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Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2os dois generos são nerfgenero e agenero porque é nerf ou nada @beefyburger55 hi p#creamed #chip #beef #corned #beef #hashtag #combocan
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2Red meats, such as: Beef Pork Veal Stug Bimp Jurd Grape Ruck Dop Flg Hhnlk Bort Gegsh Yp Beev P
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2Beef There or Beef Square
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @NHanon if your beef is that she is "crying wolf" aka lying, call her a liar and move on
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @AnimeCage I know the story, but it's an unrelated thing that jontron commented on at one point but is not the crux of his detractors' beef
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @NHanon anyway if your beef is that she was wronged but is seeking restitution in the wrong way, maybe offer advice sympathetically
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2Hmm, do I need to get into internet arguments more often so people can stop dusting off the epic mild beef I had wi…
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2I've always gotten them usually when I run or walk a bunch. It feels like a needle in your ribs out of no where
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @metrokitty Hey cathy. What do you think of the latest dick health?
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @metrokitty Cathy was a quiet woman, seemed normal enough. We really never saw it coming
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @metrokitty Yes. I invented bronies as a joke and they aren't real. sorry if I worried you there, Cathy!
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @Kevin_Church @metrokitty @mingdoyle We are thankful for Cathy in our lives
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @metrokitty We need to hang out more, but also, you need to go away forever. The Cathy Paradox
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @metrokitty Cathy, "peen" is not the proper term. It's "dick"
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @beefyburger55 i love you too :]<3 @beefyburger55 youre my little viadinho @beefyburger55 gay people think alike
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @Poglinmoment lets see how long until viado becomes part of cathy's normal vocabulary(unintelligible) Beef Bastard!
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2these things are forged by satan himself you can drop these and they just spin a little before ending perfectly int… @Poglinmoment shaun ryderthe @beefyburger55 hehe :] *hugs you while kissing* @beefyburger55 i love you so much :]clown circus is good yall are cowards @beefyburger55 nice! i slept well thanks for asking :] @beefyburger55 hi babe how are you :]I am known as the Beef Bastard!
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2(Think you're fast? Well, I know I'm faster!) (Ye-ye-ye-ye...)
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 morning
its all fun and games until i start saying bazinga unironicallyjust checked my bank account and im about to scream anyway if you have even a couple of spare bucks here's my donat…
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2anyone wanna play mancala or something im boredholy shit @FIytrus sorry to break it to you but @beefyburger55 oh god its getting closer @beefyburger55 what does this mean @beefyburger55 motherfucker now im gay @TheArchivisst death RP *walks up to the square youre planted on* jobin panel is so underrated...
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2hip to the javabean is the nature tapes for the people whose touch tone telephone was the machine and whose view monster was dinosaurchestraim free ACT 2 is available for purchase right now. If you can't buy it, we'll be giving…
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2prob one of my best runs santa believer fandom is dying rt if you are a true satanistyess im totally not a vampire now may you excuse me your neck looks mighty tasty little cis boy i hope you havent e… @beefyburger55"banana rotate" i say as the bananas my enemy just ate start rotating at incredible speeds inside of their stomach… i cant wait for tjis im so excited @smooth_smoogie @beefyburger55 @bigpenisman3000 didnt you literally just watch part 1 @beefyburger55 @bigpenisman3000 I FORGOT ABOUT THAT @beefyburger55 @bigpenisman3000 you cant escape jojo trust me ive tried @bigpenisman3000 the jojo fans that got into hs are going back to jojo and the people that werent jojo fans before… dowloading every picture of neil in existence @KarkaliciousKen @boudoirdreamz may i add @beefyburger55 what if we were both girls and we commited the sin of homosexuality// religion , homophobia a guy named Farchie, he was full of starch.
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2what happens when botpops picks a reply with just an image @BotPops square monokuma 1.89% of people can get to level twoI lost my job when I got fired.
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @beefyburger55 imagine yoir grandpa dies in a brutal accident and you open his will and he left you his vriska kinning @beefyburger55 hehe ://] i love you so much @beefyburger55 *still petting you* i love you too meatythis is not funny gn
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @beefyburger55 *petpetpetpet* :] @beefyburger55 does the kitty want to be petSTONE IS THE NEW OCEAN
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2when you see it youll shit bricks @beefyburger55 i love you too!! :] @beefyburger55 i did!! thanks for asking *kisses your cheek* @beefyburger55 hi babe! did you sleep well morning @beefyburger55 i love you too!!*kisses your forehead* goodnight sleep well babe goodnightWas really impressed by this scene in the new #Animaniacs It looked just like Studio Trigger!
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @CATGIRLBENREY it can be a sexual euphemism but most people just use it as 'funny bone lol' @honeyc0rpse oomf youcant just say that without an explanation// bugs this video makes me go :]can we talk about how this shit almost syncs up it waas an accident @C4TB0YJFK SOIXANTE DEEZ NU-*gets shot*guys dont search how 79 is in french and see the pronounciation trust me dont @BotPops dezs mutsYou won't believe your eyes, you'll go insane. (Augh!)
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @honeyc0rpse sounds like his old midi files from when he was 11Goosebumps Fancam!!! ^_^ I Tried To Make The Cropping Look Cool But It Wouldnt Work ,,
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2is it really skyrim if it doesnt have the mod to replace the scream with bazinga
@ambientman @SWEET_TANGERlNE @pocketrodeo just so you know 👍
Retweeted by Callie | READ GUIDESTUCK^2 @ambientman i actually just set a reminder to make it like 2 months after i mentioned it the first timedhmu it didnt work @ambientman goddamit i was sure you had forgotten already