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Steph & Wormy @thatgirlgatto Ontario, Canada

24 || out of pocket & chaotic || no i will not edate you ||

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@BeZo ya to a sexy hot man in my local areacrypto's on sale :P
if ur not having a good day ill kick ur ass @SliMagik post a pic of me on ur fleets and tell your followers u finally got a gf @For7ify LMFAOOOOlets play a game of: count the wires! @charmyoureyes oh my god you are horrible 😭 @xPouIin LOOOOVE#wcw @SliMagik omg ur so hot baby show me those sexy dance moves 🤤 @kmza_ mac n cheese😜any hot boys wanna be my wcwstop smiling at that text bro she’s talking to 17 other guys the same way
Retweeted by Steph & Wormy @JakeGriMRice love him @jrxsv_ @CityCaela shes so sexy @xDaKoTa1 i really want oreos right now @SliMagik suck my italian cock pussy @DvbzyG NOOOO @AnnaTeaser hello i am your mom please send more @TFMagic_ LMFAOOO @BagonSam67 yummmmm @Gamzy__ @AnnaTeaser im going to marry your brotherfirst ever bong rip! @UxTHeadshot thanks! planted it myself @Justininoo lmfao same @GRlFF7K @Michael52517128 @AnnaTeaser @TazTLR LMFAOOOO @kiaddev LMFAOOOO @GRlFF7K come succisland girl @AnnaTeaser and in the toronto area and sexy @mannyeb8 im currently being left on delivered ):i wanna suck the skin off oomf cock @SliMagik wormy doesnt wanna talk to you! @SliMagik if u werent awake then ur not a sexy people @jevonpmd wtf did MEE6 ever do to you!!!!! @Zorziah woohoo!!!!good morning sexy people!!! @i2Dreamy @benniiXO pick meeeenext idiot to send me an unsolicited dick pic is either gonna get a pic of my bloody tampon or my shit in the toilet @Kyuhmm come here cutie let me kiss you all over @ITheEqualizer LMFAO STOOOPCan someone tell me the colour of the yoga matt?
Retweeted by Steph & Wormy @Kyuhmm LMAOOOOOO @MindOfMental ahaha yes! they are @0gsyy im literally taking a pic duhhh, gotta hold the camerawhat’s happening? love scrolling through 8 tinder pictures and still not knowing what they look like 🥰😍😜😘why do you keep calling in care packages babe???????????? I CAN TAKE CARE OF YOU! @TwitchPrem HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!looking for a boyfriend for @thatgirlgatto
Retweeted by Steph & Wormy @AnnaTeaser please be sexymuuuuah!!! @benniiXO ?????????????????????????? @benniiXO arent you like 600ft tall @kmza_ i am not kissing my fucking chairI DO want kisses always tho soooooooooo how do i get kisses if i dont have bf????????? hmmm???????????? how? @benniiXO ?????????????????????????????? @7vaginasormore NOOOOOOOO @CityCaela literally .... am i done being a whore???????? idk @GRlFF7K haha heyyy @BeZo dealidk if i want a bf??????? one day i dooooo and one day i donttttt la la la head so emptyif opportunity doesnt knock, build a door 🥰💯
Retweeted by Steph & Wormyhey loldont u hate when ur pee turns into a poo @xPouIin i really like them tbh
@Swoxii @sanddycheekks booooooo @Swoxii @sanddycheekks never @benniiXO why are you attacking me @Gloreos @GRlFF7K still searching ;) @GRlFF7K @Gloreos woohoo!!!! @Jeeiro @SirScrappy_ log off @Scarveins are you mad at it though @kmza_ LMFAOOOOO @thatgirlgatto yes!!!!
Retweeted by Steph & Wormyif opportunity doesnt knock, build a door 🥰💯 @ShenSwe you already know it!✅ drank a coffee ✅ took a poop ❌ got my life together @KaleiRenay @Nadeshot VOUCH @AnnaTeaser this is the most relatable thing you said all week @Rippersai_ NOOOOOOHappy Taco Tuesday!!! 💯💦 @lewistumelty1 omg so lucky.... it was literally my favourite as a kid and then they took it away!!! @Exocism_ LMFAOOOOOO @VinkolaJokic I FUCKING LOVE ITLETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO @McDonaldsCanada OH MY GOD FINALLY @UxTHeadshot thank you, same goes for you❤️ @FindingEth u first! @oFlasky fuck yeah i do @Jeeiro for realone of these days im gonna get sick and tired of waking up alone 😤 @Zorziah @cmouxx LOOOL my ex literally refused even when i asked “it’s embarrassing” he said @GRlFF7K ❤️❤️ i appreciate that more than you know it @TazTLR im sorry i take jt back😭😭😭i had such a shit day yesterday and no one knew. but today everyone was so fucking nice to me im so appreciative of you guys THANK UUU❤️❤️❤️ @TazTLR no one! im just sick of seeing that shit on the timeline!!!!the bare minimum shouldnt cost money!!!!! @SliMagik its some tacky decoration they got dangling on their mirroridk if im dumb for having this opinion but the bare minimum IS NOT having him pay for ur meal. thats above and beyo…