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Australian living in Canada. Certified LAME in Australia. I try to not be a jerk. He/him. Komencanto de Esperanto.

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@GailSimone Play School! the fuck @KiwiEV Canada is supposed to be metric... But half the time they aren't. I've heard a radio ad for food that said… @brian_henderson @KiwiEV I've been told that most American cars after... Maybe 2010? Are metric too. @aminorjourney @MarcGeller @KiwiEV British aircraft occasionally have witworth hardware, too. I'm glad I don't have… @KiwiEV What happened? @Marisha_Ray HOLY SHIT IT'S THURSDAY @philawsostef @Latchicles @snarkymama78 @GregoryMcKelvey Everyone should be antifa by default! Didn't we all learn about this shit in history class? @choochoobear Oh godsdamnit :( @toniczellegmai1 @RationalBlonde That's still neat! @SimuLiu Much excite @richardbrunning @Iron_Spike The old normal was kinda shitty @Kisai @damnyouwillis I've seen "selfish" and "altruistic" @lizardengland Oh no!
@toniczellegmai1 @RationalBlonde That's awesome! Did you make it yourself? @baddestmamajama I would do watch this
@socialistdogmom As someone who supports the abolish movement... Damn that's a good question. I guess a lot of the… out eating an entire can of baked beans on toast is exactly what I needed today. I just have to avoid the iti… @JBrowsa @holly Seconded. Mork would be perfect @holly Thank you for your noble sacrifice @doctorow I really need to watch MASH again. @Roleplay_James The Beastie Boys were all rare examples of humans having prescient mental powers. The song is the r… @holly @Gaohmee Badarse
Fox News has done to our parents what they thought gangsta rap would do to us
Retweeted by Thalass - anti fascist. @GailSimone I try to be not a jerk haha @Obscurica I've already started rereading the archives but it's gonna take a whileI hope this cheers someone up today. (Not my video) @maegodhavemercy Wow congrats Mae! Also holy crap I have a lot of backlog to catch up on. I kinda dropped away from… @YesYoureRacist I'm gonna have to do some reading on the difference between liberal and leftist hrm @aminorjourney @amerikate Oh no good luck!I laugh at this, while in bed staring at my phone... @BigChrisDid And he stands there pointing his rifle at her for a while... With trigger discipline at least but still @altNOAA @GailSimone nice camera work! @Iron_Spike In Australia it's tradition to leave beer out for the rubbish truck guys at xmas. I don't know how they'd react here in CanadaTHE POLICE ARE THE ONES WHO CREATE VIOLENCE
Retweeted by Thalass - anti fascist.I'm crying
Retweeted by Thalass - anti fascist. @EntertainingIT @lennonriley99 @Texascowboy561 @LocalSoundwave @Eager3417 I would think that showing the other char… @KillerMartinis That would be beautiful please do thatHoly shit. This is just disgusting. @Allison_Tolman Holy fucking shit. 😢 @BadAstronomer I both love and hate how many replies here are trying you to "stick to science" and all that. Idiots. @0xKruzr wut
@0xKruzr I'm glad I keep a bag of skittles in my car. Though I'm going to need to restock.This is comedy gold, cops caught on camera trashing the place themselves to look like it's looting.
Retweeted by Thalass - anti fascist.
@choochoobear I did a tomb of annihilation final dungeon crawl and it ended up being so damn frustrating. @MissMothTweets @Zevensoft @holly Yeah I'm kinda adverse to rotational symmetry these days haha @aminorjourney agree @Gaohmee 100%
@shannonrwatts Is it just me, or is that an interesting twist? To be bought by the Navajo Nation, that is. @Obscurica I wonder if they'd be open to suggestions, then. I'm sure the vexillology clubs around the area would be… @Obscurica *paramedics, that is. @Obscurica It's weird that firefighters feel the need for that kind of flag, given the connotations with the blue v… @Obscurica From the description it sounds like some fancy fabric that is sometimes super reflective but sometimes n… @Obscurica That's cool. How does it work? hahaOk, this tweet hit me like a ton of bricks. The same police department that peacefully apprehended the mass murderi…
Retweeted by Thalass - anti fascist. @ceverett1447 @Gaohmee There are lactose free icecreams! At least in Canada. Totally worth the extra cost. @Gaohmee Time is meaningless these days so any time is dessert time.I'm not much for horses but I'd watch the shit out of this
So I finally watched this, it wasn't available in Canada until today. And holy shit. That last part with that lady'… @aminorjourney Seems pretty standard for a typical truck. Most never leave the bitumen. But the wheels do look to small. @KiwiEV Is there a foreign food section with kiwi selection? That'd be the most dangerous zone @TheDweck I just gotta get over the "I'm the only one wearing a mask I feel stupid" bit. :/ @aminorjourney @LinkedIn I once made the mistake of accidentally clicking on one of those "your colleague added you… hey: for any straight dudes in SFF right now who are genuinely wondering why making sexually loaded jokes or com…
Retweeted by Thalass - anti fascist. @CatieKejti Dankon! @CatieKejti mi ne trovis iun homoj ke mi ne ŝati en la Esperanto komunumo (KOR?) @bobbyllew I have talked about this at work, especially when they bought a large diesel backup generator and put it… @aminorjourney I tried to read that a couple of times and it's still confusing @BadAstronomer Wait isn't that where all the methane is stored in the permafrost? Shit that's not good.Whoa awesome! Kamala Khan is the best Ms. Marvel! @tamoorh Wait what? That's great!I've seen some people wondering if they're reply-guys. I did a thread a while back on parasocial, boundary-pushin…
Retweeted by Thalass - anti fascist. @CatieKejti Ugh that was supposed to be selling, not seeking. Stupid thumbs.
@damnyouwillis If it wasn't around the ears I'd totally buy one @CatieKejti Like that youtuber seeking her bath water? 😂🤢 @thalestral They actually broadcast that show? I remember hearing something about that, and joking that I'd watch b… @starlinex Damn onion ninjas @aminorjourney Sometimes I think about a quarter of the population got all the empathy and everyone else got none.
@Gaohmee SUCH FLOOF @MissMothTweets Good luck! @la_fanjo Ankaŭ mi! @PatrickWeekes Booze brings out what's inside, so you can't use that as an excuse. It was in you all along. @Gaohmee I'm glad you're getting strong again. It's good you have people around you that can help.More football is good! @Gaohmee I hope you feel better soon! @CatieKejti Vi povas fari ĝin!
@aminorjourney The nature of my work means I have to be on site. The company wants me back on the 20th of July. I'l… @KiwiEV Crikey mate I feel ya pain @aminorjourney A finished print? @KiwiEV Was that a speech recognition error, or a thumb error? haha @KJOtaku @jephjacques Same here. @joe_obrien5858 @KiwiEV (Though that's more of a horn sound, really) @joe_obrien5858 @KiwiEV That's a good idea, but you know someone (me) will have a recording of themselves shouting…, 2020 is an interesting timeline to say the least. @RoArquette As a dad I invite single mothers and anyone else who raises kids to join in the fun.