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Biripi, writer, academic & consultant. Snr Project Officer, Office of the First Peoples Directorate, ACU. Pres ACRAWSA Artist. She/her.

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@indigowilling Gorgeous 💕 @mrbenjaminlaw @Joanwestenberg Such a great doco @LukeLPearson Don't forget all Marxist lefties are pedos too apparently. Sure Uncle Wazz will rid us of all of them yeah? @yodaberg I'd love that! Xx @ezrantsdaily @yodaberg Thank you @yodaberg Is the 25k thing gone now? I'm still figuring out what I can and can't do. But I miss you 🌺 @gotsthebug I'm a bit slack on the socials right now, but I'm always around & value seeing your name come up as I s…'s this for a burn? @BundjalungBud Urgh, what a rendition that would be. Ya know as an afterthought they'll throw a didj sample through… up after 10 so must be wrecked. I'm planning a strategy for dealing with next week's US election coverage. I k… @yodaberg Wish I was eating this and across from you. XoDo this today. It isn't that much if you can afford Menulog you can afford this. @SamHarkus DoneToday is #AdopteeRemembranceDay Listen to our communities testimonials, warnings & evidence of our particular & les…
Retweeted by Dr Tess (abundance of caution) Ryan @MerikiKO Woah. This reminds me of some ex-pat Brit who did something similar to a young Black guide at the Melb Mu…
@banoky Miss you too! You're looking fabulous xo @poonlikka1 @Utopiana @Peter_Fitz Speaks for me!Need sleep, send hugs @banoky Beautiful 💘
How's everyone's night going? I just put my blokes out of control hair into piggy tales and ribbons. He won't le… all you academics out there. please sign this open Letter to the Victorian Government from Australian Academics…
Retweeted by Dr Tess (abundance of caution) RyanIt really is. But the Vic Govt doesn't want to bother themselves with EASY solutions. They'd rather undermine their… @haveachattabs We all doubt what we do but you are amazingly talented so breathe through it sis xo
We've posted a host of stories up at @CroakeyNews today, in time for our weekly bulletin tomorrow morning. If you'…
Retweeted by Dr Tess (abundance of caution) RyanJust finished language class and I'm feeling lighter and stronger. That is the power of language revitalisation. It heals. @drcbond @DiFarmerMP Some great work there. This is Black strength. Just ticks me off when its the communities that… @SummerMayFinlay Seriously, this guy.... @melitta_hogarth Yes. I was talking about your work a while back btw. Kell Roberts and I were gushing about you and… @BundjalungBud
I'm looking at the colony the way this Magpie is looking at us all today. I'm glaring back at your judgement, your… is fire and I'm burning from the accuracy @flashblak @flashblak Beautiful. Thank you for posting this. I needed to see something that would loft me and it did. @WillowA2 I think we are all moving towards another horrific event to end this year tbh. It's like a car crash in s… this show on Trump & honestly I don't need more anger today. @yodaberg Yes. But it's about calculated risk. I'm not running out to do it as soon as we can. @rissless @nakkiahlui Love it! @yodaberg Yep! Drugs now wearing off 🤣 @yodaberg She is so cute @rissless @nakkiahlui Mine too. There is an actual photo of me dressed as her somewhere @rissless @nakkiahlui Or.....💜 @HelenBranton1 It's okay, I was expecting it. Since having some trauma to my teeth around 8 years ago and with chro… I have over 60% bone loss inside my mouth. Better keep talking until I can't no more then! Can't wait till I mo… @Garphillian YesSo you care about #INDIGENOUS scholars? Check out these comic art posters starting with…
Retweeted by Dr Tess (abundance of caution) RyanThis is heartbreaking’ve just been sent this media release by Djab Wurrung mob. They say a protesters arm has been broken in the proces…
Retweeted by Dr Tess (abundance of caution) Ryan“Our Family Will Never Be The Same”. Earlier this year, protesters took to the streets over deaths in custody. But…
Retweeted by Dr Tess (abundance of caution) Ryan
@MelindaMann01 'Another day in the colony way'This time last year, we went on a massive road trip over three states. We visited many different countries (includi… @kjbarbour I will. I'll take some over the counter painkillers beforehand also and just try not to build up my anxi… @gotsthebug Partner offered but I said no. No need for him to take time off work. I just have to relax through it all. @yodaberg Thanks lovely. I think in going to uber there and back. Xo @Johnny_MNU Thanks and yes, Covid related. Really going to try and just think 'what will be, will be' and breathe deeplyTomorrow I have to go into the city for an invasive painful dental procedure & I'm not looking forward to the mix o…😡 this is devastating and makes me furious. Dan Andrews tore down an ancient ancestor tree, DjabWurrung people and country have been violated once again…
Retweeted by Dr Tess (abundance of caution) RyanWell done Victoria. I'll still be staying home for the most part but very happy for my friends who are wanting to get out there.Approved Covid protest 12pm Today. Black lives matter even when we aren’t trending. Everybody has a choice, and yo…
Retweeted by Dr Tess (abundance of caution) Ryan
Morning all from Melbourne (Naarm). Please don't miss our first piece for the week, from @coopesdetat covering a b…
Retweeted by Dr Tess (abundance of caution) Ryan @laura_la_rosa_ @Jessa_Rogers Yes and yes! That picture says a lot and I totally think there is a connection with the chronic pain. @Jessa_Rogers @laura_la_rosa_ Yes! Very 💜 but I now feel closer to both of you @yodaberg Byron. Yup.Jesus F ing Christ F. S. he said @laura_la_rosa_ wonder what Covid normal is even going to look like? I've been considering this from my circumstances along a spe… @RyanSheales I'm okay with it. For some of us, easing restrictions doesn't make us want to go out and chance our ch…
@gotsthebug Thank you x @PepPhelan NowI adore my mother, but she was long tortured by something before her love passed. Her coping involves drowning in t… day the grief is a stream that flows through her life, never leaving her. But then the anniversaries come and… is my dad's birthday, he would have been 81 & passed 24 years ago. It's a day I look back at good times with… @MagazineAmplify Watching Borat subsequent moviefilm insteadOnce again, Black aunties are the ones with the sense @yodaberg @carlyfindlay Agreed. @ScottTrindall 'Madder than a White person getting asked about Whiteness' is my new fave saying tbh. You better trademark or before I doAboriginal people have been a focus of study for so long that many of us have come to take it as a given that we sh…
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@Asher_Wolf @Natalie20881698 F#ing disgusting! Heading over to report @gotsthebug I reckon you do turn that stuff off for a while. It's good on a way, protective. And of it doesn't retu… @gotsthebug I reckon it takes time first to work that out. I could say that, unfortunately, I still like men!!! But… @gotsthebug It takes time and is ongoing. But I hear you sis, and am here to listen and acknowledge @gotsthebug When we first started going out, I decided to make dinner. He commented casually on the thickness of th… @gotsthebug I stupidly kept falling into the same situation with a different partner each time until I decided to s… @gotsthebug Yes. Years on I still doubt myself in making decisions and it is residual impact of abuse from previous partners. @carlyfindlay Fabulous and beautiful xx @haveachattabs @gotsthebug Smash it! full on hypo in a 24 hour period and I feel revolting @ayyschirripa @warriors_human Absolutely hardest no in the land of no, not even got to see my girl for the first time in forever and feeling all the feels don't know if I can actually handle the debate being on every major network. My throat will go hoarse from screamingJust spoke about this and citation bias the other night. This reading by the Distinguished Prof should be a must fo… if ozmedia did the work they were supposed to and not leave it to the unpaid labour of a Black woman.…
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It would be a fitting memorial to Susan Ryan to immediately begin the task of forcing Morrison Govt and all stakeho…
Retweeted by Dr Tess (abundance of caution) Ryan @DrMLongbottom This is beautiful @MelissaSweetDr This is what worries me. I may have to travel next year and I know it won't be done safely