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Artist and Ranter. Ordained Dudeist Priest. Thinks you’re pretty cool. Watch me help create a comic in Marvel 616 episode 7 “The Marvel Method” on Disney+

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@ParticipantNot @JAMALIGLE I’m still alive!This is like a scene from a Muppet film- everything has fallen apart, the room is full of smoke, Sweetums is scream… @taradublinrocks And nearly everyone- if not actually everyone- has a higher net worth.Lindsey: Mr. President, you urged an attack on the Capitol. People's lives were -- Donald: Lindsey. Lindsey: I can'…
Retweeted by Pete Woods, Space Guardian @jp_jordan Witch Hat Atelier! Great suggestion I’d forgotten about. @JAMALIGLE No James Woods? It’ll be fun to watch the inevitable flameout and finger-pointing in 6 months as it col… @JAMALIGLE @tessplease Shame you couldn’t figure out a way to get a dollar every time someone now makes the inevitable “can’t… @DennisVLaPrade Also can’t plead the 5th when she’s dead which is what’ll happen within 3 days of her pardon. @frogrob @larrymarder I grew up,on it and my kids did too. @LindseyGrahamSC What’s he got on you, Lindsey? @Shannon_Smith It’s a high we spend the rest of our lives trying to repeat. @GailSimone This is going to backfire spectacularly. @neilkleid @boltcity @OniPress @goraina @OLBcomic @DavidGallaher @SteveEllisArt Oh yeah! My daughter loved Amulet. @johnnyampersand Excellent. @storm3329 I can’t remember is Scud is appropriate for that age. It’s been quite a while since I’ve read itHey Folks, I’m gonna ask the comic fandom hive mind. Recommendations for a kid of around 7-8 who’s interested in co… @andykhouri @MitchGerads I’ve got one in storage. I’ve used it once in a year and a half. @KLobstar Greatest of all Time: Special EditionI always feel a bit sad when I see people who believe those “I’ll give $100 to a random person who retweets this” scams. @yanksZags @CoreyRForrester 20 year old me was a scrawny bastard and way too cocky. @CoreyRForrester If I met 20 year old me today I’d beat the shit out of him. @mr_boeb @realTuckFrumper @AlanDersh I came here to say this. @Freeyourmindkid If the left starts fighting amongst themselves and pushing hard left then Centrists will definitel… @Freeyourmindkid But the corporate side of the GOP will make a hard play for centrist Democrats and will probably r… @Freeyourmindkid Eveything I’ve seen from the “White genocide is real” crowd shows me that their love affair with e… @OhCooley44 @KlasfeldReports @travis_view @Game_Synthesis Thank you. I’m sure it will be. @KlasfeldReports @travis_view It’s also the sort of thing that got Carles Manson put away for murder.11 days and counting. 😕 @TheScottCharles @definitelyvita They kept their promise about keeping American jobs in America and killed hundreds…"This is the first administration in decades not to get America into a new war,” said Mike Pence before returning t…
Retweeted by Pete Woods, Space Guardian @NicolaScottArt Voyager @AlexJordan406 @AtomicBuchner He’s a super nice dude. @AlexJordan406 @AtomicBuchner It’s early. Me type bad @AlexJordan406 @AtomicBuchner Crazy thing to think about is that everyone that nearly everyone who works for Marvel… @AlexJordan406 @AtomicBuchner Closer than that. I’m not sure exactly the rules. I’ve spent an afternoon chatting wi… @360FinalFlash @Peiman31242476 @JHoganGidley They’re always so impolite, too. The unwashed, vodka-soaked potato who… @JasonJohnsonArt @Sketchcraft That’s literally what my name means. I’m a rock. @moz6212 @JHoganGidley I totally did. And it’s his favorite too. @scwiggs @JHoganGidley Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help debunk another lie! 🥂 @sheridan176 @JHoganGidley @CullyHamner @IAmBradWalker It is a more significant issue.I always know when I’ve pissed off Putin when my mentions start blowing up at 9AM Moscow time. @ImNotOfThisWorl @JHoganGidley It was preplanned. You’re right. That’s why people are insisting the President invit… @JonMoisan You even had the Leia. I just had Chewie and Boba. @IAmBradWalker @CullyHamner It’s all pointless shit. Nothing to be roped into. Someone trying to invalidate the wor… @CullyHamner @IAmBradWalker Nothing useful. The typical “Fanfic isn’t valid” bs from someone who’s@got opinions bigger than their resumé. @SandyValeski @JHoganGidley Thank you for responding. It appears you are using the 2017 response system. Please upg… @indigo_k This is an excellent idea and you should delete the tweet before someone steals it. @JHoganGidley That’s literally all he’s got isn’t it? Hoax. All he can think to do is call it a hoax. Hoax. Fraud.… @GWillowWilson I dunno if it helps, but I recently got a real creative boost from drawing a genre I dislike and trying to make it work. @ManMadeMoon There’s a vegan version so, y’know, it’s healthy. @Hamm_Tips Balls and cylinders. @Doctors__TARDIS Anytime. Normally I’d trust the CDC over this site, but after the past year... @Doctors__TARDIS If you poke around on the site there’s some great comparative information there. @Doctors__TARDIS @RyanAFournier You have stupid friends. @Sketchcraft Do you follow @JasonJohnsonArt ? I learned it all from him!Holy shit. @Sketchcraft I’m sorry I ruined your childhood @Sketchcraft Actually I think most of us are interested in those things, but it isn’t a viable career path. @Sketchcraft A high quality education if you’re interested in dinkin’ and fuckin’ @Sketchcraft At this point anyone who graduated after 1990 has a high school horror story. @Sketchcraft My sister went there, but it was the 90’s. @Sketchcraft El Cap? @Sketchcraft Of course. @KLobstar @KLobstar You used to mix toothpaste, ketchup, and soda and called it a “potion” when you were a kid, didn’t you? @tessplease I just said that to be funny because my awesome wife always texts me back immediately. I feel I should make that clear. @tessplease This explains why no one texts me back. @ronmarz I love how the reflection in his glasses show just how alone Sergeant Teletubby is there. There’s no one e… @MitchGerads @TheJulieBenson @shawnabenson @Jeffery_Chow Air Force @CullyHamner @IAmBradWalker I don’t want to know why he had to change.Weird. Just found out last year my cousin’s husband worked for the woman who got herself killed trying to break into the capitol. @MitchGerads @TheJulieBenson @shawnabenson And you call yourself a nerd. @WemblyFields @OPSVeracity49th I was saying today that the woman is too much of a coward to do something like this. @MojoCastles @NikkiHaley @standamericanow The rot runs deep.No way this is Lauren’s mom. @MitchGerads @TheJulieBenson @shawnabenson Ma family thought it was post RoS so they were confused @cheryllynneaton According to analytics I gain about 50-100 followers a month except when I make a political joke o… @cheryllynneaton The only reason I went through the process was because I’d pissed off the usual gang of deplorable… @Zodiac_2K99 @CJBrouillard She got “socialist” in there so it’s covered.How far has the rot reached into someone’s soul to list all these investments into bettering America and Americans’… @NikkiHaley @standamericanow That fucker wants to use taxpayer money to help people? Son of a bitch! @RheaButcher I broke my “never make a typo when insulting someone’s intelligence” rule. @Cleavon_MD I guess she lied. @RheaButcher Never heard of him but I’m gonna go out on a lime and assume he’s a vainglorious dummy. @MitchGerads Remembering all the people who thought they were giving great advice suggesting we essentially beat ou… @realTuckFrumper Is this plan set in concrete? @gregpak I prefer to think of it in number of times I’ve had to fill my gas tank.I regret my statement in 2016 in which I said “America needs a civics lesson.” @ronmarz @SteveSchmidtSES Mr. Nazi thought he was funny implying Steve was one of the men referenced in this articl…
@DontHateTrav ...yeah.Absolute mic drop. I’d love to hear someone answer this question.
Retweeted by Pete Woods, Space Guardian @JasmijnMB Sorry, didn’t know you’re not American. Yes, a President can pardon you for crimes you’re being investig… Trump’s failure will be responsible for as many American deaths as World War II. @JasmijnMB How was Nixon pardoned?