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Co-host of @TheBodyServe tennis pod. Dad to Vince the beagle, hubby to @ElliottJMR. Tweeting sport, politics, TV & music Divas.

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Uma Thurman vs. Lucy Liu in Kill Bill Vol 1.
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanKing’s Landing is ash and I’m lotion
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman
Spoke with Andy Murray after his hit with Nick Kyrgios today. Increasingly confident of making a comeback, initiall…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanVince doing what he does best on #NationalRescueDogDay out here altering Jaime Wikipedia page
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanNow that y’all are done with the dragon show steam Pose on Netflix before the June 11th premier in FX.
Retweeted by Jonathan Newmanser davos changing from an illiterate man to someone who corrects grammar is the only valid character development i…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @Tennis_Jon Can you imagine not getting some dinner & wine & discussing this further?
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @erincowgill Right?!?!Saw someone on this website refer to Shapovalov as thicc, and I would like to hereby denounce that. touched the iron throne But didn't sit on it Distracted by a man Who came to betray her once more @celinedion Hello, @FortyDeuceTwits!"They take everything I say and turn it into a meme, but I truly don't know her" @Chiney321 Best part was when she said, “UNCLE, SIT DOWN!!!” 💀
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanOMG: pappardelle, the KWEEN of pastas, made an appearance on #KillingEveSCREEEEAMING!!!! Jaime is the nastiest skank bitch I’ve ever met in the seven kingdoms. Do not trust her, she is a fugly sl…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanTrust no man. They will make shit decisions repeatedly and fail upwards. This is life. This is #GameofThronesThey made Brienne into a fool for Jaime Lannister and I'm angry about it
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanArya Stark as Christopher Columbus was a PLOT TWIST #GameofThronesThe title of that episode might as well have been "Men Ain't Shit." Man, that was a solid 1.3/10 #GameofThronesLots of predictions for tonight's #GameofThronesFinale, but please let's not have one last rape for old time's sake. Please! @Dr_CorbinCWong Does he still have other accounts?
Can you please announce YOUR withdrawl* from Twitter post-haste? happen-ed in Monte Carlo: SF What happen-ed in Barcelona: SF What happen-ed in Madrid: SF And here we are, Na… and @ashbar96 claim the @InteBNLdItalia doubles title! The unseeded duo win their first title together wit…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanNow this is nice to see.
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanAs much as that 1st set was one-way traffic, it still took 41 mins. A stretch of a silver lining for Nole?A first ever bagel in the Rafole rivalry goes to a revved up Nadal over a less-than-optimal Djokovic; Nadal wins ov… @NaomiOsakaFAN @rolandgarros @WTA I’ll never understand your compulsive need to constantly make up lies and rumors…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @RyBkr It was! Alas, I'm back in the 6ix 😭I have no doubt many of them are supportive privately and/or have queer ppl in their lives, but for whatever reason… about just how much time players spend on their various social media, but we can't even count on one hand the… of the best parts of the last two weeks in Europe was just how many times I heard @lizzo playing all over the p… @LiveUrTruthLars Thank you, how could I forget?!?!Ferrer joins Kevin Anderson, RBA, and ??? as the only ATP players to proactively support LGBT folks. glory hole-le-lujah 💀💀💀 #VeepHBOWe took the show on the road with us 😂 @TheBodyServe
So, is Eurovision scoring like old school figure skating scoring? Judging from the timeline, it seems WILD.In honor of John Wick 3 I have a Keanu Reeves story.
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanYup. His tweet was so cringe. Also, there's also your wife or her sisters to ask privately for assistance. @YepStephenBrown Get your LIFE!!! 😍Meanwhile, back on the Twitter ranch, Sandgren is active again? @YepStephenBrown Who? 😇Sitting here on the couch in my work clothes pounding Maynards fuzzy peaches, watching golf, and fucking around on… cross-section of folks who accept lipsyncing from some performers bc "that's not their thing" but also criticiz… used to get so annoyed whenever Eurovision would take over my Twitter, now I'm enjoying y'alls fervor. #GrowthBrooks Koepka is a whole lotta beefy man. Whew.Stefanos Tsixtispas in the rankings on Monday. Pretty good. Also, sorry for this.Feel totally vindicated for how much I despised this dude when he was on Idol. Terrible then and even worse now. shorts on #TheGoodFight this season have been superb.Thank you 🙏🏻
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanWell, we no longer have to record the next episode of @TheBodyServe because Rafa's covered it all already 😂 message from Rickey Thompson, co-signed by moi. a group text I'm on someone announced she "just learned that Mark Wahlberg was previously a rapper named Marky M…
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One of the best parts about being away for two weeks, and not being on Twitter, was never once hearing or seeing an…"Gotta be caaaareful!" I got my LIFE!, in tiiime you can wiin me back. BUT RIGHT NOW, me and yooou arree throough. Maybe one day! you can chaange m…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanFaith Hill doesn’t get enough credit for seamlessly working “centrifugal motion” into a song
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman
Just landed in Toronto and got my data back and WOW, Twitter is burning.Nick can call my backhand average all he wants, as long as he's not calling my backside average 😂 Now, THAT would hurt.Hold up y’all are mad about the petty comments but totally missed NK basically cheekily thinks Big 3 have been doping? Fandom sucks lol
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Important info about refunds in #rome. They will refund day tickets, you need to go to theyr official page and fill…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanHey @InteBNLdItalia, you refunding my money for today or nah?This Kyrgios interview is great, in that it's great to be forced to sit in your own discomfort about someone's atti…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanMeanwhile in Winterfell... #GameofThrones
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanIn case some of y'all were seeing a bunch of unlinked quotes and looking to find the source of the Nick interview,… wanting to be called “sis,she,girl,babe” is not a personality. Relishing and taking pride in your proximity to…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanTfw you double prices and don’t give refunds
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanWouldn't you know, that's the same reaction I have when I look at him. @StephintheUS @ElliottJMR So great to see you both 😍I'm a long-suffering, foolish Knicks fan who knows the Knicks and that shit organization and that shit owner didn't… @FortyDeuceTwits @TheBodyServe Nothing against Mason, Ohio, but vino in Rome has it beat hands down! And the company made it even better 😍On this day in 1990, @MariahCarey launched her phenomenal career with the release of 'Vision Of Love'. This iconi…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanIt's what I deserve for that original tweet tbh 😂😭 @andreopines Good luck! @EmpressOni I'll be on the plane home 😭
Cersei to The Hound and The Mountain: 🎵 This is between all of you, this is none of my affair! 🎵
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanAnybody who can help?“you can’t even dance to a mariah carey song” oh really????
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanSomeone call 911 on their stylists. *opens bag of chips* My dog:
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @ElliottJMR That's CRAZY, I was at that fountain today too! @MacpYvette Patiently waiting on tomorrow's schedule. I hope so! @MacpYvette Alas, Serena withdrew today with a knee injury. @StephintheUS 🙌🙌 @StephintheUS Sigh.Welp. @roseyankee 😂😂 This was from 16 years ago!My fav ❤
Varys watching that whole battle like
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @paulaqe Looking forward to seeing Hsieh tomorrow amd a few others I haven't seen before. Wednesday will be the main event it seems.Of all the wild, amazing, first-time experiences I thought I could have during my two weeks in Italy and Spain, nev… @roseyankee @ElliottJMR His fav uncle 😂
Happy Mother's Day from Sitges to all the tremendous women in all the lands, especially our Jackie and Michele. 💜💚💙…
I get it. I get it. But, the Simona/Tiriac nexus is one I simply cannot abide
Would Cibulkova be proud? @reidrraymond TWINSIES! @LuvlyDramaGurl 😂😂😂 I was too busy trying to imagine where Juliet pulled her hammy in the relay 😭