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was cool until you got to know me. 🥦🌿🌤📝 @Paperbarkgame and mf @woodweather

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@BRKeogh @Serrels @adamruch In my head they were trying to have a nod at those old sex ed VHS you’d watch in school @GhostTownGoldie Should have use a roulette wheel insteadThis feels like something that would have been used as an example in one of those 1990s primers on postmodernism
Retweeted by Burdak of Meteorology 🌦️ GDC 🌩 @huedavies @dangolding They should be rolling 20d’s imo @stillisles I’m glad this content is back @heygleeson Depends if you’re going to a games event or not!! @JoLammert I will have 1 (one) reluctant whiskey @JoLammert Yeah just come back to Aus as your yearly
@bonerman_inc Bathed in gloryYou know who else needs to be told to shower. Very young children and dogs @sallyrugg We’re so fuckedEvery time i think i know whats going on, shit like this happens. Why are there even playing cards involved???? Wha… oh ok @BRKeogh Can’t wait for them to move to Melbourne @skatebee Skateboard Study @tomwalkerisgood Yeah same. Just to go out and treat myself @SirIve Nah you’re right. Total misstep with that @SirIve Invite me around Ive. Let me into your cardboard wonderland @angharadyeo Wow @angharadyeo Oh yeah def @angharadyeo The fun is in making the thing and thinking about stuff. The games are a bonus @angharadyeo ITS NOT ABOUT THATWe don’t talk about Labo enough and how fuckin cool it is @alexanderperrin oh geez i didnt even think about you getting Dreams. Is that even legal @supsuphannah can't* ugh whatever @supsuphannah cat wait to shoot that sexy cat??? @microtrailers @bonerman_inc @BRKeogh I reckon 3 years is good
@andmish @MattPetrak @alexandermuscat @sophiebeerdraws Couple of mates used to live in this mouldy townhouse and same thing, just constant colds. Its so bad @christianmccrea Yeah look after i typed it i got a mental image of him doing it again and folded in on myself @christianmccrea I dunno. We lose our shit when a PM eats a sausage sideways @sophiebeerdraws Ah dudee fuckcjj @sophiebeerdraws Aww thats soooo gross @UnbearableDutch Mf cuddles and walkiesspeaking of good covers
Retweeted by Burdak of Meteorology 🌦️ GDC 🌩But why did they take that statue and a bunch of geese you're looking for copyright-free images for your creative projects this weekend (or to make memes) head to our…
Retweeted by Burdak of Meteorology 🌦️ GDC 🌩 @skatebee Why stop there. Just keep counting down until my deathIt's weird... to think about how the '90s are now as far away as the '60s were from the '90s.
Retweeted by Burdak of Meteorology 🌦️ GDC 🌩Nah, nothing racist about white Australia cobber.
Retweeted by Burdak of Meteorology 🌦️ GDC 🌩 @kurtruslfanclub @christianmccrea I just recently deleted my “Shit” folder @bilvyy booo @bonerman_inc @OminousJazz we're talking about you at work againtweetjam idea by @OminousJazz "steppe warlord dating sim"
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My gun shoots recycled bulletsLol ok months during the bushfires, Australians have breathed air pollution up to 26 times above levels considered haz…
Retweeted by Burdak of Meteorology 🌦️ GDC 🌩 @YUKFUNWOW Ugh that’s so goodHeading to GDC? ✨👁️ We'd love to catch up, discuss evil plans & show you our new game! Book in a time:
Retweeted by Burdak of Meteorology 🌦️ GDC 🌩 @nopoweradeinusa @idontknoandrew Wrong of MATH - New on Steam:
Retweeted by Burdak of Meteorology 🌦️ GDC 🌩 @microtrailers Fuck yea
Retweeted by Burdak of Meteorology 🌦️ GDC 🌩 @DaveMilbo That’s very cool @alexandermuscat @_jrap @tigershungry @doougle @WildRumpus @Official_GDC Gifgames!!Delighted to announce our 2020 Mild Rumpus cohort today Mild Rumpus, @WildRumpus' annual exhibition of experiment…
Retweeted by Burdak of Meteorology 🌦️ GDC 🌩 @bonerman_inc Pidgey*Its spring @Rum_Buck Lol oofI want a basement. Why dont we build more basements here @ableandgame Yiu should still do thisYeah ok but try making a game! @jasonimms Got himI thought ninjas were meant to be bloody quiet!! @TrentKusters Yeah him cutting bread didnt scream that eitherIt must be so easy pitching dumb marketing ideas to big companies @steamjamboree Yeah its such a horrible thoughtThis honestly breaks my heart @AlexDunnin @dangolding Stfu
@davidsurman_ Feeling pretty surprised!I just wanted to share this amazing description they wrote about Paperbark. It’s probably the best thing ever writt… @lisyk Lol dunno @lisyk @gracebruxner DID IT BOUNCE WHEN IT HIT YOUR BALCONY THANKS @sophiebeerdraws Thank you!"it's just a game" is the best possible mindset you can ever have when you are talking about actual games.
Retweeted by Burdak of Meteorology 🌦️ GDC 🌩 @sbuggames Now you’re talkin what an absolutely *incredible* introExcellent visual storytelling of the recent Australian bushfires.
Retweeted by Burdak of Meteorology 🌦️ GDC 🌩 @DaveMilbo say hi to Thrall for meyeah its called fuckin sustainable energy @_jrap ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!!What appear to be sunken yachts in vernazza, Italy
Retweeted by Burdak of Meteorology 🌦️ GDC 🌩 @j0mblino Dunno!? I kinda want the surprise @darcywsmith @kurtruslfanclub good steam nameWell shittt
@Meegsjo @N1ckBee5 Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddd... .... nooottt faaiiiirrrWe got a mention in this really amazing children's book fair! 😭😭😭 @Steam @Woodweird @TimesNTroubles whatdafuckckk @cutchemist @doougle!!!!! lost over a billion jars of Vegemite due to bushfires @jkcrosbyfun 🔂Kangaroos™ and Koalas™ @DrCurlytek Its cursed @jkcrosbyfun Nah as a loop. I saw your previous one was real close