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Terry Blas @TerryBlas West Linn, Oregon

Mexican-American-Ex-Mormon-Queer-Author-Illustrator. Work: You Say Latino(x) @Voxdotcom - Dead Weight @OniPress - Hotel Dare @boomstudios - Rep: @kate_mckean

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Happy 25 years to Empire Records. This was my fashion inspiration then and frankly, I wouldn’t mind that hair and… LOVE this Freddie Mercury cake on the new episode of Bake Off. I laughed so hard, but genuinely found it charming…
@Ryanmb30 Let’s go. @Ryanmb30 Just gonna let the ocean sweep me away....Vacation. National American Business Women’s Day! Alvarez would have so much to say in this moment. Please watch our show on October 5 on CBS so that we can ha…
Retweeted by Terry BlasThe most unrealistic thing in ‘The Lost World’ is the ample available parking in Downtown Burbank.
Retweeted by Terry Blas @MichaelVarrati I love this. Also, I’ve been wanting to rewatch Bewitched and someone recently told me it was on Hulu but they lied.Incredible! Gloria said, "Do you even know how smart I am in Spanish?" I felt that.
Retweeted by Terry BlasNeed to send in a new author photo for a book announcement and I don’t know which one to pick. Help?
@JoshuaConkel And donated $ to the NRSC. @jeffparker I’ve already taken the dog out, packed to go to the coast, put gas in my car and now I’m getting my tir… gay on my timeline treating Catherine O'Hara's Emmy (correctly) as a personal victory, is this what sports se…
Retweeted by Terry BlasThere’s more cardboard cutouts than there are Latinos at the Emmys
Retweeted by Terry BlasThis person is a literary agent so this is just one little slice of insight into why only 2% of all kidlit books ar…
Retweeted by Terry BlasAnyone else see a single Latinx person nominated for an Emmy tonight? You know... Latinx’s? The largest ethnic mino… cast Katya in the next season of @theshadowsfx. We know it is NOT out of the realm of possibility. Also pl…
Retweeted by Terry BlasI want you guys to keep an eye out on Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story. It's an upcoming furry Philippine adult an…
Retweeted by Terry Blasi’m so happy I want to give away free high-res printables to two lucky people who will retweet this (one poster eac…
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I love this woman
Retweeted by Terry Blas @pen15show Who do you think closeted (and not so closeted) gay boys in junior high secretly pay respect to with our girlfriends?Uf
Retweeted by Terry BlasIm only on episode 3 of season 2 of @pen15show and it continues to be the best and most honest show about junior hi… @PaulAllor @jeffparker No, I know it’s bizarre. I’m just trying to be funny. @jeffparker @PaulAllor Hahahahaha! @jeffparker @PaulAllor Just let the gays who want to watch bitchy, fucked up divas in glamorous clothes and makeup have something. @TheAdamSass I love that movie. Sadie Shelton ran so Miranda Priestly could walk.
I’m gonna need foreign countries to start saying point-blank if they’re accepting American refugees
Retweeted by Terry Blas @runwithskizzers *sewing, obviously. @runwithskizzers Have you seen The Great British Sewing Bee? It’s Bake Off but for seeing obviously, and I also lov…, Oregon
Retweeted by Terry BlasMy Bill & Ted cover is out. I couldn't resist putting a doubleneck on there. It's an artifact of my obsession.
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Describe your personality in three characters from the #StarWars universe
Retweeted by Terry BlasEmpyre Aftermath Spoilers . . "we met at a wedding. it all started at a wedding. who'd have thought it'd end up li…
Retweeted by Terry BlasThe first time I’ve seen the sun at all in a week. I almost started crying.
I tried to ask @BetsyDeVosED why Trump was establishing his commission on patriotic education now just weeks from t…
Retweeted by Terry Blas @todoeralindo "You belong to my heeeeeeaaaart.."Aweeeeeesome. @shoomlah HAHAHA. YEEEES! But I'm glad you love it too.Holy Shit! Drag Race WISHES:🖤Nightwing💙
Retweeted by Terry Blas @seananmcguire @miggylol I’m going to see if I can find some of my old ponies if you want them. 💗🦄💗 @Nefiletes Materiales de arte y fleshlight. @seananmcguire I love you so much right now. Women like you and @miggylol that I could share my Pony love with and… @seananmcguire I always felt strangely about Bronies. I was a little gay boy collecting ponies in the 80’s and got… @vidadeputo Same! @KalynnBayron Oh I support this. @bnacker I loved Seeking a Friend!It’s still Mexican Independence Day so please enjoy this amazing photo from mexicanomx on insta. @andrealrosales Your majesty!I re-watched Marie Antoinette yesterday while working. I love the movie (the way it looks and feels) but it hit me… through a draping book again and ah. This is where I learned how to draw clothes better. If you feel like…
Retweeted by Terry Blas @vidadeputo Have you seen the behind the scenes clip where Brandy is singing that part real low and Whitney goes "W… @vidadeputo "Impossible!" @elliofeliciano My husband and I watch 200 Cigarettes every NYE. :) @miggylol 😜"Four movies you’re pretty sure you like more than anyone else you know."
@GallantDesigner Okay, crazy...the game shown is Legendary Wings but the game I’ve been looking for is Dragon Spirit! Thanks again! @nateb Oh wow. You’re right, the game showed is Legendary Wings but the game I was actually looking for was Dragon… @GallantDesigner Yes! That’s it! Thank you!!!Does anyone know what this #NES game is? They show a clip in episode 2 of High Score But don’t say the name. I love… @hackedmotionart If only the stupids in this country would believe this and vote his ass out. @bnacker Well, I'm sure Star Magic Jackson Jr. could tell us EXACTLY what it would be like. lol @bnacker Please tell me you've seen my favorite skit of all time: So another year of this? so happy to get commissioned by @KalynnBayron to draw Constance from her awesome book, Cinderella is Dead. This… looks on @Lamasdraga 2 were incredible. I can't wait for Season 3! I'm going to need this! @Anicetus5 You've got taste! @djmec84 :D’s movie while I draw:'m helpless. Someone please help me find where I can buy these shoes. They're Vans but I don't see them on the Van… @seananmcguire Confetti was my first pony. I loved her. @seananmcguire I won't lie about tying her to a ceiling fan one too many times. @seananmcguire One of the first ponies I owned. :)It’s astounding that after a massive family separation operation, mass sexual assault of detainees, trapping immigr…
Retweeted by Terry BlasFrom the silent era to today, Latinx and Hispanic performers have been a part of Hollywood. We honor their contribu…
Retweeted by Terry Blas(Also kids books should not be organized in color order. Mixing age groups and series isn’t functional for kids. Gr…
Retweeted by Terry BlasIf this were happening to dogs people would be outraged. anyone have any funds to support Dawn Wooten? She’s doing a heroic thing here and she’s going to need protecti…
Retweeted by Terry BlasTonight at 7pm PDT!: “Queer Voices and New Frontiers” panel! Hosted by @losthiskeysman w/ @TerryBlas @notjacoby and…
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@everythingloria @pen15show @hulu I LOVE that show.YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS! Go, Reed! @Ryanmb30 Atari for me.Bringing this back...
Retweeted by Terry Blas @hamishsteele @PanginaHeals @hamishsteele @PanginaHeals I can see why. She’s dynamic and energetic and passionate and professional. I love her.We thought the start of Hispanic Heritage Month would be a nice opportunity to share @TerryBlas' illustrated essays…
Retweeted by Terry BlasI love @PanginaHeals - What an amazing queen! This look isn’t even her in Drag but she is killing it! Gonna have to… the word, Hagrid sides with transphobes.
Retweeted by Terry BlasI know you may think your favorite Latinx creators already know you love them, but please take this heritage month…
Retweeted by Terry BlasDid you order a trailer? Drag Race Holland vanaf 18 september, op @Videoland. #DragRaceHolland 🇳🇱
Retweeted by Terry BlasTONIGHT AT 7pm (PST) I’ll be moderating the free online panel “Queer Voices and New Frontiers” with @TerryBlas
Retweeted by Terry BlasThus is such a terrific podcast and I’m so glad they liked Hotel Dare. What a nice review that lifted my spirits. @passingfair @tryguys @KeithHabs Omg, I watch them all the time.I mean... care? think I’m starting to understand Kirsten Dunst’s character in Melancholia. The part about finding peace at the th…