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Phobos @ThatPhobos U.S.A. often R'lyeh

Big hearted Army vet diagnosed with a Quake and DOOM addiction, forever rocket jumping through life, with a love for coding, retro gaming, and sci-fi/horror.

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@kerumitto Hmmmmm... I'm thinking here. @Mengo923 Did that work, Mengo? @Mengo923 @talk2myhandle Hmmm... maybe I'm broken. πŸ˜‚ @Mengo923 A new horror movie at Sundance 2020.I keep trying to post a link here and it malfunctions the link address everytime. Hmmm... @Bhaal_Spawn Happy birthday! πŸ€— @OneElevenGamers That would be really cool! @talk2myhandle Checking it now!I need this for my weapons. @JezCorden I can imagine it. @undead_Starry I'm working on grabbing it today for sure.Elli likes The Outsider. @BBblazkowicz My aesthetic! 🀘 @miss__slaughter I had to wade through the muck and mistakes... it took forever for someone to understand me. @miss__slaughter I found one finally! It took me since 1994! @deaco_n My little fur baby! @TheGrand547 I found it! @matronedea Looks good! @miss__slaughter This is a true story. I have done lots of research on this topic. @vespite Queen that is 😊 @vespite Earned it 20 times over! @vespite But you are a queen! πŸ€— @oysterFAKE @oysterFAKE I'm going to drop a follow because I know it was a joke and live in KY. 😊 @KnottyMaker Haha! @tat2kid714 Such an awesome gift! Hold it dear to my heart. @Vyothric I remember the char animations in the corner more than anything. When the npc faces started shaking from… @JohnniePlatz Oh man this would be awesome! @Vyothric Now you got me really wanting to play it again! @Vyothric I beat it back on release! Loved it! Would like to play it again.Did anyone else play the 2002 Xbox The Thing? Man I loved that game! Really cool survival game. The mechanics of ke… @undead_Starry I wills! @tat2kid714 Beautiful! I'll have to get some pics of my parents newest family member. Love those dogs! @miss__slaughter I think this is my favorite pic of her now! πŸ₯° @asdsed Her face is still melting my heart! @tat2kid714 Is that a Newfie? Looks like one. Man my family raised them for years! Love them! @BBblazkowicz @FPScarol I love it! @talk2myhandle Awwww! Thanks for taking the photo of us! πŸ€—β™₯️ @FPScarol She loves being a held like a little puppy still! Melts my heart 😭β™₯️ @thefizdabizz I need to go back through my collection here. Those were on top in the box. Man though. I know the fe… @thefizdabizz Man! I wish I could have helped you with those comics. I would have bought them to hold on to them for later for you.My Elli baby! πŸ’œ @asdsed Lmao! Man is that an image πŸ˜‚ @thefizdabizz I've held on to just about all my comics since around '85. Probably the oldest thing I kept around lol @dunkelschwamm Yes 🀘 @BIGUS_JOHNUS Now that is a Cannibal Corpse like song title for real πŸ˜‚ @JohnniePlatz So nice bro! Love it @Zapper216 Way to go bro! @TGamesPSN πŸ˜‚ @charoenset Now that sounds badass! @TheGrand547 @oysterFAKE Fort Campbell, KY. Where I was in special operations and retired from there. Actually wher…
@FPScarol By size I group them. I like that aesthetic! @TheGrand547 @oysterFAKE I'm in KY right now. Worked there for over a decade. @Joel_3C @TheGrand547 You both are the best! Thanks Jobel! 🀘 @Nightraid7007 Lmaooooo @DavidGParsons Dude πŸ˜‚ @NanoKitteh Awwww! Cute doggo! @_inkdipper Lmao! @mrpist0ler0 Oh wow!!! Tell her congrats! That is so cool! @NanoKitteh Lmaoooooo @miss__slaughter πŸ˜‚ @ThrashPriest πŸ˜‚Basically this is a Cannibal Corpse song title creator. @OG_HattoriHamzo What a name for a band πŸ˜‚Crucified Pissflap Nuns πŸ˜‚ believe my 3rd extra copy of #1 is really rare. through my old comic collection still and unearthed my complete Lady Death II: Between Heaven & Hell series w… @nater659 I love you Nate! You are the best for real!Game dev: "im glad to announce: new boomer shooter game!" Andrew Hulshult:
Retweeted by PhobosThank you @MetalJedi666 for this! 🀘 I had forgotten you gave me this awhile back! @talk2myhandle Omg thank you! 😘 Now I have to outdo you πŸ˜…Going through my old comic book collection I have unearthed this gem that was gifted to me! @nostalnerd @branrags I'm always on a different side with productions like that. Being a huge The Thing fan, I really did enjoy it! @OG_HattoriHamzo Let me scour 🧐 @OG_HattoriHamzo No worries! It happens often. It's been retold now 3 times technically from the book Who Goes There. @OG_HattoriHamzo Yes!!! You are right. The Blob '88 remake was killer! The Thing was already a remake also. I just… @OG_HattoriHamzo Pet Cemetery was done well! @OG_HattoriHamzo We are coming around to my two favorite sci-fi horror films being remade. The Thing, possible this…* if I could just proofread I'd be alright.Hopefully this is the sequel! I enjoyed the '11 prequel because it was faithful to the events leading up to '82. I… @branrags Could be the sequel finally. They did well with the prequel. @TosothYaKnow I understand where you are coming from. I know we spoke about this before. You always have my support brother. Always. @AndyNoobman Thank you Andy! Really nice words. You made my day reading this. Thanks for being you, my friend! @longie_long It truly is. Love the community and all the amazing people like you within it. πŸ–– @ktulhu2012 Big hugs brother! πŸ€— @WEJUSTNEEDMONEH Thank you brother! The same goes to you for real. Always happy to see your name when scrolling through my tl to love! @kurokkiii It's your fan fiction. You can do whatever you want for EB. πŸ€— @Bread__Circuses My peace is with all you for real. Thank you brother! @undead_Starry You da best bro. For real! Love ya too! @yourmatedevo No problem! Love watching you play brother. Best UV player in my book! 🀘 @JohnniePlatz You too brother! Love seeing your adventures in comp fighting.Friends* πŸ™„I was a depressed person before finding so many whom share the love for gaming, art, and other interests. No social… @JonasGamesTV Love ya too bro! @CaptDiamondCD You da best bro! Love you! @SgtRed177 Hell yeah bro! Can't wait! @yourmatedevo Legendary run brother! @HughBadgerBoy Thank you! I'll always try to keep that the entire scope of everything I do.