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Tessa Violet @TessaViolet #1 Marie Kondo fangirl. (she/her)

Listen to my album Bad Ideas. If you like me and my music you're part of the tiny terrors. text me at 5412036998

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i can proof reed something 420 times and there will still be 69 typosme as a kid: wait, people are making out? me as a teenager: wait, people are going to parties? me as a grown ass… here from the AJR tour?i’m at a Grammy Party right now and it’s at the same location where we show the I Like (the idea of) You music vide… @meghantonjes wow samei have my third party this week tonight, but i only won two cool outfitswow in very good company on this playlist. thanks @spotify !
who would have thought i’d enjoy LA as much as I am. i was so resistant to move here and even though i have a lot o… @thatgirlbishop @antksaunders balling“The media does a great job at glorifying white privileged kids." This 12-year-old American gun control activist ex…
Retweeted by Tessa Violet @becca_schmecca yes amaizng!! @RosiannaRojas i was there!!! dude wild @hankgreen hahaha WHAT @TessaViolet hahaha by tessa violet. that’s it that’s the tweet.
Retweeted by Tessa Violet @TessaViolet tessa violet fans share one brain cell and I'm ok with that
Retweeted by Tessa Violethahaha @barnesgraphy good tweet @TheZigmis love the two tone nailstessa violet i miss u here’s me playing crush on my kazoo
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@cxtyofstars u can’t make me @doddletoon it’s so goodincredible @comfortxcrowd @kinobub taste @ThatYellowEnni staaaaahp @gnggrow @lifewith__ellie and i love Camden @heavenIyhype @dear_girlgroup @sshuangel i’m in to this song! @TheEffable truly @sethearnest @ScaredofCupcake i'm laughing @viceroy don’t do Frasier dirty like this @marsupialpuddng preach @idle_bloom i agree 💯 @trinitylleigh yes it’s all class @antiieess it’s of a different erawhat’s ur favi never got in to Friends but i still could. should i? @comfortxcrowd this was too harsh i take it back @comfortxcrowd do it cowardtwitter vinyl winner is!!! @artemissmythe ! congrats! @sajac13 will reach out for your info :) @neverloseyous like most things with me @BottleRockNapa YAAAAASSSSSSis this asmr @Iadyblrd 1 from twitter and 1 from instagramUsing a random time generator to pick the winner for the vinyl, announcing the winner in 40 minutes! @smittenoddle @scarlet_trash16 @artemissmythe @thegtlivegoby pst Bored and Crush @riotvhs i love this songGiveaway! When you manufacture vinyl there’s something called a Test Printing, only 4 ever made! I’m giving one of…
Retweeted by Tessa Violetmy producer @sethearnest is vindicated. seth: maybe put a harder “h” on habit. me: nah @S1anC hi @hwangghan mey’all so sweet i want to give every one of you a hug ❤️❤️❤️
@lovesickdaniel i'm crying i love that 4 ui'm not crying u rokay but my whole heart is soft i was talking to my management yesterday about how i just hope lonely people can ma… @maraencinas 10/10haha two things 1) trending! very cool and love you all. 2) scrolling through the indirects, the people realizing i… @manicatluv haha got em @NerdyAndQuirky my new habit of the week is saying sorry when i speakIn the second verse of Bored did you think I was saying:okay ... this actually is kind of a vibe. also pole to follow really enjoying what y’all have to sayif you’ve never undirected someone before this is all it is! y’all entered. you have till noon PST tomorrow (and ye… @Iadyblrd yesGiveaway! When you manufacture vinyl there’s something called a Test Printing, only 4 ever made! I’m giving one of… @crashingnowave @wizarddallon i sent it to them cause it was so funny haha. she has big GS energy @Luc73085151 keep writing!been hearing a lot of music/writing a lot of music lately and like sometimes i waffle back on forth on if i think a…"Historically we have known the puberty blockers are safe and effective and this is totally reversible, so the bene… is insane @tiktok_us i literally love the look thowhich milkshake would you prefer
Retweeted by Tessa Violetwho wore it better
Retweeted by Tessa VioletGNthis still bops. should be an IOS feature called like “text delay” where any text you send between 7pm-8am doesn’t go out till… love y'all @jrnalll i do it’s called mainOtters with hats
Retweeted by Tessa Violetdo it one who’s had there heart broken could make it through this song without crying @kirstynhippe same. @mxmtoon this is beautiful and that photo is SO cute @kirstynhippe hahahaha sameme sobbing while writing @MRANTHROPOCENE milkshake would you prefer
@MeowWolf hi meow wolf love uhi everybody!! @hslotfilms you have my whole heart @hslotfilms haha to each their own! the album has a lot to offer tho and is generally less pop if he’s interested but it’s not for everybodyA popular female artist is secretly apart of the Stan Twitter community. Her account will soon be exposed.
Retweeted by Tessa Violetdrumroll please @jessicaleiqh i am hahaI'm watching a show where someone was presumed dead, buried in a shallow grave, but was actually alive and woke up… @kayleyhyde eye-
@drunkonhaloween hey olivia