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@warlikefire Just by staring at them. @NotBlindfolded @JeremyDBoreing @joserosado To clarify. There's nothing wrong with catching a typo and autocorrecting it while writing. But the ma… @Abiola__Olowo Published the first one, working on smoothing out the rough draft of the second! Thanks for asking! How're you?
@JoshuaLisec I gotcha. Subtitle should be a brief explanation. Fair point. @JoshuaLisec Does "Tales of Halziyon: Book 2" count as a subtitle? Also, now I need to rethink my title because of this tweet!It's almost lunchtime, let's keep it simple. Buy my novel on @Gumroad
Retweeted by Daniel P Riley @tornadosis06 The mental gymnastics these folks go through to justify their insane ideas is staggering. @Rugged_Legacy @lawrencekingyo Should explain, I think, that "help her pay bills" means teach her how to budget, tr… @Rugged_Legacy @lawrencekingyo Yep! My daughter's been working since she turned 15, part time after school. She's i… enjoyed Jeremy's opinions during the backstage events and his sunday special with Ben. Getting to listen to… @Rugged_Legacy, the White House did not try to pass off hundreds of blank pages as its healthcare policy: ➡️ 512 pages ➡️ 13…
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@iheartmindy I love that you know what a chocobo is.An awkward, oafish boy. A wizard who avoids answering questions. A young woman dreaming of adventure and fame. A pl…
Retweeted by Daniel P RileyFact Check: True @Brittany_207 I tend to live by the theory "Prepare for the worst". It gets easier over time and the joy of being p… @BrianNiemeier I got sick of the kubrickian stuff and the gritty realism last year, started writing stories of fantastical hope instead.Today I walked away from my 9-5 forever by building multiple incomes One income is Patreon where I release killer…
Retweeted by Daniel P Riley @JoshuaLisec Made 16 dollars and filled my belly!This isn’t a “difference in opinion” kind of issue. This isn’t “both sides” pointing fingers. This is really simp…
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@wellheythereMJ @JoshuaLisec More taxes. @LibertarianRed1 Feral housewife sounds like a lot of fun! @ProtectorOfMeme @yungsnaku @ServusJC Big Mad in these comments. @TheBrometheus Snoooooooooooow! @warlikefire 🙏 Wizard's Mistake is now available in multiple formats on @Gumroad Yoder says "Hey, uh…
Retweeted by Daniel P RileyYup be Dragons?! Well, a small one anyways. Fantasy, Fun, and Faith await in The Wizard's Mistake On @Gumroad
Retweeted by Daniel P RileyPerrixstar, the Faerie Dragon unfurls its wings in a lazy stretch. "You want to read about me and my fat slave Yode…
Retweeted by Daniel P Riley @Brittany_207 Same thing happened to me two hours ago. Candidate @SeanParnellUSA recently spoke to an enthusiastic crowd about his mission and goals Now that registra…
Retweeted by Daniel P RileyThe Wizard puffs on his pipe idly. "They really should know our world's in peril." Yoder blinks, taken aback. "Who…
Retweeted by Daniel P Riley @michellemalkin @limitlessleila @IngriPauline I'm training mine not to beg me for pasta all the time. >.< I love pasta.This sounds like white privilege. Since they look like average white America, there's no need to fear the rioting a…
Retweeted by Daniel P Riley @TRHLofficial The thought of baby-murder infuriates me and I'm generally a calm dude.There IS no but.... sharpens her sword, hazel gaze flicking up from the well oiled blade shrewdly. "What are you waiting for? I'l…
Retweeted by Daniel P Riley @TheBrokePencil @Rugged_Legacy Much obliged. @TheBrokePencil @Rugged_Legacy You're 17, now 18 followers closer than me. Have a follow, friendly neighborhood writerman. @JoshuaLisec It has such a feel to it, from the bored customer service to the randomly found outdated fire extingui… @limitlessleila @JoshuaLisec I'm going to do it anyways. 😁 @limitlessleila Thanks. No risk, no reward. Sometimes, you just have to leap and be prepared to drag your broken bo… @limitlessleila That said, I did lose my mind for love and sold a 200k house to move across the country to get marr… @limitlessleila You see it everywhere Them: "I'm broke!" -has new $1000 iPhone -has $500/month financing on high e… @limitlessleila I managed to have a pretty comfortable middle-class life with my daughter on a single income, one t… @EmersenLee @JohnTiegen PennsylvaniaMy biggest writing challenge is distraction. While I'm working on this current novel, I generate 5-10 new ideas a d… @ScottAdamsSays @MAGAlover99 .....Yes. @TRHLofficial Was just talking about this with a random anarch that commented on my approval of an Ohio school usin… @BleedingFool @avigreen1 Didn't they already do this with Future's End? @warlikefire kindly gave me a follow. I feel like I just joined the A-team. @TRHLofficial @PARISDENNARD @prageru I hope each gets equal time and the teachers are fair and unbiased, which is expecting a lot. @warlikefire Agreed. @AnarchoVera It seems that way, which is perfectly fine to me. You do you. I'll take care of me and maybe one day w… @Rugged_Legacy Ugh, typos annoy me. That typo is going to ride my ass all day long now. @Rugged_Legacy You have a far larger reach and influence than I do, man. I'd be very surprised if you didn't have t… @AnarchoVera That is how it should be. The issue, currently, is an obvious lack of the equality so touted by large… @jordanbpeterson Welcome home, Sir. You have been missed.This is my take on blocking too, which is why I'm very discerning about using that feature. @limitlessleila Can I be on the "Use an air rifle from a safe distance" team? @AnarchoVera No, I wouldn't. I got into education because I believe in enlightenment. Howling to cancel a different… Twitter is mad that PragerU videos are added to curriculum in some Ohio schools. Just let that sink in. @ZubyMusic Sweet! @Rugged_Legacy @ZubyMusic This is how I start every workout. Zuby flows get me motivated. @rklein90 @germanrlopez Message: Vox correspondent doesn't want to get hired anywhere else, ever. @thomasjbevan1 @JoshuaLisec Can't go wrong following Joshua, he's the grand sage on the mountain. I strongly advise…
@romanopiumtales So do I. Mine will probably be adopted, but I'm gonna grandpa like a boss all the same. @soloman_bt @BulletheadBooks @Rugged_Legacy We're all still learning, better to share with each other and grow together than struggle on our own. @GeneforTexas @JohnCornyn Mean-spirited man tweets mean-spirited message. Again. @BulletheadBooks @Rugged_Legacy I go line-by-line, skimming through for mistakes, continuity errors, and hanging pl… said. @TheBrokePencil @JoshuaLisec I may be weird. I loved Douglas Adams' "author intrusions" and liked The Princess Brid… @JoshuaLisec *Googles fiction dealbreakers with great concern* @PolitiBunny @Rugged_Legacy This is why civil servants shouldn't be turned into celebrities. @jason_koebler @soloman_bt Mushroooooooom Mushroooooooom @BridgetPhetasy I'm glad you made it through and you're here. Sincerely. @JoshuaLisec How would that apply to fiction novels? I assume overpromising would be in wording your marketing the… @JoshuaLisec @limitlessleila Always brought me great joy to do that sort of thing for my partners, even the smallest form like h…
@JoshuaLisec Don't usually spend a lot of time on Twitter on the weekends, but couldn't pass this up.
Math doesn't lie. Trafficking Survivor banned on Twitter speaks out. Please share.
Retweeted by Daniel P Riley @mjs_DC Breaking: Blue Checkmark needs attention, bags on comedy website President shares in tweet. @JoshuaLisec I track my wordcount, but I do it as a metric for my productivity. Looking back on yesterday's 3k word… @TRHLofficial Turncoat? Seriously though, we're lucky the FF set forth our rights to make stupid choices beyond th… @JoshuaLisec Gotcha. Not unique in purpose, concept, or execution. Makes sense. @CNN If you have to "break it down" to prove it false, you're not proving anything. Just saying. @RealSaavedra @DonaldJTrumpJr You get what you ask for. He chose the network, wanted the time slot. However, I th… @JoshuaLisec What is a weak theme though? Is it by statistical selling trends or preference?