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@Lil_soap_bubble Hello. I'm sorry to read this. Can you tell me your start and end stations please, I'll pass the d… @ffseIIie 2/2 If you are still unable to claim a refund after registration, please email details to customerservice… @ffseIIie 1/2 Hi Ellie. The cards would need to be registered to you so that we can arrange a refund. An incomplete… @julapops Hi Jules, that's strange and sorry to hear that! It should have been a normal weekday service. I will pas… @PETERDFF Hello. Updates for all of our services are posted on the Status Updates page of our website at the attach… @julapops Hi Jules, sorry to hear you've been waiting so long. We are reporting a good service on the circle line a…ℹ️ Government guidance requires everyone to #StayHome wherever possible 🆕 For essential trips, remind your colleag… @AmatyaPadma 2/2 to priority locations across the bus and tube network to explain the requirement and encourage com… @AmatyaPadma 1/2 Hi Padma. Everyone should be wearing a face covering on our services unless they are exempt and we… @Toucsy Hi Ian, I'm sorry this has been your experience. Our officers are working across the network to ensure pass… @PipRowe 👍Our services continue to run for those who need to travel for legally permitted reasons 🚇 🚊 🚍 🚡 🚲 If you need to… @PipRowe Hello Pip. It can take a couple of weeks for a refund request to be resolved at the moment. If you can rep… @Redchick69 Hello Red. I really appreciate you taking the time to let us know about the driver. I'll certainly pass… @Earl_67 @guardian @Telegraph @MailOnline @clotheshorse90 @newleasemusic Hi Earl, I'm sorry to hear this. The socia… @Chicch @MayorofLondon Hi Cheryl, I'm sorry this has been your experience. We are working with BTP officers to enfo… @shanes_loonie Hello. I do appreciate you taking the time to let us know about the driver. I will certainly pass yo… @queenie64339913 Hello. The Oyster card number is 12 digits long and would begin with a zero. There is no letter at… @Mannyy1991 @MayorofLondon Hi Manny, sorry to hear about the PCN. Your best course of action is to challenge the PC… @cattherunner Hi Cat, thanks for getting in touch with us. Sorry to hear that one of our drivers of the 57 bus bein… @danielh44775941 Hi Daniel. Sorry for the bus not stopping, I can understand how frustrating this would've been.… @abulHassanvv @GSLDN_2001 @Sulay_427 Hi there, we have guidance on how you can apply for a 16+ Oyster photocard on… you guess where this moquette design is from? 🤔 #GuessTheMoquette @selz_j 2/2..of this, I’ll make sure that this gets fed back to management. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Thanks, Morpheus @selz_j Thanks for getting back. Sorry to hear that you've been referred back to us. To my knowledge every time BTP… @selz_j Hi Selina, thanks for getting in touch with us. I fully understand where you’re coming from and your concer… @wandbc @AlecVliet Hi Alec, sorry about the issue with the traffic lights. You can report traffic light issues usin… - want to lose weight, quit smoking, get active or boost your mood? Take the first step today with free…
Retweeted by TfL 🏡London remains in lockdown. Please ensure you are following the current Government guidance. Our officers are on d…
Retweeted by TfL 🏡 @ScottMcDonald90 Hi Scott. We don't tend to offer refunds due to planned works, but if you can please log details o… @BearlyYours Hi Francis. Sorry for the different timings you've experienced on the 95 bus recently. Please can you… @claireelizabxth Hi Claire, sorry that your customer ID hasn't been sent to you - your ID should be sent to you onc… @SassySolicitor Hi there, thanks for getting in touch with us. Really appreciate your feedback about the doors at L…☁️❤️⁠ Misty mornings 🚌⁠ Thanks for sharing, George!
Retweeted by TfL 🏡 @Devantekid Hi there, I hope you have a great day. Take care and stay safe. Thanks, Morpheus @james_ponter 3/3.. roles, equipped with the training, skills and equipment to do this safely. Thanks, Morpheus @james_ponter @MayorofLondon @SadiqKhan @LBC @NickFerrariLBC 2/3..Police, as well TfL's own enforcement officers ar… @james_ponter @MayorofLondon @SadiqKhan @LBC @NickFerrariLBC Hi James, thanks for getting in touch with us. Sorry t… @wintersloss Hi there, thanks for getting in touch with us. We're working closely with the British Transport Police… @Bambos8 4/4..travelling. The numbers above does not include police enforcement. Take care and stay safe. Thanks, Morpheus @Bambos8 3/4..refusing to comply. FPNs are a last resort but they will be used where necessary. The police are enga… @Bambos8 2/4..covering from their bag or pocket, putting it on correctly or purchasing one from a nearby shop. They… @Bambos8 Hi Alex, thanks for getting back. We don't have specific numbers for on board the train alone. So far, our… @MarkJam70438474 2/2 and we'll return to a normal service from Hainault on Saturday. There were also some train can… @MarkJam70438474 Hi Mark, sorry for the wait to board your train this morning. There is currently a reduced service… @NoChanceClo 6/6..that this gets fed back to management. I hope you get to your destination soon and your day gets better. Thanks, Morpheus @NoChanceClo 5/6..engaging with similar levels of passengers and stopping those without a face covering and who do… @NoChanceClo 4/6..They have also prevented 9,271 people from boarding and 2,063 were ejected from the service. 1,89… @NoChanceClo 3/6.. enforcement officers have stopped 128,031 people from getting on our public transport services u… @NoChanceClo 2/6..Everyone should be wearing a face covering on our services unless they are exempt. We're doing al… @NoChanceClo Hi there, thanks for getting in touch with us. Sorry to hear that people are unable to socially distan… @Bambos8 @MayorofLondon 2/2...and since 4 July we have stopped more than 128,000 people from getting on our service… @Bambos8 @MayorofLondon Hi Alex, I'm sorry to read that some people haven't been adhering fully to the rules around… @AlexandraScott 4/4 take care and keep safe. Thanks, Jo. @AlexandraScott 3/4 use: Using the form allows us to capture all the information we need t… @AlexandraScott 2/4 discretion to allow additional passengers to board, if households are travelling together and s… @AlexandraScott 1/4 Good morning, Ali. I'm sorry to see that you've not had the best start this morning with the bu… @punjabihammer Good morning. If a fellow passenger is causing a disturbance or disrupting you and others on the tra… @NeelSha1978 @bira68 👍 @JAMOS_ Hi J, is this near the station? Thanks, Jo. @thameswater @NW6GoodBadUgly Hi again. This bus stop was already reported to us a few days ago. I've updated the reference with… @NW6GoodBadUgly Evening. I've reported this to the Streets Team. They are now aware of the graffiti on the shelter.… @NW6GoodBadUgly Thank you for reporting the sign to us. I've sent on the information to London Overground. Take car…
@oldchap1952 Hi Martin. Which stops are missing? I can then pass on the information. Thanks, Jo. @sandboxin Good evening. I'm sorry to hear that you've been waiting on a refund for a season ticket. Do you have a… @ThomasK32450739 @MayorJohnBiggs 3/3 in a lockdown. Maintenance work on the railway is essential and ensures that t… @ThomasK32450739 @MayorJohnBiggs 2/3 they'll be able to advise you further on the works that took place. If this r… @ThomasK32450739 @MayorJohnBiggs 1/3 Good evening, Thomas. I am sorry to hear that overnight works kept you and you… @DianneBushell1 Hello Dianne. That's good to hear, I do appreciate you taking the time to let us know. Thanks, Paul. 👍 @lcmowat Hi Laura. Vauxhall Bridge is within the Congestion Charge zone. It's possible to check a post code or addr… @wxhbi Hello. Apologies, Social Media have no access to customer accounts. Please speak to a member of the team by… @CusackSusan 2/2 investigate this and reply to you. Thanks, Paul. @CusackSusan 1/2 Hello Susan. I'm sorry to read this and hope that both you and your husband are ok. Please log det… @sally_springer Hi Essy. Our Lost Property team will be able to look into this for you. Please contact them by emai… @matthewelston 2/2 our team will be available from 8am on Monday morning. Thanks, Paul. @matthewelston 1/2 Hello. The site has been unavailable between 7am and 2pm today for maintenance reasons. Please c… @Willie81312510 Hello. In order to delete your web account, please send a request (by email) to . Thanks, Paul. @ftrooptest Hello. There are no exemptions in place for people travelling to be vaccinated. Thanks, Paul. @jinglejanglejd Hi Jonah, You may be able to get a refund if you no longer need your season ticket (on Oyster). Th…🎡💕⁠ Eye see you 👀⁠ Thanks for sharing, Carola! cycling her paper round at aged 10, to helping others start their cycling journey. Jacqui shares her cycling s…
Retweeted by TfL 🏡 @j2thebiz Hi John. If you take TfL Rail services you will need to pay the particular fare for that route. There are… @omarosman00749 Hi Omar, you can travel for work including voluntary work, if you cannot do so from home. Regarding… @Keefspark @MayorofLondon 2/2 also engaging with similar levels of passengers and we’ll continue to do everything w… @Keefspark @MayorofLondon Hi Keith, I'm sorry you haven't seen any enforcement on your journeys. We do have enforce… @xTemaa Hi Tema, Congestion Charge payments can't be made at the moment as our website is currently undergoing main… @hannahsokoya 2/2 There are also alternative ways that you can challenge a PCN here: Thanks and take care, Rachel @hannahsokoya Hi Hannah, sorry to hear that you've been having trouble logging your representation. Please call our… @jonny_buck @SadiqKhan 2/2 also engaging with similar levels of passengers and we’ll continue to do everything we c… @jonny_buck @SadiqKhan Hi Jonny, I'm sorry you haven't seen any enforcement on your route. We do have enforcement o… @JordiHeart Hi Jordi, sorry for the wait to board your train and that the 06:27 didn't arrive, I appreciate this is… @JordiHeart Good morning, Jordi. I'm sorry about the disruption you've experienced this morning. Where are you wait… @ChrisKa30653730 Hi Chris, thanks for your message. Please advise us of the station you are starting your journey from. Thanks, Moronke @mumonthehighst1 2/2 between 08:00 and 20:00 (Monday to Friday). Thanks, Jo. @mumonthehighst1 1/2 Good morning. You can check your car here: Although at the moment the… @raefrancesca_ 2/2 the area you are travelling to here: Thanks, Jo. @raefrancesca_ 1/2 Hi Rachael. I used the postcode for Hampstead Heath Overground station to check which charge app… @VladGalabov 2/2 departure ran as timetabled and I hope you were able to board. Again, I am sorry about this. Take… @VladGalabov 1/2 Hi Vlad. I'm sorry for not getting to your message earlier. I've looked at the service and I can s… @ryanaoconnor 2/2 here: I'm sorry that your journey was disrupted. Thanks, Jo.