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I'm only here for the flirting and free booze. probably crying. pro black&anti racist I'm not from Tennessee, stop asking

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@OwlFWGKTA Not to mention calling anyone who called him out racistthis guy was suspended for harassing women and spreading unfounded claims that they're racist lmao get a fucking li…
Retweeted by vegeTENNian (4'11 btw) @Haileyjim_ @fathereddieg Don't be shy, give me an exact quote. When was i racist @Haileyjim_ @fathereddieg ??? When was i racist lmfao @Haileyjim_ @fathereddieg Aw bringing appearance into it when you use a filter for your pfp? @Haileyjim_ @fathereddieg You gotta have at least 500 followers to have an opinion sorry @astartes_ @cosmicritzzzz The entire thread is targeted harassment lol @astartes_ @cosmicritzzzz @blayeir Because you're making the claim that it's about a single person and I'm not talking about one person, so t… @fathereddieg @cosmicritzzzz I know for sure that you have harassed 2 of my friends and I have heard from others th… @cosmicritzzzz But u don't harass anyone right? Even tho this is literally targeted harassment? @cosmicritzzzz @fathereddieg Why don't u reflect on ur past mistakes and figure it out. I know y'all move from pers… @vonchillout Okay, sorry, von, that isn't my intention. It's the trying to justify harassment for no reason that isn't sitting right w me @fathereddieg @cosmicritzzzz Lol ok @cosmicritzzzz @fathereddieg I'm not even defending her lol she's not the only person I've seen y'all harass @fathereddieg Isn't this the dude who was making transphobic comments ???? @fathereddieg I'll be done, sure @vonchillout My problem isn't that this "qualifies" me to speak on black issues, it's that i am giving valid critic… @fathereddieg Hm a message out of anger bc she was being harassed already after you guys started lying about her an… @fathereddieg Literally never said that, but i know you're going to try to spread that around, but go ahead. I've b… @blayeir It's literally not even about one person @fathereddieg Haha that's such a funny way to try to avoid any criticism that comes your way. I should try that nex… @samisrlytired Here they come:) @fathereddieg No, actually, when you have black siblings and grow up in black areas, you kind of grow up in black c… so just kinda ss as soon as possible then?? And these are probably all fake and lied too? Interesting… @fathereddieg Wait for the results to load next time babe wym then this. Getting valid criticism and he doesn't even listen despite me literally growing up in a pretty black… constantly harassing people and getting sus'd and shutting down valid criticism simply bc someone is white… @fathereddieg I don't have a white saviour complex, buddy, i literally lived through it lol @fathereddieg 1. My siblings are black and i grew up in multiple different neighbourhoods in areas designed to cont… @fathereddieg trying to shut down my opinion bc I'm white. Despite having valid criticism for your behaviour and am… @fathereddieg 1. this isn't the first person I've seen u harass. 2. it is your fault you don't know how to joke wit… @fathereddieg Ah u got me, I haven't studied the subject in detail, read up on the matter, and have siblings living… @fathereddieg Also btw calling ppl who aren't racist out for being racist and lying about it takes away from actual… @fathereddieg Or u were suspended for harassing multiple different people for no reason. claiming people have said… is so blatant when right-wingers try to infiltrate
Retweeted by vegeTENNian (4'11 btw) @1800SADDAD Omg scott 🥺❤️ @parallelbark Thank u 😊Pls i am begging u to say something and also date me @diskpix Wtf?? Why do they do this to you
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Retweeted by vegeTENNian (4'11 btw) @CaucasianJames BREAKING: Midwest man moves to California and gets sunburn on face @Shigdioxin I'm confused?? I just did a workout?? Am sweating @Shigdioxin ??? I just did the work out and haven't uploaded any pix wym??? @maxoupial ThankJust did a workout. If u see me lookin hot don't mind ur businessthe first person to assault me is graduating from grad school to become a therapist and there's few scarier sentences than that
Retweeted by vegeTENNian (4'11 btw) @ptvstan69 My normal ig doesn't even have this @TheNotoriousHRT This video is so cute @d_mpling Just go east wym
Did he leave me on read? Yes. Am I surprised? No. @ethanisdoomed This one is better @frankieplsrelax I think u look tall and perfect @EmSchwegy Such a funny prank haha me and whohow the vaccine rollout in the United States is currently going
Retweeted by vegeTENNian (4'11 btw) @Quantum_King_ The dream @Quantum_King_ Do u have health care at least @d_mpling I feel like 25% of my accent came from british educational television growing up lol @Quantum_King_ University is probably less expensive tho :( @PallaviGunalan I can relate @homedepotstan Have to make sure my british friends know that I'm here for them @Quantum_King_ It's ok. Maybe u will learn to want to be my friend 😔 I wanted to move to England for 4 years but di… @noastuff patriotism = nationalism @Quantum_King_ Hope this helps to make this statement and idc if it gets me cancelled: I love british people @Quantum_King_ Only cure is to be your friend 😔 Otherwise it's terminal @getlaidan @skate4official_ @ptvstan69 @kaylaiscrying @1ind5ayB @japanesebassboy Thank god @Quantum_King_ No, my heart skipped two beats when I got ur reply 😔 @getlaidan @skate4official_ Don't u have a light to break or something @Quantum_King_ I've been destroyed not once, but thrice today @bigsharkguy That's a fair reaction @getlaidan @skate4official_ Aidan this isn't the point @bigsharkguy Did u sing to him @Quantum_King_ 😔😔😔 someone can vouch for me ask around @Quantum_King_ I literally eat beans on toast i am begging u @Quantum_King_ Tbf, it's only a joke bc misha is not british @jarenclee Hey can I get uhhhh uhhhhh can i get a venti diet pepsiTbf he is very hot and smart so we will see @Quantum_King_ I wanna be your friend so bad @TheNotoriousHRT Translating bri ish to american english. Thank God for that @ptvstan69 @kaylaiscrying @1ind5ayB @japanesebassboy Was it me @adamgreattweet *i have literally no symptoms but i worked retail for like 3 weeks a month ago and randomly think i… @adamgreattweet I was 69 rt haha But also this guy asked me to hang out and i told him I was anxious to do so bc co… kindness, not Covid
Retweeted by vegeTENNian (4'11 btw) @ptvstan69 I am in so much p a i n @ptvstan69 I'm EMBARRASSED @yerbafae @ptvstan69 I'll follow u @ptvstan69 Wait ur a minor i lied. I'm following bc ur pretty idek if i like girls @ptvstan69 Am doing that rn for u @tjgose there should be free therapy for people @jellyjeepop I think doing both would be ideal. Educating yourself on the topic even if you're not going to chime i… @jellyjeepop U just need to educate yourself on the topicя заплакала от смеха @joeamlolz Not this being me:// @_bitchidiot It hurtsflip my tweets 🤝 flop
Retweeted by vegeTENNian (4'11 btw) @jellyjeepop No i didn't lol i brought up my body dysmorphia on how I thought I looked fat and me posting them now…