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Irish literary translator, sometime writer, mammal.

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"Shrewd and illuminating… eerily prescient... superbly translated by @Terribleman"
Retweeted by frank wynne @DavidCollard1 @neilgriffiths @sammillsauthor @GalleyBeggars @Ofmooseandmen @TrampPress @WillEaves @alexpheby @DavidCollard1 @neilgriffiths @sammillsauthor @GalleyBeggars @Ofmooseandmen @TrampPress @WillEaves @alexpheby anthology with an excerpt of our Berlin‘s Third Sex by Magnus Hirschfeld (translated by @James_J_Conway
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@cctranslates @jamiebulloch @RuthAhmedzai @NatashaLehrer @hughes_sophie @aneesa50abbas @ka_bradley Thank you Charlotte @Terribleman
Retweeted by frank wynneCheck this list for some really great translations! Belated, hearty congrats to all my shortlisted colleagues, esp…
Retweeted by frank wynneFeaturing Sappho, Schimel, Shakespeare.... 😍 #loveisloveislove #lgbtq
Retweeted by frank wynne @herr_morris @annielmcd Sadly, very true. @MelanieJFlorenc @shauntranslates @cctranslates The layout of facilities on the rear lines is well documented here @MelanieJFlorenc @shauntranslates @cctranslates It was called a “service area” where field hospitals/Base medical s… @JacqBetula I have a Flann O’Brien joke that I saw was unperceived and quietly replaced it in the treasury of my mind.terribly excited that my translation of Zhang Yueran's story "Binary" will appear in this QUEER anthology edited by…
Retweeted by frank wynne @ninastibbe Yes, constantly, it is canine virtue signalling. @annielmcd Hi Annie – as I’m sure/hope you know, it is *your* translation of “They keep killing us“ that is in the anthology.Only sorry that you’re not also there as translator of La Bastarda writer @EspirituCarlos was taken away in handcuffs yesterday during a raid on the San Isidro Movement protest… @GalleyBeggars Nothing I like better than a booktease
I should probably also list at least some of the translators: @lawrenceschimel @RosSchwartz @RozKaveney @that_matt_bray @gray318 Thanks @gray318 @KishWidyaratna Thank you. I’d hoped to include more voices, but am thrilled by what we’ve been able to achieve. @J_Zuckerman I’m making a list; I’m checking it twice @unpoetaloco @johnbetter69 It lovely to have you there*Frantically searches for where to pre-order...*
Retweeted by frank wynne @RozKaveney And this is the dedication: @J_Zuckerman At least I didn’t shoot you. @AndrewPoetry @HoZ_Books @AlmaMathijsen @keithjlondon @imogenbinnie @RozKaveney @intermittentcat @junodawson printing! On sale January. An LGBT Anthology from @HoZ_Books spanning 80 texts, 20+ countries, 2,000 years from… @saintsoftness Lesbianism, check. Mid century modern furniture, check. Classic 20th century fashions, check. Hideou… news! The Eighth Life by Nino Haratischvili, Charlotte Collins, and Ruth Martin (@ScribeUKbooks) is such…
Retweeted by frank wynneThrilled to see the “beautiful puzzle” that is The Eighth Life win the @WarwickPrizeWiT - in its scope, its brutal…
Believe! @tinakover Good enough to eat @tinakover Schadenfreudekuchen? @jenniferlcroft @FitzcarraldoEds Such a brilliant novelBe there – it may very well change your life. @TripFiction Thanks for updating. I’m keeping on keeping on – like much of the world… Hope all is well with you.Actually a co-translation with the talented Jessie Sayers Mendez.
Quick! Vote for Jean-Baptiste Del Amo ‘s spectacular ANIMALIA. It is an extraordinary novel and the translation by…
Retweeted by frank wynneI'm hopelessly biased, but Jean-Baptiste del Amo's ANIMALIA, trans. @Terribleman, would be a perfect winner of the…
Retweeted by frank wynneCongratulations to everyone nominated for 2020 Society of Authors’ Translation Prizes and s…
Retweeted by frank wynne @nonsuchbook @tinakover And you will have your award here on earthVote for Gretchen Schmid’s dazzling translation of Truillot for Matt Reeck (and a fine translation of a wonderful book)! vote for me...! for me! @TimG_translator "I feel bad for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they'r… @TimG_translator “Always do sober what you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.” — Ernest Hemingway @TimG_translator “The best way to avoid a hangover is to stay drunk.” — Dorothoy Parker @DavidCollard1 Such an amazing short film. A high point in both careers.That should read “warm congratulations“, but… AutoCorrectToday is your last chance for US readers to vote in the “Albertine prize“ for French literature in translation. One…
@lynnsstrong “Animalia” by Jean-Baptiste del Amo (tr. me) “The Mouse and his Child” by Russell Hoban. “The Bees” by… @LoudTranslators @Terribleman @Soc_of_Authors Superb extract. Superb translation, superb reading. Several friends a…
Retweeted by frank wynne @Muireann Dr Finlay (and his casebook) @Prangman7 In that case, avoid Brel – you could very easily do Plastic Bertrand’s « Ça plane pour moi » it’s being… did it!!! 700 subscribers!! Thank you all so much, and KEEP SPREADING THE WORD! Let's make literary translators…
Retweeted by frank wynneThanks to @danielhahn02 & @Soc_of_Authors for creating TA First Translation Prize, to judges for shortlisting my tr…
Retweeted by frank wynne @Prangman7 Yes I have, and yes you would be insane. But do it anyway. I recommend “Orly” The internal rhymes, the c… to @jamiebulloch @HowardCurtis49 Anne McLean Margaret Jull Costa, @aneesa50abbas MeganMcDowell,…! So many amazing translators/translations/editors. Special shout out to: @lauralofrancis & @ka_bradley!…
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@saintsoftness Indeed. It’s usually d) pseudo structuralist @MisterSlang @shauntranslates @gdoslang I like lum-tum-tivity and will be shoehorning into a translation soon. @IrishPTNolan @tinakover Too old for pretty much all the roles, but easy to imagine him tackling each over his care… @tinakover Daniel Day Lewis @MisterSlang I agree, this does not explain the etymology – and I think that the French “Bon ton” sounds plausible @MisterSlang Cf: “she was a little too copper colored for a Caucasian and a little too lum-tum for an Indian” from… @MisterSlang “lum tum”: a person in fashionable society
what Rudi Giuliani’s press conference brought to mind: @murphyspeak @WendyWhidden @literaryty @FitzcarraldoEds Thank you so much Mairead. I’m sure Jean-Baptiste is also grateful @GalleyBeggars And dark chocolate is essential (about 3 squares) @saintsoftness “People don't notice them They never see Under their noses a Twombly may be.” @GalleyBeggars Traditionally, there are no beans (and the meat is diced, not minced) @saintsoftness Sigh Womble? @ColinJM It certainly says “Moscow” and what I assume is the artist’s name Balykov A (it fits the monogram)For a Sunday (in fact any day) read #Animalia (even by @FitzcarraldoEds high standards) is as eviscerating a novel…
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@tinakover “Lifted him above the hoi polloi “?A dazzling writer, historian, novelist and observer of the human condition. A fond farewell to the incomparable Jan… @tinakover It’s not usually pejorative - it’s to (figuratively) give/lend someone wings @tinakover Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrison’s all do versions, but they’re not canned. @tinakover As long as you’re prepared to buy in packs of eight or 12, you can get it in the UK @shauntranslates No, indeed. This is Julian Barnes take from 2003: @shauntranslates It was indeed eaten in times of shortage – and is also called “root of scarcity“ @neilgriffiths @WilderMacauley There are a wonderful monologues in Lisa Kron’s adaptation of Alison Bechdel’s “Fun… @shauntranslates Given that Mangold is German for chard, it’s all the more peculiar that in Germany it is Futterrübe
@georgeisediting @picadorbooks @panmacmillan I don’t know, I’m in a room getting very drunk, and phoning and/or tex…"La mercancía mas preciada" de Jean Claude Grumberg pronto llegará a Chile
Retweeted by frank wynne @Rosenkrantz @AnthonyFerner Acrobat reader is free – you only have to pay for Acrobat pro @TimG_translator I think we would say “what are called griefbots“, or “what are known as griefbots“ – both acknowle…
🎧 La playlist que Vernon aurait pu lancer en soirée, crée par Luz et Virginie Despentes ⬝Spotify…
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@georgeisediting Yes, please @jenniferlcroft Hypersomnia is often a symptom of depression. Or it could simply be a reflection of the fact that t… @jenniferlcroft I just call it insomnia; it saves time. @Damian_Barr I think you can still get a refund on them at B&Q
"an unnervingly subtle and effective exploration of the cost of blind idealism on families." THE FALLEN [LOS CAÍDO…
Retweeted by frank wynneSo happy to be among so many brilliant people @arbizonne Aha! Well that’s a bugger then. @arbizonne It’s from “Language, Counter-Memory, Practice: Selected Essays and Interviews” Ed. Donal Bouchard (Corne… @saintsoftness Or, you could make one
@DavidCollard1 @RolandBates12 @Tiny_Camels @UrsulaBrunetti @HelenMcClory At Swim and The third policeman