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New Album "L.A" Out Now! -

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@digitalism @Spotify @wearegoose @SirensOfLesbos Thank you 😘
Wohooo thank you guys 😘 Have a great weekend! @sat_cit_ananda_ ❤️❤️❤️ @Gigamesh What‘s the podcast? And how does it taste?
. @Tensnake finally unveils his highly anticipated album 'L.A.'! Listen here:
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New additions to ON REPEAT from @soulwax @satinjackets @PANAMATHEBAND @roisinmurphy and more, plus some tracks fro… @roisinmurphy See you in Hamburg 🧡😷🥳 @SadBoysClub_Jay Ahhh thanks amigo 😊 So happy to hear you are enjoying it. Hope you well!!! @evrybdygegeget Thanks man 😊TONIGHT! @liquidtodd spins my track “Automatic w/ @Fioramusic on #betaBPM at 10pm EST! @SiriusXM ch.51 #BPM @liquidtodd! much-anticipated pop-infused sophomore album from @Tensnake has arrived
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NEWS: Music producer @Tensnake releases anticipated album L.A. Check it out via our site
Retweeted by Tensnake.@Tensnake returns with new album L.A., out now via @Armada Music: #tensnake #LA #housemusic #armadamusic
Retweeted by Tensnake @gabbynikki My mom had a stroke yesterday. She ignored the signs as well. Sucks. Sending love.
@hypodrmage Yes vinyl is on the way!.@Tensnake lanzó su segundo álbum de estudio, “L.A.” 👇
Retweeted by TensnakeMonday mood @Tensnake album revealing the splendor of the heart:
Retweeted by Tensnake @MonteMusik Unfortunately yes... 😤
@Tensnake releases sophomore album, 'L.A.' via @Armada
Retweeted by Tensnake @Tensnake yeah this album is gold. I started hearting every track individually on spotify then I was half way throu…
Retweeted by Tensnake.@Tensnake RELEASES HIGHLY ANTICIPATED SOPHOMORE ALBUM L.A. // Listen:
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@dave_leo72 I would understand it if Corona would cause diarrhea... but wtf... @djBeatLoaf Thanks :) Hope you are well! @chuckdafonk @Spotify Thanks a lot :) @highbaud Thanks Max! @BigCsMusic 😊 we are running a little behind, but it should hit the stores in a few weeks.I will unfriend anyone who buys more then ten rolls of toilet paper at once. #klopapier @dberkzz Will be back as soon as it‘s safe 😊Catch my interview with @garyjamze tonight on @dash_radio! @Tensnake ALBUM FIRE MAN🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Crazy feedback from you tonight. Thank you 🧡 @codieearly @Friendship I so will be there !!! @codieearly Intrigued 😜Sleep well world This @Tensnake album fuuuucks
Retweeted by TensnakeThe Director's Cut: @Tensnake breaks down his new album and ode his time in the City of Angels 'L.A.'
Retweeted by TensnakeThe new @Tensnake album FUCKS.
Retweeted by Tensnake4/4 2020 🧡 @OggieJames @CRi_music @tsha909 @stephenXwalking @_LeBaronJames @matrodamusic @somnamusic @kardanomusic favorite album this week! 👏🏼🔥🎶🎶♥️🎶🎶🔥🙌🏼#Music #HouseMusic #FunkMusic #DiscoMusic #PopMusic #EDM ⁦@Tensnake⁩
Retweeted by Tensnake @IamAlexRafael 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Thanks60 seconds with Tensnake @djmagitaliaJoin me here for the album listening party in 20mins. Tensnake - L.A. [Album Listening Party] (Official Audio)… @Deezer!! stream @Tensnake’s new Lp!!!!!
Retweeted by TensnakeMeet me in the chat in 1 hour! @Tensnake - the vibes on this new one 🙌🏾 Thank you for coming on the show 🙏🏾 #FreshBeatsFriday on @CapitalDance
Retweeted by Tensnake @midlandsound NON KICK??? This pandemic is getting out of control :)Massive thanks to ⁦@mistajam⁩ for the support. Hear the special disco version of my new song Antibodies tonight on… & Download: vibes from @Tensnake 👏👏👏
Retweeted by TensnakeThank you for saving 2020 @Tensnake ! I’m a Day 1 fan and will continue to be for ♾ and will listen to L.A.…
Retweeted by Tensnake.@Tensnake Releases Pop-Infused Sophomore Album ‘L.A.’
Retweeted by TensnakeNew @Tensnake album out today, already listened through 3 times, it's amazing! Just what my Friday needed
Retweeted by Tensnakehappy album release day to @Tensnake and "LA" one of my favorites of 2020!!
Retweeted by Tensnake @tygerbryant @milwinofficial @DJ_Fubu_ @Chelseyvocalist @SkubaBaby @NICKIMINAJ @astridsofficial @LittleMix 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 ThanksIt's new music Friday! We released a bunch of new records from the likes of @Tensnake, @artymusic and @SJ_RM! Go ch…
Retweeted by Tensnake @HBFblog Thanks pal 😊It‘s album time baby! My new album is finally out today. Big thanks to everyone involved & muchos besos to all of y… @capitaldance @AdelphiMusicFac @BackNFourth @feelmybicep @IAmTheBlinkie @si_bonobo @TEEDinosaurs @DJSKT @tensnake interview now up on // hosted by @madisonorange 🐍 🐍 🐍
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@robotkoch @UAudio I was referring to using Luna @boysnoize @arsononly Messenger always did that. Save to files / icloud and send link in iMessage. @robotkoch Hmm 🤔 At the moment I am really in love with everything @UAudio again. Zero latency & channel strip satu… @EmanateOfficial Time for group therapy. Or Black Friday 😜According to my accountant I suffer from severe plugin addiction.
Join me for my 'L.A.' album listening party on @Armada's YouTube channel this Friday! @roughedged Sounds perfect, will give it a try on PS4 @1337cs16_blahhh Thanks a lot for the input, much appreciated. I need to prep for winter ;-) @1337cs16_blahhh @stanleykass ok, need to check it out. is it single player or coop only? @stanleykass It’s a rogue shooter right? Is it fun?Are there any newer games with 80s vibes? (except GTA Vice City)
@redrackem That’s awesome Danny!This week!!! I can’t wait 😃 @flightfac A brother from another mother
@Lefsetz Thank you for Dua Lipa remix love.
@mariokroes Tons!New mix up for @dancingastro's AXIS mix series! have never felt this creative ever before. Weird. @jaydiggsmusic @VP My kind of boogie 😜
@jacquesgreene the ASMR channel for engineers @SpotifyDE hahaha super 😂I eather have really weird ears or the new airpods a really shitty fit... @illyandbarri hahahahaOur new single 'Same Blood' ft. @thepalmsmusic is out now on all digi portals. Comes with excellent remixes courte…
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My album L.A. is out next Friday on @trueromancerec & @Armada! Here’s a taste of the song “Antibodies,” and you c… @mattmillinbrawn haha that‘s what I thought. Might be time for a repress.The Desire EP vinyl is running for 300 EUR on Discogs 😯 @mrstevemac It‘s def my fav Poly. I will def get one, not today, not tomorrow. But one day for sure :) @UAudio Your GUI designer deserve a salary raise. Luna looks & feels fantastic. I am crossing fingers for a file browser implementation 🤞🏼 @kingbritt Jump might be to blame for my sawtooth pad love. @TEEDinosaurs worried resting face?
Of course the Prophet 5 gets resurrected in the year of the rona pandemic, aka the year of zero gigs. @Costamorfina all of it?yes or no? additions up in ON REPEAT from @soulwax @AMTRAC @AphexTwin @GrooveArmada @digitalism @Tourist and more! @Jozef_K_DJ I love both tracks so much! @FriendWithin @Ableton That worked. Strange, it always worked for me weather there was an instrument on there or not...Any ideas why I am not receiving post fader midi information in Live? Trying to route midi from one track to anothe…