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Co-host of @TheBodyServe tennis pod. Dad to Vince the beagle, hubby to @ElliottJMR. Tweeting sport, politics, TV & music Divas.

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“Mariah’s new music is boring, you can’t really bop to it” Me an intellectual:
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @FortyDeuceTwits #WhatWouldPastorTimDoFFSHappy #GLAAD Spirit Day! 🏳‍🌈 I don't have purple ensemble with me in Asia, but I'm celebrating #SpiritDay to suppor…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanEnding today with this. Good night. 💚
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanAmazing. - Jake Tapper points out Faith is a bigot - Faith responds by saying he slut shamed Monica - Monica says…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanShit guys, this latest Mariah track is so effing good. #TheDistance
Break-up season in full swing. After the Kerber-Fissette announcement, Thomas Johansson says he and Maria Sakkari h…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @CCSMOOTH13 @BadToss @TheBodyServe, Vera beat Karolina 6-1 6-2?!?! @thaiguy84 You shady bitch 😂😂 I did, in fact, know. Sadly, I fucked up 😂 @michaelb4jordan @Naomi_Osaka_ @TheEllenShow Naomi.. Your birthday has blessed us all 🙏🏼
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanPicturing this as Venus with Serena 😂😭 @Hurleytennis He should start a DYK Twitter account 😂For those of y'all who are into us singing on @TheBodyServe, I do a Hurricane Gilbert Jamaican classic, and… @BadToss @vanfanusa The dish or the skin? Both! @vanfanusa Yup!Stew chicken with butter beans over white rice is the final product! @MzRogersHood @ElliottJMR He cut every piece at the perfect spot, all joints in tact!
Just walked @ElliottJMR through butchering a whole chicken and he did an A+mazing job. #Proud win of the year for Genie Bouchard, taking out #63 Babos 6-4 6-2 in Luxembourg. She improves to 5-9 on the… this gif back to your TL.
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanAfter 15 years, we get a one word album title! #Caution #ItsSoExplosive #MC15 @bradhunter Seriously. @bradhunter I was too caught up in the tryst apparently 😂Susan Harris on The Golden Girls, Sex and the City, Soap, Maude, and more @bradhunter Should have seen the ending coming, so mad at myself. Lol. @bradhunter How far into it are you? @bradhunter 😂 The Isner/Schwartzman clone. @bradhunter Ooof, that takes away a big part of the essence of the show. Gotta do English subs. @bradhunter Loved it.Something I rediscovered the other day that was a trip to re-read. Below is a post I wrote about Tom Verducci 11…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newmanone time. i was having a nightmare. and the human noticed. so they held my paw. to make sure i knew. everything was going to be okay
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanA thread worth every bit of your time.
When I hear: "I wish Mariah would dress her age" or "I wish she would go back to singing songs like when she starte…
Porsche Race to Singapore Update: Sloane Stephens qualifies for her @WTAFinalsSG debut, while Karolina Pliskova and…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman
OBSESSED with #Elite on Netflix.Very good win for @TimeaOfficial in Tianjin over in-form Sabalenka. Great to see her play some great matches again…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @hilarytamar 💜And to those for whom coming out is still too fraught and for whom it's not safe, know that we see you and love you… w/ pride today reading the beautiful stories for #NationalComingOutDay. Thanks for your bravery. Thank you t…
On #NationalComingOutDay, we want to recognize that tennis has always been #LGBTennis, that queer pioneers helped b…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanWoman to a little girl: you look like you could be on Real Housewives, the one who comes in to sass things up. Say… @delsarto13 Agreed, but Mimi gon Mimi!Thursday is #NationalComingOutDay 🌈 and I’m encouraging all of you that work in tennis - as well as those who play,…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman"We all make mistakes sometimes, but we muddle through" - Mimi, Mother of the House of Dahhhhhling. #WithYouI respect tf out of #Riverdale for knowing its audience and pandering accordingly with the abundance of shirtlessnessecities. @EvaUnit_0_1 Same!Sitting here trying to decode this new handography by @MariahCarey. Is this the sign to use when we want to tell so… Mariah's #WithYou: "This song is addictive. Y'all, finally a song i can sing along with and not sound like a dy… @superjimmer It has little to do with the lyrics of the song, but I am HERE for it.Mariah's new music video making zero sense makes perfect sense. And I mean that in the best way possible 😂
@TylerGreenDC Am I usually that kinda girl in these Twitter streets?! lolI'm such a sucker for a vanilla milkshake.
@angs2014 💛💙💜💚❤With @DaniilMedwed becoming 8th qualifier champion this season @rakutenopen, it matches the total number of qualify…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @dabigjoker I'm seriously struggling with my fandom. So much to be excited about, but then there is still the absur… is believable now. What a time to (sadly) be alive. @dabigjoker PhewHow do you do, fellow kids? @ElliottJMR @bmarsh1983 Liar. They're LITERALLY inches away taunting me. how my life went 😂 Acuña Jr., y'all.Watching the playoff game with @ElliottJMR and he just yelled out: "He's calling the bullpen, saying GET READY BITCH!"These two. does Walker Buehler give Tim Lincecum realness.
@tjc05 @ElliottJMR @angs2014 James is halfway there to being a biddy anyway 😂 @angs2014 @ElliottJMR 😂😂😂Me: I don't think people are wearing white socks anymore @ElliottJMR: I'm not in people's houses to know what kind…
@BadToss I was up in my feelings about it last night. I had HAD it 😂Thought he’d just focus on Kavanaugh. Instead he gave best response on rape culture I’ve ever heard from a man! I…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanDef don't got no Caymus money #BrokeAssLamb @kellyexeter That sounds like a dream! @lawanda50 @CCSMOOTH13 @StephintheUS @breakpointsaved You're right, that's it's one saving grace. On one of the 3 g… @allthetennis Fucking terrible. @breakpointsaved I broiled for the 1st 18 yrs of my life in Jamaica. I miss it dearly. @allthetennis Winter ain't lying to me tho. Telling me I can go golfing then fucking up my life the day of (for example). No ma'am. @Hurleytennis @tjc05 Thank you. WHERE did I lie?! @tjc05 I will DIE on this hill.I fucking hate Fall. Gloomy af, the weather temps change DRAMATICALLY from day to day. The weather app straight up… @tjc05 @ElliottJMR You can come stay anytime, T! @ElliottJMR @StephintheUS @PinaCocoblog I see you, bitch. #ThroupleOrNothing 😂Yasss Kelli! Leo siblings 👏
@tennisings ❤💚💜💙💛After a truly shitty day on all fronts, this took me all the way outta my funk 🌈💜😍 make them pay at the polls. Please.All these words are in such bad faith it’s amazingly craven. Like just vote your yes. It’s kind of mindboggling she…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @BadToss 😂😂😂 @BadToss FUN?!?!?!Horrendous man in a horrendous suit, standing in front of a brood of more horrendous men.
damn, I fux witchu! 🎶 #WithYou💕
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanJeff Flake that type of dude that helps you look for the shit that he stole. “THEY DID WHAT?!! Oh man we gonna get to the bottom of this!!”
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanTweet "Rafa is the GOAT" and wait. Fed fans will find me.
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanYeah....NO. @BadToss @delsarto13 I Stay In Love is one of my all-time favs. Makes perfect sense why I'm groovin.Mariah's dogged determination to make RnB for grown folk in this day and age is reason 1/1,000,000 why I stan in th… @delsarto13 It's always indecipherable to me, lol. I cheated and looked the lyrics up!🎶 Ooh, shots of Remy Playing Confessions, and our bodies blendin' Ooh, I'm in love, it's true Yeah, damn I fucks wi… will become the first Dutchwoman since 1996 to reach the top 10 if she beats Siniakova today #WTA #chinaopen
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman#WithYou is some grown folk shit.