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東方心綺楼7周年とこころちゃんのフィギュア化記念に踊ってもらいました 高画質保存できる版→  #ドット絵 #pixelart
Retweeted by tenpai!! @GrapplerMoods i should say that her air normals are extremely good defensively but they don't go fucking anywhere… @GrapplerMoods also she doesn't have good all-purpose air normals to drift around with bc they're all vertical, she… @GrapplerMoods she's slow, her reversal is ass, her damage without resources or the corner is ass, generally super… @Para_Dissonance it's -2 so that sheet is wronglooking back on this i really want to play lee nowthe moment i knew i didn't want to play tekken competitively was when i was trying to learn lee, and someone was wa… official theme of being -2 on block @Pfhorpls @StrawberrySoryu @AwexWane this is a SPECIAL MOVE @eXTCyLovesYou it is -2 at all ranges, so only punishable by throw (or c-neco jab on ib)LOOK IT'S LIKE -2 WHICH I THOUGHT WAS NUTS BUT APPARENTLY EVERYONE JUST GUESSES TOO HIGH AND NOW I LOOK STUPID @StrawberrySoryu looking it up (or without saying if you already know) what do you think this move is on block妖夢
Retweeted by tenpai!!WE JUST GOT A PULL CLEAN THROUGH SUPPRESSION I'M SHAKING @ZomBmu @EbonicPlagueBB we're near the end of uwu, people should definitely know better by now lol i know at this… i hear someone say server ticks one more time when someone dies to a mechanic i'm gonna become feralany attempt to do a combo that isn't his day 1 meterless bnb results in less damage and meter gain yet somehow he's still incredibly funf-tohno is like the most perfect example of a character who should be unbelievably boring being incredibly fun beca…
Marisa #TouhouProject #Touhou #東方Project
Retweeted by tenpai!! @Para_Dissonance i used to main c tohno a million years ago so not having 2c 5c confirms is rough loli don't really like melty as a competitive game but it's fun that there are like 70 viable characters in a fighting… is the least tenpai character possible and yet i think i want to play him more lol @miabemani yeah kinda, they have to set up a ton of stuff because of the alternate universe stuff but it picks up later @Midori_Jimmu the secret is that i was not trapped. bruno is very respectful if i have to get up because he's a good boyman, remember linsanity that ruledsend help, i'm trapped @miabemani it's mood @Ventralic every side is his good sidehi there you've broken a controller while playing a video game you are an actual caveman
Retweeted by tenpai!!thunderbolt fantasy is the rawest tv show ever made아 맘 편해진다...
Retweeted by tenpai!! @MiniMatt_ @TieTuesdayLP i think it's a really good look on you, grats on raising all the $$$ @GrapplerMoods THINGS HAVE GOTTEN A LOT WORSE AROUND HERE SINCE WE STARTED LETTING THE GAYS IN do these homunculi come from every time an lgbt person does anything in fighting games their names are alway…赤蛮奇(Sekibanki)
Retweeted by tenpai!!irl im a cat lovemail bot
Retweeted by tenpai!! @EnteleFuff im level 70 or above on all of them lol @Kizzercrate you wanna pull two mobs better pick another job big fella you wanna hold aggro we gonna go SLOW big fella @Kizzercrate i just wanted to level an alt job :C @Kizzercrate but doctor, i am the pocket healer @GrapplerMoods also explain the official upload name @GrapplerMoods i'm being subtweeted
@GrapplerMoods @FullSkeleton about to sit in uwu for four hours like @BadShops_ being bad at video games is unforgivable @BadShops_ i main healer so this comes from a place of understanding, which makes my hate more pure and more justified @experimilk please ignore the fact that i literally could not have won this hand i was watching netflix forgot i ch… beat eat nest the best fighting game character theme of the 2010sif i quit my job after i get my bonus i'll have about ~3 months of $$ to live off of and i am seriously considering it @FullSkeleton @GrapplerMoods if moss wakes up in the next ~30 minutes we can start now, otherwise it'll have to wait until after raid (9pm) @PerpetualRaine @PerpetualRaine i did when it became clear i was going to die, i died with every cd i have on cdleveling tanks is tough pull like 7 mobs, pop vengeance+reprisal+rampart+arm's length, healer stands still watchin… @Pengie4644 i'm very glad that i'm not, and that fact alone makes me an old personbeing between generations is weird, even though i know the idea of a generation is entirely made up on the one han… @AwexWane "yeah bro we were playing footsies then he hit me with the meaty and went low" 😬😬😬😬Bruh all these people acting like they use training room
Retweeted by tenpai!! @MinovskyArticle Making beautiful art by smashing exquisitely made dolls into destructible objects.
Retweeted by tenpai!! @FullSkeleton @GrapplerMoods lmk when y'all are good @experimilk SPEAKING OF DUMB SHIT蓬萊之火 #東方Project
Retweeted by tenpai!! @experimilk i stayed in for about 10 draws but after a while their discards got really intimidating and i was like… @experimilk no dora i ended up bailing because the strong player to my right called an early chi, lol @experimilk east and i'm oya, lolcannot wait to see how i lose this hand @FullSkeleton @AohadaPeach absolutely ridiculous levels of aesthetic @AohadaPeach i see you too know the agony of knowing you'll never own the koumajou remi figure @AohadaPeach which one? lol @GrapplerMoods @FullSkeleton btw don't look up anything about the movie at all there are many Spoilies @Para_Dissonance i'm gonna keep this locked down to just mutuals for the first few times but if a bunch of people a… @FullSkeleton @GrapplerMoods i am busy from 5-9pm but i am free before or after at any time @GrapplerMoods @FullSkeleton we are all watching hero tomorrow it is decided @FullSkeleton when do you want to watch hero because it's the best one now is an acceptable answer i am prepared to watch hero Right Now @FullSkeleton important question: have you watched herolook i'm gonna be real anyone want to watch wuxia movies together over the internet @nativeMegaTen mmo players are dweebs don't let them get to you @Motakshi in a game where you can block while moving forward doing a throw on reaction to an approach seems fine to… @nativeMegaTen 👀👀👀👀 if you wanna run o9-o12s lmk they're my favorites雨の人里 #東方project #藤原妹紅 雨の中で景色を見るもこたん 3時間前雨降ったので描きました。昔から雨降る日になると凄く元気になるので、かなり楽しく描きました。
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Retweeted by tenpai!! @Zackcy it was above average but i still feel kind of w/e about the whole thing @DisnagBurnazog yes also spoilers「ごめんね」 #blender #b3d #indie_anime
Retweeted by tenpai!!time to sleep for four thousand hours at leasttoday i worked for like 14 hours and watched a movie and uhhh that's it i don't like being an adult i wanted to pl… writing and some of the bigger action scenes later on kind of tapered off in quality but the visuals are still… @bountyxhunted yeah! don't look at the plot at all if you want to watch it, even the main conceit is a spoiler @bountyxhunted it's on netflix yeahcan someone else watch this movie so i can talk about it please20 minutes in and this is my favorite film this year, holy shit all drama so far and it's super gripping anyone seen the movie "shadow" on netflix no spoilies but i'm in a wuxia mood and it looks coollet he who has not seen a 1:13 cast the first stoneやった~~~
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Retweeted by tenpai!!kind of weird but this combo breaker retrospective is making me reflect on how little i actually enjoyed going to b…一分十三秒見たことがないi'm obsessing over what it would sound like if streets 1:12 was in japanese @Rio_Brando_ very big fan of hat guy. hat guy is very cool