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@ofnjulian pfizer has gone wrong too lmaoim not anti-vax but i just don’t feel comfortable wit getting the first batch of a vaccine that was developed in a… @egoknife no shut it @egoknife u not fat cuh @sloweditor @LVKlE @qtEliza LMAOO @LVKlE @rzlphy @qtEliza ayo wtf @CallMeIab @LVKlE @jayhzs @qtEliza Supposedly it was her cousin @CallMeIab space jams’ prices skyrocket momentarily if u ever wanna sell so get those instead @ofnjulian the fact that he has asperger’s is nuts too @Doyhs @ofnjulian yea bill didn’t approve of it @ofnjulian elon’s just so inspirational man @ofnjulian when he said bill gates didn’t aprove of what he did even tho bill was his inspiration, that hit me lowkey @vexlmao @TeamBH_ @koodeine Stfu @idkPulp LMFAOO @bekex4l @TonzFN that flick tuff asl @glowaylmao all vaccines do both @AyoGhosty @darkestmonkey6 ok @eastrr sad because u got absolutely hiroshima’d by twitter @cythfn hello @wtfdart @ReliqFortnite @mqkohz bro @luckas1k We know @mqkohz esta bien marco @mqkohz Markushow did you come up with your name? 🤔 @CallMeIab It’s just memes @bhfasteditor Whats the code @soIsions WHAT THE FUCKKKKKboutta be smokin that Adin pack tonight @soIsions What is this referencing to @helovesksenia whats ttm @eastrr @turtleyuh @vexlmao @xamzyyyyy Broif u say “smh my head” no one loves you @artryuxo @ofnjulian @AspireUnit @RivenCreative @hollow18_ @ameerszn LMAOOOO @Klipp_ @cxltures turn on blackout @tiggz1x @cxltures yo tigga @crxlmao @LVKlE LOLLL @wtfsaucy @vexlmao @antlvl @YoWaybes @bhfasteditor @dxnny1x SAUCY WHAT THE FUCK @LVKlE @LVKlE @goatide_ @fakeifys mf 😭 @goatide_ @fakeifys follows me too @bhfasteditor @vexlmao howd vex fall for that @goatide_ @fakeifys He don’t know u either @bhfasteditor What @vzrcy @antlvl @vexlmao @YoWaybes @bhfasteditor @dxnny1x barely @antlvl @vexlmao @YoWaybes @bhfasteditor @dxnny1x Im not 17 bro wtf @vzrcy @goatide_ 😭 ccs bro @vexlmao @wtfsaucy @antlvl @YoWaybes @bhfasteditor @dxnny1x Bro @vzrcy ? @antlvl @vexlmao @YoWaybes @bhfasteditor @dxnny1x Im 16 in weeks nigga what 😭 @tiggz1x @vexlmao @CallMeIab @YoWaybes @bhfasteditor @dxnny1x Yo tigga @cinnetics why is this even a question delete this shit @antlvl @vexlmao @YoWaybes @bhfasteditor @dxnny1x @bhfasteditor @vexlmao @CallMeIab @YoWaybes @dxnny1x it’ll stay for a bit @crxlmao Ok @MrFutureFN @vexlmao @CallMeIab @YoWaybes @bhfasteditor @dxnny1x Ong @antlvl @vexlmao @YoWaybes @bhfasteditor @dxnny1x they’re both 13 bro its middle schooler beef @jayhzs how u send voice messages @cinnetics Youngboy is ass regardless of his career length, besides 2016 yb @bhfasteditor @tiggz1x @vexlmao @YoWaybes @dxnny1x Yo tigga @tiggz1x @bhfasteditor @vexlmao @YoWaybes @dxnny1x how u fuck up that badly @rzlphy @cinnetics @LiquefyFN @Slapiin @bhfasteditor @vexlmao @YoWaybes @dxnny1x he just admitted to the down badness as well so why r u attacking hin nowif you think youngboy is better than anyone besides nav and french montana then you have must seek help @LiquefyFN @rzlphy @Slapiin @cinnetics LMAOO @rzlphy @LiquefyFN @Slapiin @cinnetics Deactivate @Colors1x_ @LimitAstrend @FaZeSway not everyone believes in sky daddy pkay @HatingTylerr @ayodocc @ayodocc only cause yu was too stupid to do it @egoknife @tokyosvilIain cant even open my phone in class anymore wtf is this shit bru @wrackk_ W mans @bluwtff @BHSpry @Exotifi bet @bluwtff @BHSpry @Exotifi room for another? @bluwtff @Exotifi @BHSpry he cheatin on u @artryuxo Same i uate going on there now @MaliaFortnite I CANT SEEEEE IM BLOCKEDBAHAHAH 😞😞😞 @bluwtff @BHSpry no u didnt @bluwtff @BHSpry very. @bluwtff @BHSpry notis off @egoknife :(((( @BHSpry @bluwtff WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK @BHSpry @bluwtff WHAAAAA @BHSpry @stepsishunny missionary position @reqtte @CallMeIab @itsoslo @qtsecret i am @egoknife NOOOO @CallMeIab @itsoslo @qtsecret ong @CallMeIab didn’t say i wasn’t i was just acknowledging those who are lol @qtsecret @CallMeIab ong @CallMeIab not everyone is religious but ye true @helovesksenia @ofnjulian HES TRYNNA FINESSE U DONT DO IT @uzifanb0y welded makes it easier to drift at lower speeds so ye @luckas1k muslim holiday @uzifanb0y either is valid tho @egoknife just turn off ur phone that will solve the cyber bullying @uzifanb0y then go locked @egoknife 😹😹 @egoknife ugly ass hoe @uzifanb0y Same ting bruv @peepgb tuff