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Rex @ThatRexGuy Brooklyn, NY

I talk to a camera a bit & do sports podcasts/stand-up/acting. Massive LFC/TCU fan. DM for business inquiries

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@Kolology Yeah he's a backup but our starting keeper midseason has decided he wants to join Bayern for free this su… @Snap_Ambush711 Yes!I'm starting an OnlyFans for anyone who wants to help me pay off this monstrosityI am fine for the record, but this is the reality of what it's like without public healthcare. Fight tooth and na… how I said I went to the emergency room recently? The bill just arrived. #ILikeBernie
@Ricardohhhh @JonahTighe Nice one! Liverpool twitter > FBI @Ricardohhhh @JonahTighe Tbf all of his other posts are high quality pics. Agreed it's weird. @JonahTighe Agreed, I'm not gonna get too wrapped into it but would be decent if true. @JonahTighe Here's a link if you wanna browse, I'm not sure if I'd immediately dismiss it tbf. @Camlfc I have no idea tbf, here's a link @ybthebest I have no idea, but it seems regularly updated and refers to himself as "me" and "for my dad" (who recen… @donkopleone He nearly sank Cardiff to back-to-back relegations and bankrupted the club. He's an absolute moronI want Klopp to turn his hat around & sprint out onto the pitch during a corner, rise over Laporte to smack home a… matches left to win the league. I don't care if Manchester is full blown 28 Days Later - we are seeing this throu… you play FIFA ever again after this game drops you're a bum @_JwK14 Agreed, it's very odd imo. @_JwK14 Out of context it looks bad, but the dude has been posting their journey on reddit for a long time. @_JwK14 You are absolutely cruising through these1 goal conceded. @Sanematic @RoyalANfield Its fake ffs 😂😂😂 @_JwK14 It gets worse @Sanematic @RoyalANfield @RoyalANfield Ok but when I tweet about a physio eating Sadio's poop I'm outta pocket????? Gah I hate y'all. @TrashTvGod One of my all-time most favourite tweets @AlexTheRed1892 @Tomkneale1243 There was rumours he has been ill and it might've been why he went down smiling/laughing cause there… @dom_campbell The unfollows and horrified this tweet caused have been sooooooo worth it. My mentions are hilarious rn 😂 @KingKIoppo @Mobyhaque1 We aren't looking at Werner or Martinelli so it's really not worth investing any energy in either @rex5riley @fuckboybobby will fight you
@S04Daily As he should. Nubel can rot for all I care. @nicolahorner @_JwK14 ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY. HELL YEAH. have conceded a goal every match Mané has poo'd himself during. Filthy sheets.Liverpool have won 100% of the games Takumi Minamino has played in. Faultless.40 Forty Quaranta Quarenta Cuarenta Vierzig Veertig UnbeatenCoady low-key let Firmino just glide right past him the absolute boy <3There is absolutely no excuse to be so selfish 5 times in a row like that. Salah needs to be benched on principle. Absolute joke. @Kolology cant lie though this is grade A TikTok usage @trowy888 @COMM_ANDO7 @djcarlyle9 @SamMcGuire90 @vivast_pauli We've all trusted a fart and had to do that exact walk to the toilet.I am consciously rejecting the hamstring twinge story and fully committing to "Sadio needed a poo". @beINSPORTS_EN @MattCritchley1 He just needed a pooIf Virgil bullied me like that I'd thank him.Mane going off cause he needed a poo would be the funniest thing everSadio's down but he's smiling/laughing? I'm confused.Get yer head on Salah. SloppyTrent has 429 appearances left to surpass Scholes in assists. He only needs 37 more. @priya_ebooks You said guys get irrationally angry over tiny things, and you mention bringing up Kim Kardashian as… - 6'3" - Professional athlete - Musically gifted - Rich - Bilingual - Outrageously handsome God gave Alis… @LFC God gave Alisson acne because without it he'd be too powerful.If Minamino doesn't play, we riot @_bradlfc @TheKopiteOFF My baby boy @TaintlessRed Yeah I am still on the Google Pixel 2 and was looking forward to the 4, but it was a massive flop so… @TaintlessRed I was in a similar situation a couple months ago - have you tried factory resetting your phone? Worke… @TaintlessRed You're about 2-3 months away from spring phone releases and discounts if you can hold out @officialbarnesy @blanc0b0urne "I wouldn't go as a slave, but I would go as the masters & ethnic cleansers" - cheer… @vivast_pauli "He was a system player. Anyone could've succeeded in that spot under Klopp" is a new one I'm seeingChelsea fans: Terry was better than VvD United fans: Vidic was better than VvD Madrid fans: Ramos/Varane is better… @lfcdeisha That it lasts for 90mins + added time @donkopleone Nostalgia and reputation really ruins debates across all sports. There needs to be cut-off periods bec… @donkopleone This happened not even a week ago @ceremonials looooooool it's true tho @vivast_pauli I am buying gloves and a face mask today. Living in NYC and fairly close to JFK I can't be taking chances.If you've ever played the game Plague Inc. you know when a disease starts in China - shit is about to get messssssy… @priya_ebooks The Kardashians as a whole promote extremely harmful lifestyle/health shams, fuel body dysmorphia, st… @_JwK14 Darren Till is a national treasure that needs to be protected at all cost @SirSandGoblin @__nca so they can drop them in their group chat and have all their friends go "omg nooooo bby what's wrong?!?"Girls really be out here with selfies of themselves crying saved on their phone.
Get him at my club ffs. Imagine the fume cloud if he did this for Liverpool. Hazard did this it'd kill somebody ffs @Shannxo @bubbIxs @so_so_soph I got you fam Wolves we have a relatively smooth ride of fixtures until Atletico in February; so hopefully we see plenty of…𝘌𝘹𝘤𝘦𝘱𝘵 𝘔𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘱. 𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘸𝘩𝘪𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘳 𝘔𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘱.)Don't even whisper Laporte, Stones, Maguire, or anyone else around me when it comes to the 2nd best CB in the leagu… Sacrifices: Torres, Suarez, Sterling, Coutinho, Mascherano, Alonso, Reina, Carragher & Gerrard's final years T…'s Zion Day. There are fewer coveted debuts in sports history. - Harry Potter for Griffindor - Bobby Boucher Jr.… @FutbolTobii You feel the vibes @Ronan99_LFC Bruh that hair. I might bring that middle part back.Aw shucks. Guess you'll just have to come to the Premier League and play for the best team/manager in the country l… @Gavboss_ There's no way Barcelona agree to sell for anything less than 100M - and he's not worth that @Gavboss_ Nah, the money it'd require is the same we'd have to pay for Sancho or Havertz or a large portion of Mbap… when Klopp told Coutinho if he stays he'll have a chance at glory & a Liverpool legacy -- but if he leaves… @HalfSpaceNaby Tbf I've seen neither; but referring to US @BeardedGenius I have a playlist of probably everything you missed based on your recent tweets. Could include some… haven't seen a single episode of The Office and I honestly don't think I need to. Every great scene from that sh…
@WC_LFC_Torres If you buy any player nicknamed "Slabhead" for £80M I feel like you deserve to get rinsed on fees @BeardedGenius this made me push air out of my nose 3 timesHarry Wilson goal, Dom Solanke assist. Nope, not a Liverpool reserves tweet from 17/18.But here comes Michael Edwards' with the Solanke money!!!!!!!!! @Sporting_CP United fans responding "his last game for Sporting" like y'all didn't say that shit a week ago 😂 @ArashMarkazi Someone please...I beg outside the Parc des Princes with 2 tickets to Blackpool @TLBRAY92 Sheffield United signed him today @NYCPBA You guys just got a dope paint job for free. Ungrateful. @TakumiLFC Indigo Bass @LFCaolan @LFC They should care if the original source is the rag. It's not like they would even have a lick of kno…