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Without naming the title, what is your favourite movie?2 Captains, a Kenny and a Tennille. April 18th, 1930, the BBC evening news announced, "There is no news." And then they just played piano music.A study found that aggressive music, like heavy metal, can make the listener feel inspired and can help regulate emotions.Tom Jones machoism was his fuel, the 70s were his rocket. much fun was it was Charles Barkley hosted while Nirvana performed on SNL? Lennon and Paul McCartney's Isolated Vocals For The Beatles' "If I Fell" Things Must Pass did more than launch George Harrison's post-Beatles solo career. Eric Clapton, Bobby Whitlock…, hello Murray McLauchlan, on the cover of Cashbox Canada and Record World! @SiriusXM show: Interviews with actress + singer Chrissy Metz! Kathy Valentine, The Go Go’s bassist on her autob…, Arnold being in Guns N' Roses lasted a very short time. - Wow The Beatles sound good 1984 - Wow The Beatles sound good 2004 - Wow The Beatles sound good 2024 - Wow Th… is the only band in history where every member has written at least 3 #1 songs. The whole band is in the Songwriter's Hall of Fame.Paste Magazine's 50 Best New Wave Albums: you wonder why some people still have to be told to wear masks, just know this sign exists. love it when you go to the grocery store and the vegetables are having a shower, getting all clean for me to bring home.What's a great song that is over 10 minutes in length?This is the greatest band breakup notice of all time. putting this here because Keith Richards is still alive. years ago today, The Human League released "Don't You Want Me." Lead singer Philip Oakey hated this song so muc… Ziggy Stardust vinyl + fully-owned digital copy of Stardust, the story of David Bowie reinventing himself as Zi… Velveteen Rabbit is so wholesome. Dylan and Johnny Cash, Los Angeles, 1969 in 1992, Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" reached #1 on the Hot 100. Dolly Parton wrote this song a… Gallagher on The Beatles Vs God: “It’s got to be being in the Beatles. When was the last time God made a decen… I say when people ask me what I listen to.'s musical lesson.... Who, 1967.
My @SiriusXM show: Interviews with actress + singer Chrissy Metz! Kathy Valentine, The Go Go’s bassist on her autob… Ziggy Stardust vinyl + fully-owned digital copy of Stardust, the story of David Bowie reinventing himself as Zi… solo artists account for 6 of the 8 #GRAMMYs nominees for best new artist, 4 of the 6 nominees for best pop… the first time in #GRAMMYs history, 2 songs on topics of race and social justice are nominated for song of the… Eilish’s “Everything I Wanted” was #GRAMMYs nominated for record of the year, one year after she won the awa… Malone became the first artist in more than 30 years to be #GRAMMYs nominated for record of the year 3 years i… received her 5th song of the year #GRAMMYs nomination, for “Cardigan,” which she co-wrote with Aaron Dessner.… received 3 #GRAMMYs nominations, which puts him in a tie with Quincy Jones as the person with the most Grammy…é received 9 #GRAMMYs nominations this year. This is the 5th time she has been the year’s leading nominee, or…é is just the second artist to receive two record of the year #GRAMMYs nods in one year. Pharrell Williams wa…é received two #GRAMMYs nominations for record of the year -- for her own “Black Parade” and as a featured a… years ago today, George Harrison released the triple album All Things Must Pass. It includes the hit singles "My… you spot the mouse hiding among the squirrels in Gergely Dudás' puzzle? NEWS Joplin arrest in Tampa, Florida in 1969 and charged with using “vulgar and obscene language." N' Roses, 1987 Waters with his first record in 1941. 78th birthday to one of the most influential guitarists ever, Jimi Hendrix. All these years later, we're sti… with the most charting albums on the Billboard 200 this year: ⁦Grateful Dead⁩, 7 ⁦Drake,⁩ 6 Taylor Swift, 6…"...and THEN we had to GET UP and change the channel by moving this thing across the box..." Ziggy Stardust vinyl + fully-owned digital copy of Stardust, the story of David Bowie reinventing himself as Zi… two were almost a prelude to social media. to Tom Jackson, C.C. named to to the Order of Canada for his prolific career as an actor and singer… co-founder Tom Anderson was subject to one of the largest FBI raids in California history after hacking int… Iced Tea has cost 99 cents a can since 1992"Don't fret." - A guitar, caring about your feelings.Sultans of String celebrates “Refuge” album with online concert fundraiser for refugees Floyd's "The Wall" is implied to be an endless loop. The final song ends with the words "Isn't this where..."…"That 70s' Show" came out 28 years after 1970. We could now have a "That 90's Show" with the same time difference.1972, you did good in music: Al Green/Let's Stay Together Black Sabbath/Vol 4 David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust Curtis May… @DebrineKirk @scott_sauyet The marking of Alice’s Restaurant on the sales chart is the true start of Thanksgiving for me. @howardrodman Howard Tate is STILL underrated. @StevenCravis You’re probably wicked fun at parties, seriously!Rhyme and punishment go hand in hand in America. Louder Than A Riot reveals the interconnected rise of hip-hop and… haven’t toured for nine years, and in that time, demand has only grown. Here's how they marshalled their talen… year 2020 broke the record for the calendar year that spawned the most #1 debuts on the Hot 100 with 10 songs.… is a useless talent you have?Don't be ashamed of your hobbies and passions ; those who make fun of that can be blocked in real life, too.When someone says you can’t do something in life, it means they can’t do it, not that you can’t.Today's 1-minute tip for artists stuck for ideas on social media: Playlisted? Do this next. was the first album you heard that just totally blew your mind?Happy Birthday to The Queen of Rock and Roll, Tina Turner! Private Dancer will forever be a landmark recording and… a little kid gives you a high five. That's happiness, right there.
In 1990, the high school dropout rate in Dolly Parton's hometown of Sevierville was above 30%. In 1991, she starte…
Retweeted by Eric Alper 🎧 @ProfMondo @SIRIUSXM Channel 167 and under my name :)Who is a band or artist you loved before they blew up?That time a fifth grader got out of school like a boss. But that’s because The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen, si… the 'Hateful Eight' set, Kurt Russell accidently smashed a 145-year-old Martin guitar worth $40,000 instead of o…"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen is now the 30th most-stream song in Spotify's history with 1.3 billion. It was the fi… in 1968, Cream plays their farewell concert at the Royal Albert Hall. It will be the last time Eric Clapton,… Best Comedy Specials on Netflix Richard Pryor: Live Eddie Murphy: Delirious Jim Gaffigan: Beyond The Pale Che… sound quality of AC/DC's Back in Black is so good, it's the most popular album by studios to check the acousti… to hide your guitars. years ago today, The Sex Pistols' released their debut single "Anarchy in the U.K." on the way to being on Roll… @SIRIUSXM show – Interviews with the legendary guitarist, singer Peter Frampton! Jon Brewer, Director of the new… Ford at his first carpentry job buildING a recording studio for Sergio Mendes. in 1981, David Bowie & Queen recorded "Under Pressure." Here are the isolated vocals. Mind Blown. in May: When this is all over... Me in June: When this is all over... Me in July: When this is all over... Me in… 1990, the high school dropout rate in Dolly Parton's hometown of Sevierville was above 30%. In 1991, she starte… can smell the popcorn in this picture. Top in 1970's a good movie to watch if you're in the mood to laugh your butt off after a rough work week?100 million records sold. 12 Grammy Awards. The first black artist and first female to be on the cover of Rolling S…, 51 years ago and now. color did you hope you landed on?If you can't handle me blurting out song lyrics that relate to what you just said, we can't be friends.Who is one musician or band people would be surprised to hear you're a fan of?A day without music is like...I have no idea, I've never done it before.Every day we should listen to music we've never heard before. Not only is it great for your brain, but it keeps your curiosity open.You can be denied citizenship in Switzerland for "being too annoying."