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Short stories, Codex, SFWA, Alabama, Fossils, and metal detectin' #CedarGapMtn. #BLM He/him. Bibliography at

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@MadisonU English aristocracy was a good gig if you could be born into it.Sleepy 🐝 on a marigold 🕸 SOME PIG 🕸 🕷 🐷🥇
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Alright! We’re in the final stretch. Our @SeedAndSpark campaign ends in just a few days. We’re at 91% now. $766 wil…
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyStop saying you want America to be run on Christian values if you don’t want your tax dollars going to help the poor. - Jimmy Carter
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyIn the article Ed Kennedy, a spokesman for the racist, revisionist Heritage Protection of North Alabama organizatio…'s Confederate status may finally be getting moved away from the Courthouse. @TheRickWilson Hokum’s Razor: when given two potential explanations, the one that factors in the Trumps being shame…
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyTuberville: "Obamacare is the worst thing ever inflicted on the American people. We'll be releasing the GOP plan in…! Who did this?!?! Best 2 minutes of your day, week, month, maybe year. #WearAMask #SleepingBeauty #COVID19
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Just imagining this for a fleeting moment lowered my blood pressure. hosted a PBS show called Science Goes To The Movies for five seasons and was a Teaching Fellow for a quantum phys…
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyHow 2020 may continue to 2020:
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Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' Criley @J_Green_505 It lacks something...
@leeroop "Here are numerous links to news stories that ARE NOT BEING REPORTED!" @NateSilver538 A late, R-leaning, ballot cohort could also arrive too late to be counted due to Trump's depradations of the USPS. #karmaI'd rather see you in prison, but I'd deal with you waddling around one of Putin's dacha gardener cottages. IS WHY WE CANNOT LET UP FOR ONE SECOND.
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyHey y'all! spotted fawns and their mommas with the zoomies outside my home office window this morning...Democrats are WAY better at the economy and have been for a long time. There’s really no contest.
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyI've never bought into this idea that @DougJones was a goner. Black women and men and modern world-loving white vot…
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyBy tradition, it’s not enough to be a racist. You need to be a racist and a cowardly liar about it.
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileySenator @DougJones from Alabama is TIED RIGHT NOW which means we have the ability to keep this senate seat if you h…
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@jeremyteg the internet exists @jeremyteg All the state fairs are shut down.Trash Panda Party in the Pond! #Alabama Christie on ABC: "No matter what you're doing, you should have a mask on and you should try to remain sociall…
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyThis is some pretty sharp prose, right here. Eg: “A showman forever boasting about things he has never done, and pr…
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyWaiting to hear back about an R&R sub... it started: How it's going: @ShimmerStories The crew of the Rocinante is scattered all over the solar system one-third of the way through Nemes… #alabama puttin' in out there that if 24 people committed $100 to @dontdiemovie they'd hit their budget AND you'd get y… October's last warm day
@NateSilver538 Oh man, in the last 3 weeks my wife and I have done more outside work at our Alabama home than in the previous 3 *months*I'm going to mention this again. Why? oh... no reason :) (except vengeful ghosts, engines driven by death, and a p…
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyStore was out of my Garden of Eatin' regular blue tortilla chips so I decided to try Tostitos "Simply Organic" bran… it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' Criley @KingCockfight Merrill's odd in that he wants elections to run smoothly and efficiently, but if you want to vote yo… a plot sticking point AND knocked out 500+ words in the course of doing so. Whoa. Now gotta recheck and… & I are about halfway through the movie "Arkansas" on @PrimeVideo, recommended by @jd_burge in a @dontdiemovie am COVERED in cat hair.
@raynayler Wednesdays, we watch The Expanse.
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' Criley @aldemocrats It's been noted that Tuberville knows next-to-nothing about being a Senator, but he figures he doesn't… mood @WarOnDumb What's stupid is that if Biden wins & Dems take Senate, Alabama will have given up having an influential… the state of coronavirus in the US right now, it wouldn't matter to me if everything was suddenly fully reopen… @WarOnDumb He knew to put an "R" next to his name, what else does he need to know?Have you checked your voter registration? Has your ballot come? Are you going in person? Do you have a voting plan?…
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyI finished my cross stitch of the Horsehead Nebula! :D
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyI'm so excited to work w/@KadeshFlow on the @dontdiemovie score. He's already given me a few hints at what he's coo…
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyHah! Came up with a resolution to the plot point I've been brooding over the last few days. - NO cliche black mark… @djolder Beelzebub bugging his employees to keep tabs on them
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Listen to Divya! Pre-order!"Kale Boom" Unsustainable? #CheckYourPortfolio (thread) to breaking that record! you want to know more about Ada Lovelace herself, btw, you can't get a more fun introduction than @sydneypadua's…
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' Criley"Imagination is the Discovering Faculty, pre-eminently. It is that which penetrates into the unseen worlds around u…
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@JoyceWhiteVance History repeats, reversed.TIL that Callisto has the lowest radiation level of Jupiter's major moons, because it's the furthest out of them. #relevant #ameditingGalileo, Galileo @WarOnDumb MRW Tuberville gets elected solely because he hyphenates his last name with "-R" the Tank Engine meets A Clockwork Orange
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyI expect him to collapse on stage at some point. He could barely handle a RAMP
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@KBrombergDriven AND the hardware store!If Fox says it - it is what it is.
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyOh yeah it is just *delightful* out here on #CedarGapMtn! @WEATHERmanBURKE much the definition of 'spotty showers'"King of the Bull"
Greta Thunberg endorsed Joe Biden today while Donald Trump was endorsed by the Taliban. Tells you all you need to k…
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' Criley @kurellian Wuuuuut? @petersagal YOU get some Uranium! And YOU get some Uranium! ...“Vanilla Isis” may be the best description I’ve heard of these far-right nationalist “militias in America. Courtesy of @MalcolmNance
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Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyThey just keep coming.
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyScreen prowler Espy and Doug Jones, please.
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyHey! I always wanted to see my name in the credits, why don't you kick in a hundred or so and see yours up on the b… is your 15-second meditation for the morning, Twitter. With thanks to @lindsayinMPLS, who exhorts us to “wait…
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyRefill @tithenai, looks like you can expect some solid piloting on that Busybee flight you're making down to the lunar South Pole.
What if WE are in the alternate history that needs to be undone? if this happens, and the media covers it, Trump will find it INTOLERABLE that he's not the center of media att… a band stops trying to come up with new material and just plays the hits to its rapidly shrinking fan base, in…
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyThey’re not “militias.” They’re domestic terrorists endangering and intimidating their fellow Americans. Words matter.
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' CrileyWe're funded! And it took less than a day! Thank you all so much for your support. Now its just a matter of spreading the word.
Retweeted by Marc 'Your Ballot!' Criley @deoncole @ExpanseOnPrime Also, November's reading...That's December, sorted. @ExpanseOnPrime construction/deconstruction time lapse video. "Lion City Rising" wow @ShimmerStories Over, or, rather, ON "The Relentless Moon" by @MaryRobinette. 3/4 through and the air's getting a… ballot receipt confirmed! Donny, Tommy, and DeJoy: Y'all get your goddamn hands off America.!
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