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Petar Milovanovic @Tgwri1s Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Some people love football, some basketball. I like both, but I love Counter-Strike. Consultant @HLTVorg

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Not going to be able to catch most of Gambit vs. NIP live today, got my first vaccination shot scheduled this after…
VINI continues playing great in the EPL playoffs! Now sitting on a 1.37 rating after 7 maps, while having impact i… topping the Group of Death, Astralis don't even get a map in two playoff series. The other 2 teams who came… youngest lineup in tier one remains composed enough after losing the overtime on Mirage to come back from a 4-1…
Bravo Gambit, they keep delivering. And Ax1Le is looking like the main MVP candidate for EPL. What a great rise t… and TeSeS were Heroic's best performers in the group stage, and they continued in that form today. With how… continue looking superb and remain undefeated since adding refrezh and sjuush. 8 matches won 16-3 map reco…
Can't say I expected FURIA and Complexity to come out of this 8-team bracket with three top5 teams in there (NAVI,… was already great in the group stage, and yesterday in the win over NAVI. And now he added another key perf… was all a cunning plan by Complexity in the veto @Rxvxrs They're about to play it any minute as the 3rd map against in the playoffs of EPL are yet to win on Vertigo since jks joined. They haven't even played the map this year in officials. No… VP can lose a round that ends with a 4vs2 advantage :)Impressive showing from FURIA, very well prepared on Vertigo and didn't get shaken on Mirage after a really poor CT…
Retweeted by Petar Milovanovic @tflxdd Yea, the hopes did not pan out :)Although he didn't stand out as much as against FPX, VINI added another two solid maps vs. G2. He's the second hig… well earned win for FURIA, they were the better team today by far. And that's now at least a top6 placing secure… shoutout to @FrankieWard for doing a great job with the interviews. She managed to get tons of interesting info… @YetixCS Alright, to be clear - this was the biggest Dust2 CT side comeback ever :) There was no 15-0, 15-1 or 15-… was a dominant win for FURIA, and oh boy, that ending with knifing NiKo in the 5vs1. Hopefully that spurs on… @ErectToaster04 Very likely :)No MVP for Pinnacle Cup as of now. But we'll leave it open as an event to reconsider later on in the year dependin… continue impressing. After beating NIP in the quarter-finals of the Pinnacle Cup, they took down BIG yesterd…
Not sure about how those options look atm, but if rival orgs are still asking for buyouts like forZe's $1.5mm for F… clearly took EPL as a platform for some experimentation. They gave B1T two extra maps to play instead of flam… I was 5 days ago, hoping we don't get NAVI vs. Liquid in the first round so that one of them doesn't get elim… @YetixCS Which part do you find misleading? If someone had a 15-1 lead and there was a comeback before, there woul…'s highest rating in 2021 so far. Players stepping up and reaching new heights in big matches is often how tou… years of CSGO. 9,899 Dust2 matches recorded. 253 times a team had a 15-3 lead on the T-side. 1 comeback was well into thinking about how both Liquid and VP are eliminated in the first round after making it through the… VP get the win in the end! With a 1vs2 clutch nonetheless! This one goes straight into the history books. No… What a comeback by VP! This is the first time in CS history that a team came back from a 3-15 deficit on the… dominant win for ENCE on Train. The 7 lost rounds could have been even lower had VP not managed to wi… still undefeated on mirage in 2021
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This was a banger! G2 may have won all 6 pistol rounds, but they lost all three first halves, and lost the first m… was already the best performer for G2 in the group stage, and now he had this monster map to prevent elimina… mentioning that some people are co-operating and that ESIC do take that into consideration for bans by reduci…
Retweeted by Petar MilovanovicVINI was amazing today, great contribution on all 3 maps: Nuke - 26:20, 96 ADR, 80% KAST, 1.36 rating Vertigo - 2…, map 3 to decide the first playoff match of EPL! FPX have won all 5 of their bo3s that came down to the la… can't afford to let their foot off the gas here, this is an elimination map for them. And on top of being th… this didn't end up being just a nice 3k. FURIA were about to get 15 in this round, but STYKO got these Deagle… save by Styko on eco round. Insane.
Retweeted by Petar MilovanovicLooks like VINI was the only FURIA member who came into the match already warmed up :) Superb first half on Nuke b… @K0rs__ Devilwalk was just standing in for a few practice daysThis will be the first time STYKO, Maden, zehN and Farlig play against FURIA in an official game. suNny did play a…
Hopefully this finally leads to some real punishment
Let's put it this way - if the year ended now, I doubt anyone would be surprised to see YEKINDAR ahead of ZywOo in… stats for EPL S13 Group D 🇱🇻 YEKINDAR with the highest rating, ADR, KPR, Impact, OpK 🇩🇰 device & 🇺🇸 EliGE… draw could have turned out worse, so I'll take it :) 13 great playoff matches coming up over the next two week… @JesusJameChrist It's not predetermined. Should be drawn on stream soon as far as I'm awareNow it's time to find out the EPL playoff pairs. Fingers crossed that we don't get NAVI vs. Liquid in the first roundEliGE vs. YEKINDAR battles would be something I'd happily subscribe to for the next 5+ years :)After a great start by beating Astralis and taking VP to overtime on map 3, EG finish last in the group. The loss…'s done it again. After the Dust2 vs. Liquid a few days ago, device has now pretty much done the same against fna… was quite something in the Extra Salt vs. paiN final of the BLAST Showdown NA qualifier last night. What a mo… team SKADE, the new home of WESG 2018 MVP and former c0ntact member SHiPZ, is on a 13-series winning stre…
The core of s1mple-electronic-flamie has 8 notable trophies, and they lost either the first or the second match in… @BenikageCasts And if EG beat Liquid today, we would have been dreading that scenario tomorrow as well @BenikageCasts It's not really middle of the road, there are many more negatives than positives (most of it is outl… robin is the worst competitive format out there. EPL got pretty lucky with it this time. I dreaded a scenari…'s also been the case in many group stages or starts to tournaments they ended up winning in the past. So just… that all 12 teams in EPL playoffs are decided, I'd say there are only two teams that seriously disappointed - V… hasn't just been the one taps in clutches, 🇧🇷 FalleN has been one of the best & most consistent players of EPL G… there are still three more matches to be played, this kinda wraps up Group D. The three top5 teams all ma… starting 2021 with a terrible record in pistol rounds, Astralis have been getting better at every event: BLA… was more of the same on Dust2, after an 0-4 start VP went on a 16-4 run, so it's a convincing win overall. Barr…, good question. Haven't really considered it due to the format. But with the teams in mind it deserves consider…, that was basically a 15-1 stomping surrounded by a few fnatic rounds on either side of it. And Train was fna…
HAVU continue looking like the best team outside of the big events. They just notched their biggest win yet, takin… D at #ESLProLeague is still very much open with three teams on 2-1 and three on 1-2. We should start getting…
Retweeted by Petar MilovanovicOh my, this was extra crispy! naturally pick Inferno again :) Curious to see how that works out now that a team like Liquid has had tim… wasn't device today, instead it was gla1ve being the most impactful in both map wins against… took over 4.5 hours to get the winner of this one! Astralis and VP are both now 2-1 in Group D, and the winner… is a crazy match between two very special teams. Doesn't matter who will end up winning, I just hope we'll se… was quite the appropriate way to end this kind of a map :)Oh boy, this game sure is delivering :)Astralis pretty much stealing rounds at this point. The dupreeh deagle round. The device turnaround shot and last… was some grown up CS, they kept trying to outsmart each other, and in the end Astralis pulled through thanks t… is putting up a hell of a fight on the B bombsite. He's up to over 120 ADR while losing 3:8fnatic get their first win in EPL, blowing the group wide open now that every team is on the board. But their rema… new MAD Lions lineup of youngsters debuts with an upset on one of ENCE's best maps, Train. You've got my atten… looked comfortable on Train, a map they weren't given a chance to pick against Liquid and Endpoint. And Jac… team stats segment definitely ticked my fancy :) Great job by @YNk putting it all in context
VP vs. Astralis tomorrow! That's the match I've been looking forward to the most in this entire EPL group stage.… a good fight today, Liquid's drought against Astralis continues. It's now 10 losses in a row and a 3-20 ma… was on some kind of superhero serum in this one. One of the best individual performances of this year so fa… had that 1vs2 clutch at B doors for 13-14, then the ace for 15-15, now a 4k and 3k in the first two rounds o… map today that's going to overtime @Pimp_CSGO I'd say Stewie should be forced to play the next 5 anti-ecos with a CZ onlyThis is ridiculous, literally 1 damage to steal the ace. Stewie2K should be punished somehow! :)Ah, it's the day of false comebacks @Entroff_ Yep last time Liquid won against Astralis was during their Intel Grand Slam run in June 2019, in EPL S9 quarter-fin… they lost this, how well they fought combined with the win over Astralis, EG have looked like a team that…, another unlikely CeRq clutch on the B site of Inferno (after the 1vs2 against dupreeh and device yesterday) @bidzaa2 A much much higher Impact rating - he had more multi-kills, more opening kills rare sighting - Jame had the most deaths on a map. Brehze went above 100 ADR in 3 maps already (out of 5 played… their it is, EG snap their 5-map losing streak on Vertigo. While's winning streak ends… are getting close to their first Vertigo win in 2021. And it would also be VP's first loss on Vertigo this year