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@feliciaday Truly pathetic and disgusting. Actors are not the characters they play nor the ones who write their sto… @MorganPeteBrown @Alienware Miss you too CONGRATS to @BabySealCIubber - the winner selected for this giveaway 🥳 I hope you love your new peripherals as…
@WorldAnvil @BDaveWalters @CriticalBard @honeyanddice @quiddie @GabeJamesGames So many great TTRPG creators listed here ❤️Ready to get to know the RPG community a bit more? Check out these 5 Black TTRPG influencers you should follow! 🤩🌈…
Retweeted by Trisha Hershberger @PhillyD I had tickets to see it here in LA the day that everything got shut down for Covid so I still haven't seen…🤍.
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@frank_moralesm @AmazonStudios I mean, it would add authenticity @KhailAnonymous @AmazonStudios I KNOW!!!A #Fallout series from @AmazonStudios ?!? 🤯 wanna wear this in a larp so bad 😍 @OMGitsfirefoxx Right back atchya 💕 @erikaishii Oh no!! I'm so sorry!
When you stay home, you save lives. Thank you for doing your part. Because of you, our community is stronger than e…
Retweeted by Trisha HershbergerI'm hosting this AMA with @nolan_north in about 10 minutes - come by and say hello! this episode of Tifa plays #FF7Remake : I climb some stairs, meet a weird old dude, and find materia in odd plac… My name is Trisha and I talk with my hands a lot. 😂 Shout out to everyone else out there that does the same. 😎 @hello_malika @Davlen Malika I ruin everything! It's either too done or not done enough - too bland or overspiced..… IS AWESOME🤯 @latoberg Directions for sure @KrystinaArielle That's amazing 💕
I’m embarrassed to ever have to ask for help, but I’ve been in medical debt since I was 18, starting with my first…
Retweeted by Trisha Hershberger @PamelaHorton13 @Jack_Septic_Eye Oh no Pam!! So many folks will rally for you. Our medical insurance system SUCKS!… @KrystinaArielle THAT IS AWESOME! Is your MiL a whovian?? @SweetChuck For me it's like "I attempted to make this chicken in the oven, but the outside is burnt, the inside is… @getFANDOM @nolan_north Can't wait! @Mike_Haracz @nathanielwall oh man - we should make this happen! Squad stream style @markeiamccarty OH YES - that sounds awesome! Let's make it happen - what do you like to make? @ShrekBane Not great. I can put things in the crockpot lol. Usually anything in the oven or on the stove is a bust… @BLUENORANGEFISH Thank you 🙏 @themoralskeptic Yes... This has been my go to strategy... Plus supporting local restaurants is a win ♥️We are 105+ days into quarantine and despite my best efforts I am still no better at cooking🙄 Help pls? @thedungeonrun @jessicaparsons @caffeine @LArrabann This is so cute!
@latoberg Please know you are so welcome & appreciated by those who know you online 💜 & I'm honored to have you in our community @joker_joe0021 @Alienware thank you so much for being a dragon highlord!! @BP6311 @Alienware I love this! What games? @TheNarratorCody @Alienware 100% @PSWii2008 @Alienware thank YOU @BoardgameCorner @Alienware right back atchyaTO ENTER: 🐦RT this thread 🎮 Share your story of how gaming is helping you rn 📍 tag @thatgrltrish & @Alienware #⃣ u… a lil' sappy at the end of yesterday's stream 💙 Srsly gaming & streaming have been my solace through EVERYTHING… Zero wears a mask and despite his many different fatalties over the years, I have never once seen him kill some…
Retweeted by Trisha Hershberger @AtomicMari @Polygon @Jimbasco @Quibi Congrats Mari!! That's amazing 🎉 I'm so happy for you and I know you'll totally kill it! @Hydra_Lord Happy Birthday little man!!!
@skydart I've been told by someone in a store that it's because they "don't care about any of that" 🥺 @BJMendelson Thank you! I think so too :)Grab some ☕ & come hang
Star Wars characters saying señorita
Retweeted by Trisha Hershberger @agwallace Yikes! Big change for sure. Thank goodness for family ❤️ @idc5309 @JoshEDM I'm sorry. It really is so sad. Glad you still have a job though! @SlimTwigMJ Oh my goodness - so glad everyone's okay! @WendyLeeSzany Yes please! Love getting to chat with you @ShaneDemont it'll be interesting to see how the textbooks cover it...This week has been a ROUGH one 💜 Really hoping everyone can take some time this weekend for self-care & reflection✌️
Just in case you need a reminder - Troy Baker is an absolute gem of a human being 💙I'm hosting a Q&A with @TroyBakerVA right now as part of @getFANDOM's Hey Fandom series - stop on by with your ques…, you finally sold your PC! 🎉 Before you send it off, there are a few steps you'll want to take to make sure your…
Retweeted by Trisha HershbergerThe internet has been fucking exhausting lately.
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TOMORROW AT 12PM PT!! @maudegarrett @thatgrltrish and @amycassandramtz will be joined by @WendyLeeSzany! 🥳 See y…
Retweeted by Trisha Hershberger @GeekBomb @maudegarrett @amycassandramtz @WendyLeeSzany Woohoo can't wait! @tfreckle @Saragparra @stevezaragoza @megturney That's David - he was a shooter/editor for us in the beginning days… @NaomiKyle Omg so sweet! @kabi1986 @Newegg @ASUS_ROGNA It really is - so many options. I'm glad we had JJ to go over them allGoing live in just a few minutes with @newegg & @ASUS_ROGNA to rundown everything you need to know about the new AS… @Fwiz Aw congratulations!!! & go momma! @megturney Totally. The noise carried so bad Phil couldn't film the PDS if we were talking in there let alone filming lolWoah! Old school... That was the very first SFNerd set wasn't it?? When we were filming videos before the channel e… @JoelRubin_ ahhh congrats! @latoberg @bwisegames Ooo nice! @LeBobbyjoe321 @bwisegames AwesomeIt makes me sick to my stomach how many women in the geek world, from video games to comics to tabletop, are now co…
Retweeted by Trisha Hershberger @_Almighty_Taco @bwisegames Yayyy! Jealous!What #tabletopgames 🎲 is everyone playing right now? (2 player pls bc I'm stuck at home) I got to try… @steinekin YES THIS IS EXACTLY MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. It's like cleaning up after the party to get ready for the huge r…
@Mbss3000 He really doesn't 🤣Part 8 of my #FF7Remake is live! I got messed up by a tiny guy with a knife and ran into a sewer piggie. Good time… @Halo @OMGitsfirefoxx Noooooooo! I hate that you went through this 😡 and I'm so sorry @AztecConsulting @brennadactyl I'm down!
@BlondeNerd @WhatsGood_Games @Hnerskers @robeytech @luke_lafr That day was so fun! I truly hope we get to work together in another capacity sooner rather than later :) @missrachel @erikaishii Thank you! I'm working out 1/wk with a trainer (digitally) and I've never felt so out of sh… @erikaishii @missrachel You both got me beat! I did 10 the other night with my knees on the ground and I hurt for days! lolToday's PSA (Reposted at higher rez)
Retweeted by Trisha Hershberger @COLEMANRONALD05 @ZenIndies @CircadianCity @ovidworks @PlayHaxity @WaylandersRPG one of my feet is on my desk lolWhat? You don't sit like this in your gaming chair?? 😂 LIVE NOW showing off new #indiegames then you vote on your… @SamMaggs @ImprintReads @WeslieTurner Congrats love!More to come - stay tuned! Catch our live stream with Trisha Hershberger @thatgrltrish at 4pm PDT today!…
Retweeted by Trisha Hershberger @TheCouchBumJ I know - it sucks. Hopefully they can port over to a new platform with as little friction as possible 🤞
Look at these cuties. Now look at them slay some nerd trivia in the newest episode of Um, Actually. I really loved…
Retweeted by Trisha Hershberger @RyanFarroki Yikes @ValientSortel A very surprised wtf wow - first off bye Mixer - second Facebook?? @fa1con87 I'm mostly surprised that it's Facebook... Like what?This is... Wow just wow @TheHaleyBaby I'm so sorry this happened to you Haley. I'm simply sickened reading so many of these accounts over t… @YuriLowenthal @SamMaggs @dropout @erikaishii @MikeWTrapp Happy belated Father's Day Yuri! @JayN_RTSC I do! It's not as active as my Twitch but there's a fun surprise every now and again 💜 @SamMaggs @dropout @erikaishii @MikeWTrapp So fun to be on an episode with you!! Hope you are well ❤️Thanks so much for having me 😄