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(quantum) mechanical engineer, techno enthusiast, views definitely my own.

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Is there any better feeling than dropping exact change on the counter at family mart? @patrickwlh It's time to combat this with ... [Beheads chook and sees which square its flailing corpse lands on] another op-ed! @PederMannerfelt These ads for contraception are getting really deep
@camerononon @natttjames Just cos you look like this guy without glasses does not mean you get to make this call
What if we kissed... At the typhoon 😳Just saw not one not two but about eighteen monkeys walking past my window... Which prompts the questions 1) what… Hagis
Japaneasing into it @sysadminvb Catch you at Labyrinth?
Get ready for some fucking content cos I just landed in Japan
Get this shit off my face - 2019 @HTMLflowers 1. Loves it as an exploration of the cosmic futility of life 2. Probably really into it 3. See above 4… @judgebooty69 Is it kai
oh you like music? name a song
Retweeted by tgmnHey barkeep hit me with one of them whiskey tide pods
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@socratica needs us. Tell your friends because this is one of the best educational resources I've ever seen and we…
No more White Ribbon? How about donating funds instead to a feminist organisation that provides practical support f…
Retweeted by tgmnno YOU live in a society. i live in my meticulously crafted daydream universe that i’ve been using as a coping mechanism since childhood
Retweeted by tgmn @thomas_violence I read this as "fully colonised"papa bear @timshiel @oshergunsberg @yumichild @DoubleJRadio At the drive in needing to stop playing cos people were going too crazy
"looking for like-minded.." generally seems to mean "must also be a complete cock"
Whoever decided to close the smoothie bar at bergys early on Sunday night is fucking cancelled
Retweeted by tgmn2019 needs a new Acen - Trip ll the moon Pt 4 #acen
Retweeted by tgmnMy new Spotify playlist: . . . . . . . . Fuck Spotify.
Retweeted by tgmnif capitalism drives innovation then why, 2019 years later, must we still crawl into doona covers to straighten them out
Retweeted by tgmn @blackmadonnachi I step on rakes
I'm not qualified to speak on the Dunning-Kruger effect. @LucyXIV Christ on a bike, this is weird. Its almost like when you just keep electing people who come from the esta… @camerononon This reads like a hipster runoff post and I'm here for it @camerononon "get"600mg aspirin and two hydralite on the rocks @natttjames Radio national listener checking in
Do I buy a lot of records? yesyes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes…
Retweeted by tgmn @benkling That's a lot of plants @TwoPaddocks Please tell me you've seen this @AynRandy FuckenBow to your Queen
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Remember in 2004 when you were like "I'm gonna go on the computer"
Retweeted by tgmnThat’s it I’m logging off
Retweeted by tgmn @r_ibeka Christ on a bike this is the worst and coldest take I've maybe ever seen @annalivsey_ I have definitely been present for your dealingsTrump is getting an impeachment hearing two days into libra season. The scales of justice work fast!!
Retweeted by tgmn @strom_m Can't defend the butter (dairy industry), but Bivalves have no central nervous system, and are filter feed… @telefontelaviv @samvoltek *dusts off the guitars* fuck dance music
Retweeted by tgmn @ZEFGIRLCLUB just like a hundred treesI nominate Greta Thunberg as Australian of the Year
Retweeted by tgmn*sobbing quietly* "... and I like it funky"Always debate about the exact definition of Western Sydney: I present the Red Rooster Line (S. Hill an obv. outlier)
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@eric_cloutier @t_hagii is now tagging his friends in private group chats, instructing them to get on twitter... with increasing ferocitybecoming extremely mad about a small girl like a man with a normal and regular brain of regular function
Retweeted by tgmnAs a Sydney cyclist and stone Roses fan can I just say "I wanna not be dooooooooored"
Pete Tong - remain Judge Jules - remain Paul Oakenfold - leave DJ Sonique - remain Carl cox - remain Danny Rampli…
Retweeted by tgmnBig tuna salad in the office kitchen energyFaceTime is way more intense than riding up and knocking on someone's front door, it's like "hey what are your lite… @numberonecatdad there's no sad react for tweets but i'm sorry <3in the wise words of @t_hagii : "Oh to be Third Panel Goofy"
Batdog, baaatdooog, alone in the world was a little batdog @timshiel @triplej This is a super hot tracklist @timshiel @triplej @grasps_ !!!!as a millenial, why do i always find myself helping boomers use ipads @loopsnake lmk when you pick your mind up off the floor, K&K is full of some of the most galaxy-brained and amazing humor everis there a reason why British Men Who Like Drum & Bass are always, always, ALWAYS pouting about whether or not (mo… @loopsnake one question and one question only: what the fuc?
Climate strike turn out was amazing. Do systemic racism next!
Retweeted by tgmn @simpscreens "It's not quite breakfast it's not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantelope at the end" ..?Guys I just spoke to a clam, and I have some terrible newsThat time in space camp that I got to run communications and type up little notes to the people on the "space ship"…
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Sticks and stones etc, but this is the only your words could ever hurt me @allison99999999 The chant slowly grows until the entire domain is shouting together. "At last a movement we can al… of the day? is it so hard for mathematicians to believe P = NP? It's so simple, the number of pizzas you order is definite… striking, remember that full time work is a massive privilege and that there are plenty of people who have to…
Just updated my iPhone to iOS 13. I'm digging the light saber noise it makes when I move it around...
Retweeted by tgmn @DeejayMosca @MARTYN3024 the roast begins @SweatEquityNYC @MARTYN3024 @keinobjekt @steindorjonsson The roast of TJ, this Wednesday in Saule @Johnny_Lieu Localised to your very Newtown
@MJBiercuk @strom_m @Sydney_Uni @sydney_physics @qctrlHQ Also doesn't the DSGL have some quite bombastic wording? W… @mrbenjaminlaw @thomas_violence Holy fuck BLaw you nailed it here @NayukaGorrie Thats like a rube goldberg machine of awful injuries'discharged their firearm' 'causing a woman' 'to receive a gunshot wound' 'an incident'
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Guys are afraid of period sex bc they don’t realize they can wash their dick
Retweeted by tgmn @aquarian WildIt's twenty fucking nineteen and this still slaps @timshiel guess what
@camerononon Anklepants really got to ya huh @mylarmelodies Linnaeus or QPAS is my only question @aerielist Unrelated but in 2019 chode is still one of the funniest words in the Oxford English Dictionary
When i take the bass out
Retweeted by tgmnCatch you at the spooky music functionDefinitely the worst day of the year to wake up craving hearing Stevie Wonder on a soundsystem
@thomasj00494249 End Me @camerononon I call bullshit on phones interfering with medical equipment. They have wifi in hospitals now - same frequencies (ish)Is there a reason that hospital IT stopped advancing after pagers? Public health experts all big fans of the wire? @patrickwlh Usyd Marxist dude strikes again
@eevblog "Person" P machine learning algorithm E machine learning algorithm R machine learning algorithm S machine… jitter bean let's see how that goes at 11:45 tonight while I stare at the fucking ceiling @strom_m @TwiningsTeaUK Buy Billy tea instead, and also invest in a Billy. And also a small campfire which we can s…