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Texan, Ironman, ultra runner, jiujitsu rassler, Critter, polyhedral dice roller, @HoustonDynamo supporter. Occasional adventurer. @SavingThrowShow enthusiast.

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@taterpie Boydalorian @ChrisLockey Any major dude will tell you as much.
It's been a couple of years @webtilton @yossarin @TexianArmy when we used to get these @hoover_dam sponsor I'm proud of. (Greenstar was a good one too) @carrotwafflez @jbfan911 Those things hit HARD @aimoahmed The good news is that you would likely find it hard to destroy even if you tried. Those things last forever. @HalfTangible @slinkymaster @DanCrenshawTX Wait till 2024 :) @dutkae yikes @aimoahmed Hard to beat a Lodge @BitchestheCat What a national embarrassment. We need to remember all of these people and make them pay on election days to come. @dreamwisp rude! @TJStorm01 What a great episode on so many levels.
@DriveThruFic @GreenRoninPub What a cover! @markstjohn All hail our new chilaquile overlords. Let $1.50 pastor tacos rain down upon all the true believers.It finally happened! A taco truck opened up on my corner. @TinkeringBear @McDonalds I’m just a stranger on the internet, but I would like you to be happy. You deserve to be happy.
@taterpie Same to you Amy
Retweeted by The fourth worst DevinToday I give thanks by keeping it real. @ Westside, Houston, Texas just walked in the bedroom and Mak was laying on his toy like this. What am I even supposed to do with this? @ We… @BlackSalander oh man great portrait style. @ForgingMeanings Yeah, but that sex cult would have the best design and branding around.🦃 @MangaCast It's been 20 years. Does Brother hold up?
@TukRoll We have gotten these in Texas and recently for COVID as well. @Arcane_Souls @DevenRue We’re done here. @RolandB3 They also tell us it's a matter of personal responsibility so if you get it, it's on you and not due to p… @GatorsDaily Elephants got your back on this one. @Spriteling113 Also my nickname back in college. @chadloder Jordan Peterson talks the way dumb people think smart people talk.Hell, I was playing MUDs in Finland back in '92. @lunaevayg @FeedYourGames Wow!The rain came through just before I started my run today. #dndfitness @BDaveWalters 1994 you looks like 1994 me would have probably enjoyed hanging out.
@totallyhealthie Thinking back, the first three books took me about a week or two tops to blow through. Book four t… @totallyhealthie Reminds me of the first three Song of Ice and Fire audiobooks with Roy Dotrice and then book four… @taterpie hell yeah! @ProfaneAnnalist If I ever caught my pet doing that, I'm not sure I could resist the urge to sneak up and surprise tickle it. @realRussellDog @politico Are you suggesting Trump lacks the qualities to out-moron Cruz and Rubio? @nerevsfan Seeing New England do well makes me small happy. Seeing Philadelphia come up short yet again makes me big happy. @RolandB3 Why the heck are so many people cheering this knucklehead like he's spouting philosophy with that dumb tweet? @DavidASmelser @KeithAmmann @WebDMshow Not to run away with Keith's idea, but what if the shaman was a summoner sub… to a thrilling audiobook! Welcome home, rabbitfoot. #zombiesrun
@aeeriz Hope you feel better soon. @KeithAmmann @WebDMshow Tasha's optional spells for druids moved them a little in that direction, but I take your p… @JasonTDnDDM Simply having a wonderful Christmastime. @tweetsintheME Are you trying to tell me Texas doesn't have a unique claim to... *checks chart* Goulash? @KeithAmmann @WebDMshow I'm curious how you would play up the thematic and mechanical distinction from druids. @dezmondOliver @GregAbbott_TX Maybe you can install a ventilator in Shadowfax.
Sunday morning sixer. @CarelessWhiske1 @evan7257 Took me like 30 seconds, man. Do your own homework. is Saturday, November 21, 2020, and I am here to tell you that New Order continues to be awesome.
We hit up the devil’s backbone on a misty morning.
Holiday in Latveria @CarolC Thoughts and prayers @unbabybearable @JasonTDnDDM Welcome to D&D. I love you. @DynamicFoxtrot Damn man. I am seriously tempted @cconowitch And 10 of those 22 are from Magic: The Gathering campaign settings. @lokibeat Same. And I'm disappointed, but absolutely not surprised the latest talking point is to try to shift the… run for skipping Wednesday morning. ⁦@4JBrewingCo⁩ club run 5k in the books.
@AsteadWesley I mean, he does know that statehood requires a 2/3 vote, right? @TheFLTravelGirl I ran across your blog while looking for breweries in Tampa. Well, I certainly found what I was lo… I learned... @MonarchFisher eh, it happens. I can relate. At least you have a nicely-shaped dome :) @ajramseyart Great news! I hope he gets better soon all the same. @robinmalu It has been really hard for me. I still don't wish him to get sick, but if he does, at this point, I thi… easy run. @taterpie @mercurialblonde @DanielFahy @lexkaylan Gorror :P @imittongtare I almost didn't say anything because ultimately it's your creation and I don't want to butt in. Again… @imittongtare Your art is awesome. Your subclass has me intrigued as well. Just an observation that with eight limb… @JasonTDnDDM If you absolutely positively have to be a gatekeeper, make sure to keep the gate open.
@ran3030 @chrislhayes We can make him Senate Minority Leader. @mikewardian Love ya, Mike, but I think you come in #2 behind that doggo. @NikkiHaley Whataboutism continues to be a weak rebuttal.Usenet servers @webtilton If the team wins wearing the new logo, then the logo is fine. If they lose, then the logo, like the team, is not very good. @AustinFCUK @KitCrimes @kit_geek @Henry__Hewitt @TheKitsbaia @StatesideShirts @shirts_original @MLSUKShow @AustinFC I never asked for this crap to show up in my Twitter feed. @fotodave @Lollardfish @biggray Stupid hurts
@Hal_Kaiser @dynamoreTNT @scout_2pt0 It's "Forever Orange" not "Until 2020 orange." I think you need to #holditdown with that kind of talk. @dynamoreTNT @Hal_Kaiser @scout_2pt0 I mean, I didn't like the design of the MLS Cups we won either, but they are p… @CalenCarr @HoustonDynamo @HoustonDash I am 100% fine with the bandana replacing the scarf in houston. @Hal_Kaiser @dynamoreTNT @scout_2pt0 Even though I haven't been a ticket holder since the end of 2018, my former ti… @Hal_Kaiser @dynamoreTNT @scout_2pt0 Yeah, even though you never ever hear me saying anything critical about the fr… @RightWingWatch Satan doesn't get a vote. @DanCrenshawTX I wonder how Biden feels about building the Ike Dike @dynamotheory @HoustonChron #Houston1836
Retweeted by The fourth worst Devin @dynamotheory @HoustonChron Eh whatever. They certainly could’ve done a lot worse.I stopped flaming zombies from escaping Crystal Palace and destroying the world! #zombiesrun @mbeardsleyWI06 @MULawPoll You win this round, MichaelDraw me like one of your French poodles. @ Westside, Houston, Texas
@Boco_T I don't remember Crocop being that jacked. @JasonInTheWild Crank up Orion and you will be dead before eight minutes is up. @retroist A match made in hell.@hoover_dam Trying to remember that WPS game you took me to at Harvard Stadium. Boston Breakers vs... I'm drawing… @totallyhealthie Sadly I came into it late and missed out on being able to use my phone app to send ships on mercha… @totallyhealthie Love this one @ItsTheInventory This article didn't really tell me much at all.