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Cuddles would really smack rn @itskaytea TftiRe-told this to my other Co-Workers* Co-workers: “I can see that” @Call_Me_Asian_1 @ValenzBren @robbyissad Oh
@Call_Me_Asian_1 You’re wildBefore I pop this Antidepressant once again, it made me realize I ain’t the only one out there who’s having a tough… keep seeing my bday number everywhere wtf time in awhile I’m not “talking” to no one.’s my iCloud almost full? That’s insane @Call_Me_Asian_1 @Call_Me_Asian_1 Cuz @Call_Me_Asian_1 OkI like communicating with gifs lol... adds spice to the convoMy jaw is so tired
Day 5 on Antidepressants I’m reading again 📚 @beegyoshi1 They aight @femaleredhead Tfti☑ brush teeth □ joy □ some bitches ☑ ask god “what do u gain from this?” ☑ shower ☑ demons □ a goodnight text □…
Retweeted by RicardoLife is like a game of chess I don’t know how to play chess
Retweeted by Ricardo @beegyoshi1 I should start texting people back defending oatmeal is like “oh once I add 24 things to it, it taste so good!” @robbyissad Same thing I be doing to her grapefruit @robbyissad Wings too @robbyissad is a godsend
Me tweeting while I haven’t replied to my friends texts
Retweeted by Ricardo @khalakki_ I’m learning Armenian at work which is pretty cool 🤓 @MacAndThese Good morning @sexxysavv :/
@Ietmeshine . @MacAndThese W @MacAndThese should I eat today ? @MacAndThese @MacAndThese, like 1 sits on his fat butt pretending to do work, another one is a control freak who thinks he’s store…’s like 5-6 Assistant Managers at my work place and more than half are incompetent, and quite frankly uselessAssistant Managers should have a 10 cent raise difference ... assholes shouldn’t hold so much power over someone for a mere few dollars moreMy body woke me up for work ... Mf we go in at 9 today chillFalse alarm @robbyissad I have no clue @robbyissad It’s also 73 out here in Cali I can’t tellMe sending my friends encouraging messages even though my life is a hot mess too.
Retweeted by Ricardo @ValenzBren I am a ring light
I’m just trying to live life in a new lensDay 2 on Antidepressants I made my bed. Let’s fucking gooooooGoodnight to the first 2 people that see this 🌙 @Ietmeshine .Really want to be at the Beach right now
I am so happy right now @Call_Me_Asian_1 No CAP 🧢 @Call_Me_Asian_1 Rene vs me @Call_Me_Asian_1 This what happiness feels like ... like wowDay One on Antidepressants LETS Gooooooooooooooooooo @Call_Me_Asian_1 I remembered I had like 10 😗You’re telling me the Tuna Croissant from Burger King is an actual thing? @cattpace @baelabree’m gonna ask this girl to be my Valentine before someone beats me to itI wanna cop some Nike Blazers @cattpace Yesdriving in the night >>>>
Retweeted by RicardoPanda Express gave me two free Large Drinks ... for whatever reason lol
You gotta let go to grow........ don’t be scared to make that move!
Retweeted by RicardoIf one girlfriend makes you happy, imagine three. Go big or go home in divine timing
Retweeted by Ricardo @PacSun are really fuckin these snails up……Stop ……checking ……their ……profile ……they ……don’t ………miss ……youuu……
Retweeted by RicardoWatch out for short girls, they’re closer to Hell so they’re evil.
Retweeted by Ricardo @beegyoshi1 You called ?My DMs are open for friendshipWith someoneI wanna go the beach 🏖
@MacAndThese @MacAndThese really stopped fucking with few people on hereIf you wanna be happy DON’T take stuff personal, let stuff go, let people be... focus on you, your mental health, y…
Retweeted by Ricardo @robbyissad Always bro always @cattpace Ily2 big homie ♥️ @beegyoshi1 You’re awesome-er @CrazyStateOfMe ♥️😌 Ty @beegyoshi1 @beegyoshi1 do you follow me (would love to know) ⬇️The way your movin' that body And twistin' those hips, Workin' those eyes And lickin' those lips, Oh my, (Ohh my baby) So fly 🎼 @robbyissad @MacAndThese Looks like me @UnlikeMetal You dropped this King @robbyissad Didn’t even notice lol @robbyissad @MacAndThese Toast ♥️ @dijanbe Gorgeous @ValenzBren Have fun ✨