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Lover to my wife, father to my children, friend to my friends, and servant to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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You’ve voted. You’ve marched. Now what? We’ve passed 32 laws in the last 4 years and want to teach you to do the…
Retweeted by terry crewsGod bless you @prattprattpratt for having your own mind and your own beliefs.
“They tried to get me to hate white people, but someone would always come along & spoil it.” ― Thelonious MonkGet Ready!!! In anticipation of the Side Hustle Premiere on @Nickelodeon November 7th... We’re giving away a brand…
My SON has a show just like his DADDY!!! PREMIERES NOVEMBER 7TH ON @NICKELODEON!!!!
MY GOLDEN BUZZER FAMILY! I AM SO PROUD ‘AGT’ Runners-Up Detroit Youth Choir To Be Subject Of Scripted & Non-Script…
KEEP HOAP ALIVE On November 3rd...America gets what it deserves.
We were HONORED! I♥️being a part of @CraigoftheCreek!!!!
Just posted a photo @ Paramount Studios
THE DEBATES OVER! Vote for AGT for Best Competition Show and THE WILLOUGHBYS for Best Family Movie in this year’s… BIRTHDAY @simoncowell !!!!! We love you man! Thank you for everything you do!!
Tune into my IG Live with @potashtwins today at 3PM PST/ 6PM EST 🔥🔥🔥 PROUD OF MY SON @isaiahsamuelcrews! He told me he wanted to work... then the boy goes out and gets a job on…
Terry Crews in @TheFaceMagazine, “The more men that share the difficulties and problems and different things that t…
Retweeted by terry crewsI gave 6 people jobs this year at the salary they asked AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN SHOW UP FOR WORK. I guess those boot… is of the greatest good for me to tell you NO and for you to find ways to righteously earn it. life's goal is to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people- that is why I make no boundaries betwe… wholeheartedly agree
WHAT A TRIP! Volcanoes, Waterfalls, Blue Lagoons and SKYR! What more could someone ask for?? Till next time Icelan…
Super excited to be working with Terry Crews, our new Chief Identity Champion. His energy and attitude towards lear…
Retweeted by terry crewsCONQUERING OUR OWN NEGATIVITY ON A VOLCANO IN ICELAND! Time to eat! VERSUS THE VOLCANO We descend 700 ft (213 metres) deep into the MAGMA CHAMBER of the dormant Þríhnúkagígur v… MAN IN ICELAND! 41 ° Fahrenheit = 5° Celsius pool is great for the circulation and inflammation in the muscle…
Terry Loves Icelandic Skyr (YOGURT)!! sorry for your loss @chrissyteigen and @johnlegend. @rebeccakcrews and I endured this pain as well. Holding you… in the healing volcanic waters of Iceland’s BLUE LAGOON! One of the 25 wonders of the world, the geo… an honor to meet Iceland’s Vigdís Finnbogadóttir: The World’s First Female Elected President! Lots of knowled…
No need for bottles here! Natural and pure— just like me! 😂😂😂 man who is truly a career builder! Love you Jerry! DMTV Milkshake: Jerry Helling Finds Sublime Design in Unlik… are neither liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat ... they’re just PEACEFUL. TERRY IN ICELAND…
An Icelandic Feast in the Volcanic Fields of the Interior 🌋🥩🔥💪🏾 BLACK MAN ON ICELAND’s BLACK SAND So privileged and honored to visit the beautiful country of ICELAND! Join me…
Julius ama TODOS voces!!! Obrigado por 15 anos ❤️🔥💪🏾🇧🇷 Julius loves you all!!! Thank you for 15 years!!! honored"Until I did my research...until I was inspired by both male & female survivors that were out there, who were takin…
Retweeted by terry crewsGOODNIGHT AMERICA @terrycrews #life & #leadership lessons from the #book #manhood YOUR GREATNESS IS VERY SURE👍💯 #terrycrews
Retweeted by terry crews
A highlight from last night’s amazing @usher performance on the @AGT FINALE! 🔥 What was your favorite part of last… a wrap on #AGT season 15! 👏🏾🎉 for watching! What a season! #AGTFinale winner announced NEXT! On the #AGTFinaleThe final 2! Who will win?? #AGTFinale’m getting nervous! Who do you think is the top 3?? #AGTFinaleYour @agt top 5! #AGTFinale for the top 5 reveal!!! #AGTFinaleHad an absolute blast thank you @MatFrancoMagic!! #AGTFinale to feel a little closer to the sky with @Archieisfree and @marvinwinans' angelic performance! 👼
Retweeted by terry crewsThese girls are literal QUEENS! 👑 @AvaMax and @RealDaneliya we're meant to duet.
Retweeted by terry crewsBrothers @alanjsilva3 and @deadly__games team up with @thatgirlbishop and the @BelloSisters in a symphony of talent…
Retweeted by terry crewsSign up to audition for the #AGT Virtual Open Calls for season 16! Sign up: 💫's only one person that can match @CristinaRaeSing's talent and that's @OneRepublic! 🎤
Retweeted by terry crewsHey virtual audience! I’m watching and loving the messages!!! #AGTFinale😂 @howiemandel in that peacock suit! #AGTFinale💥 @DavidDobrik thought he was gonna do the scaring when he came to set! 😂 #AGTFinale @DycOfficial! I see you still repping Detroit, loving the performance tonight! #AGTFinaleWe’re back!! Watch the @DycOfficial on the #agtfinale Wednesday night 8 pm est. These kids are amazing!! #agt
Retweeted by terry crewsTHIS WAS DOPE! @Usher and that car on the #AGTFinale! good @terrycrews!! keep up with all of tonight's #AGT finale moments on the official @AGT GIPHY channel ⬇️…
Retweeted by terry crewsWho has that gif?!? 😂 one does it quite like @Usher!
Retweeted by terry crewsYo @Usher is killing it on the #AGTFinale right now!Current mood: nervous but excited to see who wins. 😬
Retweeted by terry crewsStart tagging! is walking away with $1 million dollars tonight on the #AGTFinale! Let’s hear those predictions in the co… be a tough one for sure! #AGTFinale's GO! 🙌 Reply with who you think is going to win #AGT tonight!
Retweeted by terry crewsWhich act was your favorite from this season?? #AGTFinaleWho will win America's Got Talent? Get ready because the #AGTFinale starts NOW! 🏆
Retweeted by terry crews
The #AGTFinale is starting now on NBC!!!’all think me and the judges could get this routine down for the #AGTFinale half as good as @BTS_twt!?! 😂 #BTSOnAGT your @AGT knowledge will send you straight to the Live Shows? Prove it. 👉 #WeakestLink
Retweeted by terry crewsThe #AGTFinale airs TONIGHT! Who will win? Watch on NBC!'t miss the #AGTFinale TONIGHT! The winner will be announced, and all the guest performers are 🔥🔥🔥!The #AGTFinale starts tonight at 8/7c on @NBC!
Retweeted by terry crewsTune into Survivor Town Hall during the United Nations General Assembly on 9/25 at 1PM ET/ 10AM PT!!! for watching! Tune in to find out who wins TOMORROW on the #AGTFinaleShe KILLED that Imagine Dragons song! Was not expecting that and this is exactly why I love @CristinaRaeSing! 🎤… proud of @ArchieIsFree! Witness his moving “Blackbird” cover from the #AGTFinals! 🎵 is just a number, cause @RealDaneliya’s talent is beyond her years! #AGTFinals😮 My face currently! @alanjsilva3 is so entertaining! #AGTFinalsMood 💯 cause the #AGTFinale is TOMORROW! #AmericasGotTerry! @CristinaRaeSing is shutting down streets with this performance! #AGTFinalsCheck out @BrokenRootsMus1 cover of “In The Air Tonight” from this evenings #AGTFinals! #BelloSisters balancing skills are 💯! Watch them step it up on the #AGTFinals for #AGT! SIGN UP: is just a powerhouse at such a young age! #AGTFinals @TaniaOnTheScene Thanks for watching!!! 😊Brandon’s talent is so unique! I was so impressed with @Called_To_Move’s journey on the show and his #AGTFinals per… could hear a pin drop when @ArchieIsFree is on stage! #AGTFinalsThe #BelloSisters are INSANE! & adding 🏹🌹!!?! Upping the danger tonight on the #AGTFinals!Utah’s own @KenadiDodds covers @carrieunderwood’s “Love Wins” on the #AGTFinals🎊 @AngeMaryClaire @badsalsagroup 😂 RIGHT?!?!🎸@BrokenRootsMus1 taking us back with this Phil Collins hit song! 🎵 🎸 #AGTFinalsSuch a talented duo! Watch @badsalsagroup’s #AGTFinals performance! What did you think?? WAS POWERFUL! #AGTFinals🎶@RobertaBSinger effortlessly covers this Alessia Cara smash on the #AGTFinale 🎶 you watching the #AGTFinals??? @Called_To_Move is just a PHENOMENAL talent! 👏🏾Let’s get #AGTfinals trending
Retweeted by terry crews.@KenadiDodds switching things up with her guitar! I like it! 🎸 #AGTFinalsWhat a wild ride this year. Which act had your favorite audition this season?? #AGTFinals