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Corgi Mom. Gunpla. Full Mecha Bitch. 08TH MS STREAM T/Th. Drinks mb?

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This is going to be fantastic for introducing new folks/kids to the hobby, assuming the price point is crazy low.
Retweeted by Tex MerquiseMy phone when water/sweat gets on the screen.
Retweeted by Tex Merquise @JustHereToRepo1 Wild (Beat). @SeriousBismuth @TomAznable Deadass. @YouSeeGundam Just wild beatdown. For real though, ehhhhhh./ HOBBY NEXT PHASE WEEK! 5月25日(月)~5月29日(金) \ #衝撃の5DAYS 最終日!! 本日5月29日(金)は「ガンプラDAY」! HOBBY NEXT PHASE WEEK 「ガンプラ」の…
Retweeted by Tex MerquiseCongratulations. You G-Played yourself. #Justwildbeat
@gunplagyaru DumbBeetchEnergy @gunplagyaru DumbBeeEnergyHe has seen so much shit. @AsheBlitzen The gold one I keep on me at all times! But also that white one is pretty. @The_DrMouse Ugh. Friends. @The_DrMouse Tell me. @TheGodCowTV Seconding the Neo Iwata for a starter. Can get it (and parts) at Michaels or Hobby Lobby in a pinch. Economical.
New Ver. Ka announcement coming next week? Here are my wishlist picks: GP01, Zaku II, G-Self, Byarlant. A boy can d…
Retweeted by Tex Merquise @MewLumien It is what it is 😩 @spillyxo Happy birthday!FYI Overseas Shoppers: A kit I ordered from Manda back in March, that was marked as returned in April, has finally… the Qubeley is Very Cool, but what if... M'Qubeley
Retweeted by Tex Merquise皆さま、たくさんのいいね!やコメントありがとうございます😊 感謝感謝でござきます。 ちょっと配置替えしてみました。 カンさんに叱られたモラレスさん、作業に取り掛かるの巻。w
Retweeted by Tex MerquiseTallball
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先週の #娘ちゃんアッガイ トーチカ破壊動画が好評過ぎて、次に何を出しても蛇足になるとは思うのですが💦もう少しお付き合いください🙇🏻‍♂️
Retweeted by Tex Merquise撮影のシチュエーション分からなかったので、首にネオジウム磁石仕込んで角度で変えられるようにしてます(^ ^)
Retweeted by Tex Merquise今月のホビージャパンの7月号のMAXさんの1/20 VF-1S バルキリーの作例に添えるのに、クローディアを作りましたよ。 2020年になってクローディアさんを作れるなんてね〜(^-^) 近年のコミックスの雰囲気も加味してます。
Retweeted by Tex Merquise @Fiery25123 That's the WHOLE POINTFinally. #thefivestarstories #ファイブスター物語 #fivestarstories #fivestarmonogatari #bangdoll @motto1997kai いつもフォローありがとうございます。楽しいモデルを作ろう! I am using a translator. Sorry if it is incorrect. @Scrubdowner Eyyy I got my Atlas moth and Godzilla on my island too!
Edited Gundam The Origin cover
Retweeted by Tex Merquise @TomAznable Not one bit. @TomAznable Tomato, tomato @FrankieRG_
#娘ちゃんアッガイ リハーサル中。 上手く壊れない💦
Retweeted by Tex MerquisePrince of Tennisうむ(ΦωΦ)
Retweeted by Tex Merquise「PROJECT BLUE : reproduction」 原案:機動戦士ガンダム外伝 THE BLUE DESTINY ↓フルバージョンはこちら #自主制作 #GUNDAM
Retweeted by Tex Merquiseザクレロ完成‼️ 物凄い楽しかった✨ 旧キット最高👍 かなり細かく塗装したのに台座はあえて簡素に仕上げました(気力が尽きました) 近々撮影してGUNSTAさんに出撃予定🥴 #ガンプラ #旧キット #ザクレロ
Retweeted by Tex MerquiseJust finished surfing, standing on the sand drying off. VERY small child nearby: “Mommy, effant!” I turn to see him…
Retweeted by Tex MerquiseLet's ride out, throw it out and Bangdoll #thefivestarstories #ファイブスター物語 #plamoガンダムF91はどう描いてもカッコいいのだ
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Retweeted by Tex Merquise @TomAznable 👀 @colonydrop They look friendlier then anything else I've tried so far. I need Priss and Linna before I can start!Also I spent more money but it's okay. Nene isn't alone on the shelf now. @GundamPodcast Business is BOOMING, BABYThank you @GundamPodcast ! I can't wait to rock these on my feets!
下ネタチックなツイートでフォロワーが減ったので、 まじめに模型の画像で名誉返上、汚名挽回。 WSC 破烈の人形 古い作品ですが、訳有って再撮影。
Retweeted by Tex MerquiseBarely anything is glued. Want to do it all at the end. #thefivestarstories #ファイブスター物語 #plamo on Youtube! Still playing with The Bangdoll. Looking forward to a 3-day weekend? Come hang out and start early… @FrankieRG_ Need is a strong word. I'd say want to. There are some stubborn SOBs out there. @FrankieRG_ Yeah. But if we're being real, they're all cliques of some sort.
#名刺代わりのウェザリングあげてください 35 20 そしてラビにやられる(≧∇≦)b
Retweeted by Tex Merquise @VampyBitme This is a mood @BluefinBrands If you wanna send me this a month early for my bday I won't tell anyone.The HG 1/144 QUATTRO BAJEENA’S RICK DIAS will be available for pre-order tonight at 6PM on P-Bandai USA for only $2…
Retweeted by Tex Merquise @peterbcooper So sorry to hear. 💚
1/6 Super Sailor Mercury (Artbook version) #garagekit #美少女戦士セーラームーン #sailormercury
Retweeted by Tex MerquiseLive on Youtube! Making progress on The Bangdoll. I have a bed time so we're ending at the 2hr mark. Got nothing el…
@MewLumien Stunning as always.1/10 Alkonost by IgnisArt (Shoplink: (painted Version by me not for sale)
Retweeted by Tex Merquise @Gundam_UK Good old B- Club lol. The box art is my favorite.Mail flex day. の ガンダム系のフィギュア達。少しづつ手に入れ、塗って増やしてゆく予定です。
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Her name is Fei-Yen.
@TomAznable That and garage sales. And estate sales. Just outside shopping in general.I love it when you call me Big Pharma.
Mechanism - 05/15/20- Episode 35
Retweeted by Tex Merquise発売中の旧キットはモビルアーマーも面白い。 エルメスも作り込んでいけばどこまでも楽しめるよ。#旧キット
Retweeted by Tex Merquiseルナマリアちゃんのザクヲ、製作中。 ガナーウィザードのEタンク、でかくて目につくのでディテールを弄りました。 タービンブレードっぽい彫刻のところ、赤い方はピッチが狭いので彫り込む系で大丈夫そうだけど下の方はカットして新造することに…
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How many all yous would play in a #virtualon tournament on ps4 with a buy in of 5.00 ??
Retweeted by Tex MerquiseLive Now! Still going at it with the Bangdoll. Come hang and watch me drop pieces that don't snap together nice and… caught up to The Bangdoll's appearance in FSS. Next: the actual books I own so I can stop reading on a screen.
@FrankieRG_ EXTREMELY FAST STREET FURIOUSMobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack by Kato Naoyuki
Retweeted by Tex Merquise @tea_bird Squadブルタコ(1/35)進捗です! 降着機構はかなり苦戦しましたが、何とかできました🤣 #ボトムズ #プラモデル #改造 #旧キット #百年戦争記
Retweeted by Tex MerquiseTeaser Super Sailor Mercury (not for sale) #garagekit #SailorMoon #sailormercury #美少女戦士セーラームーン
Retweeted by Tex Merquise @FrankieRG_ A WHOLE mood
@papapfisk @DaOnlyEzeGen Cool汚しどうしよう… #ボトムズ #むせる #ラビドリードック
Retweeted by Tex Merquise @laureninspace Jesus.No stream tonight. I am le tired.
@StartaRiot20 Does this also apply to quesadillas? @ChrisOfBodom They were living embodiments of every tweet I've ever read about someone recognizing Tony Hawk @ChrisOfBodom In our defense we were the Cali locals.I was in a bar during Twitchcon. Middle of the afternoon so it was empty ish. Killing time with friends before a me… warehouse is now open, and we have resumed shipping operations. Many of you have already received tracking numb…
Retweeted by Tex Merquise @KrasherOx @sousai_h So cuteToday was my first day in...I don't even know how long that I was on a job site for the day and damn did I miss my dogs.
@childofmecha The cap pinched my finger :( @evantickles False alarm. Galbaldy. @evantickles Sis couldn't find it but I'll double check when I get home! @evantickles Actually. Hold on @VF5SS [MAD]Got a blood blister from my protein shaker. Lol.完成〜! 撮影はまた明日
Retweeted by Tex MerquiseEh.
@240eukrante 大気圏内の森は様々な危険が想定されますね #どうぶつの森    #AnimalCrossing    #ACNH    #ちゃちゃまる #ガンダム
Retweeted by Tex Merquiseあつまれガンダムの森!
Retweeted by Tex Merquiseアッガイ。ウェザリング前と後。 とは言ってもまだまだです。一応の手順はあるんですが、良いと言える感じになってくれません。その内良くなって来ると思うので、とりあえず今日は寝ます。 #ガンプラ #ジオン驚異のメカニズム
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