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@MK_Milligan @TallTxZoomie I usually hide the dickishness by making plates for kids as an excuse @RadioFreeTom This is exactly it. Same people are the ones who “don’t want to get political” with their friends and family. @mattroweCA @oneminutecall @PlunkettPrime @S1Your If people choose not to maintain seperate households they ought t… @mattroweCA @oneminutecall @PlunkettPrime @S1Your 1) There’s no “one household” disclaimer for BAH 2) The rest of t… @mattroweCA @oneminutecall @PlunkettPrime @S1Your Fraud is illegal. Dual BAH is not. @TallTxZoomie I’m an awful dinner guest because I insist on getting my plate last. @CombatCavScout You forgot Camp Shelby @SRoseesq @MotherOfDoggons @iAmTheWarax No no. Walter is the bad guy. I’m not one of THOSE. Her character is wond… @SRoseesq @MotherOfDoggons @iAmTheWarax Skyler is the perfect character. But only because she’s so believably shitty
Eating before women and children is something so foreign to me and I’m from the South. @ZeroBlog30 @katebarstool This was neat @DisneyCPT @O3hasbeen The worstSame same same. @O3hasbeen Google phone and expense the bill @benshapiro Stop being such a p word @donachaidh Invocation but you can only use OutKast lyrics @MikeObach Yes as long as your anger isn’t sincere @HalpernAlex Hickenlooper/Kasich RIP @CyberOtters As someone who wrote in a candidate in 2016 I get that energyFolks, resist the temptation to get mad at the opinion of people online who won’t vote anyway. @Justine Ice cream sandwich is a reasonable breakfastSmart choice it is @SRoseesq @jakob_jarecki @oneminutecall @VOBOE @LadyLovesTaft @S1Your @jakob_jarecki @SRoseesq @oneminutecall @VOBOE @LadyLovesTaft @S1Your Can I launder my VA pay through my LLC? @SRoseesq @oneminutecall @VOBOE @LadyLovesTaft @S1Your HOLD THE FUCK ON @CyberOtters I will allow quotations from religious texts outside of his/her ordination religion @CangLong3 @ArmyJew @TomHeartsTanks @oneminutecall Oh yeah. Tracking. I'm USAR and my wife is NG @SRoseesq @oneminutecall @VOBOE @LadyLovesTaft @S1Your Listen please no one touch my VA compensation.The only reason I want to ever be a battalion commander is so I can make my chaplain do "words of the day" without… @CangLong3 @ArmyJew @TomHeartsTanks @oneminutecall its...fine mostly @oneminutecall @PlunkettPrime @S1Your Thank you for this. Truly. It feels nice arguing about dumb shit that isn’t going to change @UncleChaps @GetFlexSeal @oneminutecall @VOBOE FTR, I’m a component for everyone getting as much money as they are allowed. @PlunkettPrime @oneminutecall @S1Your Well with dual major BAH you should have a pretty good down payment @oneminutecall @S1Your a vacation home for a dual major couple would actually be the proper use of funds according to anti-dual BAH logic. @TomHeartsTanks @ArmyJew @oneminutecall The real travesty of dual BAH is that both parents can't each claim a depen… @fiveminutepizza @LT_Greenwald @oneminutecall I hesitate to say thats the ONLY reason but it is A reason. @fiveminutepizza @oneminutecall yes and that's ok. @ArmyJew @oneminutecall I'm just excited for all the folks new here making these arguments -what about unmarried r… @oneminutecall I respect your commitment to posting this wrong opinion semi-annually for engagement @S_Mathias06 Ok bad example. Golden Knights is a better example. It’s a marketing ploy. @S_Mathias06 If we can have all army sports teams and a jazz band...why not esports? @MichaelStahlke I thought that too. I was like...if there’s ever a time where he could have it was then. He would h… @MichaelStahlke Someone put his reading over the beat and it’s just perfect. @CombatCavScout @OutNmbrdByBoys You guys dress the same @vainarab @terminalyill3st Also the same type of men who get personally offended the the P is W enough. @PlunkettPrime Also! John Heisman...yes THAT Heisman played his college football in the Ivy League. What school you ask? Penn. @notorious_exg A world without Diet Dr. Pepper is one I don’t want to be a part of, tbh @mikenelson586 Why are you using so many 25s? @SRoseesq Ok but how’s the dog @jakob_jarecki @IchHeisseMikey If I also hate candy corn where does put me on the rankings? Do they cancel each other out? @jakob_jarecki @IchHeisseMikey I’m generally pretty awful and I’ve been saying it for a while @MichaelStahlke Gut wrenching. @HalpernAlex Because if his dick was out we wouldn’t be able to see it @IchHeisseMikey In this house we mask shame. @IchHeisseMikey Michael why are you in a store without a mask @LethalityJane If we go back to virtual we’re going to quarantine the kids for 2 weeks and then I’m driving them 18… @HangryValkyrie Drawstring cargo khaki pants were really comfortable in all fairness.
@mikenelson586 My god. @ritchydoesit Big ALC rental car flex. @CombatCavScout @coffeeshopjihad I don’t even get those but I would love to @LongtimeToolies Ryobi. Hands down. @LadyLovesTaft oh sweetie... @IchHeisseMikey Can I link your Onlyfans on my Patreon am the king of making easy shit hard. @Anjing___Iblis @SRoseesq A parent who’s single? I dunno. She did it for sympathy like “it’s hard trying to do all… @SRoseesq I got extremely offended whenever my ex wife would call herself a single mom when we lived 15 minutes apa… @MikeObach @S1Your Onlyfans but it’s just you muting things. @LadyLovesTaft I will be here quite literally all week.21-15-9-6-3 leg tucks and hand release push ups. Get. It. @LadyLovesTaft Yes!In this garage we do leg tucks @evo_kositz @nasibule @ChemicalFire Reacting to a persistent counts
@PlunkettPrime @S1Your Losing weight when you’re already below your screening weight is BMI privilege @lysscrawfood I’m on a conference call and decided to just apologize for the thunder instead of going inside. 🤷🏻‍♂️ @ShizzleRizzle02 @KFCBarstool 1 + 3 in fact @MarkasSolomon @USEmCee It usually goes: Me: hey bud go get the lotion Him: I already put some on Me: great...we’r… @MarkasSolomon @USEmCee As the white parent of a black biggest social anxiety isn’t racist white people, i… @KFCBarstool People who like laundry have never had to fold a weeks worth of kids clothes. @MarkasSolomon So far 43% lying. Interesting.On clearly. In would be ... differentSecDef: hey do this Hatch Act training Also SecDef: goes in Jeanine Pirro @alenamarisela “You make the same mistakes repeatedly because you’re stupid” is basically my entire brand @alenamarisela I’m an Aquarius and buddy if that doesn’t just hit the spot. @firstcavnowtank Should be like high school where you could only take one foot out of the box.
@PlunkettPrime lay the foil flat. get a little char on that asparagus. @NorthStarNomad @firstcavnowtank @first_sausage Imagine robbing yourself of the joy that are b-dubs boneless wingsIdeally you would avoid being an unhinged anti-mask tool AND an unhinged pro-mask tool. Also, don’t demand that re…
Retweeted by Terrance Avery @SRoseesq They’re protecting federal property @firstcavnowtank Thank you for being brave enough to admit that boneless b-dubs is the superior b-dubs @firstcavnowtank Boneless? Sauce? @YourFave3E9 Yet here we are @puckthepilot @Ms_Riley_Guprz @H_KWilliams It’s also not just math. It’s anything where someone can sit in the back… @jakob_jarecki @sadxgorlx It’s true it’s true @oneminutecall One Pagliacci please @milphilosophy well it's 350-1 so maybe start thereThe new OPSEC training is as not good as advertsided. Yeesh. @DisneyCPT @MarchingWith7 It’s true. It’s one of my favorite things to say. But also, if it’s said to me I simply w… @branflakes4evr You can get a fresh haircut but can’t shave?