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@Dometi_ we can talk through in our weeklyi did the jay verse too, whatever don’t know who needs this but
@btboxbaum not with that attitude @btboxbaum you don’t drink beer @treyals @vulture @6LACK !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! @stephenossola i hate wine
The first known wrongful arrest by face recognition triggered a federal bill to ban the tech this week, as police r…
Retweeted by Terron Moore @_heyyymscarter congratulations!!!
@jonruizmota the second one is absolutely an album cover @samlansky we aren’t even going to start the chapter on “Promiscuous Girl” and the phase where Nelly, Timbaland and… @benyahr happy happy happy birthday!!!!! @TomZohar i wasn’t crazy @btboxbaum @bobmarshall omg @danielhead @MilkmanNick thanks, i hate it!!! @Fientastic two of them are Drumline and then i’m assuming Barbershop is the last one
@NYsocialbee @BushwigFestival I just GASPED i have to STAN @Rainesford i feel like it always takes looking back weeks if not months after it’s done and realizing “oh, i naile… @bowenyang THIS ALBUM GOES SO HARD !!!!!! @RaquelWillis_ @msfoundation congratulations!!!! @NYsocialbee i just started it and Ooh La La into Soul Control WENT THE HELL OFF!!!!!!! @JMatthiasFord this tweet is offensive and i don’t like it @davidmackau i told you not to f*cking cut it but now, i don’t know @tylersunderland @LogoTV not even gonna lie to you this was my idea @johnjannuzzi omg this BEFORE PHOTO
@jonruizmota i literally do not physically know what to say to this @TweetNinh my TEXTS are in shambleswant to confirm that this tweet was an awful idea @CallMeAugustR @EatPrayThot the scream i just let out“The struggle and triumph for #LGBTQ rights shows how protest and politics go hand in hand” Watch @BarackObama’s fu…
Retweeted by Terron Moore @MikelleStreet happy prideok i’ll bite: what is a bussy @pfpicardi @DoctorDarienMD once he actually decided to put a ring on it i said “ok i guess” @treyals A+ analysis @TimHerrera i don’t even think this is for journalism @kwprime @ChefMelissaKing KEVIN WE GET IT YOU’RE HOT!!!!
@chasityscooper You can do it!!!!
@MikelleStreet @cyleeeeeeeee only just realized my neck pain was due to your boot @benyahr omg this is my first one @jrodriguez713 @KaceyMusgraves it's SO GOOD @Slade i love you @Fientastic ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@NYsocialbee IN YOUR APARTMENT OMG @NYsocialbee pics
@KrisKelkar WELL!!!!!!!!!! @chasityscooper @sheistyler @TAJrani this is... one of the greatest powerpoints of all time, i am LIVING @chasityscooper @sheistyler @TAJrani GIVE JC CHASEZ HIS THINGS @Smorgasboredom every tweet in this thread has made me scream in pure glee @benyahr what the HELL @NYsocialbee NEW BEYONCÉ HITSnew Beyoncé hits
@btboxbaum there’s just zero point for this attempt to blame-shift. to nitpick through the reasonings why trans wom… @btboxbaum the density you’d have to argue that we’ve somehow “finally won” in law (we haven’t), acknowlege and bel… @dezzie516 @BManatees @Dometi_ happy Juneteenth!!! @SunniValentine @VirginiaMLowman omg doesn’t it just make you so mad!!!! @dezzie516 @BManatees @Dometi_ looooool i would know, i hired him"When we talk about freedom in America, we have to acknowledge it as a thing of cultural nuance. We have to reconci… @appelbomb @NYsocialbee SUCH a joy and we love this for you @BManatees @Dometi_ ok I’ll bite: who is Dometireally hate that i still can’t change my profile picture because of this tweet @treeaston @robbie_couch you didn’t send this as a voice tweet so why is it yelling @MScottDonnelly it’s 5:30 and then it’s 5:40 takes me out EVERY TIME and then the way Casey says AU BON PAIN @btboxbaum Brandon. @MScottDonnelly but wait this is the BEST episode
y’all should have known beethoven was black when he named one of his piano sonatas “arrest the mutton shunters who killed #BREONNATAYLOR @jnajefferson this is derangedme to my plants after every goddamn zoom call @rachsyme @deelizabeth_ so I’m the only one who thought you were trying to reassure us of your cooking @SatansJacuzzi wow when they said devils advocate they literally meant ui always knew @mousejones was a real one. wow. @jakewoolf thank you!! @davidmackau @NYsocialbee omg get out of my replies!!!!!! @NYsocialbee who @davidmackau? pays me in DUST @davidmackau this is a shade tweet on purpose i can’t say who it is unless he wants you to know!!!! @davidmackau omg not you tho now the girls will want to GUESS THO @NYsocialbee bitch I just added you after accidentally unfollowingthe best birthday gift i got this year came from my twitter crush 🙃 i win @NickStopTalking so rude of them!!!!! @benyahr i can’t believe you just did this to me
@RachelHislop @okayplayer this is a beautiful and honest letter. i’m so excited for this! @tkylemac i watch that one Housewives ASMR video all the time, you legend. thank you!!!! @NYsocialbee yess!!!! and you deserved Paris and you stilll deserve MORE. @pableshiff tea!!!! @LouisOrtiz92 thank you!! @CITIMEDINA @TheOkraProject @btboxbaum omg thank you so much!! @pableshiff thank you and same!! @treyals thanks sir!! @AndySwift thank you sir!!!! @SheanPR thank you!! @sabbydu thank you!!! @AnnaSejuelas10 thank you!! @ReddySetGo1 thank you sir!! @_TARYNitUP thank you!!! @NYDoorman omfg but thank you!! @lkherman thank you!!! @cfree94 thank you!!!! @kim_hoyos thank youuu!! @stephenossola thank you!! @AlexanderDeLuca thank you!! @NYsocialbee thank you sir and same to you!!