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Teo @Teoweeb_ Japan

| zoomer | bad left handed gamer | 🇯🇵 🇨🇾 | OWN @ZoomerAim | #1 eru simp

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@bearkun nice skin bro @mintaims @BellBopper @kasuiwnl also ive never been plat for more than 3 games so ye idk how good plats are @mintaims @BellBopper @kasuiwnl im nub @oKami_aYa arent you a pre teen lily uwu val?
Retweeted by Teo @kasuiwnl Nice saturationthis aged well LMFAO @TEXWTF 😄 @KingMew22 HAHAHAHAHAHAH @Sticeyzx Hbddd @KingMew22 Hbd ur a boomer now @ripeliz Lets goooo @R1FTT_ I literally cant take it anymore lmfao @wafflenomster12 I dont like it here sed @R1FTT_ NeverFuck life . @weirdoliv :(
@Vanityxz Wow... @texerino wtf @kurasaxyz IKR LMFAOOOOO I JUST SAW IT @ju2zou ??????????????? WHAT AM I WATCHING @mintaims @ZoomerAim @Glorinsz 100% a zoomer @Evs2x @ZoomerAim @Glorinsz rofl @faithFPS @ZoomerAim @st1fps huh @Evs2x @ZoomerAim @Glorinsz hes a boomer . @cycotic duelist* @morgeestreams LOOOOOL @eUnited 675 @ReDoFPS goes hard @kurasaxyz @oKami_aYa Yes. @mwaaiu Cyan ez @Ino_VAL I need the aim buff . @viniecs @TimmyFN_ Time to right a twitlonger abt this # i got canceled @cycotic @HitBox_Hiros Yep lmaoooo @srn_zero LOOOLI cant sleep.. @jembhoe God player sadly i dont have tiktok sed @Pulsers_ @HitBox_Hiros Hes 20 lied abt being a 12-13 yo girl for a few months telling messed up stories and just l… @TheClashNetwork @DigvijayBokey LMFAOOOOOOOO LOOOOOLProof with when we did customs a while ago @ReDoFPS @HitBox_Hiros It is i found it before when my recents had minti and it lead me to this @lyekuu LOOOL @oKami_aYa Is this THE lily uwu val owo xD x3Guys this is lily/minti btw just warning u guys hes tryimg to get back into the scene with a name change LMAO… @DigvijayBokey @TheClashNetwork @HitBox_Hiros ^^ @weirdoliv Ong @caalqulus Hbd calq @1dianazzz Tf @TimmyFN_ @nickval_ lmao wtf @Undecislve . @nickval_ god editor @LayziVAL @kxtieoh hi lol @TommyCronin6 no i knew he couldnt peek me so i fake planted to force a arrow so i knew if he was ct or garage so i… @Moechillasama @koalanoob urs is much better wtf
last clip but like lmao wtf gene @Junafour Wtf @bearkun W @Klamran @428Light @menace_val ?o.o wat did light say his twit is also deleted
playing against a astra is fucking annoying holy @morgeestreams Wait 1 amd 2 is weird im a 3 than @morgeestreams im a 1 @kayvalorant @skpzyVAL w @jembhoe <3 @kasuiwnl Clean @not_jack1 @PlayVALORANT LOL @ju2zou tokyo revengers does go hard @kasuiwnl ? @Vynlabtw @qtpanini LOL @kasuiwnl Nah its been like this for a few weeks i prob wont come back till the game is fun for me or albion isnt fun @kasuiwnl @ju2zou Big wJust gonna play casually/barely play at all for the moment @uupeye AlbionBarely playing valorant anymore and ive been loving it thinkimg abt quitting soon @ilyVal_ mmorpg that goes brrrrrrrrr @ilyVal_ playing albion 24/7 cuz valorant boring @ilyVal_ good pfp 👍
@lyekuu Nice door @saojuu O XD @saojuu ur so gooooooooodshockdart goes hard @pabFPS Ik
@averyyfps . @ReDoFPS LOL @ripeliz Happy b dayyyy @MxykoFPS . @TrashuPibe nice.
idk how tf i got the ace but i got it i whiffed so hard LMAO back in gold nice. @bearkun best killjoy NA @hiyohello_ @kasuiwnl felt @averyyfps oni/glitch phantomdude if @Justinovah doesn’t get unbanned that’s so messed up every1 try to help him out
Retweeted by Teo @aurapsd yo @PrimeMCD @PlayVALORANT @JazzyB_VAL @LeviathanAG sovereign knife or prime vandal or rlly any soverign skin :<To celebrate hitting 1,000 followers I will be doing a $100 GIVEAWAY. All you have to do is follow, retweet and com…
Retweeted by Teo @extrnal @ZoomerAim @HAUNTVAL LMFAOOOOOO