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@lollyKage Left cause fuck mid HOEsaka @_memerino_ Bro what ya talking about foos be saying no cap all the time LMAOO @Lvl6Shift Crazy thing about this that a majority of ppl bitching about it don’t even watch dubbed anime. So what’s… @AyanoKenshin Hate that the dude who made that racist and transphobic Nagatoro thread tweeted it, still gonna bookmark tho @titanicxrisen Facts, grown up and be part of NBA Youngboy twitter and be a Youngboy stan instead smh
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@Overbro_ Damn I wonder who “nba Youngboy fan 101” is @exit11zion I will swallow her feet @chizuru_uwu NBA Youngboy kisses better @KamiiNade I want what they have @chizuru_uwu NBA Youngboy better than both @JonPrieston1 @JobbytheHong I like the Shera reboot but then foos smoking crack if they think He-Man would look goo… @sxlteditz NBA Youngboy better @Seiyaalc Add me @Seiyaalc Thank thank you my goat @ro0550 I want to suck it @Jose_Bop @shitpixelzz Youngboy feels no affection better @shitpixelzz YESIRRR @oogaboogafr Nah facts, how else am I gonna shoplift and not get identified if caught on camerasAlso I’d y’all wanna try it to, here’s the pic I used for reference I work on my next project, here’s a sketch of me licking Kobeni’s armpit i the mean time #chainsawman @TBZOMBI3 NBA Youngboy better @Connorgod4 @TBZOMBI3 Connor L @ContentKonosuba NBA Youngboy thighs better @Hello_Mr_Radio This is anti MexicanArtoria alter lancer maid Time : 1 h and 50 min #FGO #artoria
Retweeted by stacey @fxckilla Shittt thanks man, I’m new to this but then again I’ve had time to improve since I’ve been spending the last few months at home🔥 @_f1ame With how much hype it’s getting and how it’s getting an anime, I doubt they’ll just cancel it without a proper ending @TBZOMBI3 @interstateomz @SenpaiKevXO @CEOof2B Bro just say you have a crush on her and got depressed once she unfollowed you LMAOO @Elitealice2 You’re not NBA Youngboy ? Unfollowed @Overbro_ He does all this shit and is like “Bro Ayleen hates me for no reason she’s so weird 🤦🏻‍♂️”
@BoringMehmed @Segwaystevens Like you can tell all this shit is staged to make themselves look good @BoringMehmed @Segwaystevens They do LMAOO shits so creepy @irl_protag NBA Youngboy better @Segwaystevens @BoringMehmed They do lmao
Retweeted by staceyexperimenting how to make manga comic strips first attempt, drawing one of my Ocs waking up :)
Retweeted by stacey @FireballForeskn No I would say fuck the police instead cause i want to fuck her @Seiyaalc Thank you !! @chizuru_uwu Been told y’all @deadboyshit Thanks man, just like you kill your shit 💯 @interstateomz Glad to hear cause I was struggling with it, it was beating my ass 😭took me an couple days since I’m brand new but I’m proud at how Akane turned out, also made one of her concept hair… @YukinoSzn NBA Youngboy better than all of them @Akademiks Stfu and start twerking @KurriTweets Praying for a third season just for her @CrisCast956 Best girl FR @exit11zion Drake but with Toronto goons @sleepy_crest Typical sleepy W fuck mid HOEsaka @TheOsseophile NBA Youngboy better than both @elviejopato NBA Youngboy better than bothI’m too embarrassed when I’m sober #チェンソーマン #ChainsawMan #Himeno
Retweeted by stacey @Lvl6Shift @TsundereToad Ya welcome for putting this thought into his head
@JayKnY I got NBA Youngboy 💯 @TBZOMBI3 Also swap chizuru with 02 and yukino with Rin and this would be facts @TBZOMBI3 where’s mid HOEsaka??? @WG25New LOL !a bit of makima
Retweeted by stacey @Lvl6Shift I need to finish this FR @childshgamdeemo I thought this was Denzel Curry for a moment @KamiiNade @KamiiNade Hey lol @ani_the_uwu_ No NBA Youngboy better @lilswiper344 @Irankanime Nah @CEOofRukaGang is the trump of anitwit that midland @XennoWrld @Irankanime There’s only one Xeno and that’s @/xenokizu 💯💯Raf Simons x Fred Perry SS21 Collection🖤
Retweeted by staceyBalenciaga Tokyo-Exclusive “Cut Up” Hoodie🖤
Retweeted by stacey @_haruk0_ Crazy thing is that non anime watchers wouldn’t even give a fuck about the age of a anime character The… @Elitealice2 His brain dead takes on Higurashi when it was airing were awful omg @Grid_Glxy Imagine thinking mid HOEsaka is better than Hitagi 😭 @Hello_Mr_Radio This why Gwen better @_Brixks_ @Midtendo @Sadcrib @Crunchyroll NBA Youngboy better than both @JayTurner1 @Sadcrib @Crunchyroll YB doesn’t watch mid, he’s too busy watching Is The Order A Rabbit @Elitealice2 Especially after they start treating moots diff after they get big and they’re moots are still small @saulelkrak @Sadcrib @Crunchyroll Facts @Sadcrib @Crunchyroll Nah facts they should’ve made a NBA Youngboy anime instead @Irankanime @ItzAr_tYlol Don’t listen to arty btw, he’s literally known as the most infamous Ayleen hater? @ContentKonosuba @chizuru_uwu @Irankanime NBA Youngboy better @ContentKonosuba @chizuru_uwu @Irankanime Bro you’re not even in the gc wtf you talking about 😭😭 @chizuru_uwu @ContentKonosuba @Irankanime We got racists, groomers, ppl who make pedo jokes but nah you’re most toxic person on anitiwt 😭 @ContentKonosuba @chizuru_uwu @Irankanime Nah feel bad for Ayleen, we’re constantly picking on her and beating her… @Irankanime Despite me constantly fighting with her She’s actually really cool. From what I’ve seen ppl who take th… @ContentKonosuba @chizuru_uwu @Irankanime I’ve literally argue, fight, and tease Ayleen over everything but yet we… @ContentKonosuba @chizuru_uwu @Irankanime As somone who is in a gc where we are constantly fighting and picking on…
@fxckilla I want to rip rukas guts out and harvest them for money Mami better @Lvl6Shift Ugly ass bitch Mami better @Lvl6Shift Hell nah fuck that annoying bitch, if I was in that show I’d rip out her guts and harvest them for money @Lvl6Shift Nah knowing her ass she probably bought one, ripped it up and acted like she did to trick chizuru @Lvl6Shift Nah he ain’t Ruka just faking it @chizuru_uwu Neither are overbros so I don’t see ya point the whole “manga thrown in the trash” joke is so overdone and gimmicky @chizuru_uwu @JustHubbs Out of all the ppl, I thought you’d understand the most since your haters do this to you with Chizuru 😭😭AMBUSH x NIKE Dunk High “Deep Royal Blue”🖤
Retweeted by stacey @fxckilla *Ruka one of those girls that’s cute on the outside but when u strike up a convo u realize she’s really fuckin annoying @fxckilla Chorizo and Mami clears @fxckilla Need RAG to end with Ruka getting a heart attack and dying over a broken heart @notinvane Why not just unfollow ? @Overbro_ I do but it’s a whole diff story when I’m in gcs @WorthyFly @Warriorsfan4L0 @msuyoshi NBA Youngboy dicks ppl better @zaki_otl By fake Jordan’s off DHGate for 60-70$ and then resell them for 300-400$ @deadboyshit It’s only up from here !!!