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@sblomkamp Yeah Titanfall 2 is just... something else. I loved Infinite Warfare a ton tho @MarceloAliVizi3 @MyTravelingJoys @BBCWorld You're right. If you don't wear a seatbelt you just get your own ass ki… @studioanisa I literally just get Rami Malek in blue suite so @aureylian Happy birthday, you :)
Also why is "Sign in with Smartphone" gone on the PS4? That was one of the most convenient login methods in the wor… just decided to boot up Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare again and that game was way better than it was ever given credit for. @clowekey No worries at all. Sorry if I came off as defensive. @play_stereoTV @SaintsRow It did a lot of things very well @georevilo Windows was a silly joke when I hadn't fully realized what a hell year this would be @vieko @Jarritos It's on the right! @Dasdagger I'm giving July a few days to catch up and if nothing happens Kanye is on the list @WritNelson @mwongaudio @thealexURL It's true: it's hard to be overwhelmed by a game even after it being hyped like… have been alerted to the Bubonic Plague incident in Inner Mongolia for, but after researc… like that I've just turned into the @Jarritos person in games & now just get Jarritos photos from all around the… @DominicTarason Yeah, think I'll go through the background channels for now. @DominicTarason I've been directly talking to some of the affected folks to bring them up to speed on harassment ca… completed #EarthBound . Instant love. Among my biggest influences from now. I completed this adventure today, but…
Retweeted by Rami Ismail @DominicTarason They're also systematically testing targets for viability. Employment, looking for vulnerabilities,… @WritNelson OK then I will go play Titanfall 2 @mwongaudio @WritNelson Absurd levels of "fuck it we'll go all out" on pretty much every single level @WritNelson Just go play Titanfall 2Ok I am actually really done this time
Retweeted by Rami IsmailOk I am actually really done this time @PLBarghouty @netflix Wait, I've not seen this movie, you're saying they're *not* speaking Arabic there, but Netfli…
@Guntha_en @BreakinBahiyya It's because it's a culture that's been forcefully exported over the entire planet. If y… @mikeBithell I like the "worried staring in the distance" aesthetic in the second oneas a South African student, it was drilled into our heads to make games that could appeal to a North American/Europ…
Retweeted by Rami Ismail @Duobix @analogue I love the way the Pocket looks...made me laugh but no comment @Man_of_snow I can reassure you everyone involved in that exchange thinks you're the asshole here. @DaveOshry Peace is just one armed conflict away Dave
@tuf_Hannes @elgato It says there's no update! What version are you on? @SK83RJOSH @elgato I'm using the supplied one from the source to the capture device @LtRoyalShrimp @chhopsky @elgato Sent you a DM! @simplySylvan @elgato The passthrough isn't even working, so I'm starting to think maybe it's a DOAAlso CC @elgatogaming and @ra @chhopsky @elgato @LtRoyalShrimp Yeah, the 4K app accepts the HD60S but not the 4K60S+(Anyway if anyone knows why a 4K60S+ wouldn't work where if I swap the cables back into my HD60S it works perfect,… @Tappxor If you don't see that, that doesn't mean others don't. The idea that "black" is bad and "white" is good is… upgraded from a perfectly fine @Elgato HD60S to a brand-new 4K60S+ and it for some reason it just isn't accepting… @Tappxor And it might be worth noting how often "black" is the negative connotation between anything that uses "whi… @Tappxor No, because butterfly is accurate with no unfortunate connotations. Whitelist has nothing to do with white… @Tappxor Why not fix it? It's not a list of white and black things, but of accounts allowed and denied. Might as well name it as such. @GateReiniat It achieves something: more precise language. @C4ArabSoldier They're not controlling anything, just picking accurate language. The list doesn't make you green or… @jaythenerdkid Kiss kiss bang bang 100% no take back lock the answer in @SaulVillegas45 It's a good question, but might as well fix it where possible @impiaaa Not an invalid read - from my POV cataloguing our challenges and obstacles overcome, especially in a year… @Aaawhyme Except Tifa, she keeps working up a sweat and not showering @SeanEngel Don't read the comments challenge @Alex_kidkr I like "Denylist" to be honest, it's more denying than blocking someone anyway. @GravenTheRed Literally every single one of these is better and more accurate a phrase.Very excited for giant parts of Twitter to lose their shit over Twitter being more precise with language."What if Hideo Kojima wrote a Jupiter Ascending sequel" @Obscurica There's no way those are connected to actual sewers though Like there's no water processing out there,… dunno What would Last of Us 2 smell like It's just like sweaty half-washed survival smell with decomposing bodi… @emily_murnane WHATMost games probably smell bad. @Lancair77 click click click click oh SHIT I picked up a- oh its another fucking herb click click click click cli… hunter vision as a game mechanic. Make your shit readable without your character narratively having echo-loca… the spirit of celebrating independence, here’s a fun new PlayStation Indies website!
Retweeted by Rami Ismail @LauraBaileyVO <3Man. I try to only post positive stuff on here... but sometimes this just gets a little overwhelming. I blacked out…
Retweeted by Rami Ismail @Charalanahzard Even the inventor of the web thinks it was a mistake @emcuejay Yes! It was not as good but still very good. @RoseLGBTico @bhagathsub I am so sorry
@CLeituga I agree, Southern & Mediterranean Europe is in a wholly distinct situation than Western Europe and the No… @ivan_lesan It's been four years already - but it was a movie that hit exactly at the right time in the right way i… turns out the boy drinking the rice the dead girl chewed up & spat out three years ago would indeed help save… @eddiepizzle @johnFneuhaus @Rangutang You're also blocked. @eddiepizzle @johnFneuhaus @Rangutang No, the last paragraph reveals the racial biases behind it. @Aethix0 The only reason I ain't blocking you is because I'll give any aspiring gamedev a shot to be better than ca… @thatsmytrunks @analogue I check every day as part of my morning routine.All I want from each day is literally any news about the @Analogue Pocket. @daneobyrd @meditationgames The link each dev supplied is at under "Who?" @thatsmytrunks Wanna move that meeting again? I can do Monday. @fasterthanlime My jaw is on the floor at "do not need 2FA to disable 2FA"Shapes is NOW AVAILABLE on the Asset Store!! 🎉 a real-time vector graphics library for Unity 💗 📜More info! ❱…
Retweeted by Rami IsmailThis is exciting and I love it. @Geertzilla Haha now it's there & it's surprisingly accurate an experience, especially the overpoliteness. Didn't e… @TomRMarks And ultimately tons of folks will just buy it at $3 in a bundle anyway. Or get it with some subscription plan. @ChevyRay This is that bold stuff that games need every now and then. Love it. @Geertzilla It's not there yet :(Gamers can violate the Geneva Conventions in real life by joining the United States Army's Esports team.
Retweeted by Rami Ismail @betterthemask oh my fucking godIs this the equivalent of a Perfect KO against Evo 2020? Didn't even get a hit in and it's dead already. Good on Ca…
For reference: Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot just sent out this letter after the allegations over the past week, commi… @johnnemann I feel that tweet should be pinned to every Twitter account @totalwert Absolutely, but the only currency accepted is the slow relentless march of time. @Fobwashed And now you can't use items in Hard Mode. @kitzkar My DM's have turned into a nightmarescape of terrible news suggestions @sousourocket Maybe they turn like, red or orange or something! @sousourocket I always understood the eye colour remains the same, just with a Mako glow? @Bloodyspasm @TheHillReport It's Zuckerberg: @agdtinman The realism is unreal @PulsetenseGames @annelgri You're asking me why my creativity is as it is?Huh, how about that. @gusviegasgames Let me add "Russia" to the spill one! @Sharlej_ I really don't have the mental bandwidth to keep track of even more news, or I absolutely would. Sorry! @gusviegasgames Yeah, perma-frost is in there, and the diesel spill too!