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50% of @Vlambeer. ED of presskit() creator. Public speaker, consultant, supporter of initiatives for global gamedev. Traveler. He/Him. 🇳🇱+🇪🇬

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Today is definitely a "no news is good news" kinda day I feel @bfod Basically the data is useless I guess @osamadorias Holedown, Miracle Merchant, Twinfold, Mini Metro/Motorways, and Grindstone go onto every device they can go on. @bfod I do fill out the survey but only because at least it'll make that "Where you from" stat less awful, but poin… @bfod I can only help but wonder how many of those fill out that GDC survey, though. @DevRelCallum 3The biggest @momvsgames’ fan out there. 🖤🎮✨
Retweeted by Rami IsmailSo @momvsgames just got wrecked by #14 and she's not OK with it. @elektrotal Pakora, Hyderabadi Lassi, Kaju Katli, Chicken curry, from what I can find @chetfaliszek Sure thing, yeah @darthkvzn Lorewise, she also spent so little time in Canada that most of her bios don't even mention it beyond a single line.What really helped me was the fact that I did not have to fight this Colossus at the same time. The game was clear…
Retweeted by Rami IsmailThe Overwatch cook book is out with all sorts of recipes based on the characters! Let's see what they gave Pharah,… @EscoBlades Let's see what they gave Pharah, the Egyptian Fareeha from Giza, who learned most of her skills in the… @EscoBlades Ah yes, a good plate of AFRICAN FOOD COMA right before getting running around and getting punched in the gut @JenMyers0523 Pissebed @chetfaliszek My apologies for the absolutely messy use of negatives in that tweet. I think what I'm saying is "why not both" @chetfaliszek As if a lot of young devs ever even interact or even want to interact with GDC. A lot of this data is…"an industry driven by young people" is such a friendly-sounding way of saying "most passionate people doing what i… @BRKeogh Yessss perfect @EscoBlades As my teta used to say, if it doesn't smell like onions it ain't a kitchenRemind me to add pronouns to every game with characters I make because gosh this is a fast way to make a community… @momvsgames In case you thought #momvscolossus would need more time for each consequent Colossus, she took down #13 @3hatz I'm at PAX, but don't have my speaking schedule finalized yet. I think I have one panel on Saturday, though… @DaveOshry @thatsmytrunks @WritNelson honestly this entire thread is gold but this last response is just *chef's kiss*yo @DaveOshry I've finally struggled my way out of the snow and the traffic and traffic was miserable can you pleas… @DaveOshry Snow is just colder sand right right please let me have this
omg @momvsgames has a hype train on her @twitch right now? I never explained what a hype train is because I've nev… just tuned in to @momvsgames and she's doing perfect horseback archery and horseback jumping onto Colossus 13's w… @j3rrytron Give me a finished one and see how long it takes before I'm arrested @KrisLigman The single greatest cinematic achievement of all time obv @danthat I knew y'all'd be there for me @chriswulf_ 2) sorry what was the scorbunny recipe again @danthat I had made a bet someone would call that out so thanks for this, Dan, glad I could count on youAnd as reassurance - I'll remain 100% open to y'all's sincere feedback, positive and negative, friendly or angry, d… for exposing y'all to this weird experiment of never blocking anyone for so long. Hopefully, less nonsense in…'ve always taken seriously that my reach means I should engage with perspectives and viewpoints other than my own,… know what, yeah, I'm going to do more blocking on this website. The folks I would block are a massive waste of… @ra oh my god Oh My God OH MY GODWorld Chase Tag is not a phrase I expected to read but I have watched a total of ONE video on the subject now and I… @ra But most importantly keeping the paradigm was a mistake @mr_niris Mate, you give so much to this community, it isn't too much to ask for some support. Thanks so much! @ra Wasn't it because like... screens had 0 resolution? I mean, keeping them was a mistake. @krides Yes hello federal bureau of control please @c_pruett @DevRelCallum Perfect @thaddeusPrime 3 @SunderCR @Mike_Laidlaw Oh my god @glassbottommeg @WritNelson I'm sorry, Megan, but that's basically a blood oath thereAnd here I thought shooting Bambi's mother was grim enough art is so beautiful it brings a tear to my eyes @aetataureate No offense will ever be taken by someone just pointing out privileges I have. @_benjamming @thePetHen GDC talk: how to get industry people to actually do shit @thePetHen @_benjamming This exceeds the time Ben sent me a fake press release to get some shit done @MckKirk But what if I doI really love the way this interview is done in-game, but mostly I appreciate the "I look at this as a creator of c… @Patrick_Norton_ I do! I picked it up early in my travels back in 2011 or something, and it is such a useful phrase!I would do the Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Tinder thing but I don't have Tinder and my profile picture and personali… @MckKirk I need to read thisI'm thoroughly considering changing my accounts' stance on blocking folks for spreading political misinformation in… @smokeyjoh He's an incompetent narcissist. @studioanisa Me to mum: no but you can play it next if you want Me to dad: sure thing dad yup I made mario @Shrubbette That's some top tier networkingI have to say, between Trump, global warming, and now the new Coronavirus, it sure feels like someone gave up and i… damn, Canada, you could also just say so if you wanted to take a census count of folks under the age of 40 or s… @SN_Monkey Check for the email from Square Enix, it should have a link to cancel your pre-order, do not click that link.I have no idea why I would want a [insert today's new social media] account and I will probably never use it but at… @Meghan_IGN They're opposites - the European e-mail allows you to cancel your pre-order because of the delay. The U… @docsquiddy I can't watch it live, but I'd love to watch the VODs and compare them to my mothers' - see how different the playthroughs are. @acarboni Why would you do thisIf you're in the US, not clicking the link in the e-mail will cancel your pre-order. If you're in Europe, clickin… has left the dev menu in the release build, which means... it's probably getting a bunch of sales from t…
@david_spell Nobody should have to work for tips in their entire life. They should work for a wage paid by their employer. @momvsgames #momvscolossus finally took down Colossus #12 - not without plenty of frustrations and failed attempts.… still can't quite believe mom's second tweet ever is an in-joke referring to Joker's repetitive one-line dialog w… wish this went without saying, but it somehow still doesn't. is terrifying and great @agentbizzle @folmerkelly Fuck that noise @PeterKojesta I can't see what this is in response to, but I fully agree with what you're saying @tprstly @textio Beautiful @helvetica Did Zach Gage just announce a new Streaming Service with SpellTower+? Prominent game developer Zach Gag… @EscoBlades He was so racist I don't even feel comfortable to quote any of his racist shit to make a joke about the… @radiatoryang @hoskingc wow old school, yang, it's gifs with them kids nowadays @MrPope Did you wake up first or think of Titanfall first? Just trying to figure out effect and cause here @Charalanahzard I really wish that wasn't controversial because every word you said is true @aJoostEggermont @JRamonEspinosa This looks so coolAaaah, mom's first tweet!
Retweeted by Rami Ismail @AlexRoseGames we're communists and our countries are on fire with terrorism and legal drugs is causing crime waves too @AStraww You must mean political action committee man in which case I fully agree @windfallapples I'll take that, too.This might be extremely European of me but tips should be optional as they should be on top of a proper fully susta… @tellahtruth @Hope_Corrigan What the fucking fuck @Hope_Corrigan ugh you're probably right @fiets38 In the Netherlands I'd do that but I'm not in the Netherlands @patcat127 I ain't a US citizen I don't think I can get Venmo @Hope_Corrigan No seriously, you're telling me the tip thing in these app are just straight up lying to me, and I h… @Hope_Corrigan wtf am I just a naive european or is all of north america brokenOrdered food via a food-delivery app, and forgot to include a tip. I don't have cash on me either, and there's no w… @thewillofb The first thing I taught her is how to block.