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During a radio interview, Shawn Mendes was asked about Mariah Carey. He says "I adore Mariah Carey. Like those wh…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman.@MariahCarey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" rises 14-7 this week for a new #Hot100 peak.
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This is the greatest article ever!! Thank you for getting me into the Christmas spirit and making me laugh out loud…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanWarming up for the holidays 🎶🎄
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanCheers 🥂 😂 @jimmyfallon
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanI often think about the time Oprah did a cooking segment with a woman whose chicken recipe won $1 million, and Opra…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @delsarto13 Kept it simple with a vanilla shake! @BadToss Have you seen the Netflix show "Nailed It?" This tweet was very much in that spirit, but thank you 😂NAILED IT! 😂😂😂 always rely on pops to have the camera ready no matter where we are 😂
@4TheTennis @LuvlyDramaGurl @ElliottJMR TROLL.Hey @TennisCanada, can you tell me what age my son can be considered for the National team program?
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanThe Queen of Xmas has arrived in our household 🎄🎁🌈 @MariahCarey
Let’s all take a moment out of your day to watch Salt Bae feed @andy_murray 😂 📽 thanks to @DelgadoJamie
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanAussie commentator just now: "the key to being a spinner, if you're a young boy or young girl out there..." These… @tennisings only just now discovered that Troye Sivan and Pete Davidson are separate people. And I still don't know who Troye… is so dope. And your mama's got impeccable taste.'t mind me, just mad at having to wait for S3 of #MarvelousMrsMaiselLuke Kirby is such a babe. Loved him since Mambo Italiano, and he is aging like a fine fine wine. @FortyDeuceTwits Such a good season. Some ASP indulgences that were annoying, but wow did they set up S3 beautifully. @FortyDeuceTwits I want to be on tour NOW dammit.Seasons are stupid. Just make the entire series and drop it all at once. It's the next step, take it.Two women in NY were able to erase $1.5 million in medical debt for hundreds of people. It only cost them $12,500.…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanAnd there it is. Quite a day. When the history of this is written--tomorrow--don't believe anything that cites trol…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanI’m retweeting this video every chance I get.
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He good
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanVery happy to have @AmeMauresmo as my coach! 🙌 She has the experience and the skills to help me reach my goals. I’m…
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Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @Timeroar Runs soooo deep. Tommy actively tried to sabotage her career and he used J Lo to do it. @dabigjoker @ElliottJMR You know, I put so much thought into it and he makes it look so simple. #SoDisrespectfulHow'd you do on our WTA quiz? James got a United States B / Canadian A. That and much more on our WTA retrospecti…
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L'Equipe reporting that Frenchman Lucas Pouile has found a new coach: Amelie Mauresmo, who once coached Andy Murray…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newmanhonestly god bless Margot Robbie for having the chutzpah to say it
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanTennis has a Justin Gimelstob Problem
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanTaste. Not everybody has that.
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanAn exposé. A take-down. A THREAD. When will your fav borrow, strong arm, and thieve with such dexterity? @EmpressOni Should have added, it's still worth watching. @CrackedGem Yeah, I just don't get it AT ALL. Young women were skipping from the theatre singing "Shallow." I cringed.Vince sleeping with the tip of his tongue hanging out his mouth might just be my fav thing. @CrackedGem It wasn't quite as explicitly creepy as that, which almost makes it more telling/worse?✔It's well directed ✔I actually liked Sam Elliott in something ✔The movie left me in my feelings, but not in a good… finally got me to go to "A Star Is Born" A few thoughts: ✔Gaga was seriously good. ✔Bradley's thighs are THE… @RafalutionXVII It's so clearly a mess they've created. @RafalutionXVII Seems there was an instance of kiddie porn detected, and the boss thinks this rebrand will help it… @FortyDeuceTwits *Sob*The Tumblr porn thing is so stupid. May it die a swift death. @FortyDeuceTwits See, I thought for some reason it came out at 8pm Tuesday and was sitting here doing math....😂 I w… @FortyDeuceTwits HOW are you done already? I'm loving it so far. @FortyDeuceTwits I'll have to investigate further. Totally different on computer vs the TV. At least I'm back on track, thanks! @FortyDeuceTwits The whole episode? I'm watching on Amazon Prime and while scenes are silent then the audio kicks i… @FortyDeuceTwits Will do, but plz assure me this episode has audio trickeries?! It's driving me mad not knowing for sure.That moment when you can't figure out if something is wrong with the audio of the show your watching or if it's int… good example of bad-faith reasoning. Isner suddenly cares about something he never cared about before (& likely n…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanOh wow - The artist jumped out! 😯 Alright now @chris_eubanks96! 🔥
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NEW @TheBodyServe on: - the feats of Simona/Caroline/Naomi - the moments we'd rather forget - moments we actual… for wildest ATP off-court story
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanVOTE for the biggest dick move of the year on the ATP (non-Gimelstob):
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @Tennis_Jon Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh @andy_murray's IG post yesterday?
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanAmidst all the controversy on the ATP Tour this year, what feel-good moments stood out for you? reply with a funny moment that you just can't shake! me on ur show I’ll do it IRL
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanOMG, this is 23 year ago?! I remember distinctly chatting with my coach about the Atherton knock the next day. Murray has thoughts.
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanThe unironic use of "snowflake" to demean is so ludicrously past its expiration date. Read a book. Learn new words.Michael, thank you for making my day with this beautifully written and moving piece! ♥️🎅
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanIn the spirit of continuing to give Mariah Carey her flowers, I was asked to write about “All I Want For Christmas…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanSerena Williams is the latest star name to be added to the field of the Mubadala World Tennis Championship. She wil…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanThis pass by Jokic. You kidding me????
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@pluckyloser @ElliottJMR 😂😂😂 @MacpYvette I just looked it up. AMAZING. @MacpYvette You're killlllling me. Haven't had fried breadfruit in sooooo long! @MacpYvette How was the lobster and champagne?! @MacpYvette Same. My Cincy bag was left untouched for an obscene amount of time 😂
2018: thank u, next.
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanI think about this at least once a day
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanRihanna interacting with New York is something that has made me quite emotional
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanGive a vote or write-in for your fav WTA comeback of 2018! footage of Jimmy Carter arriving at George H.W. Bush’s funeral:
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanThere is only one Mariah Carey
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What y'all think? Help us out with a vote! @FortyDeuceTwits @BenRothenberg Goddam. @FortyDeuceTwits @BenRothenberg It's almost 3am here, are you lonely?
November lasted years wow 😩
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanVOTE for another #TBSMoment of 2018 - WTA Edition (write-ins welcome) The You DID THAT Award:
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanVOTE for #TBSMoments of the year First up: Funniest WTA Moment We welcome write-ins!
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @Tennis_Jon @TeenVogue See this a lot in tennis, the same people condemning certain players behaviour are the first…
Retweeted by Jonathan NewmanI love how “8th Grade” by Mariah sounds (vocally & production wise) so youthful. Innocent & hopeful like you were w…
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman @MzmayaE @TeenVogue Goodnight to you as well. Was retweeted onto my timeline and was glad to see it; I've been thin… need to talk about digital blackface in GIFs
Retweeted by Jonathan Newman"For while reaction GIFs can and do every feeling under the sun, white and nonblack users seem to especially prefer… @SupDoc12 Read this as "had a go at a swinging club today" and was like "you go, girl!" 😂Yassss, @PoseOnFX absolutely deserves to be on this list. Groundbreaking, brilliant stuff.'s also a testament to that thing about how mediocre straight, white men fail up spectacularly and wield undeserv… is what happens when there are so many conflicts of interest in tennis: folks feel like they can't speak out f… HOW many people turned a blind eye and didn't speak up over the years to enable Gimelstob? Friends, players, c… @CrackedGem @simonrbriggs You haven't. Yet to be seen what will happen.Blows my mind that Justin Gimelstob was allowed to fester and flourish up the ladder in tennis to the point where h… us wrap up the tennis season over at @TheBodyServe with our #TBSMoments of the year. Look out for more categor…
@4TheTennis @TheBodyServe Briiiiiii!!!! 😘❤