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Gamedev. ED of presskit() creator. Public speaker, consultant, helps global gamedev. Traveler. Was 50% of @Vlambeer. He/Him. 🇳🇱+🇪🇬

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It never ceases to amaze me how productive it feels to refactor. I just moved all this junk from Update() to three…'m about to watch Tenet, it was exactly what I expected.
Retweeted by Rami Ismail (رامي)I'm about to watch Tenet, it was exactly what I expected. @Seemo OH THAT ONE @RealBenGilbert @genthus_ It's also my name in Kufic Square Arabic! If you look super carefully, you might be able… @ramiritox99 I feel this would the opposite of what @SimoneGiertz intended with this beautiful artefact xD @Seemo @scntfc Please stop this thread.bmp here I've run out of image extensions I can think of this quicklyMaybe 2020 is the year where everyone realizes a proper color picker or slider will always beat a selection of 6 sk… @PTibz maaaaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeOther nuances I have to yield: - This is when curse/filler/vague words are used to obscure a lack of detail or unde… @Coene_Arts I had not considered this @Seemo @scntfc I mean, totally fair, we need to get our daily dose of socialmedia.tgaI feel like I need to hang a calendar in my office that I put a big red X on every time I do a tweet that in hindsi… @scntfc @Seemo It's definitely a lot harsher a statement than I thought it was when I tweeted it. I had kind of ima… @theprint Overuse of words that intentionally obscure that there is no answer is a problem.Big note, because this is a valid critique this tweet is getting: this is not for normal conversation. People curse… @JDWenzel Cool, enjoy working on the game where the blocks just fall from the top obviously, and then fucking cool shit happens. @theprint There's a difference between "someone saying something off the cuff" and "expecting the creative vision-h… @pwn4science This is not where we check for integrity. It's where we check for a complete and defined creative vision. @SandroKitchener You kinda also don't want to read or hear "umm" in the creative vision of the thing you're making… @EritoKaio I don't think @itmeJP has seen it yet, we're good. @alexdotgames Corporations at this scale don't get to hide behind decisions with "workers are fallible". No choice… @radiatoryang @ItsNotewell (I spent three days trying to make a thing that controls Flight Simulators mouse to navi… @radiatoryang @ItsNotewell Game devThis is true for all cursing. I feel it's also true for "just", "obviously", "a lot", and "really". can't tell yet if this is going to be too expensive to justify purchasing or way too expensive to justify purchas… @JeanLMaynard @beakfriends That's why slot 4 @BeauOckers Waaaaaaaaaah @beakfriends Oldest sibling so slot 1 and 4 @die_einhorn @NightScoots That's why I made the site in the first place, so that people would try to avoid it. If y… @Mangraz_ @SilentBob_G Both can be true? @alexdotgames I don't think it is the goal to confuse you. Nevertheless, it does to quite a few people during this… me 2020 nominees: I Was a Teenage Exocolonist @sarah_northway , Labyrinth City, @LostWordsGame Lucifer Wit…
Retweeted by Rami Ismail (رامي)Tower, we'll skip the runway and go straight to taxi thank you very much.
@julian_hart @dustinbrownman Julian, you can't tell me you do not understand the difference between Samsung Galaxy… @alexdotgames For bad naming. I can't help that an individual's voice doesn't mean much in the corporate scale of t… @dengekicomics Sure mate. Have a block for posting the same response 4 times. @julian_hart @dustinbrownman - because I and many others call both of them the X. - many who don't know much about… @iamDzo @tauriqmoosa Both the one and the new one are affectionately called the Xbox X and the Xbox S. Nobody actua… @BinxxWasTaken @Mattophobia No, Binxx. Xbox One X, Xbox One S, both called "The X" and "The S", are confused with t… @KarlosTheMarra @superscott597 Whenever I research "annoying Twitter person" I always end up on @KarlosTheMarra's a… @rclarke You'd be wrong based on some of the stories already out there. @TLauret I don't know why people think that means anything else, it changes nothing to what I said @jwaaaap You and @ZhugeEX are brothers??? @alexdotgames I'm talking about bad naming, not "idiot consumers". That's you. I'm holding Microsoft responsible. And I care. @mytjake No. @bernielockard Hey Bernie.'s Microsoft getting confused by Xbox One X and Xbox Series X
Retweeted by Rami Ismail (رامي) @astickywhale It can be. Could also be 8000. All we know is it's 700% up, needlessly. @ZakaGamer Yeah that's too many replies. Have a block for obsessiveness. @ZakaGamer @ZhugeEX I am. We are in agreement? It's a needless confusion, however minor or mayor it is. @ARon723 @sketchsawyer @therealcliffyb The "747%" isn't manipulated, is it? @shogunoflive @userrob660 @combat_muffin @MitchyD @sethmacy Samsung Galaxy 11 > Samsung Galaxy 10 Apple iPhone 4 >… @Sdot498 @ZhugeEX If you're trying to put me and Daniel up against each other I have bad news for you. Either way… can tell apart the Destiny 1 community from the Destiny 2 community from whether people mentally or audibly add… @Nekrowmancer @ZhugeEX So there's a notable increase in Xbox One X sales? Sure.Does Twitch get better at Flight Simulator? I don't know, ask the people that live in these houses?
@_SkyCity_ The evidence that you're wrong is pretty simple too @seancapri It is, but assuming 100 to begin with, that's still 700 confused sales. @dustinbrownman Which would not've been an issue if they had different names.Congrats to everyone who said "the Xbox naming is absolutely not confusing haha you must be really dense if you thi… Voxel Art course is now available in pre-sale! It'll be released on Sept 29th but go get it now at 50% OFF 😀 Le…
Retweeted by Rami Ismail (رامي)Can Twitch Chat land at Heathrow? Will my "Old Man Typing Simulator" hack solution manage to load the next flight p… hand it to @Analogue for being the most in-stock console release of the year.
Retweeted by Rami Ismail (رامي)✨ NOW AVAILABLE ON STEAM ✨ When the Past was Around is an adventure puzzle-escape game about love, moving on, lett…
Retweeted by Rami Ismail (رامي) @Coolblue_NL @jchmoe GL HF that night @dinabass The fact that the people that managed to order it aren't sure whether they actually did is probably my favorite part. @Coolblue_NL @jchmoe What an amazing and terrible idea. Any specific time? @joshhunt But didn't Asher go and wreck the interior? @jchmoe @Coolblue_NL I guess that's my bet @Slantz76 It just wasn't queueing, it seems ;) @alastairdev Sure, but the alternative is the US exploiting our entire continent and causing widespread pandemonium… @sl0wburnTV Do they ship across the ocean to the Netherlands with a EU-style plug? :P @Manofwarjf2 Nah might as well sit and wait, it won't go faster with or without refreshingFor the non-tech savvy: Gamestop tried to limit the strain on its servers by telling people they were in a queue an… @khwarezm89 Nah it's a "pre-order and you'll receive it when we have some maybe hopefully" style thing. @helvetica It's so blatant that I love it again @helvetica oh my god @jacquicollins_ sameGotta hand it to @Analogue for being the most in-stock console release of the year. @Valkenhyne Every Dutch retailer is going "nah buddy you took more than 11 seconds"Oh, you were talking about the Xbox already? Well, seems I missed the Xbox too.Aw darn I missed the PlayStation 5 pre-orders didn't I @Edokdyshi Yup @therealcliffyb Made that in 2010, but it was also shared lives across the globe for all players. At zero lives it… @ThatNormalBunny @EggerFelix @Danielw98ig Guess if they want to keep the market, they'll have to separate those again. @alastairdev We'll manage with alternatives. They'll happen fast. @vicsyyy That's really their problem to fix, not ours. They'll have to make some EU-centric solution or lose the market."Facebook can't operate in the EU if we can't send your data to the US for processing by US spy agencies and commer…, for once in your existence, please do not back down. Please. @mradrivn Ja, behalve voor de formele outfits. @studioanisa I solemnly swear this Twitter account is halal
You know the new solution attempt for an unsolvable problem has reached the 'IF IT WORKS IT WORKS' stage when you'r… @onlinealchemist Your boarding gate today will be Namibia.Been trying to figure out something in code to make Twitch Plays Flight Simulator more autonomous and I think I acc… @david2vec @cornonthecoll ( Just as a small heads up, while the point stands, that's not Arabic -> )some ikenfell scenes 2016 → 2020
Retweeted by Rami Ismail (رامي) @davidcernat @SolitaryJordan @haidisoj @StirringStorm OK, so, you do you, but please don't do this victim blaming s… @babyKeveen TIME TO TAKE THE WEEK OFF