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Thatbarberdave @thatbarberdave Nanaimo, British Columbia

Owner of That 50's Barbershop! Loving husband and father! Radio producer/DJ, Host of Comic Toast radio on Chly, co-host on In the red, All around amazing guy.

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When agree to do an interview with CBC you need to ask what time...hear me tomorrow at 7:35AM on CBC! @cookingmama48 A blast!Today’s adventure. @theDoorsgirl Awesome!
Next Monday Fresh Start is teaming up with Desire Tattoos to raise money and supplies for Fresh Start! 12:30-3:30is… Start is different this year, we are still collecting backpacks and school supplies but you need to fill out… @GailSimone why doesn’t batgirl have a cool car? I know she’s got a bike but it must rain lots in Gotham, she needs a cool car. @sterlinggates I love Spider-man so much, we named my son Parker.Summer vibes.
@GailSimone I can’t wait to see what you do with “Alf”Youngest is nervous to be up a tree. nose gang. Official meeting 2020. has come to my attention that people have been arguing about whether Batman should simply use his wealth to prov…
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Coming along nicely. Happy Saturday gang. I feel like I really missed out not being with a woman that sounded like Rita from Power rangers. @DanSlott I agree with you but you missed one, Iron Giant for the win!
@EdtheSock @NanaimoNewsNOW @sd68bc Haha for this story let’s say angel! @NanaimoNewsNOW @sd68bc @EdtheSock on my shoulder for this!Helping @sd68bc students get the school year started off right has taken on a new level of importance for the organ…
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveI really want to see @DavidGogoBlues coverI’m glad the moon has a blooper reel.
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New to the neighborhood don’t have many goals for 2021 but dressing like this guy is suddenly the top of my list. Sadly you can’t see the… @s_malcolmson I didn’t realize with lots of people out of work from Covid and families struggling we are getting so…
Hot dog thrown at Saanich pedestrian, police say
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveThe awkward moment when you drive your Chevy to the levy and the levy isn’t dry.
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveCam Lindsay’s great articles on Edgefest '95 where Thrush Hermit played an entire Steve Miller set and Sloan played…
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveLooking for donations of backpacks, school supplies, books for kids 5-18. Drop off at That 50’s Barbershop. Please… people have Star Wars marathons or marvel movies, I’m going to watch every 90’s movie that had “the impression… takes flight
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @JoePerkinsCHEK Pizza pops have never got me in that much trouble. @HerrickMartina I have it as loose as it can go but I don’t know if my head gets fatter as I sleep?My bi-pap mask sometimes gets too tight and I wake up with a migraine that sucks so hard. Good thing I booked an ea… @TheCarmenCruz Am I Latina? I have a lot to think about today... @CFOXvan Trapped in small space with a clown eating crappy food, this is my nightmare...I’m crying...😂🤣😭🤣🤣
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveTrump interviewing himself may be the best thing to ever happen to the internet...
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @BadPrincipessa She got a little mad I cut her Mohawk too short but it’s all good. @BadPrincipessa She did!Wtf is that?
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveCan anyone that qualifies for hazard pay please let me know if I Qualify at work if a guy comes in and has way to m…
@cherylfolland Karen wanted a Mohawk and was a little surprised how short I took it.Oh man, Karen just called she’s waiting for a cab.Wow “Karen” didn’t show up for her appointment. Lame sauceTaking bets, sketchy woman came in and booked a 3 o’clock appointment this morning, will she be here for 3 or not show????My daughter is at work, helping me become a Tik Tom star the “under-boob tattoo thing just a girl thing? Asking for a friend @paulrust Also Predator 2 the book is way better than the movie.Oh man, I just got a guy in here that normally he’s screaming at cars and going nuts down here but he was so okay,…“Fast Times at Ridgemont High” is damn-near-perfect & packed with all kinds of rich character detail, but my fave i…
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveNeed a haircut? In the dog house with Covid hair? Book an appointment today at the world famous That 50’s Barbersho… @AndyRichter Oh No!Such sad news. Because of stricter building codes, the Kool Aid man has suffered multiple serious injuries and has decided to retire
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @paulrust Was the shirt cotton or polyester? Or hemp? I need to know for my diary entry tonight.
News folks trying to return to the fun of “Who will be Vice President?!” feels like a family deciding where to go o…
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#nanaimo I didn’t know this was made in 1922. @DebraDiGiovanni Don’t do it, it’s a trap!Not really in favor of “rounding up” groups of people generally, but might not be a bad idea to make an exception f…
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveI always forget young @Sethrogen is in the original “It” movie. You’ve come a long way. saw a man pull down his mask to sneeze in the grocery store. See y'all in 2022.
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveStung by a wasp! Come on!
For #SpiderManDay (Spider-Man Day) I wanted to share my single favorite page of the entire Spider-Man comics, writt…
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveLegit I have the best customers! That last guy walked in with a “Bro’s 4 life” hat! The fact he’s so open about pro… @DavidGogoBlues Wear a condomI ACTUALLY HAVE A GIG THIS EVENING!! #loadinggear
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveShame on me that I did not know this. I pass this along so that others will learn too. We need to know more about o…
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveRoses are red, BC is beautiful. All empties should be recycled–it’s undisputable! Keep ‘em out of the trash. Happy…
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveStill a few spots available today! Book now at
And so another day is done at That 50’s barbershop. Time to cool off. Have a good night! ice cube with every haircut today! The coolest shop on #vancouverisland the Legendary/World famous That 50’s b… @edbrisson That’s not cool. It was a great story! I wanted more! @Terry_Cahill At 7pm I got out side and bang pots and pans for them...oh wait I’m just drunkLots of spots availble tomorrow, gotta look good for the beach! Book now at #nanaimo @DavidGogoBlues First single as well @DavidGogoBlues That’s the next of the next album right?Okay after investigation, it’s the neighbours grandkid making that noise, things are less creepy now.
The dogs didn’t find the guys with weapons, well not my dogs anyway, I don’t want you to think I have heroic dogs,… the dogs are kinda spooked, they found a guy with loads of weapons down the street from me...hmmmI get home, no one is here. Weird. Sit here the distance I can hear screaming or crying...what the hell…
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @AaronKuder I’m sorry man.I’ll be donating haircut coupons to but I’m backpacks as well as a few salons and other barber shops, we hope to us… Start. With Covid we can’t do what we normally do, kids won’t be able to read to us for free haircuts but we… of spots available this afternoon! Book online at #nanaimo #famous #barbershop another customer storm out because I asked him to put on a mask. It sucks because I liked this guy but just kne… @DarrellBellaart Today we will be announcing what Fresh start will look like this year on our Facebook page, we are… @DarrellBellaart I won’t be able to have Fresh Start at my barbershop this year, then we thought of holding it some…’t be mad that it's gone, be happy that we could experience it for as long as we did ❤ #EmbraceNanaimo We knew…
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave#CHLYNowPlaying: In The Red - July 29, 2020 - Hour 2 off of 101.7 FM CHLY Nanaimo on In The Red with Robyn the First Lady of Canadian Rock
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveKids charity’s during Covid is tuff stuff, but I think we’ve figured it out.TONIGHT from 8 - 10 PM on @chly1017fm #Nanaimo, we’ll be spinning @deadghosts, @NapEyes, @therealpackad,…
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @CTVNewsAmber Dang. So scummy.
@ComedyTait @realDonaldTrump Okay but I want a writing credit. @ComedyTait @realDonaldTrump Don’t say this, he’ll take credit “it’s the best flu killed more people than other flu… the best thing I’ve ever seen. Can’t. Stop. Laughing...
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @EmmyStar79 So I shouldn’t post a pic of me in a sexy tank top today?Gotta love when the first appointment doesn’t show and I have a massive migraine and could have rested at home a bi…