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I make long YouTube videos | I'm also a @Twitch partnered streamer | Owner of @NightmarePetrol | Designer | @Marysquidd 💙💜

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ah shit @hapico_lb @ChasingPolys 💙💙💙thank you @Thafnine for the corpse party video, i can now pretend like i was there when it was cool 😌 . . i'd like…
Retweeted by T9i was horrifically depressed, overworked and sleep deprived back then but i do miss the stuff i ended up making, ma… @hshrequiem cinema 4Dlooking at my old posters and wondering how the fuck did i make this when i was 18 @squizxy discount 99p pikachu
@squizxy hahahaha at least you have the choice @Marysquidd i'm spiking your next dinner with ghost peppers @KSI can i spill the beansno word of a lie, i almost fucking died laughing at this for 5 minutes this gag in my slender video took me over an hour to edit and if you pause the video you can read a LOT of…'ve loaded all of my main channel videos with easter eggs and freeze frame bonuses that some people haven't notice… love how march has lasted 12 monthswould you rather know every language ever spoken fluently, or know how to play every instrument? @ModestCube d-dashing...the entire day before uploading the video was probably the most anxious i've ever felt in my life so to see this mu… know i keep saying this, but i'm actually blown away by the response to the corpse party video, i appreciate each…
@JunkyJanker who are you and what is your purpose on this wastelandchoose your fighter OUT OF MY HEAD wanted to mention for people who are insane enough to actually try Blood Drive after my video, a big warning t… log is worse, surely this is a joke scp @e_grimz i'm actually very surprised it's not even a fucking J lmao @OnlyEuan reject modernity, return to 087've made the among us impostor an SCP and somehow it got approved ???????? @LudwigAhgren quick, steal his streamkey while he's gone!you just had to be there
how to fight hair: a tutorial @Afgkid bro i have no idea either, @TeamYouTube these are clearly bots???yoooo holy shit what's happening's a special place in hell for games that completely brick your monitors if you try and alt-tab out of themhack shoes only happens if you search for my video directly by name, searching for it any other way is fineokay so i just tried to search my video up on youtube and not only did they break the thumbnail but the search resu… my word we've blitzed past 10k likes really fucking fast thank you so much for all the support 💙 @TedNivison that's like 10 times my size and i'm not verified either, and i am furious!! @autumncityxo so @Marysquidd i'm going to sleep for so longNoo need to spend your post video coma alone since you got me now 💜🌟💜
Retweeted by T9 @DisguisedToast amogus
First batch done!! Gonna take a break and do more later!!
Retweeted by T9 @ThePastaDoctor game over (wrong end) music from the first game :) @Marysquidd all 9 of the slots are me @_SrPelo_ perfectin other news, Google have added a sidebar for me, does this mean I'm famous now? won't be stopping long videos but i reckon its time to return to 20-30 minute content so i can work on stuff much… did you think of the video? :) havent had a sleep this good in agesthe support on the video has been incredible, thank you so much i'm definitely not resting tonight lmao @_SrPelo_ !!
my emotions are running very high rn, so thank you so much for all the support- imma try and chill for tonight but… video's the culmination of 4 years of work and i hope the wait was worth it. enjoy the video!NEW VIDEO! 'The Rise and Fall of Corpse Party' rt for b o o ! minutes left oh god oh fuckthe Corpse Party video will have subtitles on launch :) 100 minutes to gonintendo really hired that man thafnine video day @MrBeast can i have some
@beturnerii the one with more subs clarify - yes its the main channel - 9PM GMT (25 hours from this tweet) - this will not be a premiere VIDEO TOMORROW AT 9PM. NEW VIDEO TOMORROW AT 9PM. NEW VIDEO TOMORROW AT 9PM. NEW VIDEO TOMORROW AT 9PM. NEW VIDEO TOMORROW AT 9PM. @sivemorten where am ipray for my pc, it has to render all of this tomorrow night 💀after several years on and off working on it and 5 months of non-stop production, i can finally say that the corpse…
i can never look at shapes again because of twitter @Marysquidd this is discipline @cat_qo @Makeship !!!i apologise in advance @Twitter your dreams :D @CosmonautMarcus paramount have always been the fucking worst with copyright, they're owned by viacom lolNIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE
@Thafnine small child
Retweeted by T9 @LightTophat response indicating shock and awethis went nuclear, i will plug an image of my room (real) with these cool new lights's make an average twitter thread, i start
this meta of taking overused memes and making them so abstract it becomes terrifying is one of the greatest things… has influenced a lot of my comedy style in my videos, from mass defect to elliot goes to school to moment… this day 9 years ago, Team Fabulous 2 was released does this keep happening to me bought a new hard drive just for this video and it's already slowing down, what the hell @FoxEternal actually yes @pipos31cz i cover *everything*the rise and fall of corpse party here's da thumbnail i'm so excited to show you this project :D if i told you guys that the visuals for the video are complete and we're looking at a 1 hour and 11 minute v… @markiplier you tried turning it off and on again?
@lorcanForkan im never changing my icon at this ratean entire hour of content complete, my wrists do be hurtin tho
Retweeted by T9this one is probably one of my faves to edit so thank you for the continued support on the video after all this tim… weather's just done a complete 180 and now it's just sunny again, okay.I was inspired to draw some legs today hehe much love !! <3 #thafnine #digitalart
Retweeted by T9unfortunately i must now make you all aware that you are now manually breathing💙💙💙 thank you
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? not sending notifications out today apparently VIDEO! 'the most broken horror game i've ever played' rt to delete system32 T9 video tonight at 9PM i reckon :) @KSI BNB* @ariwannii HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!