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🔷 8-0 🐯 [65'] #WIGHUL
Retweeted by TC7. 🔷 7-0 🐯 [45'] #WIGHUL
Retweeted by TCI'm sorry but RP are not dumping Perez for Vettel, it would be high treason @th_conway "Clive's out and AWAY WE GO.." 🤦‍♂️
Retweeted by TC @thestaveros 10/10 for you, v good @Alex_Gillon Albon far more egregious with his throttle application vs Lewis, however both are still racing incidents. @Alex_Gillon Once again Albon accelerating away without regard for the car on his insideCan imagine Martin Tyler turning up to commentate only to find his seat is taken, “And it’s Clive.”
Retweeted by TCCrofty still in a job whilst this legend is being shafted threat of rain again this weekend
rip glasses wearers @Formula_SB sir I do not know I am just glad they found appajock clear and his big bald headjust finished avatar season 2 @hallstephenj Decidedly smaller punch-hole (and thinner bezels) than previously thought. Hopefully not marketing trickery! @eddstrawF1 Will Vettel finish on the podium this season? @SportmphMark @eddstrawF1 both Alfa and Haas were much improved in race trim yesterday, signs of life at Ferrari? P… serious McLaren could steal 2nd from RB with a bit of unreliability / Albon being slow And I swear to god F…
@MercedesAMGF1 @PET_Motorsports Were you tempted to follow Max's lead and attempt the fastest lap? @thestaveros Albon going backwards, get Sebby in!Developing story here as Renault lodges protests against Racing Point
Retweeted by TC @BrainOfRob Impressed w Kvyat though for once, holding on, on old Hards @BrainOfRob Gazman fucked on strategyAlbon did exactly the same thing as last week!!! Drove into PerezGasly level bad from Albon todayMercedes and their pro-Bottad strategies ffsAlbon is so slowWhat a shame for Mick, his season already unraveling after the error in race 1. Very likely could have been leading the championship. @f1broadcasting start light beeps out of sync w picture in F3, another example of trackside cameras being artificially delayed!
@HillF1 Blame Pirelli tyres and hybrid systems for that!Go on Ben @_Langaman Good point, good point. Will be colder so Softs might work @_Langaman Start on Mediums, wait and see what happensThat was a fun session @thestaveros @LewisHamilton Untouchable!!What a driverFancy Perez in these conditionsfuck off with your whales CroftWhy is SC still out?Bloody useless race controlIt looks fine ffs
@MattyWTF1 You were miles better than main F1 comms. No useless dad jokes / "banter" - nice, concise information, t… @BrainOfRob is this wrong/outdated ? @BrainOfRob What about your Belgian man @benjhunt @justj235 What a load of hot air @GiadaDS5 @FiftyBucksss That was on heavy fuel sir @redlucy54 "his teammate drives a different car" - once again, ridiculous @redlucy54 "Being known for adaptability doesn't mean he can adapt" - seriously? Like I said, absolute delusion @benjhunt @GregCWGStuart now, from my shitey one bed fucking apartment slouched over my sofa, why the fuck can I fi… delusion @benjhunt @GregCWGStuart Which tells me, quite definitively, that for a team trying to understand a raft of updates… @benjhunt @GregCWGStuart Ben, for a journalist who is literally on location, you're talking bollocks. Not only did… @PHortonF1 Track temp @MabongaTapiwa @LewisHamilton Why is his teammate not struggling? @FiftyBucksss a.k.a Seb's own fault @FiftyBucksss His time was deleted big man @redlucy54 And if you also watched motorracing you'd know LH is renowned for his "adaptability", remember? A tiny c… @redlucy54 Notice how his teammate isn't struggling? @ArtSaSch @LewisHamilton Why is Bottas not struggling? @ArtSaSch @LewisHamilton You think they changed the car without his knowledge? 🤡 @james_kurt_7 It's the driver's responsibility to setup their carHow can you have 5 practice sessions, qualifying and a full race, and still be unhappy with your car @LewisHamilton ? @f1broadcasting You can notice the "artificial delay" on other cameras because the timing graphics update a split s… @f1broadcasting It was the same last week. I think they are trying to artificially delay the trackside cameras to c… the fat cunt again, TedSTROLL WAS NOT ON A NEW SET DI RESTA TOU RUCKING IDIOTGod Di Resta is uselessDi Resta fucking LOVes VerstappenOnce again these regulations giving Dan no chance to save it once it snappedLet's all remember that Nico Rosberg was only reprimanded for overtaking under a RED flag, Silverstone 2014. Lando should be fineWHY ARE WE SURPRISED WITH HORNER'S COMMENTS ? THEY'VE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR MONTHS
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Retweeted by TCMoron aren't going to @thomasmaheronf1 @F1_Jordan I've not watched James video but having checked live timing, they were too late/unlucky… god what a joke this sport is @ChrisCrosss98 @cmclarnon89 I should rephrase, the only driver who reasonably could've *avoided contact* was AA. @ChrisCrosss98 @cmclarnon89 Had AA showed as much caution as LH in delaying his throttle application, there would h… @ChrisCrosss98 @cmclarnon89 And this nonsense about "Albon was ahead" ... He was only so far ahead *because* of his… @ChrisCrosss98 @cmclarnon89 LH was off throttle and steering hard right, what do you want him to do? How was he to…
@ChrisCrosss98 @cmclarnon89 But the idea that LH careers into Albon is complete fiction and I suggest you study the… @ChrisCrosss98 @cmclarnon89 Throttle control is such a basic convention of racing that Albon's premature applicatio… @ChrisCrosss98 @cmclarnon89 LH is off throttle, Albon is on throttle. One drives into the other. Despite Albon *nea… @ChrisCrosss98 @cmclarnon89 Did you watch the incident?#F1 #BBCF1 #STYRIANGP The outlook continues to suggest a high probability of an overall wet day on Sat. Good broad…
Retweeted by TC @ChrisCrosss98 @cmclarnon89 If he had already passed Hamilton how did they make contact? Total falsehood. Albon exe… @stelank05 @BrawngpFake @NoakesyF1 @F1_Jordan Lewis's only responsibility on the inside is *don't hit AA* and *give… @stelank05 @BrawngpFake @NoakesyF1 @F1_Jordan The amount of lock literally doesn't matter because Lewis doesn't hit… @CRL_Hamilton4 People seem to think Lewis steamed in out of nowhere, when he's alongside literally the whole time.… @toxic_x_fusion @F1_Jordan How clear is it from the pictures that Albon comes into view and accelerates into LH lef… @toxic_x_fusion @F1_Jordan "Lewis crashes into Albon" never happened. It's a fantasy @CRL_Hamilton4 @F1_Jordan Final few frames it's absolutely clear he's no longer sliding towards Albon (bc of deft t… @CRL_Hamilton4 @F1_Jordan If LH was understeering he would've hit Albon long before Albon's rear wheel was anywhere… @LeytingBoy Albon telemtry broken but if you listen to his onboard you can hear his engine note rise @LeytingBoy (telemetry proves LH throttle btw) he's barely touching it @LeytingBoy @AfricanSimracer Hamilton was on 5-10% throttle, so I don't know what to tell you. But you know who was accelerating? Albon. @vroomvroomafaka @F1_Jordan The penalty was a joke, a rash decision made by people who simply didn't watch the onboard properly @JDFormula1 @ChristianFr5291 I seriously believe it's a visual perception thing, you can either see and understand… @JDFormula1 @ChristianFr5291 @chainbear LH was off throttle, and those final few frames was irrevocably not going t… @JDFormula1 @ChristianFr5291 @chainbear I suspect too many "racing brains" are pre-calibrated into viewing this inc…