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Rex-19 @ThatRexGuy Brooklyn, NY

Head of eSports & Gaming. MSc Sports Management grad. Sports Commentator. Massive LFC/TCU fan. DM for business inquiries

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@thejoannagraham I posted a video on New Years Eve of a Dutch guy trying to kiss a woman during the countdown and i… @AinsleyEra Virgin @LFC I'm here for the null & void crowd @kintamaballs @R484453 @depressedJagfan He literally advocated for people to kill those he disliked.Safe to say I was excited about the Alisson signing genuinely don't think I've ever entered a Target without buying what I needed first try. That place is unreal at… in to steal a TV and you walk out with a whole new bathroom layout, new kitchenware, and no TV. that yer nipples are older than yer teeth
Retweeted by Rex-19Henry Cavill is a fantastic Superman and Man of Steel was a great movie. I seriously don't understand the hate he g… @gentrywilliams5 @DwightDobbins @BrandonDrumm247 @Josh_Scoop @CoachModkins @Micha_Alvez 😂 Get on the icing/heating then! Get it checked out if it lasts for a real long time but otherwise it should be fine @Micha_Alvez 😂😂 just ice/heat it real good. Alt every 20mins. Looks like a knot that finally relaxed @Micha_Alvez Ever seen The Mummy? @RedHeadLFC Just another page outta Adolf's playbook @SJSchauer you not see the strawberry TikToks!?!? @RedHeadLFC Don't know what the order he is trying to pass, but he's getting pissed that people keep fact checking… @CaoIan_ In a very exhausting way @CaoIan_ He is upset he keeps getting fact checked on social mediaThis is the part where we finally get rid of this prick
In the last 23 matches; Burgstaller, Matondo, Caligiuri, Gregoritsch, and Schöpf have 3 goals and 3 assists combined. #S04 @smallieboy Ah I must've never noticedThe strikers don't score, the wingers don't create or even threaten, the center midfield is hallow. Schalke has b…'s entire scouting department and director of football needing sacking. How do you look at a batch of strik… @CurtisJonesSZN He's good, but not great. Will make for a decent midtable player but I don't see him as anything mo… @SkeetinKeaton10 Oil money taxWeston McKennie is a £40M Newcastle signing. Bet on it. @s04_us Sign players that actually improve the squad to avoid pundits saying stuff like this 🤷‍♂️Gobshites: "FSG are absolute wank for not paying up exactly what the club wants for a player. Just pay it you cheap… weeks ago Todofichajes claimed Liverpool would announce the signing of Victor Osimhen 2 weeks ago. @HerthaBSC_EN Buy him already @Sennesation Prisoners is unreal but Blade Runner is probably my most favMinamino + Baywatch. #LFC for Liverpool to sign Saka for free. I need the drama.Bayern 7 points , it's over Celtic 13 points, it's over Brugge 13 points , it's over Liverpool 25 points, still m…
Retweeted by Rex-19 scene in Jurassic Park when Alan pretends the electric fence is still on
Get you a man who can do both's new owner Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is worth $1T. If we get anything less than £135M for Shaqir… @CosmoKh4n I want Schalke to sign Karius. I still have faith that he can be reborn, but he needs to go back to Germ… is the most obvious Gerrard signing in the world, holy crap I can't believe I didn't even think of this. Board: "We are going to sign Hagi for £3M" Gerrard: "So how am I meant to spend $16M on Sheyi Ojo and Ben Woodburn?"That's a quality deal. Gerrard will be fuming though. That's definitely dipped into his "Liverpool academy rejects"… @SamMcGuire90 @TheAlonsoRole What a quality 48 hours that was. Tyson could be completely immobile, eating his meals from a straw, and I'd still stick a $100 on him. since Elon Musk updated his baby's name, Håland has been glitching. Software update at the half, surely.Manchester United went from buying Berbatov to support Rooney & Tevez "just because" -- to begging Ighalo to stay. @S04Daily 3-0 loss instead of 5-0 LETS GOOOOOOO!! 🙏
@Albertregis44 we are waiting for you, come be our next first round draft pick 🐸🐸 i need more of these
Retweeted by Rex-19 @Ellebinho Those Twizzlers look like intestines 😂 what is it?Boy do I have news for me from 7 years ago @PaymoneyWubby - Drags out literally everything - Constantly looking off screen - Wouldn't show you his room - Dra…
We need another Ace Ventura movie @JimCarrey 🙏 @vickisnemeth @DaylightRuined @Remix2311 @gyai_ruff @DivorceSelfie Basically exactly what happened. Dude travelled… @DaylightRuined @Remix2311 @gyai_ruff @vickisnemeth @DivorceSelfie Yeah, people have reposted this photo so many ti… @Remix2311 @DaylightRuined @gyai_ruff @vickisnemeth @DivorceSelfie People suck 🤷‍♂️ @DaylightRuined @gyai_ruff @Remix2311 @vickisnemeth @DivorceSelfie This is from a Reddit post from like 2012. The…
I just want Leon Goretzka to know that I still hate him @ESPNFC You can tell how many of these have no clue what they're on about with their "he wasted his career going to Bayern" comments. @ewill_3 Congrats Eli! 🎓
@tylermaro LETS GOOOOO 🐸🐸 @BassamLFC I'll have a look lol. I just YouTube "Liverpool long range goals" or something like that @BassamLFC Gerrard, John Arne Riise, Can, Coutinho, Ox, Agger, Alonso, Suarez, Sturridge, Meireles off the top of m… @El3ees So far I'm enjoying it, just started episode 3. I was gonna watch an interview with the real lady but wanted to watch the show firstWhoever did the casting for this deserves the biggest raise. The entire cast is phenomenal; most of which are complete unknowns. Incredible. @cvillasana I'm only on episode 2 but it's so good. This chick is insanely braveI need to know more about these hats. They look like hair that's been swirled with a cotton candy machine.Unorthodox is WILD @nyknicks What's your favorite non-sports hobby @CadeMcConnell2 Come to Ft Worth 🐸🐸 @KelleyAden Big12 ain't ready are more than enough reasons in the world to be embarrassed to be an American; stop adding to it. a rose run Cyberpunk 2077?"Just void the season! Stop putting the lives of others in danger the world doesn't revolve around Liverpool"
Retweeted by Rex-19NEW 1975 ALBUM ALERT @Google seriously guys, delaying the Pixel 4a because of "market analysis"? Apple released the SE with resounding… @suleesususu I claim about 8000 of those 😂
@KelleyAden Looking forward to sending another big man to the NFL 🐸🐸 @Anaisbiss Yeah it's not the best but American humor isn't the most advancedSports returns and so does my personality. Really makes you think. @Anaisbiss Say it like "Je ne sais quoi"Gah I miss this so much need to repurpose the Maxi song for Minamino. That's a proper chant. Taki Taki Minamino runs down the wings for… years ago today, John Terry spat on Carlos Tevez, changed the penalty order so he’d be taking the “winning” one,…
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@DavidHickman87 @simon96er @LFCPatrick91 That literally never happened @Mobyhaque1 Really not sure tbh, maybe his group trains tomorrow. He looked in great shape on Instagram @SeanDOlfc I genuinely can't even remember tbh. Gotta commit to full time Avi @Mobyhaque1 Don't think he's in the UK @SeanDOlfc Face revealMy Corona hair is full blown Shane Falco right now and I love it. at my baby boy THRIVING! @JackGrealish That training kit is class. What a throwback vibe. @GavinWimsatt I hope you take the time to check out what we've done with Max Duggan so far. Our system fits you lik… I don't get why he doesn't just commit to the bald life. He has a great head for it. Played his heart out & through injuries for months at a time - Played so many positions when we were in a bind -… amount of hate Emre Can gets from Liverpool fans is literally insane. There is absolutely nothing he did wrong…