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Damn straight, I served 24 years because I believe this.
Retweeted by Teri KanefieldSchiff: "Give America a fair trial. She's worth it." Mic drop.Schiff talked eloquently and passionately about moral courage. He then mentioned the #HeadsOnPikes reporting, and…
Rep. Nadler is explaining how Trump's obstruction of Congress obliterates 🔹Congress's power of oversight, and 🔹Con… Val Demings thoroughly described how Trump committed the federal crime of Witness Intimidation. There you go.… Trump defenders sayTrump is being impeached for policy differences, and as president, he sets foreign policy (… Carlson points out that if, in fact, Russia is our friend and Russia's interests and ours are aligned, there… explaining why Ukraine is our ally, and Russia our foe (featuring McCain quotes) and hence Trump's behavior… Jason Crow opens by showing that Trump released the aid because he got caught. 🔹This is demonstrated by the s…, @JohnCornyn, These two things can be true at the same time: 🔹The evidence is overwhelming and undisputed 🔹We…
Retweeted by Teri Kanefield @seekverdad It’s either one or the other. Arguing both is obviously an attempt to entirely shield the president f… @seekverdad . . . plus “the House should wait for the courts to decide” has been a GOP talking point. In the U.S.… @seekverdad People commenting got it right. Trump’s legal team is making different (contradictory) arguments in tw… When asked whether the House would call Bolton as a witness, Pelosi said, "Let's see what the Senate does." I… @JohnCornyn Yes.⤵️ The GOP Senators walk out and say, "I didn't hear anything new" —after they blocked any new evid…, @JohnCornyn, These two things can be true at the same time: 🔹The evidence is overwhelming and undisputed 🔹We…, @MarshaBlackburn But they didn't do it for corrupt purposes. They didn't do it to benefit themselves personal… . . otherwise, we are lost." (I pulled the exact wording from the closed captioning on C-Span)Exact words: ". . .we know what we're dealing with with this president . . . you know you can't trust this preside… @seekverdad Actually, looks interesting so I'll try. I just don't know when. @seekverdad Bob, I'm sooooo tired. I'll try but no promises. Even though you've all been very, very good and you deserve it. @DemocracyOnEdge Interesting poll. If 1/3 of Republicans think he did something illegal, he's cooked in November.… Just wow. Schiff is a master. He concluded by saying (passionately) that we all know this president. We know… @MoRivExpedition See my FAQs on my blog @teddybaz Once there is a presidential candidate, you can join the campaign as a volunteer and they will train you. @mjf_dfw Do you have a citation? I could use that. @teddybaz My tweets? 😉 My blog?Good thread about how an impeachment trial is not the same as a criminal trial, and why the burden of proof is diff…
Retweeted by Teri KanefieldAnyone who has ever canvassed for a candidate knows this: The campaign sends you out to talk to people who are incl… @paul_sarria I'm illustrating how popular vote translates onto the electoral map. @BloomersJill See my FAQ'sonly cult members will believe the hogwash. Schiff and the House Managers right now are making sure that Americans… embarked on Operation Shakedown because he knew he was going to lose big time. One thing Trump knows how to do… biggest landslide in our nation's history was 1964, when Lyndon Johnson won with about 62% of the vote. Those… the anti-Trump vote either splitting, or people getting discouraged and staying home. Agree ⤵️ With Trump's nu… if you look at his approval rating and compare his approval rating to how incumbents have done when running for… . . check out the results from the 1988 election. The only time we've had the winner of the popular vote lose th… can't reach the hard-core cult members. But we don't need them. In 2018, the Democrats won with an 8 point lead… . . unless a defendant signs a confession. The law doesn’t distinguish between direct and circumstantial evidenc… Garcia: “We heard from relevant witnesses with first-hand knowledge of the president’s corrupt scheme.” This…, it’s even simpler. For any elected official who believes the conduct of @realDonaldTrump is not a crime,…
Retweeted by Teri KanefieldThis is not something my real life teenager tells me.
@Candidus00 @RepJeffries 😂Rep @RepJeffries Is now giving the context to explain why Trump’s request for a favor was, in fact, a demand. Ther… of power. Fox News' top legal analyst Judge Napolitano: "What is required for removal of the president? A d…
Retweeted by Teri KanefieldWell, Rep. Val Demings just obliterated the possible defense that Trump didn’t know what his underlings were up to. @Teri_Kanefield helps crack the code #ImpeachmentHearings
Retweeted by Teri KanefieldI freaking love this lady's tweets.
Retweeted by Teri KanefieldSchiff is playing a string of recordings of Trump equating "corruption" with "something that hurts him," and equati… My to-do list. cloak the argument in weasel words. "Trump sets policy, not career diplomats" and "Trump is being impeached fo… say this: Trump's "policy" diverged from "deep state operators" (career diplomats, ambassadors, security advi… “Ukraine is our ally. What’s more, they are at war with our adversary.” Trump-FOX-GOP cult members don't s… @RepJerryNadler Also explains why the burden of proof is lower. It should be easier to remove a corrupt president f… @RepJerryNadler . . . presidents are faced with unlimited ways of abusing their power. Also punishment can extend… @RepJerryNadler Adding two things to this thread: Nadler pointed out another reason looking to the federal crimina… @PeterTobias8 @RepJerryNadler Exactly. It doesn't even have to extend that far. "Shall not extend farther . . ."…🤣🤣🤣 oh dear“Trump even said that President Putin is the one who told him it was Ukraine who intervened in our elections." Thu… politics were remotely normal, the Republican Party would be scrambling to come up with Plan B.“Do you know what else happened in May? A Fox News poll showed Biden beating Trump by 11 points.” ⤵️ “It wasn’t un… @JRubinBlogger This defense might address mens rea in a criminal trial, but in a removal / impeachment trial, would… Sylvia Garcia is debunking the Biden-Burisma lies with a lengthy string of provable facts. From the Trump def… @PBCommentary Rehnquist also took a passive role. This isn't a huge surprise.Nadler is killing it: "A president who abuses his power in order to kneecap a political opponent and spread Russia… @RepJerryNadler In this trial, Trump risks losing the privilege to be president. This is not life, liberty, or pro… @RepJerryNadler In a criminal trial, a defendant risks losing liberty, property and (in capital cases) life. That… @RepJerryNadler It would make no sense enact criminal statutes that can only apply to one person: The person in the… @RepJerryNadler Looking to the federal criminal code trivializes the process, and overlooks the fact that the presi… @RepJerryNadler Yesterday Schiff defined "corrupt" as using the office for self-enrichment and putting the Presiden… Manager @RepJerryNadler is brilliantly explaining why Abuse of Power warrants removal from office. A Senator…, @mattgaetz, There are lots of victims, including Ambassador Yovanovitch. Endangering a person's life and inti…
Retweeted by Teri Kanefield @mattgaetz @southpawscot @mattgaetz Yes there is, and yes, the managers are stressing that privilege cannot be used to cover wrongdoing. @Teri_Kanefield @mattgaetz I also did this. I incorporated the crimes you listed in one of your earlier threads to…
Retweeted by Teri Kanefield @ericmbudd @mattgaetz @MattGertz You can see how I mixed the two. @mattgaetz Here you go, @mattgaetz ⤵️ This list is limited to the crimes connected to Operation Ukraine Shakedown.…, @mattgaetz, There are lots of victims, including Ambassador Yovanovitch. Endangering a person's life and inti… had to start over with the Tweet to @mattgaetz . I linked the wrong account. Many apologies.. . . my book was tentatively entitled "How Trump Happened." I lost interest in writing the book (I've published e… adventure in Twitter started out like this. I had an account that I used only to see what people were saying abo… my blog. All my threads are there. It's searchable with an index. Here: (Regarding… THREAD. EXPLAINS. SO. MUCH. Seriously, check it out.
Retweeted by Teri KanefieldI've adopted ALL of my followers (my follow button should come with a warning). That means you are all Twitter sib…'re the mommies now. At least I'm the Twitter Mom*, and I say everyone needs to get busy. If each of my follow… @JKDAnthony10 And each of those assassinations, particularly Lincoln's, was a huge set back for progressivism.People who inherit something often think they're entitled, and don't have to work for it. I get it. I made that mi… @SenatorBraun, How can you reach this conclusion when relevant evidence is concealed from you? You can't log… @phillipneedham And convicting innocent black men. Lots of that.I've had questions lately about how GOP women buy into this. A lot of women pushed back aga…'s why I keep saying this is a long game. We push forward. The reactionaries push back. Right now they are pu… generation (who came of age after the Civil Rights and women's rights movements) are seeing it for the first t… . . judges basically rolled their eyes. When Susan B. Anthony was put on trial for voting (it was illegal for w… is👇 In real life, and throughout our history, it has happened frequently in real courts. There was a time whe… @RAICESTEXAS . . .it also helps save your sanity. It gives you a way to direct your anxiety into positive action. (… @RAICESTEXAS . . . I sat and looked in the eyes of the people Trump designated as "enemies." I heard their stories.… suggestion is to find a positive way to push back against it. Whatever you can do, even if it's as small as sen… requires scapegoats. The way Trump scapegoats (and unleashes savage cruelty) on anyone he perceives as an… President, glad to hear you “have all the material.” We’d like to see all those documents.
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