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Terence @terencessb Baltimore

Smash: Ken/Terry | Street Fighter V: Lucia | thotsumaki#7119 | SW-3479-9534-3497

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@Masterballs Fuck it @Masterballs I was gonna post and then I was like wait this shit is hard @RedlineSSB Wanna know what's funny? Next game, he went Incineroar and I broke his shield at ledge. He SWIFTLY rage… I still play this game from time to time @Bankai_ZS I wish there was a way to mix hazard/less stages on randomMan's really thought he was spittinThis nigga plays Pikachu and Joker lmfao shut the fuck up bro
@ACASWJ0617 @XanozIchimonji @RVLPHxPESO Combination of hella cardio, weights, water and coffee @XanozIchimonji Only niggas that don't get any play bodyshame people. Period.
@Fr0styRE This shit fuckin sucks I want it covered up @Daramgaria LET'S FUCKIN GOOOOOO November 2020 vs March 2021
@hailz0mbie LMFAOOOOOOO @TKbreezy Bro honestly That was the worst BHM I've ever lived through LMAO we took so many Ls last monthNew month new picture
@salladooleel I wish* goddamnit @salladooleel True! I was there were Legendary Tex weapons, but Dead Man's Tale aka The Long Word aka Yee Haw Fuck… @AyoDocc @SuperShonenStar GGsI have obtained full Yee Haw in Destiny @XanozIchimonji House, Weeds, and recently Supernatural @DarxPryncexx This ain't me!!! @GuitarDude_ssbu Garyn, no. LOLThis isn't my arm. This this my tattoo. This tattoo looks like fuckin garbage @GuitarDude_ssbu This is a joke this tattoo looks like absolute dogshit 💀
I miss this. I miss when things were easier. @sailorisa Probably woke up feeling like a whole new human tho @LemonTeaLegacy The circle of lifeIt's been so long since I've gotten a new tattoo but I finally managed to make it happen I'm so fuckin stoked on th…
Time to make my 3am coffee and watch that WandaVision @close2dagrave LMFAOOOOOOO HOLY FUCK THAT'S RIGHT @close2dagrave Wait excuse me, whatchu mean "come on"????? @Willdeepblu @close2dagrave This shit was just a couple steps above Jerry Springer Uncensored 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @WiiTwerkTrainer Fucking disgusting. @Lord_Link @UR2SLOW_ Knowing this nigga, it is. We truly do be living in Black Mirror @UR2SLOW_ Lmfao y'all really be fuckin delusional on this app @WiiTwerkTrainer Oh honey we don't do fetishism over here 😭 @close2dagrave This was the whackest shit ever 😭 @caramon_91 They 100% will LMFAO @IppoDR Nigga was on his deathbed and woke up to FF7 news @caramon_91 There may actually be some lore to this. This armor set is for the upcoming expansion the Witch Queen,…
@salladooleel Yeah go read that. They're definitely listening @salladooleel Did you not read the newest update today? @salladooleel Same but you know somebody's gonna complain about this shit lol @Dubshiro @1K3CH1 According to the recent Dead Man's Tale lore he's nothing but a decrepit pile of rotting flesh lmfao @Dubshiro @1K3CH1 Doubt it. [REDACTED] is either dead or dying and Caiatl sure as fuck don't care about it @Dubshiro @1K3CH1 Yessir @devinnotkevin Destiny because I never played NMS, but I never will lol Destiny has me by the balls @PractStar Satanic symbol @1K3CH1 It's a Satanic symbol. The REAL one, not the inverted pentagram.BUNGIE IS BUGGIN LMFAOOOOOOO I RESPECT IT THO They gonna remove this shit asap 😭 @BlaqMario I'm not! But in 2013 I broke my leg during my birthday and developed arthritis while on bed rest. Pain @BlaqMario My arthritis in my leg looking at me @BleaK_SSB I mean can you blame him? That shit sucks @BleaK_SSB Apparently a Dhalsim player named Play To Win LOL @KayJetshadow @ProsAndSkahns Maaaaaaannnnnnn I need to go vegetarian again 🥴 @KayJetshadow @ProsAndSkahns That D word is probably my biggest culprit rn. I don't eat like complete shit and have… @ProsAndSkahns @KayJetshadow My main focus is slimming down and getting cut so my workouts have been cardio focused…
@courtSANDS AIN'T MY GODDAMN HEART GONNA EXPLODE LOL. I just got C4 Ripped but I'll try Outlaw next time @courtSANDS FUNNY YOU SAY THAT BECAUSE I ACTUALLY HAVE BEEN, AND LITERALLY IN LINE RN AT WALMART TO BUY MORE @courtSANDS This has been my routine for the past month and a half lmaooo @Element_82 This is a good perspective. My mind feels this way but my body does not. I'm tryna get them both on the same page @KayJetshadow I rotate different body parts each session but I ALWAYS start off with cardio, so I'ma definitely swi… do I stop gym burnout cause I'm starting to get to that point and I really don't wanna fall offNah yo if I was whoever this nigga is spitting FLAMES at, we'd just straight up have to fight out in the streets 😭😭… an image of yourself as the final boss without downloading new pics
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@E_Night_ Versace? Whatever his name is @E_Night_ @fauxfresh Bro he should've been on top of the world. It should've been him instead of that other nigga @theinitialK YO LET'S PLAY. PLEASE @fauxfresh @E_Night_ IS THIS BHOCOLATE BHIP BOOKIEGGs @_pixlsugr Can they please also bring back Cinematech tooThis is our timeline @RVLPHxPESO Dude it was SO fun @ThisDNE JESUS @RellFGC Urien was hell!!! @RellFGC LMAOOOO @SalvatoreZomba @NGG_Sensei WowHey Capcom this is actually the perfect time for you to re-release this weeb ass game on the Switch with online play @DirtyDanSSBU No, but yes. @Palushina This is fuckin fire wtfI already knew I was going to hell, but I'm going STRAIGHT to hell for what I just watched @dyla_bell_sky Rather be player A cause that nigga player B is shakingThis is actually hard as fuck
@WiiTwerkTrainer @FGC_Daily C U R S E D @KayJetshadow Even better @KayJetshadow Chaotic @Playingforbacon I'm sure his father still got knocked out too 😭 @Playingforbacon I'M SO SORRY THAT WAS A JOKE LMFAOOOOOOO @Playingforbacon I'ma say to him one day "Yeah little nigga. Hop on the sticks and get knocked out like your father used to" @Playingforbacon F @SalvatoreZomba Alright @SalvatoreZomba 8-9ishI really need to get back on my streaming game and be consistent soooooooooooo Who's tryna run a First to 10 tonight @hailz0mbie I would if I had the funds. I lowkey miss that game @WiiTwerkTrainer @Onewolf101 Same energy
@_pixlsugr @RortaFGC @SalvatoreZomba What @devinnotkevin I know right!!