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ThatNerdViolet @thatnerdviolet she/her • Boston, MA

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@GullibleGambit @MerQueenJude @faevyn @peachieemoon @TheMidnightLA @Twitch @mandagracexoxo @faevyn @peachieemoon @TheMidnightLA @Twitch @peachieemoon @TheMidnightLA @Twitch JASONNN DONT GO CHASSINNNNN @MerQueenJude @GullibleGambit *grabs tshirts* @MerQueenJude @GullibleGambit UH HELLO YES *waves visciously* @MerQueenJude YOU SLIDE IN MY DAMN DMS RIGHT MEOW. 😤💕 @MerQueenJude Love you always! Xoxo Nerd “Not a Hero” Violet @breadwitchery And both are stunning???? My heart???? @imkitoto @Liddell_Lady TOTALLY feel this. I’ll never forget my first subs, my first raid, the amount of hope it can breathe… @markus_certo Love you Certo!!! @Glimjii @Medivhus Hey 🥺 @TechnicolorZack You are amazing!! @LuciaEverblack What if I say no you infinity? 💕I had a lot of fun hanging out with @GullibleGambit tonight after he had a tough day, and I implore you to check ou… @mxiety M a r i e I won’t stand for these kind words 😭 @sailortea_ Just trying to spread a lil seratonin where I can 🥺 @VideoGameDiva_ It’s a love fest and we are HERE for it!! ❤️ @seriouslyclara Me to me: put away $100 a month to gift subs to different streamers and when I see their smile & happiness, it’s everything… @BonnieSansGame @ghoulbagel This is incredible!! @seriouslyclara You continue to be one of my favorite voices ❤️Trans blacksmith babe is my new affirmation machine 😌
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@Leeshtcb @DeadByBHVR IM HERE FOR IT BABY @Cosmic_Kermit @GullibleGambit This is BEAUTIFUL 😂😂😂 @TheKingTwitch @Patricia_BHVR @LynxiTwitch @mcbernard I also want you to know I read that as COD boi at first too and I just @TheKingTwitch @Patricia_BHVR @LynxiTwitch @mcbernard Love you angel!! Mine are DBD, Bioshock, What Remains of Edit… @kipgrey @jeffbrutlag @faevyn AND JASON!!! @JynxieRose TELL ME YOU GOT AIR @hutchephant ILY DARLIN @jasonsulli Family goals right here!! @TheToxicSiren SAME it’s just so lovely ahhh @kristin__house As are you!!! @ttvmurphyowo Aww heck I’m @faevyn I SAW AND YELLED AND HERE WE COME BOPS!!! @lonely_garbage OMG THIS IS SO CUTE!!! 😭💕 @CChandracula OMG SO CUTE @ohlook_Sinesta HEY ILYScrolling my feed and seeing girls gassing up other girls, complimenting them, and loving on each other is my damn favorite thing @DeadByBHVR OH NEPTUNE @badandytweets YES ANDY YOU RANG LOVE @HavanaRama @HavanaRama Just over here, ‘mirin and agreeing! @mandagracexoxo Love you!!! @HavanaRama *laughs nervously* OH HELLO. Jokes aside, really love this! @DOWSEYtv Really love that! I know we all have our own forms of entertainment/likes about the game & I am truly sor… @DOWSEYtv I know a lot of newbies that were trying the game for the first time who stopped playing bc they were get… @overeazyeggs You’ve only made a handful of posts yet this is already the best account in the history of twitter, in this essay I will- @Rnbw_Arcade @CrevLMTV Happy birthday!!! @kipgrey *closes stream* @faevyn F A E @Stimpicus ELLE OH ELLEReal gamers swallow. Live now with our last day of Quentin week! ✨ @ChillboBagginzz Me being angry bc no u @motherrmoon Dani 😍 @AshleyRoboto Same person because I haven’t seen you and Al in the same room and I won’t be told otherwise 10 AM ET today, the matchmaking rating system will be disabled on all platforms. We made this decision following…
Retweeted by ThatNerdViolet @RottenPapi PAPI THANK YOU LOVE! 😭 @breadwitchery @ComicBook @Crocs @LuxieGames @AshleyRoboto Just came here to tag and you beat me to it!! @notbreadwitch YES YES YES 🎉 @MerQueenJude HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABES!!!! @haughtychicken Love you Haughty!!! @Cahlaflour @FallGuysGame @MikeAveliArt PS: Mike you are the best of the BEST @Cahlaflour @FallGuysGame @MikeAveliArt LEMMY!!! Omg 🥺 @paintycup COBIE SCREAM IN MY EAR 🥺 @AllyRaeven I’m here for this you BEAUTY @AyeValentina_ BARBARA @bicycleofdeath Omg I LOVE IT!!! 🎉 @iamBrandonTV BRANDON IM SWOONING omg and the BANGS @xoGlitterTV BABY CALL ME YOUR ALICE @VideoGameDiva_ DIVA!! Incredibly gorgeous ahhh @afkayt Oh my god this is everything!!!! So incredibly gorgeous!! @StreamDad_ @jinxwinks OK EXCUSE ME IM DEAD 😍 @TigersBun TAKING IT BABY @TheDonPavone ❤️❤️❤️ @GullibleGambit 🥺🥺🥺 @Phantom_kat13 Thank you SO much. I really went out of my comfort zone with that one. You are too kind!! ;u; @Monarchmakeup Oh my GOSH THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!! @thekilcannon Kil thank you honey!! <3 @keerasmatic KEERA I LOVE YOU DARLING!!! @aaaamaaandaa1 DONE AND DONE ;u; @Nyzechu THIS IS AMAZING!!! @BloodyfasterTV Eleni HOLD MY HAND ;u; @AshleyRoboto ASHLEY I AM HEAVY BREATHING IF YOU CONTINUE
@bluejay_712 THANK YOU IM 😩💕 @ulamog512 OH GOD @SoulessNephilim 💕😩💕 @LittleLegs_TV YOU ANGEL!!! 😭 @PizzaMeeple 🥺🥺🥺 @Kintinue Kin thank you 😭 @KeitaMiyabi Thank YOU my sweet omg @RoraPickles R O R A I’m not worthy IM NOT 😭💕 @hacksawjenny Ahh thank you love! Growing out so nicely!! @ohlook_Sinesta *grabs shoes* @haughtychicken HAUGHTY!!! 😂💕 @Leto 💕🥺💕