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Host of the Soxside hitmen podcast follow our page at @soxsideP. SIUC alum. Avid whitesox fan and degenerate. Voted #1 Nick Madrigal fan on Sox twitter fuck JR.

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Davante first TD 💰 @WillieP_WSox Me too hahahah love me some cage @WillieP_WSox AmazingMy dog Louie plays baseball. He’s a dog
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot G @ltaylor_22 @SouthsideZo @Mimelife1 Go to bed..Nick Madrigal with power @Thatbaseballfan HITTING: Contact: 97 Power: 60 Discipline: 67 PITCHING: Control: 22 Stuff: 24 Composure: 32
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@SoxofWhite @BatFlipCrazy7 @MailmanJack65 @CoveysBurner @BatFlipCrazy7 he’s my tenant and I am king landlord Cary to him @MailmanJack65 @BatFlipCrazy7 @CoveysBurner @BatFlipCrazy7 @MailmanJack65 @CoveysBurner Jack, this is where we end our friendship. Not for the take but for agr… @ltaylor_22 @CoveysBurner @BatFlipCrazy7 @MailmanJack65 I’m going to bed @CoveysBurner @BatFlipCrazy7 @MailmanJack65 Exactly!!!!!!!!! Both good but one is just that much better!!!! @BatFlipCrazy7 @MailmanJack65 Stones are poop @DoughBoiSvo Hahahaha I’m down and best part is now they are one of those unfair teams! Been while for that @DoughBoiSvo Fuck man. Was worried there for a while! It’s why I got PlayStation to begin with and can’t wait to s… @MailmanJack65 Holy fuck! @BatFlipCrazy7 tomorrow morning @scottmerkin Reeeeelax Rick. Get more players and we talkingDogs and baseball, two things that go together. Tony La Russa is like Shadow in Homeward Bound, not much in the tan…
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Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot GPeople don't know that you need dogs to play baseball. White Sox have the dogs needed to win this year. They got a…
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot G @KingMac1129 Pit bulls @BillPeskar @MLB @whitesox @TimAnderson7 @LGio27 @YazmanianDVL08 @ymoncada19 @Lamantha21 @NickMadrigal_3 You lost to the cubs hahahah @KingMac1129 Nope. They are all pit bulls needs a gut punch went ahead and updated this, @MLBNetwork.
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot GThe #WhiteSox have agreed to a $2.05 million deal with No. 1-ranked international prospect Yoelqui Céspedes and a $…
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot G @BillPeskar @MLB @whitesox @TimAnderson7 @LGio27 @YazmanianDVL08 @ymoncada19 @Lamantha21 @NickMadrigal_3 Lindor @DWersal @MLB @whitesox @TimAnderson7 @LGio27 @YazmanianDVL08 @ymoncada19 @Lamantha21 @NickMadrigal_3 Lol @joecassarr_ @MLB @whitesox @TimAnderson7 @LGio27 @YazmanianDVL08 @ymoncada19 @Lamantha21 @NickMadrigal_3 Lol
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot G @Tigresa_de1810 @Mimelife1 Fuckfaces in Lot GIt’s Friday today and I wanted to tell you all something from the bottom of my heart...Nick Madrigal is the best 2b… @thebennettk Tommy boy
@MailmanJack65 @frythecoop @LWilz @StacheEsq One of my favorites! Right by my work in oakbrook! They opened up in w… @DoughBoiSvo @MLBTheShow It wouldn’t be great it would be fucking fantastic💀
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot G @RobertFeder @C1McKnight @whitesox @ESPN1000 Great choiceThis just in: Connor McKnight @C1McKnight to host @WhiteSox pregame, postgame shows on @ESPN1000:…
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot G @drunkchisoxfan @ltaylor_22 Dude should go to bedMeanwhile in MAGA land
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot G @MailmanJack65 @ltaylor_22 @jonklemke @WillieP_WSox @rwagnerful @RedscvrRecords @BatFlipCrazy7 this is not far from… @MailmanJack65 @jonklemke @WillieP_WSox Legit nothing better than walking in a store like this @SavesTuesday Hahah smart move. They ask too many questions @MailmanJack65 @jonklemke @WillieP_WSox He is more of a Kiss guy tbhShit you not my mom texted me saying “what’s Lot G” so I asked her for her log in info and deleted her account comp… @jonklemke @WillieP_WSox @MailmanJack65 My dog will eat anything that’s edible @daverichard Tee in the 9th and James Robinson in the 10th. @daverichard Can keep him in the 14th or Tee in the 9th. What would you do? @moderndaygrswld So gooodThank you Dollar Store for giving us “Happy Birthdar”
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Every black person in America:
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot G @AaronLemingNFL So mitch is coming back and they will hire a QB guruDid the nets just pull a nets?Is there a better combo in sports than Chicago sports owners and complacency?The bears not firing anyone is so patheticPlanetGym Jordan is one of the most annoying people that’s human trash on this plant @thebennettk Didn’t know this existed so I’ll just roll with this even though I want no part of this @Keelin_Billue Hahahah I’m at that stage too! @Keelin_Billue @ltaylor_22 Go to bed
@Mimelife1 @drunkchisoxfan @DaveFarley1986 @fromthe108 @MrDelicious13 @MySoxSummer @chorizy @_AlohaMrHand @SouthsideZo Soon my friend! If Madrigal ever had a flow would we call him “mad flow” ? Should I leave now? @thebennettk Always been a random favorite of mine @SouthsideZo That’s just called flow my friend. @_AlohaMrHand @drunkchisoxfan @DaveFarley1986 @fromthe108 @MrDelicious13 @MySoxSummer @chorizy @KingMac1129 @DaveFarley1986 @fromthe108 @MrDelicious13 @MySoxSummer @chorizy @_AlohaMrHand @KingMac1129 @SoxMach_pnoles
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot G @drunkchisoxfan @DaveFarley1986 @fromthe108 @MrDelicious13 @MySoxSummer @chorizy @_AlohaMrHand @KingMac1129 @drunkchisoxfan @DaveFarley1986 @fromthe108 @MrDelicious13 @MySoxSummer @chorizy @_AlohaMrHand @KingMac1129 I wrote about Codi Heuer and Matt Foster and Aaron Bummer and Evan Marshall and Garrett Crochet and all the inte…
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot G @palehose05 Thank you! I had to put him on blast @Thatbaseballfan Awful, pessimistic, bland takes like this are exactly why the stoop kid was afraid to leave the st…
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot G @BarberSox Unreal right? Hahahah @Thatbaseballfan I thought I was pessimistic jfc. Every mlb reporter: “White Sox have best pen in baseball.” This…
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot G @stoopkiid93 Simple answer to this is noImagine having this take! @JeffPassan Jeff stop! You are giving Jerry a reason to stop spending!!!! Don’t do this to us!"I believe Mark Buehrle, from 2000-2015, is a historically significant pitcher during that time." - @jonmorosi
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot G @RegionRat14 @BarberSox I said another starter like Q. Doesn’t have to be him but someone that’s a veteran and reli… @BarberSox I mean prefer them to keep huer and sign another starter like Q and just make a mega team @BarberSox But it could net the Sox a very good pitcher almost lance lynn like @BarberSox Nah that’s not what I said. I said him and another top prospect. And the industry tends to think differe… @BarberSox I wouldn’t be to certain. They have a lot more coming up as well they believe in. If codi huer and anot… @BarberSox Idk I think with the addition of Hendriks some of these guys that have a lot of value like codi huer can… @BarberSox See I think another starter is a must @thehill Does human trash @mattgaetz know thisLiam Hendriks is a huge dog guy. I am now a huge Liam Hendriks guyThis but sweatpants.
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot GLiam Hendriks, if you sign with us today, I’ll buy you the big beef from portillos
Retweeted by Cary- Banned from Lot G @KenWo4LiFe Hahahah ya I’ve already fucked it up like 3 times and it’s going to keep happening. That’s a guarantee., crochet, Marshall, foster, bummer and now Hendriks in this bullpen. Dear lordGet a veteran pitcher for the back end of rotation and get a DH and we are the favorites in the ALThat Hendricks deal is beautiful! What an upgrade over colome! Holy shitGotta be happy for Jason! Gets to watch one of his own pitch for his favorite team! @tlschwerz You do realize we lost our closer right? And just replaced him wi th Simone way better this is so bad @Thatbaseballfan Jerry probably feels like he just gave birth.
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