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. . . okay, back to reading the decision 🤓 *will try not to look at my mentions so I don't get distracted*. . . what about everyone who for 3 years told me that the Court is corrupted and will allow Trump to make himself… love you all, but sometimes it's hard. When the Supreme Court makes a decision, they should be thinking ahead.… relieved. The Presidency is not above the law. A very good thread on the Mazars opinion.
Retweeted by Teri Kanefield. . . now that I see the line up (7-2, with Kavanaugh joining Ginsburg) and understanding something about how the S… . . by more evidence that Trump cheats, lies, and launders money. I have a lot of respect for Ginsburg. When she… is much more immediate and more likely to sway voters is Trump's handling of the pandemic, his open embrace of… . . is completely powerless, we would have been in deep trouble. The Court could have eroded the power of prosecu… . . Team Trump has consistently argued that they are above the law, nobody can subpoena Trump or pry into his aff… . . should not have to disclose anything he doesn't want to disclose. Trump's lawyers actually argued in court th… . . the idea that Trump's financial will be revealed and the Trump cult will dissolve flies in the face of everyt… . . and has deep ties, both financially and ideologically, to the Kremlin. His supporters have seen the same evi… we see them before the election depends on how fast things move. About the electi…'s the Mazars opinion: Trump lost. The case has been remanded back to the lower courts…’s looking very promising at this moment.'s the Vance opinion: 7 - 2. Only Thomas and Alito dissented. This doesn't mean that… Supreme Court says New York prosecutor can seek President Trump's financial records
Retweeted by Teri Kanefield @ckoffshitler @RetiredAngry Correct. I should have said some, and in the case of a pandemic, in long periods of iso… Trump cases are Mazars & Vance. Mazars asks whether 3 House committees can subpoena Trump's financial records…
Retweeted by Teri Kanefield💥 BREAKING: CREEK LANDS IN OKLAHOMA REMAIN "INDIAN COUNTRY" Justice Gorsuch writes for a 5-4 majority
Retweeted by Teri KanefieldLook who is very scared. . . about Trump has hardened. There has been enough public reporting over the years about Trump's money launder… cases are important in terms of the power balance between the branches. I don't like to speculate —nobody real… you all ready? At heart, Trump's financial cases are about the balance of power between Congress and the Execu… @AmyRhody @i_amador My neighbors with high school girls are going through the same thing. The girls are unhappy. I'… @UsSnakes Thanks for reviving this tweet, @UsSnakesTrump's insistence on #schoolsreopening will put teachers, students & their families at risk in order to help his r…
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When I asked the question, "Why so much fear about crossing him?" I thought of Vindman. We see courage to stand up…"Kayleigh, if it's safe to send people back to schools, is it safe to send Manafort back to prison?"… people, of course, do have the courage to stand up to Trump. (h/t @marywag2947) Also,… . . "Perhaps trying to walk the tightrope between what is right and not getting in Trumps crosshairs, much as Dr.… have a friend who is a doctor. I asked her about this ⤵️ She said, "It depends on how you emphasize 'goal.' Yes… thread is a blog post, here: CDC, whose mission is to protect Americans’ health based on scientific expertise, will loosen guidelines for sc…
Retweeted by Teri KanefieldEvery single problem we’re dealing with now stems from the fact that we never actually suppressed the virus and the…
Retweeted by Teri Kanefield @vavetisedu Totally agree. I could think of ways to run schools safely. As it is, we made the decision not to send… excellent thread. ⬇️ ⬇️
Retweeted by Teri Kanefield I suspect the threat to withhold funds is mostly a way to signal what Trump wants district… @rob_sheridan Thanks, @rob_sheridanThis makes sense to me, and is pretty much what I wrote about last night⤵️ Trump is in a panic. He understands tha… @GlennaHartwell I don't have to tell you this, but stay safe. 😢 that I even have to say it.In many areas, there are probably ways to open schools safely with proper funding, equipment, and strict safety mea… thing going on is a view of government—long held by the GOP—that using government to help people (supply PPE, i… "kids need to be in school to learn and grow" argument fails when kids bring home disease and their parents get… places enormous hardships on lower income families and parents without job flexibility. Families with resourc… is actually a good way to kill public schools. Look, I get that kids don't learn well at home. But forcing… DeVos is "very seriously" considering withholding funds from schools that don’t open. @okmom513 Thank you. @DonTrumpJRSux Contact my union. @sporez I'd think someone who can prove that they suffered damages in reliance on information that Fox know (or rea… business or the federal government, and he has no desire to learn. What he can do is control and manipulate peop… of the stunning things we're witnessing is the power Trump has over not just the elected Republican officials,… @strongexec Very hard, but perhaps possible through contract tracing. The question is who to sue. We do have a cho… . . that such lawsuits won't succeed. Don't get your hopes up. It would be nice if one result of was a return t… . . and the Republicans are doing their best to shield employers from liability. Federal law does require that… answer to this question gets complicated and takes us into tort law, which requires plaintiffs to do things lik… while Trump does not have the authority to order school districts to comply, he has iron control over elected Re… was back when Republians insisted on "states' rights" and abhorred "central government control." Then Trump… Schools are operated locally. One irony of this tweet ⤵️ is that when local school districts wanted to remain…'m being called away from Twitter. Will return to address some comments.. . . are at work. Fascists despise weakness and wearing a mask is "weak." Remember O'Reilly saying that people dy… makes no sense because mass death will also hurt the economy, but he seems to believe that he can normalize this… . . acknowledging that there is a risk. Acknowledging a risk means people will be hesitant to go to bars and re… wants to pretend like everything is normal. His solution to the virus is to pretend like there's no problem. He… party that rejects science and facts has adopted these election strategies: 🔹Encourage their supporters to expo…
@Conserv4Casten The quotations in the article also make it clear that all that matters is winning. There are no gu… this! I was always baffled how Trump supporters could wear tshirts that say, “I’d rather vote for a Russian tha…
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Retweeted by Teri KanefieldWhen this is all over and in the history books, the real story will be the Republican Party that propped him up and… doesn’t care that Russia paid the Taliban bounties to kill American soldiers. He’s angry that Americans fo… line the journey of a mail-in ballot via @nbcnewsPolitical psychologist @karen_stenner says that the authoritarian disposition exists on the left and the right. Ho… is this thread as a blog post: the GOP care? Nooooo. In a Putin-style oligarchy, the leaders make themselves rich at the peoples' expense. T… @ContentedIndie Best explanation I’ve read is here:
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What a coincidence. This morning Trump tweeted that all schools must open and claimed that the desire to open scho… @DaneHenderson1 I'm so sorry.He never cares who is hurt as long as he gets his way. See ⤵️ They want all non-Americans… comments: I see it as part of the cultural war against immigrants. Also, retaliation against schools and co… @bekahgreggphoto I end up putting all these threads as blog posts, usually in the evening. Check back later.Significant thread! ✨✨✨
Retweeted by Teri KanefieldWe knew Texas Lt Gov Patrick's idea that grandparents would be willing to die to save the economy for their grandch… After saying 20 is enough, I continue along🤣 Anyway, the demographics of the GOP are also shrinking. The Fox v… It's important to remember that the GOP is shrinking. To begin with, the GOP is no longer "conservative" in t… gracious. I also tagged the wrong @JonHaidt Confession: I'm also constantly losing my keys.Thanks, but the truth is that my brain would never hold this much data. I put everything on my blog with a search… They see Russia as the savior of the white Christian race. They see Trump as the savior of white Christian Amer… Remember Paul Hasson, they guy who planned to mass murder liberals? I was struck by a phrase on page 3 of the M… Katie Hopkins, with Ann Coulter sitting near her, says “Putin rocks.” She praises Russia as being “untouched by… Remember when Sen. Rand Paul went to Moscow to “open lines of communication“? Also in… The "blackmailed" theory gives the GOP leadership too much credit, and assumes that without blackmail material… I suggest that they support Trump because they like what he stands for. There can also be compromat, but the co… The cause is the rise of a well-oiled and well-funding right wing propaganda network which increases what shoul… . . . which is higher than the 1/3 we might expect. The reason given for the higher-than-should-be number is… Apologies. I tagged the wrong @karen_stenner. That 1/3 percentage reappears through history. Huey Long and Jos… The work on the anti-democratic personality began after the rise of fascism in the 1930s. I won't go into the… Information also from @karenstenner and @jonhaight’s article “Authoritarianism is not a momentary madness,” whi… Next up: Political psychology. Political psychologist, who tell us that approximately 1/3 of the population ha… Hofstader's theory explains why sadopopulism works: the paranoid are more afraid that their "enemies" (the libe… . . . like taking away healthcare while encouraging the spread of a virus by minimizing the risk and encouraging…