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Thatbarberdave @thatbarberdave Nanaimo, British Columbia

Owner of That 50's Barbershop! Loving husband and father! Radio producer/DJ, Host of Comic Toast radio on Chly, co-host on In the red, All around amazing guy.

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Think I might head the Oxy for a beer.!
@DavidGogoBlues @GinasMexican HP tastes great on your CD.Sometimes to keep my skills up I’ll do a few haircuts without my glasses, I like to call these “my fuzzy practice”Happy #Caturday don’t lay around! Come get a Haircut at That 50’s Barbershop! #nanaimo #vancouverisland down here for a trim, chop or just old school Haircut! I’m open till 3pm RT for good Karma points! to go live on or 101.7fm all the comic book chat and movie talk! @JillMacaulay4 @dexshow @BigCityBeards @benminer You also get a discount using code 1950 @JanArrah @BRIANMBENDIS Lois and Clark both get fired over this...Santa came early for this bearded dad. Still looking for a Christmas present for the bearded wonder in your life? C…
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveTomorrow morning on Comic Toast! It’s our year in review episode! 8:30am-10:30am on 101.7fm or…
Here’s one of my favourite Vancouver Island artists, Chris Bullock. Visited him last night at the Vancouver Islan…
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveWho the fuck did this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveFuck. Now I want to touch a wall
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveI don’t sell sweaters but I do sell gift certificates! But a $40 G.C for only $30! What a big(foot) deal!’s been busy today but I’m so fast the wait is only ever about 10 minutes!Shout out to all the douche bags making the rest of us look good. Keep that shit up
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveMen doing men stuff
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @EdtheSock I can’t remember I’ve done too many drugsDid you know, if you sit on the toilet at 11:59 p.m. & the clock strikes midnight, it's the same shit, different day?
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveWe are so diverse at That 50’s barbershop, we even do Grinch cuts! Get down here! Open till 4:30pm #nanaimo @xavierkatana @cinny65 You could do the same thing in my underpants @nerdist Comic toast on mixcloud.
Just had a 95lb guy, stage 4 cancer come in for his last haircut. He kept saying that and it ripped my heart out. This is a hard day. @edbrisson this was hilarious! #ghostrider #comicbook #marvel’s dark out, pop down for a haircut that will make you feel better, oldest shop in town! Open till 4:30pm it’s the motifs but I also have these... morning. You’re welcome.
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @The3rdCory Who says I didn’t? @fog_morning @SueFoleyMusic Happy birthday!Yesterday a customer said “woah this music, this look, it’s like I’m in Pulp Fiction” #nanaimo #barbershop way I support the cute little humans around me is by haircuts! Come get one! Maybe buy a gift certificate too.… festive at That 50’s Barbershop! Open 830am-4:30pm today. Come buy a $40 gift certificate for $30!! deal! Great stocking stuffer! Victoria barber shop relocating faster than expected
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @CHEK_News This was the last place I worked before I opened Thst 50’s Barbershop!How did he get talked into that DYI Vasectomy?.
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave...and some guy decided to cosplay as Johnny Depp's character in a movie - ALL of them.
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveNO NO NO NO NO...
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @bendnbrews Me too! @shannoncaffeine I stated a car company that made them out of play dough but we didn’t all tried out.
Is it 3:30 or midnight? Dark! @HerrickMartina Yikes Martina, that’s way took much thinking about a naked barber!Sometimes in this line of work you get a “hair sliver” I currently have one in my nipple not my hand or arm, my nipple! @DavidGogoBlues That looks greatOne person dead after crash on Nanaimo Lakes Road
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @cherylfolland Ya, windows are pretty thin so you can hear parts of her convo, stressed me out!This girl is yapping on her phone, walking in circles and it’s such a negative energy it’s stressing me out, oh tha… @JillMacaulay4 Ya but that’s just because you are a bad ass street fighter, I’m just trying to sleep!It’s starting to feel Christmasy down here! Come get a cut buy a gift certificate, buy a @DavidGogoBlues CD, get so… @Sethrogen I’d totally ghost pottery you, but I look more like Chris a chubby chaser?Just got word the plane that crashed was from California. @cherylfolland National douchebag registryThe kid who made CLERKS would be stunned stupid if he knew his dopey l’il “film” made it into A library, let alone…
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @cherylfolland There needs to be a group you can report these dicks, I know one or two that have screwed with my family.UPDATE: The RCMP have confirmed there were no survivors in the crash. #Gabriolaisland
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveIf we protected our teachers and schools the same way we protect banks and CEOs, we'd have a much more equal society. #NoCutsToEducation
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveDie Hard isn’t a Christmas movie. He sneaks around a tower at night avoiding Alan Rickman. It’s a Harry Potter movie.
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveYou gotta love when the 5 year old is sick and climbs into bed with you but then starts kicking at you like he’s tr… @WhitneyCummings Dude, Canada finds you funny tooWhat the hell.
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveLove buying my wife lingerie
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveThis wine tastes like I’m gonna be disappointed in myself tomorrow.
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @DavidGogoBlues Chek news reported explosions? It is very foggy. Sad.What’s going on gabe friends, apparently plane crash? @THEsaragilbert have you guys asked George Clooney to come back as Booker? Watching first season with my kids, forgot he was on the show.
@WhitneyCummings Keep it classy Whitney! @JillMacaulay4 @Kendall_Hanson @JoePerkinsCHEK Best haircut and best pizza in one day! Zoinks! @theStevilDead One of my favourite @JillMacaulay4 Or muffinBe advised traffic is back open in both directions on Old Victoria Rd. #nanaimo #ycd #firesafety #nantraffic
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveHoly cow...
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveCartoon: My tribute to Carroll Spinney. <3
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveHow awesome is that. 👏🏻
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @watchmen It’s hard to combine the level of acting we are getting on a “comic book/sci-fi” show these people are amazing! Great show!Now until Christmas, buy me and Olivia a haircut. If you live far away, I'm sure you could just message…
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @cherylfolland Thanks Cheryl! @GailSimone Cassandra Cain batgirl, first 25 issues, movie. Epic.Pretty awesome deal at That 50’s Barbershop! Like to save money? Get down here! #nanaimo #barbershop you zoom in you can see by the awning the first barber pole on Victoria crescent, way back in 1895! Maybe… @DavidGogoBlues I just want to show everyone!The sky’s the limit with this barberpole! Sorry today’s twitter will be just posting picks like this... some blood, sweat, and tears we have a pole on the wall... also sell some of the coolest stickers around! $1!! like stepping back in time! That 50’s Barbershop is open! #nanaimo #explorenanaimo💪😍🏒😇😊🔥
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveWatch out for kangaroos.
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @JoeQuesada @Drink_and_Draw Daredevil goes to Washington! Awesome!
#Nanaimo fire crews are on the scene of a motorhome fire. Esplanade at Irwin. No one hurt. @CHEK_News
Retweeted by ThatbarberdaveHave a case of the “mondays” ? Get in for a haircut! It will make feel so much better! And if it doesn’t pick up, I… the gift that’s like a major award! Gift certificates for That 50’s Barbershop! Or just bring the kids down! I… new bricks are looking good! @LizzyDanger Happy birthday!I’m so thankful for Christmas tips! It really helps me being a small business, makes the difference of “Sorry kids… tree my kids wanted...but wasn’t ready to go full on Griswold. #nationallampoonchristmasvacation #ChristmasTree @CBC Pine nuts roasted on an open fireThe first time ever that @VancityReynolds and I got to work together. Can't wait.
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This man's performances influenced literally millions of people. Probably had more impact, and positive impact, on…
Retweeted by Thatbarberdave @DavidGogoBlues Sold! @watchmen This series is amazing! But I want more than just two more episodes!