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Kamala as Joe Biden heads to the doctor for his hurt foot. @santilifts Hahah okkkkkk at me geez @juzjulian Gotta be careful these days talking shit. I don’t want any more legacy streams of DJs or anyone elseI can’t scroll my Instagram at work bc everyone wants to be a hoe @juzjulian Just kidding don’t do it80s synth pop with those house influences. We love it. Take me to Naboo. @Kangarudyy Oh I consider that different haha. And yes that too @Kangarudyy 450 don’t even be negativeI can’t wait until there’s lineup drops again
@dragonnet7 Exactly. 🔥 @dragonnet7 And the after parties are even bigger than the actual fest in abandoned warehouses all around Detroit @dragonnet7 I think so. And you should come to Detroit for movement and the warehouse afterparties all night. 2020… @dragonnet7 Same same @dragonnet7 I’ve never been2021 Goals: Edc Forest Movement Crssd Abgt Seismic Dreamstate Escape Awakenings Snow Globe</everybody wants bad things>Days go by and still I think of you Days when I couldn’t live my life without you Without you Try to listen to hello friend 008 and not feel free. You can’t. you think you're sitting still right now? - You're on a planet orbiting a star at 30km/s - That star is orbi…
Retweeted by thatERguy (93%) ↑% @juzjulian Delete your accountBig room acid glitch techno is a niche that may never be filled again and it fkn sucks<initialize> </reformat> _ERROR404_ Ever experience the new wave? feel like the name for a group of i_o stans could and should have been called glitches. We are all glitches in the program.Im crashin on *** On %% im trippinEver experience the new wave? don’t wanna get I wanna get low for depression? Get jacked. @AndyGrewal @mattbuehrle @mmstaff @AndyGrewal Omg
Retweeted by thatERguy (93%) ↑% @AndyGrewal @mmstaff Lolol @mattbuehrle @i_oofficial Ok it’s perfect ☁️🏰☁️Verified doctors on Twitter constantly posting Covid outrage tweets like
Retweeted by thatERguy (93%) ↑%When im awake at 8am ok whatever day this is but haven’t slept bc worked all night listening to Anjunadeep doctors on Twitter constantly posting Covid outrage tweets like seeing what some people post for attention Fleeting.Don’t text don’t textEvery time I open Instagram is better than Reputation.I wish I could run to you. Every time I don’t, I almost do.Every time I don’t i almost do.I Almost Do by Taylor is mu don’t text your ex anthem @UsedToBeMattG You can do forbearance hopefully rightThe kids want technoWorst fan base award goes to Malaa. @anjunababy I had to stopGarret was honestly one of the only artists music I listened to on my free time His music was me and my friends a…
Retweeted by thatERguy (93%) ↑%Reminding myself trump is gonna be gone and instantly feel a little better about the future.The techno is a little had to play at work but I want to do bad. My coworkers don’t understand this loss. @Camm3310 Ugh so fkn good444Straight up not okay during this stream. I hope he knew how loved he was. I hope this was an amazing moment for him at EDC.
Retweeted by thatERguy (93%) ↑% @Raging_Tobey @i_oofficial It really was incredible. Wont ever forget it @lu_gulag What did he do this timePorter. Utopia. I forgot what bombs he was dropping that dayThis is probably very true Played. Prydz.I really hope it was an overdose and not a suicide. Bc I hope it was an accident. 😞HOLY SHIT I forgot he dropped you got to go io remix omfg he was so proud and loving the blend of acid and techno a… YOUR BODY & LETS BE FREE
Retweeted by thatERguy (93%) ↑%i_o really was that guy dropping warehouse techno at 7pm at edc and he was a boss about it.THIS IS IO ENERGY. edc video just reminds me of how much edc truly is the happiest place on earth @Camm3310 I’m not ok. We are not ok. @ooh_lalalivia Insomniac is playing the edc circuit one live @pazpaz Appreciate you @ooh_lalalivia It was the edc opener set after Bill Nye. We already ran over and went crazyCircuitGROUNDS is a dream come true for a DJ and im so happy @i_oofficial got to experience it. Heart hurts know… @i_oofficial set at CircuitGROUNDS was phenomenal and I was convinced he would play after dark at the next edc… livestream -> @insomniacevents @mau5trap
Retweeted by thatERguy (93%) ↑%I’m starving myself before next edcThis set makes me miss circuit grounds so fkn muchI. Cannot. Believe. i_o. Is. Gone. It. Hurts. So. Much.This io tribute is already making me so sad @Camm3310 It’s gonna be so hardKaskade Christmas is mood today. @kla_trashpanda It’s so gutting that he’s gone. Low key mad bc the world needed him 😞 @kla_trashpanda Ugh I will be watching from work @drstroder Lmfao thisSan really be flexible this new release “bb u ok” and im so hyped for it.
I’m aboutta be flexing major fest lineup lists for 2021If you don’t know who Pasquale is we aren’t compatible.Who else remembers timing the peak just right?My brother doesn't have social media but I wanted to show off how talented he is
Retweeted by thatERguy (93%) ↑%Thinking of something and ordering it instantly on Amazon is a huge quality of life thing. @mmstaff Lol yeah you creep @lindsayyyyyyyyy One day off @mmstaff Lmao omg throwbackIm be working Covid and listening to Anjunadeep all day after80/night! 👀Reservation confirmed for El Paso. 10 day “vacation” working my you know what off. But staying in the nicest ever…"who hurt you" bro who didn't
Retweeted by thatERguy (93%) ↑%If you know you know. Love. forest & group therapy & Beyond Camelphat i_o @kory_spencer The last one will be best 🤤 @kory_spencer Do we know how many more there will be @LarryMountain54 We do!