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my last tweet is intended for you to shill your favorite kusoge btweveryone is afraid the league of legends fighting game will be bad without realizing that a good fighting game has never, ever been made @Element921 oh cool so it's just hard and i'm not crazy! thanks again @Element921 or rather what usually causes it to drop in your experience @Element921 @EbonicPlagueBB @elyon_i oh awesome thanks! i guess one last question, do you know what causes 2c to d… @Element921 @EbonicPlagueBB @elyon_i thanks! just started playing again recently and jubei is fun @EbonicPlagueBB looks like 5bb works too for more damage and carry what a good meterless ender is i just made up dp🐱 riot games just say that something unique about their game is that you can counter spellsKeith Mikhail Ford An Italian-American immigrant is held still and forced to watch in horror as pineapple is added…
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Slayer player said "Invincible jumps can fail. Don't speak on the premise of success every time." I think that usin…
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxiv @StrawberrySoryu do you really expect fighting game players to blockThis is a #OneShotGame x #va11halla crossover comic by @remoremora ( ) that I translated.
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivperks of dating me: - get to know more about me - can roughly discover the geological era in which i lived - i am…ポルナレフの魂を奪う本田圭佑
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivwhy would you press buttons there I'M PLUSLE
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Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivThis tiktok never fails to make me feel like I've been transported to another dimension.
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivOh god oh fuck please help (rina is @justicejv2)
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxiv @NitroNoodlez i pressed 6p j.214b switch and figured it out nvm @NitroNoodlez might try jubei jin... i assume jubei on point? what's the concept here and what does jubei dowhat are some characters that are fun to play with jin in bbtagjam player block on wakeup challenge @AStupidPenguin i made him!! god we did not deserve melty bloodi love him i made a tree @Pengie4644 it's a legacy cube, i maintained it at tech for like 5 years generally less emphasis on combo and lots… don't think i'll be very good at art, but i've also never really tried anything artistic in my entire life so it might be funtoday i have some free time so i definitely want to start messing with magicavoxel
@GrapplerMoods for magic? no i haven't, since i don't have a deck and everything is kind of far @HimeCutATL ;; bruh @GrapplerMoods we need at least 4 people total and preferably 6 or 8, idk who else plays hereoh also if people ever want to cube (magic) lmk i can host or maybe bring it somewhere少し前に描いた衣装アレンジパチュリーを丁寧に描き直しました…衣装の原型とは…🤔
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxiv @standalone_exe woke twitter: massive corporations are evil the news: did you know CHINA has corporations woke twitter: (quietly) nogonna make a gaming youtube channel my first video will be called "can you beat dark souls 3 without taking a shit"
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxiv @slawbrah moving is good if you can afford it, take it from another gay that lost their job very happy that the new tasofro game looks cool but i'm a little bummed this isn't a fight… @BadShops_ put hakumen in fortnite tbheveryone making fun of fortnite is really weird let 13 year olds enjoy things you grimy boomers#深夜の真剣お絵描き60分一本勝負 誰でもいつかは死ぬらしいけど
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivthinking about maybe getting a vr headset for beat saber, it seems fun and also lowkey good for cardioTimes are tough, guys. I've a very limited budget, and I hope you are all supportive of my as I make the move towar…
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Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivi left nice and early for work this morning, then lyft said the nearest car was 15 minutes away, then that driver cancelled....
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivi guess i'll ask again if anyone is interested in d&d we can play online if meeting up is a problem @HellaBrett this is why god stays in heaven도트 움짤같은거 너무 좋더라
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivit's hilarious how cervantes has a special voice line for hitting a just frame, and then a different special voice… i: - walk an hour to the store - lyft to the store - not go grocery shopping tonight because i don't have raid… so are you actually just unable to play fortnite @BearbodyTiger i missed the just frame but i think this is it NOBODY GOING TO TELL ME THAT CERVANTES HAS THE COOLEST COMBOS IN THE GAME数数多少杯?
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivwas nobody going to tell me that cervantes has the coolest combos in the game seems cool actually i'm going to lab him for a bit don't know much about him thoughi wish i liked ivy's aesthetic but there is no way i am going to main this character
idc how many times I’ve seen this video but it will never NOT be funny
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxiv @Kuro4_ATL thanks, i'll try them all out also last question is cervantes worth trying or no, i see a lot of people think he's wack @AStupidPenguin @Kuro4_ATL i usually like characters that are good when played defensively and also pretty complicated, i like havi… @Kuro4_ATL who should i play in sc6 i'm picking up the game again, mi-na seems kinda boring and i don't want to mess with tira againここされまとめ① ■1ソル ■2カイ ■3メイ ■4ミリア…
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivon GOD im boutta make divorce brownies
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivi knew i was a bad person but this is just too sad to live withi had the most fun playing chun in 3s yesterday.......Real shit. Stop expecting these devs or these companies to run the stuff YOU want. TBQH, most of them don't know wh…
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Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivmy dizzy is somehow 100x sloppier and also slightly stronger recently i've gotten a lot better at playing the 2 player game at leastcursed knowledge sometimes needs to remain sealed awayi've seen a few people posting polls asking if they come off as a top/switch/bottom and i'm not posting it because i don't want to know @HellaBrett this game seems sick lolIf you ask a white person "how's it going?" And they respond with "it's going" that roughly translates to "contemplating killing myself."
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivi don't think i dropped a game either @AohadaPeach noi won xrd at the monthly!! that's two months in a row
also my scale is very inconsistent lolalso i think i'll stop posting weight loss progress every monday.... it makes having an off week feel really bad an… coworker attempted to explain what "going out to a bar" was and i've never been more confused in my entire life… tired haha
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivwhen the chipotle employee adds an extra scoop of meat without saying anything古明地さとり
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivcurrently losing it over this dumb kanji meme I found somewhere deep in my phone
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxiv @RoundhouseSteak no, are you interested?ソル・ゾス・ガルヴァス #エメトセルク
Retweeted by kowai tenpai 🎃 @ ffxivblizzard giving a new meaning to "dig a hole straight to china" @EnteleFuff aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaone of my co workers said they heard i was a pro gamer it's over i'm finished
@BadShops_ the meteor launched all of the other genders off of the flat earth along with the dinosaurs @nativepimpact more characters need a 7f +6 low that moves them forwardbeing forced to work today is homophobic. i'm about to come out of the office and return on mondayon aether btw our existing dps is nin/dnc/blmmy group needs a dps player for uwu if anyone is interested (preferably melee but we can take anyone) we are on po… or treating in the Midwest sucked shit growing up because I could never be just spider man I was always spide…
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