Look At Me! HOW DARE YOU! Close yo… We need more of this.
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanStraight people stop doing this to your children.
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanBarbara really tried it. Dolly was having none of it. @madblackmother 👏👏 Absolutely! A rare well done all around.Still, excellent to see that the ICC is taking homophobia seriously and meeting it head on with swift action.This i… @rfsatar While I think (admittedly selfishly) that 4 matches is a bit harsh, I am glad to see that the ICC takes ho… @rfsatar His apology and statement comes off as seriously sincere, I'm inclined to believe him. Windies pace attack at home is no joke! @rfsatar Also, the context I refer to is the virulent homophobia in the Caribbean, though I'm told by friends that it is much improved. @rfsatar As a gay Jamaican who played cricket all throughout high school, I feared it were much worse, so it didn't… by Gabriel's response to this. There are a lot of cultural layers here to make it a bit more complex than…"I only recently learned that Mandy Moore started her career a singer" - a youth in my office I am now furious with.
Retweeted by Jonathan Newmantraining a new phone to not autocorrect your patois is so blood last annoying
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanYoooo. Thank you God and @JoelEmbiid for your athletic abilities. Crisis averted 🙏🏾
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman
@WomenWhoServe 🙌🙌But, will he actually let her speak? your morning 🚙🚌🚆🚂🚗🚕: new episode of @TheBodyServe 👇👇👇!!! are so spoiled with the incredible TV shows at our disposal. This last episode of #Catastrophe might be its best yet.Can we talk about Tevin Campbell and the homophobia that forever affected his career?
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanMr. Kim: You are not a young like you is before Mrs. Kim: Nobody is a young like they is before, that's how time w…'m pretty sure I've never seen anybody wear their clothes as well as @SimuLiu.I don’t know who said what to whom .. but boy do I applaud Joe Root’s reaction here . For me his twelve words as a…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @BadToss Sorry to hear it. I also rebuke you having a hard time 💜 @BadToss 😂😂😂 I can't keep track of the things I rebuke anymore.This Catfish Has 9 Lives OR The Darko Knight Rises @kryptobanana I got a 5-pack, but seems like only the 10-11 in the singles is still available. almost never wear white socks, but when I do, they've got a bit of panache. #FootAlert stuff from @root66 saying what needed to be said, but too often isn't. Thank you.
Marco Trungelitti reported match fixers after they tried to involve him. The experience would change his life:…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanIs there nothing Adam Driver can’t do
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanThis is altogether too much.
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanGood on Joe Root for having the wherewithal and gumption to address this in the moment. @demon_spofforth I get that, and I also didn't say this was representative of most people's views on the matter. @jakarta200887 @tennisings I think the speculation would've been there regardless. Sascha responded in kind. I too… @AnnaClxxmxnn @TennisChannel It reads as an endorsement of him being directly responsible for her success. @tennisings Lucky you! 😂