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Loml @kashaamcc @funkyfroot Me for pillows and coasters 🥺 @kashaamcc What that mean @kashaamcc Do it !
@loookatmeimkiad from Wizards of waverly place @kashaamcc’all so weird for bring this kinda energy toward him cry everytime lake how I’m be on my honeymoon
Andre 3000 literally talked about his love for Thugs vocal range. And said it inspired his verse on Erykah Badu "He…
Retweeted by dingleberryPablo Escobar's hitman, who confessed to killing more than 250 people, served 30 years in prison. He was released…
Retweeted by dingleberryRARE Photos from the very first Thanksgiving Day game in NFL history (1934)
Retweeted by dingleberry @ArkhamsPrincee Like a Sean brownGrateful 4 all y’all ❄️
Retweeted by dingleberryGrateful 4 all y’all ❄️
At least 600 civilians were killed in northern Ethiopia massacre, rights commission says
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Retweeted by dingleberry @Czzus Waves. It’ll F you up bro @iCYLEY dis u has denied the Lakers' application to exclude Luol Deng's salary from the team, per @ShamsCharania Lakers owe…
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Montrezl Harrells owes this fan an apology 😅 (Via cali_king323/IG | h/t @hoopsview )
Retweeted by dingleberryDis what I want for Christmas😭😪 context:
Retweeted by dingleberryI wanna get grills so bad 😭It’s Tuesday before Thanksgiving so you should know that if the minimum wage had increased at the rate of productiv…
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Retweeted by dingleberryForever a legend. RIP.
Retweeted by dingleberryDamn Diego died. 2020 going out with a bangIf trickle-down economics worked at all, like even a teeny-tiny bit, people wouldn’t be flocking to food banks righ…
Retweeted by dingleberryif ur still saying the r word in 2020 grow up tht shit was rlly never funny
Retweeted by dingleberryy’all: everything doesn’t have to be about race everything:
Retweeted by dingleberryTipping became popular in the U.S., in part, because restaurant owners didn't want to pay black Americans after the…
Retweeted by dingleberryThe goat has spoken 💯. STOP WATCHING CHAPPELLE SHOW ON ALL STREAMING SERVICES!!!! 🛑
Retweeted by dingleberryI'm sorry but a $15 minimum wage is still too low...
Retweeted by dingleberryIf you something that’s gone make me crazy please slide into my dm
Retweeted by dingleberryWho got a luggage I can barrow?!? Like ASAP thoIf you still use Snapchat, you’re weirdWait did @joshuavides do this? Or is it a rip off?
Ethiopia's human rights office says 600+ people were killed in a coordinated attack against non-Tigray residents in…
Retweeted by dingleberryIn 1949, the Costa Rican government abolished their military, stating their army would be an "army of teachers" and…
Retweeted by dingleberryA white man in Nebraska was arrested for threatening a Black woman with a chainsaw as she was walking home, claimin…
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Laziness can kill you. Reminder.
Retweeted by dingleberryMark your calendars!! 11•27 10AM EST
Retweeted by dingleberry🟨🟫 #BlackFriday College Rivalry drop! #army of God shorts and #college tee’s. 🟨🟫
Retweeted by dingleberryY’all go coppp!!!!’all peep how this King handled her✊🏾🙌🏾
Retweeted by dingleberryGo read the first word of all my tweets
Retweeted by dingleberryTURKEY FOOD DRIVES: Where are the food distributions for Thanksgiving meals and turkey giveaways? Check the list.
Retweeted by dingleberryIceland uses hydropower and geothermal heat to pull almost 100% of its electric power from renewable resources.
Retweeted by dingleberryThere can be no unity with people who think Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero.
Retweeted by dingleberryResearchers have found that the happiest countries in the world stress the importance of a work-life balance. Full…
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My first tv crush was her 😭 @ArkhamsPrincee It’s the last one in the states so they turned it into an Airbnb also, it had a bed inside lol
Retweeted by dingleberryIt’s also an Airbnb we know the origin of dunking booths were racist?
Retweeted by dingleberrysaved the puppy from getting eaten by an alligator and never dropped his cigar, a true legend
Retweeted by dingleberry @kashaamcc 😭😭😭 @SHYSOAGGY the best @mysweetsia hiThey also have free education. For everyone. 😪 look at that gotta be at an all time high there
Retweeted by dingleberry @mrmedina What speaker is that?!?A good website or store to get glasses?!? Not to expensive plsI love dancing like old yt ppl and just shaking my fist and turning side ways. Make me feel so freethis will forever be one of my favorite self portraits 🌱
Retweeted by dingleberryIf 'Jurassic Park' were real, it would cost an estimated $11,907,000,000 a year to maintain.
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Retweeted by dingleberry @thouxanbanmani What kinda shoes you got?so you did steal the wig.
Retweeted by dingleberryFake news and conspiracies are 70% more likely to be retweeted than the truth.
Retweeted by dingleberryTrade still coming? PGs - Herro, Dragic, Nunn SG - Robinson, Bradley SF - Butler, Iguodala, Okpala PF - Adebayo,…
Retweeted by dingleberry them tweeting this when you need 10k followers for the swipe-up feature💀
Retweeted by dingleberry @saturdaybloom I live this videoI’m just vibin in the ritz car
Retweeted by dingleberry“What Trump Steaks did for the hungry, what Trump Water did for the thirsty in our nation, what Trump University di…
Retweeted by dingleberryI posted this a while back and I'm still fuming about it. The man in this video is Dad Mohammad He was 25/26 years…
Retweeted by dingleberryChocolate milk was invented in Jamaica.
Retweeted by dingleberryGoran Dragic says Jimmy Butler called him last week and jokingly suggested 'physical violence could be coming his w…
Retweeted by dingleberryCoral Springs is hot they got a chopper in the airThank you! Like it’s my vocabulary the history of the universe were compressed into one calendar year, humans would appear at 10:30 PM on December 31st.
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Evangelicals helped a murderer be released on bond today. This was the answer to "what would Jesus do" eh?
Retweeted by dingleberry“HULU now has live sports! ass jersey
Retweeted by dingleberry @xo_neicey Where you stay?Short hair women are superior
Retweeted by dingleberryPeople who love spicy foods tend to have more sex. A study found that people who enjoyed spicy food were more like…
Retweeted by dingleberryComment section was really the best part #VERZUZ
Retweeted by dingleberrySunshine acts as a natural antidepressant.
Retweeted by dingleberryMoments like these are lost in time
Retweeted by dingleberry @jenniferhj_ Hi @annie_bananiex 👀i left my girl back hoooome i don’t love her no moooore
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