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Where is Temi Dollface? What have you lot done to her? Who am I fighting? @amaarae RICH BOI SELLIN CRACK FUCK NIGGAZ WANNA JACKForever a legend. RIP.
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEV"I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second,” Meghan Markle writes about her miscarriage…
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEVWe ready!!! got her pen but she needs some love. Either that or Awon boys don’t harmaa thru cat 😂😂😂 @techdbaseengine It’s a TV showBig shout out to the people who finally decided to put Before 30 on NetflixHonestly this might be the biggest snub I’ve ever seen. Very rare that an album is as popular as After Hours & as l…
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Abel was robbed man this shits weak
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEV#GRAMMYs #GRAMMYnoms
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEV @7egend_ay damn! just realized no nominations for him at all. so weird! @andydaniell BIG congrats on this!!!As a @chloexhalle stan account, I would like for them to win ALLi can cry tbh!! big congrats! Such a beautiful song 💚 pleased with the nominations this year! Proud @RecordingAcad member rnAND OMG @yebbasmith AAAAHHH! SO HAPPY FOR YOUSeeing @michaelkiwanuka nominated for Best Rock Album is pleasing me and my homegirls tooOMG BIIIG CONGRATS @oranicuhh AND @DSmoke7 !!!!!💗Hey I’m YoungEarlGrey!💗 I once cried during a Van Halen concert, I appreciate Lisa Frank’s tenacious usage of neon…
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@Alexmetric 11/10 would recommend! 😍 @Sleeq931 They switched up the song a little too but it’s goodThe new season of Anamaniacs is as awesome as I imagined 😍
#1HitMusicStation Melanin by Michael Brun x Kah-Lo Buy Song Buy song
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEV @Wale Such a good song yo
Winter rolls around and the androgyny jumps OUT 🥶 would like to offer my wig to @MileyCyrus and @DUALIPA
Ope oooo aye sha @Jollz I appears thought of it as one giant sleepover with all my friends. It was great!So basically the 2020 NBA draft is just fully Nigerian at this point. You love to see it
These lies being told by the Nigerian authorities about what happened at Lekki tollgate are an outrage. People’s ch…
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEVEvidence shows that live rounds were fired on peaceful protesters in Lagos, Nigeria – despite the army’s continued…
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I just made your 2021 anthem. Dancefloor or no dancefloorNobody asked, but that’s my voice in the @Aeropostale commercial 🥰✨💚 @Wonu_Okoya Bruh. A whole mess
@CakeLH As a hot mess myself maybe it won’t be too bad @NikitaChhN I don’t mind the walks, but the poops? The vet? The cumulative cost? The inevitable damage to my proper… @mackattack007 It’s PM Dawn for meI’m on Episode 5 of The Crown. Definitely going to finish it today and cry about it tomorrow. It’s such a good showMan like Prince Charles should’ve really just been honest with himself from jump and saved everyone the trouble tbhGaaahhhh 😍😍😍 (but like, trips to the vetttt) @EniafeMomodu I thought about this too, but I’m a hot mess and I never learn. I’ll bitch about having nothing to watch tomorrow 😂I want a pet so bad but the thought of being obligated to care for anyone other than myself is dauntingI’m 6 hours in song does things to me everytime: Maxwell - Bad Habits
@EricaMontrachet Aww happiest of birthdays to you!!! Thank you for existing and being an incredible human! 💚💚💚 @_Ebuka We thank God because that WEAC wasn’t sexy 😂😂 @_Ebuka I’m getting 9 o, but then again I failed maths so don’t take my word for it
You love to see it!!!
Greed ehn...Eromz does not deserve to be detained for exercising his constitutional rights. Its enough of this harassment! I am…
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEV @Wale let's see your creations!!
@asemota It’s outrageous!!!This is how dictators terrorize their citizens: by publicly punishing lawful citizens for doing lawful things, whic…
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEVI won’t know until I know 👀’m a procrastinator. I won’t know until I know, you know? I was convinced we were married me anything!!Anyway, I had the strangest dream that we were in a post-apocalyptic world and me and the ghost of Al Gore were fri… is my workout jam @theroambyafam 😂😂😂😂 exactlyEntered my hoe phase too. It was great!Last time somebody broke my heart, I had an existential crisis, changed my name to Kah-Lo, started singing about pa… @FisayoLonge Me when I had an IUD. I am deliveredt now @cuppymusic HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURLL 💕💕💕💕
@diplo Happy birthday doooddd @detoblack Did you smack a bitch today?
@Sweeegu Policy wise, no. Chatting shit wise, 1000% more @Fallering 10I show love everybody until they don’t show love back. I’m a positive bitch, not stewpidPay attention
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEV @EzendiNwanyi A little budding psychopath 😈😈😂😂 that’s a wowu sha
From the bottom of my heart: thank you.
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEVBruh presidential speech!!!
I love Brooklyn sm 😂😭So juicy my mimosa to because that’s the mewdddUNOOOO can hear screams of joy outside. So much better than the usual ones.
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEVLOOK AT GODDDD love to see it!
@swizz_e Bruh every minute 😂😂
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEVCNN is better than reality tv rn. The shadeeee 😂😂😂
@FEMOSKI28 Would be so perfect tbhWorld Premier : ‘Jungle Justice’ live performance exclusively on @colorsxstudios prod by @macdaddydoz | @Hvrry_Ewm
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEV @Koromone_K @prettyboyDO Bruh!Nigerian artist Prettyboy D-O (@Prettyboydo) shares a timely and passionate performance of new single ‘Jungle Justi…
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEVThis guy would have been killed long ago by SARS.
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEV @kellyfincham My thoughts exactlyI haven’t done a snow with an audience in almost a year. How am I meant to survive without attention??? 😭 @adekunleGOLD Pls sa, so you have 1 or 2 swags you’re not using?Today is the 5th day that my passport is still being held after it was seized at the Lagos international airport. I…
Retweeted by Kah-Lo SAGDIYEV @TemiOtedola I want to be like you when I grow upGet this dance