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God made me an Architect. || E.A❤️

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How To Turn Food Into Spin Art 🎨
Retweeted by spice.Meanwhile doctors in other countries...
Retweeted by spice.First born be shit pass, e no be my fault saf you dey blast me because “Jeffrey you’re the eldest” Tsw.
Retweeted by spice.Thinking of those who are heavily pregnant, etc. during this lockdown. People will have so many horrific and miracu…
Retweeted by of the year.
Retweeted by spice.Had me in the first half, not gonna lie😭🤣💔
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Retweeted by spice.The only relevant TikTok rn
Retweeted by spice.That awkward moment when you spell a word correctly but it looks wrong, so you stare at it like.
Retweeted by spice.At the beginning of the year we PRAYEDDDD, FASTED, CRIED that 2020 will be a prosperous year ! Corona came and all…
Retweeted by spice.I pray this trend continues
Retweeted by spice.‘’ sickness and in health... ...till death do us part’’ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by spice.2020 in summary Proverbs 27:1 Don't brag about your plans for tomorrow--wait and see what happens. James 4:14-15…
Retweeted by spice.PS5 any day
Retweeted by spice.May they all return home safe and well ♥️
Retweeted by spice.Do y’all see that fucking lady in them blue plants ?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by spice.“I hate long distance relationships”well look at you now. look at you.ha.
Retweeted by spice.Corona is exposing everything. Weak public infrastructure, poor leadership, selfishness of people, stupid religious…
Retweeted by spice.Give it a couple of weeks, the dinasours are making a comeback.
Retweeted by spice.Downloaded TikTok and 5 minutes later, MTN is telling me I have 100mb left I’ve deleted it sha. Mi o le wa classy, bougee, rachet daran
Retweeted by spice.People are stupid beyond comprehension and will kill us all for their own greed and selfishness.
Retweeted by spice.When you miss someone but you can’t do anything about it
Retweeted by spice.I’ll never let anyone bully me into thinking I’m ugly. If you don’t think I’m beautiful that’s fine baby . I know I…
Retweeted by spice.Staying on lockdown with your entire family is an extreme sport
Retweeted by spice.The year is 2075. “Grandma why do you like sitting outside” Me: There was a time this was illegal.
Retweeted by spice.Chale post your thing and go o. Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by spice.We need to do what God wants not what we want. Even Jesus before he died said "not my will but yours"
Retweeted by spice.Am I the only one who’s still shocked by this COVID-19 period? Like everything is still so surreal to me that a vir…
Retweeted by spice.gospel songs hit me different. God used them to comfort and uplift me during a very difficult season in my life and…
Retweeted by spice.If I had this voice, my parents would actually want me to move out of the because. Mention my name noor ‘yeeeeaaaae…
Retweeted by spice.Adam where art thou? I heard thy voice in the garden and I was afraid and I hid myself🚩 When the seed of the serpe…
Retweeted by long are you going to remain a carnal Christian? how long are you going to continue living by your fleshly desi…
Retweeted by spice.I met my little cousin for the first time last week and I haven't stopped thinking of him since. He absolutely stol…
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I mind my business very much on this bird app cuz I doubt I have an army ready to dirty themselves to defend me lol
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None of us enjoys being ignored. How do you think God feels when His abundant love is not enough to capture your attention?
Retweeted by spice.I had a dream that instead of spending the lockdown with toxic African parents we spent it with good friends. Sigh
Retweeted by spice.We had a graduation
Retweeted by spice.Do you ever feel the energy between you and a friend's conversations slowly go away? Like you realize they are slow…
Retweeted by spice.You believe there's a virus you can't see that can kill you. I believe there's a God i cant see that protects me fr…
Retweeted by spice.Strawberry Sweet Rolls🍓
Retweeted by staying home me staying home bc I wanted to bc I have to
Retweeted by spice.“You are important to me I need you to survive”
Retweeted by spice.You reading this now, your mother shall live to witness your greatness 🙏🏿
Retweeted by spice.When the time is right, everything will fall into its place 🙏🏻
Retweeted by spice.“Switdrimz” and you still want good replies
Retweeted by spice.Dogs really look at you with every once of love they have
Retweeted by spice.Gas is $1.79. I’m gonna put some in the freezer
Retweeted by spice.if two people look happy together, leave them alone
Retweeted by spice.If we dated before I turned 18 you’re not my ex... You’re my childhood friend
Retweeted by spice.2 weeks with my both parents at home???tearsss
Retweeted by when i call it COVID-19 instead of the rona
Retweeted by spice.| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| READ YOUR BIBLE |___________| \ (•◡•) /…
Retweeted by spice.These 10 skills require ZERO talent: - Being on time - Work ethic - Putting in effort - Being positive - Being pas…
Retweeted by spice.I can’t stop laughing at this because this is so me 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by spice.her reaction at the end 😭😭♥️
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Retweeted by spice.Getting himself into Politics is what actually ruined his life, not his Narcotic business.
Retweeted by spice.Same with "loss", "lose" and "loose". Thank you.
Retweeted by spice.Cleaning is so therapeutic when you’re not being told to
Retweeted by spice.GIANT desserts!
Retweeted by spice.“Daddy you don’t let us go out at all. We want to go out.” “Herh, when i was young, they lockdown the whole countr…
Retweeted by spice.Quarantine in an African household = Houseboy/girl professional course.
Retweeted by spice.once i get comfortable w someone i just talk...... a lot
Retweeted by spice.Pizookie 😌🍦🍪
Retweeted by spice.I legit find it weird that this kid has haters loooooool
Retweeted by spice.I swear we are fighting two pandemics Covid 19 and Stupidity
Retweeted by spice.Is a two week lockdown with some exemptions like moving out to get essential supplies so uncomfortable that you hav…
Retweeted by spice.People will hurt you but God will heal you!
Retweeted by spice.Everyday speak truth where false lies tries to take its place. I am enough. I am worthy. I am loved. I am beautif…
Retweeted by spice.Mummy please we’ve stayed in the hours for 2 days lets go outside Me: We stayed in the house for three months. Di…
Retweeted by spice.Jesus, my world needs you right now
Retweeted by spice.Public Service Announcement 🗣🗣
Retweeted by spice.Mans said the steaks are high
Retweeted by mum started doing lockdown shopping since last week. i'm so proud to have this visionary one.
Retweeted by spice.Due to Corona, we officially have three days of the week 1. Yesterday 2. Today 3. Tomorrow
Retweeted by spice.God protect those who live hand to mouth, the street people and the poor in these times
Retweeted by spice.This is exactly how I want to be in sync with God's plans for me
Retweeted by spice.Trust that people will plan to travel outside Accra and Kumasi Saturday and Sunday Kmt. Then all this will be useless.
Retweeted by spice.2 weeks of Makeup brushes dropping from the skies. God please save us 😭
Retweeted by spice.I just pray for the homeless and the poor chale.
Retweeted by spice.America wants immigrant doctors. Germany and the EU want Filipino nurses. No one is talking about shutting out immi…
Retweeted by spice.Hospital staff are gonna need major therapy when this is all said and done.
Retweeted by spice.I just went outside and lemme just say, THAT SUN HIT DIFFERENT WHEN ITS ILLEGAL
Retweeted by spice.Retweet if you believe God will guide us through this
Retweeted by spice.Can we like... have a lockdown where all the parents are sent to one side of the country?
Retweeted by spice.When they finally open outside again I’ma still stay home for a little bit ...let the first batch of air hit y’all…
Retweeted by spice.Employ all Ghanaian French and Math teachers. They are trained for this.
Retweeted by spice.I think this will be the time for Logistics startups in Ghana to truly shine. Uber missed out big time by not rolling out 'UberEats'
Retweeted by spice. @AbeikuLytle ❤️
Retweeted by spice.🦁@AdamColePro
Retweeted by spice.I hope the post-pandemic working life is different from what we all know and companies realizes a lot of work can b…
Retweeted by spice.It’s official that’s she’s gone crazy
Retweeted by spice.have you ever look at someone snapchat story and just delete them
Retweeted by spice.everyone is posting cute quarantine pics and then there’s me. been in my bonnet for 4 days
Retweeted by spice.i preferred isolation when i chose it
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If you’re a seafood lover then you’ll know how satisfying this really is
Retweeted by spice.Thanking God
Retweeted by spice.yeah sex is cool but has anyone ever hugged you so tight that you feel genuinely loved
Retweeted by spice.Loaded Baked Potatoes😗🥔🧀🥓
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